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for a nearby bank and office building and a Thursday, June 23, 24, 25. The Loch Lynn store. One unit is used every other day, hotel was headquarters, and the Loch Lynn leaving one in reserve at all times, or have a music hall the place for holding the sessions. double supply of power at any time. From the engines in use is operated a Miller Brine

John M. Kane, of Charleston, while he is Freezer ice cream plant, with an hourly capac- only about the age to vote, has graduated from ity of 75 gallons. Cream shipments are made

the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy with from this store to points within a raduis of 100

honors, and returned to his home in this city miles of Buckhannon. Possibly next year where he has accepted a position with George Mr. Young will install an ice making and mechanical refrigerating plant.

The second floor of the building is used exclusively for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and a general line of physicians' supplies as the store does a wholesale physicians' supply business extending over a large part of this state as well as into other states. The laboratory, most elaborately equipped, is also on this floor.

The third floor is used for stock rooms. All goods are received here and checked up before they are distributed to the other sections of the establishment. One floor in an adjoining building is used as a stock room for such articles as are in demand only occasionally and which are purchased in carload lots

Mr. Young is ex-president of the West Virginia State Pharmaceutical Association and is a director of the American Druggists Fire Insurance Co., as well as the West Virginia agent for that company. He is connected with one of the Buckhannon banks as a director and has other business interests. In fact he is a hustler and one of the busiest men one could find in a long travel. Mrs. Young has

Keeney, whose store in the Elk hotel building, spent a great deal of time in acquainting herself

is one of the most properous ones in the city. with the work of the store, and has been con

Young Kane proved himself a close student tributing some valuable papers at the meetings

while in school and got through his course in of the organizations of the state in which the

record breaking time. He is a son of W. F. druggists are interested.

Kane, who is extensively interested in valuable A recent paper of hers on "Window Trim

oil holdings in this state. ming” was considered a masterpiece and many of its suggestions are now being followed by

Putting the saloon out of business in West druggists throughout the state.

Virginia is expected to do a great deal of good

-by those who helped to bring the condition The annual convention of the West Virginia about, yet those concerned either directly or State Pharmaceutical Association was held indirectly in the traffic predict magnified evils, at Mountain Lake Park, Md. While it was not such as the development of illicit traffickers, necessary to hold the meeting out of the state, drug users and disposition out of the state of this location was decided on because of its great sums of money that would circulate high altitude and because many who attended inside the state were the saloon continued. appreciate the occasion as a vacation from The law has been passed, however, and the their regular duties, many of them to take no saloon goes; the state and county administraother outing this summer. Mountain Lake tions as well as the municipal authorities, Park is a delightful resort for both summer have promised to lend their undivided aid in and winter, a large number of the members of enforcing the law, and the druggists are unithe association spend considerable time there form in their promise to assist in their way in each year. The program for the convention making the enforcement of the statutes relating was one well arranged and it was interesting to the sale of intoxicants absolute. With all three days–Tuesday, Wednesday and such an organization to back the law, and with

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special officers employed at various places. Their cries for help brought a number of

, whose duty it will be to enforce the law with people to the scene, but too late to reference to liquor traffic, there is promise of rescue them. The bodies were recovered a very good test to show whether the sale of some three hours later. intoxicants can be stopped throughout a state. Ben LeVan was 22 years old, a grad

uate in pharmacy and medicine, obtain

ing his pharmacy degree from Ohio Mr. Chas. E. Matthews, manager of Sharp

State. His home was in Mt. Victory, & Dohme's Chicago Branch, was a recent Ohio, where his parents and one brother guest at the French Lick Springs Hotel. He

live. He was a young man of pregreatly enjoyed the renewal of acquaintance possessing appearance, winning friends with his old friends the sycamore, birch and

wherever he went. He had been emoak trees, which are so prolific in that section ployed at the Jenkins' store for more of Indiana. Mr. Matthews returned to his

than a year, where he was held in high desk and work greatly refreshed from his

esteem by his associates. short outing.

Jacob L. Young was only 17 years of age, a native of Dayton, and son of

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Young. He is Two Young Druggists Drown at Dayton. survived by his parents, three sisters

and two brothers. Ben Lelan and Jacob L. Young,

The fate of these two is especially clerks in the Third Street store of W. P. sad, because of their youth and the Jenkins, at Dayton, were drowned in the promise they gave of being useful Miami river on Tuesday, June 2.

citizens and

capable, intelligent The two young men had planned a

pharmacists. boat ride for their weekly half-holiday. Hiring a canoe, they proceeded up the The best forested area of China is in ManMiami river, happily calling to other churia. The principal tree varieties are pine, boaters and people on shore.

shore. After cedar, larch, fir, yew, oak, ash, elm, walnut going several miles the canoe capsized. and birch.

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DRUG STORES—(snaps) For sale, also positions in all States. Physicians, Dentists, Veterianarians, Nurses located and furnished. F. V. Kniest, Omaha, Nebr. Estab. 1914.

Dec. 12tp.

For the accommodation of our paid up subscribers, advertisements not exceeding five lines will be published in this department free of charge for two months.

To persons who are not subscribers, the charge will be ten cents per line per issue.

Unless otherwise requested, advertisements will be dropped after two months.

No. care Midland Druggist & Pharmaceutical
Review, Columbus, Ohio.

Send each answer separately.
Ads must be received by the 18th of the month

FOR SALE—Good paying drug store; well located; good building; long lease; natural gas. Population 1000; no other drug store; one of the best towns in n. w. Ohio. Address 8618, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June 3tb.

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WANTS. WANTED-Position in W. Va., by reg. pharmacist; 12 years experience. Can furnish best of references. Address 8604, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts WANTED -Registered druggist, Ohio. Address 8605, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts WANTED_Registered or reg. assistant, in town of 4,500. Good habits; references. Address 8608, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts WANTED—First class drug store and druggist to locate in live town. Write or wire Herman S. Juntgen, Kansas, Illinois.

June-2tb WANTED—To trade farm of 16212 acres, located in Williams County, Ohio, 372 miles from good market town, for drug stock located in good town in Ohio. Address 8610, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. June-2ts

WANTED—To buy good paying drug store in Ohio town of 1,000 to 2,000. Give full particulars of same. Address 8613, care Mid. land Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts WANTED—Clerk with three or four years' experience; need not be full registered. Address 8617, care Midland Druggist & Ph m. Review.

June-2ts WANTED-A man at soda fountain, with experience in taking charge of same at Rexall store. Address 8619, care Midland Druggist & Pharın. Review.

July 2-ts WANTED—Competent drug clerk after September 1; state references, experience and salary in first letter. Address 8621, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

July 2-ts. WANTED—To buy interest or buy outright a store in Ohio town of from 5,000 to 25,000 population, or will consider position as clerk or manager with option of buying. Registered in Ohio; 20 years experience. Address 8624, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

July 2-ts.

FOR SALE--Drug store in town of 400. Rich country for miles from which to draw; full prices; rent and gas $15.00 per month; sales about $6,000; can be increased. Invoice about $2,400. Will sell right. Address 8599, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts FOR SALE–Drug stock in town of 1000 with good country trade; invoice about $2,500, including fixtures; established by present owner in 1880; sickness

for selling. Low rent, good room. Address 8601, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. June-2ts

FOR SALE-A stock of drugs. Reason for selling, estate must be settled. Address 8606, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts. FOR SALE—Good corner drug store in town of 15,000, in the Miami valley, s. w. Ohio; well established business; no cut rate; owner in bad health; up-to-date store, stock and fixtures. Address 8607, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts FOR SALE—Only drug store in Ohio town of 400, good country to draw from; Nyal agency (a big thing in the business); full prices; no competition; well-to-do class of trade; great agricultural district; immense quantities of tobacco raised. Interest in other section of state reason for selling. Address 8602, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review. June-2ts

FOR SALE-Drug store in town of 20,000; invoice about $4,000. Owner wants to devote his time exclusively to other interests. No dead stock; good corner store. Must sell at

Address 8609, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts FOR SALE-Only drug store in n. w. Ohio town. Best in state for money. $3,900 cash takes it; no less. Will bear closest investigation. Address 8611, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.



FOR SALE—Good corner drug store; town SITUATION WANTED By registered of 16,000, n. w. Ohio; invoice about $4,000. pharmacist; 9 years experience as pharmacist Sub-station pays half of rent. Will sell at and manager; 3 years as head of physicians invoice. Address 8612, care Midland Drug- supply department; married; best reference; gist & Pharm. Review.

June-2ts desire position free from booze and soda.

Address 8623, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. FOR SALE-Drug store in town of 60,000. Review.

July 2-ts Doing a good cash business. Full line of drugs and patent medicines. Licensed bar in rear of building doing good cash business.

Parke-Davis & Co's. Annual Outing. Sickness reason for selling. Address 8615, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

June-3tb The 24th annual outing given by Parke-Davis

& Co., for their enployes, families and friends FOR SALE--Drug store in city of 17,000,

was held at Bob-Lo Park on June 12. The full prices; good reason for selling. Address 8616, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

entire plant was closed for the day and every

June-2ts body had a good time at the expense of the FOR SALE-First class drug store, Nyal

company and with all salaries paid. and A. D. S. remedies, Chi-Namel varnishes;

The Parke-Davis Co. are royal entertainers located in good residence section of Columbus, and it is no small undertaking to entertain Ohio; well known physician (great prescription 4000 people at one time, but their efficiency writer) with large practice close by. Business seems to extend to social as well as business increasing; great bargain; must be sold; price

affairs and the day was a complete success. conservative. Be prompt. Address 8620, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

The general treatment of the P. D. employes July 6-tb throughout the year only enhances the enjoy

ment of these special holiday entertainments. FOR SALE-Drug store in town of 18,000

The firm fosters co-operation between heads in n. w. Ohio; newly remodeled; thoroughly up to date; best location in city; long time

of departments and employes, encourages lease; moderate rent; sales better than their fraternal activities, well knowing that it $25,000.00 per year. Will sell all or part is only by kindly treatment that true loyalty interest to party who can assume management. can be purchased. Great opportunity for live wire. Address 8625,

The gathering was really a big family picnic, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

July 2-ts with basket lunches and to people who know

how to play as well as work, no other outdoor FOR SALE-Drug store in a good live affair appeals so strongly as a "basket picnic." town of 10,000, doing a good cash business; Of course, the usual park amusements were will sell reasonable; full prices on everything. provided and all went home tired with hapAddress 8626, care Midland Druggist & Pharm. Review.

July 2ts.

piness, but grateful to thoughtful employers

for a beautiful holiday. SITUATIONS WANTED.

Success comes in cans; failures in can'ts. SITUATION WANTED—By drug clerk now employed; desire change after Sept. 1;

- Nautilus. age 38; 20 years experience; good references; reg. in Ind.; desire position in Ind. or Ohio where hours are reasonable; no booze or soda

DR. A. C. DANIELS' joint. Address 8600, care Midland Druggist Horse Food Remedies & Pharm. Review.


Are registered under the

Ohio State Laws. DrugSITUATION WANTED—In drug store in

gists are perfectly safe in

carrying them in stock and Ohio, Ind. or Ky.; not registered; 4 years supplying the demands. experience; 20 years old; not afraid to work and Special inducements are have good health. Can give good references. Address 8622, care Midland Druggist & Pharm.


July 2-ts.

1308 Race St., Cincinnati, 0.




offered. Write to


The Sanitary Fly Destroyer --- Non-Poisonous.
Gets 50,000,000,000 flies a year-vastly more than
all other means combined. Poisons are dangerous.

PRICES CURRENT. Prices are based upon quotations for original packages at port of entry or place of manufacture, plus a reasonable advance for breaking bulk and freight to interior points.

Prices quoted are for quantities usually bought by retail druggists. For larger quantities, prices are somewhat lower.

Containers are extra unless otherwise specified.
* Advanced during the past month.
† Declined during the past month.

Only leading classes of articles are listed in the Index.
For those not mentioned here, see general list under name of article required.
Drugs and Chemicals, pages 1 to 16 inclusive.
Proprietary Articles, pages 17 to 59 inclusive.
Sundries, pages 60 to 78 inclusive.

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By VICTOR W. PAGE, M. E., 600 (6x9) Pages.

350 Illustrations. This practical treatise consists of a series of thirty-six lessons, covering with nearly 2000 questions and their answers--the automobile, its construction, operation and repair. The subject matter is absolutely correct and explained in simple language. If you can't answer all of the following questions, you need this work. The answers to these and nearly 2000 more are to be found in its pages. Give the name of all important parts of an automobile and describe their functions Describe action of latest iypes of kerosene carburetors. What is the difference between a "Double” ignition system and a “dual' ignition system? Name parts of an induction coil? How are valves timed? What is an electric motor starter and how does it work? What are advantages of worm drive gearing? Name all important types of ball and roller bearings? What is a "Three-quarter' floating axle? What is a two-speed axle? What is the Vulcan electric gear shiit? Name the causes of lost power in automobiles. Describe all noises due to deranged mechanism and give causes. How can you adjust a carburetor by the color of the exhaust gases? What causes “popping" in the carburetor? What tools and supplies are needed to equip a car? How do you drive various makes of cars? What is a differential lock and where is it used? Name different systems of wire wheel construction, etc., etc. A popular work at a popular price. Answers every question you may

ask relating to the modern automobile.

Price $1.50—with subscription to Midland-Review $2.00 THE MIDLAND PUBLISHING COMPANY, Columbus, Ohio.

When writing advertisers, please mention the “Midland Druggist and Pharmaceutical Review."

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