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requested. Any committees proposed The question of reform in A. Ph. A. or appointed by the Sections are subject conventions has been under discussion to the approval of Council. for some months, and in order to crystal

The privileges of the members in lize these discussions a special committee

council meetings was extended to permit was appointed to revise the rules and

any member to speak on subjects under by-laws of the association. The most

discussion in council, after being given important actions of this committee are

permission to do so by the presiding the following:

officer. Two standing committees were The addresses of welcome and re

added to the list, that of the Committee sponses are to be omitted in future con

on Resolutions composed of ten members, ventions. Council meetings will be held

five appointed by the President and five in the evenings except the first and the by the Chairman of the Council. The last meetings. The work of the sections will be confined to the hours between 9:30 and 12 in the morning and 2 to 5 or 6 in the afternoon and no section meetings shall be held at night. The usual concurrent meetings of sections will be continued and bulletins shall be provided in each to show what is going on in other meetings, so that a member may pass from one section to the other to hear those particular papers and discussions in which he is specially interested.

Manuscripts are to be secured by the chairmen of the Sections and sent to the General Secretary four weeks in advance of the annual meetings, and such of these papers may be printed in advance as may seem desirable in the judgment of the General Secretary and the Section chairmen. The General Secretary will then prepare a collective program, containing the detailed programs of each section and indicating the time of the reading and discussion on each paper.

The Section on Pharmacopoeias and Formularies was abolished and the Chair

CASWELL A. MAYO, New York City, man of the Section of Practical Pharmacy

President, A. Ph. A., 1914-15. and Dispensing was instructed to appoint a committee of three on Pharmacopoeias

purpose of this committee is to consider and Fomularies to co-operate with the such matters as may be referred to it by Section in securing papers on this sub- the association, the Council or any Secject.

tion for the following sections: Scientific committee is that on Program, composed with the four sub-divisions of chemistry, of the Local Secretary, the General Secbotany and pharmacognosy, biologic as

retary and the Secretary of Council. says and bacteriology; Commercial inter

The duty of the Committee shall be to ests; Practical Pharmacy and Dispensing;

prepare and submit to Council the proPharmaceutical Education and Legisla- gram for the annual meetings, two months Pharmacy; Historical Pharmacy; and the in advance of the meeting. Women's Section. Council was further authorized to

SCIENTIFIC SECTION create new sections when necessitated. There were forty-two papers submitted The Sections shall perform such duties as to the Scientific Section of which Dr. E. may be referred to them and shall re- A. Ruddiman was chairman. The first port to Council or the Association if so paper on the program was presented by


The By-laws were amended to provide them, and to report its findings back to


Chairman. ...E. H. THIESING,Cincinnati, Ohio
Secretary David Stolz,Syracuse, N. Y.
Associates-W. A. Hall, Detroit, Mich.;

E. R. SELZER, Cleveland, Ohio; J. B.
THOMAS, Baltimore, Md.

Dr. Wm. J. Schieffelin of New York on the subject: Uniformity in Dosage of Radium Emanation.

This paper elicited the closest attention and was given much space in the local press. It was accompanied with an exhibit of $250,000. worth of radium recently received from Madam Curie of Paris, and various charts and tables.

New officers of the Scientific Section were chosen as follows: W. H. Englehardt, Baltimore, chairman; Dr. Wm. Mansfield, New York, Secretary, W. L. Scoville, Detroit and L. A. Brown, Lexington, Ky., vice-chairmen.

Program of Section on Practical Pharmacy and


Program of the Commercial Section.


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TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Address by the Chairman.. Harry B. MASON Is a Strictly Cash Business Desirable or

Possible?"? — Three short papers by FRED
D. NELLIGER, John F. PATTON and John

Does It Pay to Cultivate the Business of

Dispensing Doctors?"--Two papers by

E. G. McClALLEN and ARTHUR S. WARDLE. "The Druggist and His Bank.”-A paper by

B. S. CooBaN, and extemporaneous remarks

by Chas. F. Mann and Chas. HOLZHAUER. "What Advertising Methods Do We Employ?”

Two papers by R. A. LEET and Harald N.

BRUNN "Calendars as an Advertising Medium for

Retail Pharmacists"..FRANKLIN M. APPLE "Efficiency and Nine Hours a Day for the

Retail Druggist............C. A. WEAVER “Unfair Competition and the Remedy,”

RICHARD H. LACKEY Extemporaneous discussion of selected ques

tions is time permits. Nomination of Officers. Adjournment.

"An Opportunity for Druggists to Handle

Insecticides, Disinfectants, Sprays,

E. V. HOWELL “Building Up Trade in Spraying Materials,"

CHAS. R. SHERMAN "How to Gain Greater Efficiency and Cooperation from Drug Clerks,"

Chas. R. SHERMAN "A Uniform System of Accounting in the

Retail Drug Trade”.. CASWELL A. MAYO "The Sale of Biological Products in the

Drug Store''-Two papers by W. VI.

BOWMAN and WALTER M. CHASE. "Paying More Than Wages”. E. BERGER “Displaying Confectionery and Cough

Drops in Bulk..... F'RANKLIN M. APPLE "High Grade Candy as a Side Line,"

J. W. PEYTON Extemporaneous discussion of selected ques

tions if time permits. Election and Installation of Officers. Final Adjournment.

FIRST SESSION. Chairman's Address.. F. W. NITARDY “All Fools'Day at the Dispensing Counter"

H. P. HYNSON "What Constitutes Good Prescription Service.....

.F. M. APPLE “Filling Capsules”.

.F. M. APPLE “What per cent. of the Prescriptions dis

pensed in your store can you
scientiously declare to be dispensed
with fresh drugs and chemicals,”

C. OSSEWARD “The American Institute of Prescriptionists.....

...H. V. `ARNY "The Pharmacy of Adrenalin,” C.P. BECKWITH “A plea for Reform in the Dispensing of Ointments and Similar Preparations,"

F. W. NITARDY "A Formula for a new Type of Saline

Antiseptic Solution. .C. H. LAWALL “Red Gum"..

.J. K. THUM “Deterioration of Galenicals".., E. KIMMICH "A New Antidote for Corrosive Sublimate Poisoning”.

WM. A. HALL "On the Preparation of Flake Agar Agar,

F. W. NITARDY SECOND SESSION. Report of Nominating Committee and

Report of Committee on Chairman's

Election of Officers.
Pharmaceutical Queries.


C. W. BALLARD "Odd Prescriptions,".

F. M. APPLE and C. OSSEWARD “Should the Retail Druggist Make His

Own Preparations”. Prof. H.C.WASHBURN "Should the Retail Druggist Make His Own Preparations or Buy Them?"

C. J. CLAYTON “The Chemistry of Cold Cream". H. S. GROAT “Artificial Perfumes”.

H. S. GROAT “How Would You Advertise Your Prescription Department.

.J. DINER “Some Random Notes”. .T. D. McELHENIE “Some Pharmaceutical Notes"..Wm. R. WHITE "What Attraction Has Pharmacy to Offer to Prospective Pharmacists?"


Some Short and Practical Assay Processes.

PROF. J. SEYMOUR "The Accuracy of Clinical Thermometers; A Study of Ten Years Progress,'

C. A. MAYO “Notes and Queries"

E. P. FERTE Installation of New Officers.

OFFICERS FOR 1914-15. Chairman .C. OSSEWARD, Seattle Wash. Secretary .D. F. JONES, Watertown, S. D. Associate.

.I. A. BECKER, Chicago

Report of the Secretary

A List of Modern Pharmacopæias and

Report of the Chairman of the U. S. P.
Committee of Revision,

JOSEPH P. REMINGTON Report of the Chairman of the A. Ph. A.

Committee on U.S. P...L. D. HAVENHILL Report of the Chairman of the Committee

on National Formulary ....C. Lewis DIEHL Report of the Chairman of the Committee

on Unofficial Standards, Geo. M. BERINGER Report of the Chairman of the Recipe Committee..

HENRY P. HYNSON Can the U. S. P. and N. F. Be Made Popular with Physicians?''


Program of Section on Education and Legislation.




Call to order.
Reading of the Address of the Chair-

Report of the Secretary.
Report of the Committee on National

Report of the Delegates to the National

Drug Trade Conference.
Reading of Paper: “The Need for En-

forcing Existing Laws". Martin I.WILBERT Reading of Paper: “Enforcement of Drug Laws''


Reading of Minutes of Preceding Sitting.
Report of the Committee on Patents and

and Trade Marks.
Reading of Paper: _“A Plea for a Higher

Standard for Entrance to the Pro

fession of Pharmacy''......C. B. JORDAN Reading of Paper: “Pharmaceutical Edu

cation, or the Education of the Phar-

.JACOB DINER Reading of Paper: “Pharmaceutical Education...

FRANK R. ELDRED Report of the Special Committee on the

Standardization of Courses for Phar

macal Degrees. Report of the Committee on Drug Reform. Election of Officers.

Review of the Norwegian Pharmacopoeia,

M. I. WILBERT Review of the New Homeopathic Phar

macopæia.... .GEORGE M. BERINGER Exhibition of About 400 New or Modified

Preparations proposed for the U. S. P.

IX and N. F. IV. This exhibit consists of about 250 preparations

made by members of the Association at the request of the Chairman of the section, and about 150 preparations made by members of the Committee in the course of the revisions. An examination and discussion of

the preparations will be invited. Exhibition of Crude Drugs, Edwin L. NEWCOMB "A Needed Change in Ointment of Zinc Oxide....

... ERNEST R. JONES This section was incorporated in the Section of Practical Pharmacy and Dispensing.

Officers of the Historical Section. Chairman....F. T. GORDON, Philadelphia, P:1. Secretary. A. H. Clark, Chicago, Ill.

Officers of the House of Delegates. Chairman.W. S. RICHARDSON,Washington, D.C. 1st Vice-Chairman, C.B.Jordan, Lafayette, Ind. 2nd Vice-Chairman,

H. M. FASER, University, Miss. Secretary .J. WEINSTEIN, New York City


(Joint meeting with A. C. P. F. and the

N. A. B. P.) Reading of the Minutes of the Preceding

Sitting Report of the Committee on the Phar

maceutical Syllabus.

Program of Women's Section.



Chairman....F. H. FREERICKS, Cincinnati, O.
Secretary. .R. A. KUEVER, Iowa City, Ia.
Associates-W. S. RICHARDSON, Washington,

D. C.; Miss ZADA M. COOPER, Iowa City,
Iowa; Geo. B. TOPPING, Columbus, Ohio.


Dr. PENCE Song.... . MRS. KINGSMILL, London, Ont. Greetings from Detroit Hostesses,

Mrs. J. H. WEBSTER Response, Mrs. G. D. TIMMONS, Valparaiso, Ind. President's Address,

Mrs. John G. Godding, Boston, Mass. Report of Secretary. Report of Executive Committee. Report of Membership Committee. Report of Press Committee. Appointment of Nominating Committee. Song:


Section on Pharmacopæias and Formularies.


Chairman's Address......E. FULLERTON Cook

Greetings from Michigan State Feder-

ation Women's Clubs,

MRS. G. T. CHAMBERLIN, Hartford, Mich. Music...

MRS. HERMAN NEWHOFF "What Druggists' Wives Can Do to Raise the Standard of the Profession,

MRS. G. T. CHAMBERLIN “First Aid to. Druggists,"

Mrs. Wynn L. Eddy, Brigham City, Utah "The Drug Habit and its Bearing on


Miss Anna B. SCHLUMBERGER, Denison, Ia. "The Views of a Woman Pharmacist,"

Mrs, I. A. ANDERSON, David City, Ia. “Sunday and Early Closing,"

MRS. ROBERT L. THOMPSON, Vashville, Tenn Election of Officers. Song—"America the Beautiful.”

Officers of A. Ph. A. for 1914-1916. President. . CaswELL A. MAYO, New York City First Vice-President,

L. D. HAVENHILL, Lawrence, Kans. Second Vice-President,

C. HERBERT PACKARD, Boston, Mass. Third Vice-President,

Chas. GEITNER, St. Louis, Mo. General Secretary..W. B. Day, Chicago, Ill. Treasurer. ..HENRY M.WHELPLEY,St.Louis, Mo. Acting Editor of Journal,

ERNEST C. MARSHALL, Columbus, Ohio

ENTERTAINMENT. The entertainment features of the Detroit convention were on a very large scale, owing to the unusual attendance due to the joint meetings of the A. Ph. A. and the Michigan State Association.

The entertainment program was carried out in detail as planned. On Tuesday afternoon the ladies were the guests of Nelson Baker & Co., on a trip to Bois Blanc Island, supper being served on board the boat. The following afternoon a card party was given them in the Hotel Ponchartrain. On Wednesday evening the ladeis were the guests of The F. A. Thompson Co., and F. F. Ingram Co., at a theater party at Temple Theater. Thursday afternoon all sessions were suspended and everybody took the river excursion given by the Parke-Davis Company. A stop was made at the plant for an inspection trip, where the crowd was broken up into small parties and escorted over the immense Parke Davis plant by members of the pharmaceutical staff. A special boat was chartered for the occasion. The trip was continued up the river to the beautiful flats. Supper was served on the boat, the ladies being presented with American Beauty roses while the men enjoyed cigars. Friday afternoon everybody was taken on an automobile sight-seeing trip through the city, the parks and through Belle Isle. The gracious hospitality of their Detroit hosts left little chance for A. Ph. A. members to feel as strangers within their gates, and the formal vote of thanks but faintly expresses the appreciation of one and all for the warmth of their reception and the lavish entertainment.

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Honorary President,

Mrs. S. A. D. SHEPARD, Boston, Mass. President..... MRS. JOHN CULLEY, Ogden, Utah First Vice-President,

Miss Kittie HARBORD, Salem, Ore. Second Vice-President,

MRS. HENRY M. WHELPLEY, St. Louis Third Vice-President,

Miss JEAN GORDON, Oak Park, III. Secretary, Miss ANNA G. BAGLEY, Columbus, O. Treasurer,

MRS. FRANK R. CARTER, Indianapolis, Ind. Historian, Mrs.Geo.B. KAUFFMAN, Columbus, O. Executive Committee, three years,

Mrs. John G. GODDING, Boston, Mass.

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Right Wing of the American Pharmaceutical Association and Michigan State Pharmaceutical Association, on the Lawn at Parke Davis & Co.'s Plant.

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