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H. M. Doden, '14, of Wilton, and M. R. Hohmann, '14, of Iowa City, were initiated into Phi Delta Chi a few weeks ago.

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

H. W. Shull, '02, is located at Bridgeport, Nebraska,

E. P. Gilmour, ex. '03, is located at Lincoln, Nebraska.

F. R. Gibson, '07, of Esmond, South Dakota, spent several weeks in the city recently having brought his wife to the University Hospital for treatment.

P. K. Hagen, ’12, is now with H. F. Dagget at Rock Falls, Illinois.

Susan Blake, '15, of Fort Dodge, enjoyed a visit from her father a short time ago. Mr. Blake is an alumnus of the College of Law of the University of Iowa.

R. C. Hahn, '14, of Muscatine, entertained his father for a brief visit recently.

J. M. Lindly, '89, of Winfield, is a candidate on the Democratic ticket for state senator for the Tenth Senatorial District.

Prof. Zada M. Cooper entertained the women students of the College together with other women pharmacists of the city on the evening of May 29.

J. E. Booge, Ph. G., '09, Ph. C., '10, in a civil service examination for junior chemist which he took a short time ago attained the second best rank, an honor of which he may well feel proud.

C. B. Burnside, Ph. G., ’12, Ph. C., '13, made a brief visit at the College last week. Mr. Burnside is located with Schlegel at Davenport.

A. D. Lemmon, a druggist at Guthrie Center, was a caller at the College recently while in the city to visit his son who is a student in the College of Liberal Arts.

C. D. Merckel, '00, who has been at Spokane, Washington, for a number of years has recently accepted a position in the Rexall Store at New Hampton.

Dean Teeters, Dr. Chase, Prof. Kuever and Prof. Cooper will be in attendance at the convention of the Iowa Pharmaceutical Association at Burlington during the second week of June. Prof. Kuever will read a paper on the "Preparation and Administration of 606 and 914" and Dr. Chase will discuss the “Physiological Standardization of Glucosidal Drugs." Besides these members of the faculty, several members of the graduating class are planning to go, also.

Dean Teeters and wife entertained the members of the graduating class at a six o'clock dinner at their home on the West Side Saturday evening, June 6.

The junior class gave a picnic at Black Springs on the second of June to which seniors and faculty members were invited.

J. M. Dugdale, ex. '03, has purchased the Dr. Smith drug store at Mt. Pleasant.

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Commencement week program, June 14-18, 1914.

SUNDAY, JUNE 14–4 P. M. Baccalaureate services at the Church of St. Luke and the Epiphany, Thirteenth St. below Spruce. Sermon by the Rev. David M. Steele.

MONDAY, JUNE 15—7 P. M. Professors' banquet to the graduating class, in the College Auditorium. Admission by invitation.

TUESDAY, JUNE 16–2:30 P. M. Annual meeting of Alumni Association and election of officers, in the Special Chemistry Lecture Room.

-7:45 P. M. Fiftieth annual Alumni Reception to the graduating class, College Auditorium. No cards of admission required.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17--7 P M. Annual reunion and banquet of the Alumni Association, Hotel Walton, Broad and Locust streets.

THURSDAY, JUNE 1848 P M. Commencement exercises at the American Academy of Music, Broad and Locust streets. Awarding of diplomas and prizes. Adress to the Ninety-third graduating class.

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The longer course in the school of pharmacy leading to the degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist closed June 5. The degree was conferred upon Paul Wright Edgett, Gennaro Dominic Lavieri, Albert Schreiner, Jr., George Stulik, George F. Vaupell and Edgar Philip Heidbreder.

The Advisory Board held its annual meeting at the school June 4. There were present at the meeting, George C. Lescher of Galesburg, A. G. C. Ackermann and Herman Fry of Chicago, as well as the faculty of the school.

The Chicago Veteran Druggists Association has presented to the school the silver loving cup which was presented to Albert E. Ebert in 1905 and upon his death reverted to the C. V. D. A.


Medical College of Virginia.

as toastmaster and with ready wit introduced

representatives of the classes and members of The School of Pharmacy, Medical College the faculty who responded to toasts. One of of Virginia at Richmond, has just completed the best things of the evening was a paper both its twenty-first session. The year has been instructive and interesting offered by Dr. the most successful in the history of the school. Stoner on the “Therapeutics of Red SandSeventy-two students were enrolled, and the stone." graduating class numbered twenty-five. The Thursday evening the graduating exercises names of the graduates are as follows:

were held in the University Auditorium. The Lawson Willey Armentrout, Strasburg; Ed- address to the graduates was delivered by ward Perry Berlin, Berryville; George Berger Prof. J. A. Hynes, chief chemist of the port of Cocke, Danville; George Van Durrer, Burn- entry, Chicago, on the subject, “The Pharleys; Henry Thomas Haley, Christiansburg; macy of Your Generation.'' Charles Bruce Harloe, Winchester; Robert Kavanaugh Hawkins, Tazewell; Richard Man

Hawthorne, Victoria; John Beverley Toledo Drug Club Organizes. Holland, Millwood; William Albert Homes, Boydton; William Lynn Irwin, Woodstock;

Less than a month ago the Toledo Clarence Gernald Jackson, Velma; William Drug Club organized for the purpose, Harry Long, Covington; Samuel H. Parkins, principally, of promoting good fellowship Jr., Staunton; David Walker Paulette, Farm

among its members and a chance to ville; Harry Simon Ramsey, Bedford City; exchange modern ideas on their business William Russell Smith, Cape Charles; William interests. The membership already numThomas Elwood Smith, Richmond; William bers 90, and a good time is looked forward Earle Strole, Stanley; Edward Manning Har- to by all. June 10th, this Club were din, Wilmington, N. C.; Robert Leroy Miller, royally entertained by the Detroit Drug Charlotte, N. C.; Jesse Rose Whitley, Fre- Club. A boat was chartered which took mont, N. C.; Lewin Andrew Johnson, Union,

the party to St. Clair Flats, where a W. Va.; Evarts Morrow, Summit Point, W. Va.; banquet was served at the Star Island Forrest Bowley Smith, Sapulpa, Okla.

Hotel. Two hundred and eighty-five The faculty for next year will be: Albert druggists were seated. Special enterBolenbaugh, B. S. in Phar., Professor of Phar

tainment was provided on board the macy; W. F. Rudd, Ph. G., M. A., Professor of

boat. A beautiful ivory and ebony Chemistry; E. C. L. Miller, M. D., Professor gavel was presented the Toledo Drug of Bacteriology; Chas. 0. Lee, B. S. in Phar., Club by the Detroit contingent. Officers Instructor in Pharmaceutical Botany; Chas. and boosters of the Toledo Drug Club C. Haskell, B. A., M. D., Lecturer in Materia

are: Paul A. Loesser, President; E. J. Medica and Pharmacology.

Spies, Vice President; Wm. Ludwig,
Secretary; and H. J. Abele, Treasurer.

An efficient Board of Directors, is Commencement at Valparaiso University. bound to make the Toledo Drug Club

a success. Here's wishing them luck. Last month the Department of Pharmacy of Valparaiso University closed what has probably been the most successful year in its history. “Did you say my train 'd be 'long in ten Forty-four young men and one young lady

minutes, suh?'' asked an old colored man of received their diplomas with the degree of the ticket agent. Graduate in Pharmacy. Several of these had

“Yes, uncle." already passed their examinations before

"I jest axed you, 'cause I ain't got my rabstate boards and practically every member of bit foot 'bout me, an' dat dere board say, 'All the class had a position waiting for him. trains on time 'cept one, an' I was jest figurin' On Sunday, 17th, Dr. Gelston of the First

dat dat one would be mine." Presbyterian Church preached the Bacca

“Someone's tampered with the bulletin laureate sermon. On Wednesday, 20th, the

board,” declared the agent, rushing excitedly members of the senior class gave their annual to the platform. exhibit in Science Hall.

I followd closely. Wednesday night the annual banquet was We both stared at the board, then at uncle, held in Lembke Hall with more than two then dropped into hysteria of laughter. The hundred members of the classes, friends, and bulletin read: relatives present. Dean Timmons presided “All trains on time-Sept. 1."-Exchange.

* * *Oeneral Drug News* * *

Indiana News

spent two weeks in the east and are now in

their new home, 2955 Princeton Place, IndiThis is proving an exceedingly quiet summer

anapolis. A large number of Indianapolis for the drug trade, both wholesale and retail.

people attended the wedding. Business is not as good as it was this time last year, but everyone is optimistic that the total

There must be a "jinx” or something purvolume of business for the year will compare

suing Fay M. Sieg, who conducts a drug store very favorably with that of 1913. The state

at 501 North Noble street, Indianapolis. Mr. is promised one of the largest grain crops in

Sieg was held up by four men while on his way its history. The wheat acreage is the largest

home on the night of April 12. They gave in history and the grain, just ready to harvest,

him a severe beating, but he fought them off is first class. Growing corn is reported to be

and escaped without being robbed. He later in perfect condition. Oats are off a little, but

bought two revolvers to protect himself, a large crop is anticipated. The prospects of

leaving one in his store. Some one broke into a big grain crop is causing predictions that the

the store and stole the revolver. On the night drug and other trades will be booming before

of June 7, the store was again entered by burlong. In Indianapolis many of the drug stores

glars and $111 in money and valuable papers are doing little business aside from their ice

stolen. cream soda trade.

Judge H. J. Paulus of the circuit court at F. W. Meissner of Laporte has gone to Phila- Marion has ruled that the keeping of intoxidelphia, Pa., where he is assisting in the work cating liquor by a druggist not a registered of the national board of trustees of the United pharmacist is not illegal. The ruling in effect States Pharmaceutical Association in pre- means that possession of intoxicating liquor paring a new edition of the Pharmacopæia, is not illegal if the liquor is dispensed on prewhich is to come from the press in September. scription for medicinal purposes through a Mr. Meissner is the only Indiana man to enjoy registered pharmacist who is employed by the such an honor, unless Dr. H. W. Wiley, former

owner of the pharmacy. A number of Marion chief of the United States pure food and drugs druggists had been arrested for having intoxidepartment, who is an ex-officio member of

cating liquors in their possession illegally. the board of trustees, can be counted an Indi

The cases are to be appealed by the state to the Indiana supreme court.

ana man.

The Sentinel Realty Company, which is Commercial travelers out of Indianapolis composed of Julius Haag, president, and were entertained on the afternoon of June 6, by Louis Haag, secretary-treasurer, of Haag the wholesale trade division of the Indianapolis Brothers, who conduct a number of retail Chamber of Commerce. After a parade through drug stores in Indianapolis, have secured a the down town streets, led by a band of music, ninety-nine year lease on the property at the the travelers went to the Federal base ball northeast corner of Illinois and Maryland park where they saw a game of base ball as the streets, Indianapolis. An eight-story, fire- guests of the association. Practically all of proof business building is to be erected on the the salesmen for drug houses, who were in the site at a cost of about $100,000. The base- city, attended the game. The Indianapolis ment and first three floors will be occupied by Chamber of Commerce is keeping in close Haag Brothers. Edgar H. Wilson has a drug touch with traveling salesmen as a means of store in the building now on the site.

securing their co-operation in boosting Indi

anapolis as a trade center. William A. Hanley of Indianapolis, and Miss Irma C. McGrath, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Garrity, an Indianapolis druggist, Robert McGrath of Lafayette, were married died at his home in that city on June 8, after in St. Ann's Church, Lafayette on June 9. an illness of two weeks. He was born NovemMr. Hanley graduated from Purdue University ber 29, 1874, and spent his whole life in Indiana. in 1911 and is now employed by the Eli Lilly Mr. Garrity was unmarried and made his home Company, Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Hanley with his sister, Miss Margaret Garrity at 905

Fletcher avenue. Funeral services were held in St. John's Church, Indianapolis, after which the body was taken to North Madison for burial.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Moore of Indianapolis sailed from New York City, June 12, for Europe, where they will remain several months. While away Mr. Moore will be the official representative of the state of Indiana at the International Veterinarian Congress to be held in London, August 3 to 8, having been appointed by Governor Samuel L. Ralston. Mr. Moore is president of the Pitman-Moore Company.

Prof. Severance Burrage, director of the biological laboratories and John S. Wright, manager of the advertising department of Eli Lilly & Co., attended the spring meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science held at South Bend during the last week in May. Prof. Burrage is president of the Academy and presided at the banquet at this meeting. Mr. Wright was secretary of the society for ten years and one of its former presidents. Ideal weather conditions and a record attendance contributed to the success of the occasion.

Loring and Hemphill, of Rising Sun, have added the Rexall line, a new iceless fountain and a line of fine candies to their stock.

Mrs. Lilly B. Sparks, wife of Walter Sparks, an Anderson druggist, died sudenly on the evening of June 4. Mrs. Sparks was attending a social affair when she became ill and started to go home with her husband. She died a few minutes after reaching home and death was found to be due to heart failure. Besides the husband, Mrs. Sparks is survived by two children.

With an authorized capitalization of $8,000, the Hollowell & Ryan Drug Company has been organized and incorporated at Kokomo to conduct a wholesale and retail drug business. Those interested in the concern are Orris J. Hollowell, Larry Ryan and Byron Haynes.

J. P. Hemphill, formerly in the drug business at Rising Sun, Ind., was recently nominated as joint senator to represent Ohio, Dearbourn and Franklin counties in the state senate. Mr. Hemphill is a member of the Indiana Pharmaceutical Association, and has great interest in good laws for the druggists and greatly favors all the reforms the association and board of pharmacy desires and he will do good work for the cause during the sessions of the legislature. His nomination to this office makes him a possibility for the nomination for · governor in two years and his popularity throughout the state would make him a winning man, and would please the State Pharmaceutical Association as well as the political leaders in every county in Indiana. Mr. Hemphill is now serving his 16th year as county auditor of Ohio county.

Mr. and Mrs. Mayer P. Schwartz of Indianapolis, were in Washington, D. C., during the last month. They have now gone north for a few weeks and will visit a number of summer lake resorts.

West Virginia News.


W. M. Aldrich and D. C. Beach, of Norwich, N. Y., have received degrees of bachelor of science in pharmacy at Purdue University, Lafayette.

Burglars entered the store of the Ferger Drug Company at Illinois and Thirty-eighth streets, Indianapolis, recently and got about $30 in money.

Burton J. Cassady, a member of the Indiana State Board of Registration and Examination in Pharmacy, has been appointed postmaster at West Terre Haute, his appointment having been confirmed by the senate.

Old, staid and dignified; old-fashioned enough in some ways to be characterized as quaint, the small city of Buckhannon, in Upsher county, West Virginia, is distinguished as the home of West Virginia Wesleyan College and Young's drug store.

Ordinarily a drug store is just a drug store; it may be a little better arranged and equipped than another establishment of its kind, but usually all bear about the same marks. Young's store is different. Mr. Young is different. Mrs. Young is different. For a good many years the Youngs have lived in Buckhannon and whatever success Mr. Young has gained, a large part of the credit is due to Mrs. Youngfor she is a wonder.

In no town in the United States the size of Buckhannon, will there be found a finer drug store than Young's-a broad statement, but

[blocks in formation]

one made by all the travelers who have ever There is a mahogany beam ceiling harmonvisited Mr. Young's place. He is sole owner izing with the remainder of the interior, the of the establishment and conducts a branch same idea having been carried out in making store at Phillippi known as the Young and the telephone booths at the rear of the big Windum store.

room, which match the fixtures, have beauThis well-established business is the result tiful art glass doors and side panelsillumof a plan Mr. Young had in mind when he first

inated from within. The telephones are engaged in the business, and now might sit for the use of the public, an independent service back and watch it grow, but he keeps right on

being maintained for the store. at work, employing an average of 15 clerks. The windows are remarkably elaborate,

The building was planned to fit his individual being of brass frame construction with verde needs, and has 11,000 square feet of floor space. antique marble base, prism lights above the It is three stories high, with basement and of transom bar while the overhead portion of fire-proof construction. In the retail store each window is of varigated colors in art-glass the ceiling is mahogany-beamed, the floor is set in copper and formed into a curve presentof beautiful design in Mosaic tile. The Bangs' ing a striking effect. The wood portion of the fixtures form one of the most elaborate outfits windows is mahogany with bevelled-plate ever turned out by that firm. The fixtures mirror backs and plate-glass shelves along are of selected solid mahogany of beautiful each side supported by metal brackets. In grain, with gold trimmings; all-glass shelving this one room the lights in use equal 5,000 with mirrored backing; frameless plate-glass

candle power. doors in all the fixtures. The fountain is The office is situated on a mezzanine floor onyx of the Bishop-Babcock-Becker make; overlooking the ground floor, or retail portion there are seventeen show-case-top tables for of the establishment. Three and sometimes fountain customers.

four persons are employed there. It is fitted The Linolite system of lighting is in use with modern office appliances and everything inside the show windows and cases, while is arranged for the expedition of work. nineteen lanterns suspended from the cornice Mr. Young has his own electric light and power and illuminated from within make a striking plant, located in the basement. Light is appearance.

supplied for the drug establishment as well as

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