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WHAT DRUGGISTS SAY. When it is drugs-it is often necessary to know, and a satisfaction to be sure, that drugs purchased are of the best possible quality. This certainty and security is always provided when you buy drugs here. For sixteen years we have given that sort of service which builds public confidence, and wins the permanent favor of careful people. When you get anything here you can be sure about the quality and equally sure that, quality considered, the price is right.

- Becker & Bolson, Fresno, Cal.

Constant trading at this drug store brings content.

-F. Edmonson & Brother, Atlanta, Ga.

Summer Needs. Drugs and toilet necessities. You cannot go anywhere safely without taking some of the most simple preparations with you, for in case of emergency, you are not always apt to find them in small stores of summer resorts.

-Hamburgers', Los Angeles, Cal.

Going on a vacation? Then don't forget to take the handy remedies with you in case of sickness. You will find it will not be so easy to procure what you want at a strange drug store, while we have everything in pure, fresh drugs for your medicine chest.- Frank B. Davis & Co., Youngstown, Ohio.

You'll need to replenish your stock of toilet articles before going into the country, of course. To have along a supply of your favorite kind of soap and toilet water and sunburn lotion and talcum powder means a deal of comfort and there's considerable to be saved in the price if you get these things here.-Owen, Moore & Co.,Portland, Me.

During your vacation remember that we can supply you with goods by mail. It should be a satisfaction to you to know that you can get anything you require from your regular druggist. Write us your wants and we shall send the goods to you promptly by Parcel Post. This not only applies to drugs, but to toilet articles, camera supplies, cigars, and in fact, everything in drug store goods.

---Conkey's Drug Store, Richmond, Ind.

Prescriptions. When you need medicine, bring your doctor's prescription right to us, and you can count on obtaining the best medicine that can be produced from pure, fresh, first-quality drugs. We give prescriptions our most careful attention and see that every phase of the work is done with the utmost accuracy and thoroughness.

- Dewey & Parson, Westfield, Mass.

The attention of two skilled pharmacists is focused on every prescription compounded in our prescription department. . One does the compounding and the other checks off the ingredients in order to make sure that not the slightest error occurs. This double check is in force for your protection. It costs you nothing extra. Our prices are never higher than in those stores where less labor and attention are given.

- The White Front Drug Store, Fargo, N. D. Tooth Brushes. Real tooth brush luxury cannot be had unless you have a good tooth brush-one which cleans every nook and crevice and does not shed its bristles. Our "special" curved handle is just such a brush. It's 25c and is sold with a guarantee.

-Clifford Pharmacy, South Norwalk, Conn.

Toilet Needs. Summer comfort in these low price toilet needs. They are fine and high grade. We stand back of the worth of every one of them.' At regular prices they are the best to be had. Stock up for the summer and pay a great deal less than ordinarily. (Then followed a list of articles with the regular and special prices.)

-F. Loeser & Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Bath Supplies. Everything for the bath--of the quality you ought to have at the prices you ought to pay. We sell large quantities of bath supplies because we keep what people want and make the prices right.-Eagle Drug Co., San Diego, Cal.

Sponges. We don't soak you when you get one of our sponges-not till you're in the bath

If you're going to do some sponging, here are some of the softest and best. Some soft snaps, too. All kinds from 5 cents to $2.00. Complete assortment to choose from.--Hawkins, the Druggist, Hamilton, Ont.

with one.

Cold Cream. Our own cold cream is the best for sunburn. It takes the burn right out, soothes the skin and leaves it soft and cool. Nothing better. Don't be afraid of “Old Sol.” Defy him with this cold cream.-Kingston, Denison, Texas.

Spices. Pure spices! Permit us to call your attention to our complete line of pure spices. Spices are a most important addition to food, to which they lend not only a pleasant flavor, but impart a distinct dietetic value. The strength, flavor and test of spices depend largely, in most cases wholly, upon the volatile oil contained in them. Consequently, if the oil be deficient in quantity or lacking entirely, the spice is proportionately inferior. Our spices are absolutely pure and all of our customers enjoy them. We want you to make a trial of these spices.

-Waldron Drug Store, Houston, Texas.

Camera Supplies. Fresh camera supplies. The furnishing of a depot where amateur photographers can find everything they need, has met with abundant favor. Our large and increasing trade on these goods is due not alone to the ample stock, but also to the freshness and reliability of everything furnished.---Conkey's Drug Store, Richmond, Ind.

Reports from Washington foretell the

ultimate adoption of one-cent-letter Paragraphs

postage. It is said the postal officials are ready to adopt the proposition as soon as the revenue which will be lost

by such action can be made up from The A. Ph. A. Branch at Denver, some other part of the system. Colo., has been working for the past The magazines and newspapers will be year with a very laudable ambition to the 'goat' in this deal and undoubtedly establish a pharmaceutical library for many small publications will be forced the use of its members.

out of business, even though in their At its April meeting the library was limited field they may be of more real worth formally turned over to the Branch to their readers than some of the popular by the Library Committee. The books magazines with their enormous nationare catalogued on card indexes and num- wide circulations. ber some 150 volumes, beside a number The magazine business seems to occupy of pamphlets, reports, drug journals, etc. the same enviable position in postal

Both the Branch and the Library matters as the drug business does in Committee are to be congratulated on legislation. the successful establishment of such a precedent for other branches and associations which do not have access to a

Governor Glynn, of New York, has scientific library.

vetoed the bill fathered by the Christian Scientists to permit the general practice

of drugless healing. He gives as his Dr. Franklin P. Mall, Professor of

reason for vetoing the bill that it was so Anatomy at Johns Hopkins University, loosely worded as to let down the bars in writing of the alleged inferiority of woman's brain to man's, is quoted as

to all kinds of quacks and charlatans

to prey upon the public. Had the bill saying: “I have had at least twenty

limited the practice of mental healing years' experience with more than one

by Christian Scientists to those who are thousand picked college graduates in

believers in Christian Science, it would, biological teaching. No concessions have been made to the women, and as a group

no doubt, have become a law. they have invariably stood above the average. This year we shall graduate Not many retail druggists are intereighty men and ten women; two men ested, so far as their own immediate and four women lead the class." Dr.

business is concerned, in the toll rate Howell, Professor of Physiology in the through the Panama Canal, but since the same institution, says: “If anyone cares new route will save considerable time in to claim that the brain of woman is shipments from some foreign countries inferior, he must seek the evidence of

and from different parts of our own his belief in his personal experience country, it would not be unreasonable to or in the archives of history-certainly hope that the saving thus effected on not among the sober records of science.

many drug store items of foreign origin

might be handed on down to the ultimate The amended legislation in New York consumer by a reduction in prices. State in regard to the hours of labor for According to government reports, an drug clerks--taking them from the juris- average size steamer requires 65 to 90 diction of the State labor laws and days for the trip around the Horn from giving them over to the regulation of Vancouver to New York. Through the the Board of Pharmacy, has at least canal a saving of 45 days may be made. settled the question so far as New York Figuring this at an operating expense is concerned, as to whether pharmacy of $500 per day, means an actual money is a trade or profession. The Supreme saving of $22,500, while the toll through Court held that the laws regulating the canal for such a ship would run the number of working hours in a mer- from $9,000 to $12,000. Further gain cantile establishment do not apply to may be calculated from the increased pharmacy, because the pharmacists were number of trips that may be made in a engaged in a professional employment. given time.

Since the first of the year, several work owing to a serious affliction of the pharmaceutical journals have had their eyes. He is now sojourning in North editorial sanctums disturbed by a change Carolina and Dr. H. V. Arny, formerly of editors.

of the Cleveland School of Pharmacy Following the resignation last year and now Professor of Pharmacy in the of Mr. C. M. Carr, editor of the N. A. New York College of Pharmacy, has R. D. Journal for many years, Mr. been appointed to take Mr. Hays' place. Hugh Craig, of the staff of the Druggists Still more recently, Dr. J. H. Beal, Circular, was chosen to succeed Mr. on account of ill health, has resigned Carr, and entered on his new duties the position of Editor of the Journal of in January.

the A. Ph. A., and as General Secretary A month or two ago, Mr. Francis B. of the Association. Mr. E. C. Marshall, Hays, long time editor of the Druggists of Boston, is now Acting Secretary Circular, was forced to quit his editorial and Editor of the Journal.

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Liquid Petroleum or "Russian

The liquid petroleum has since become Mineral Oil."

known under a variety of names, pro

prietary and otherwise, in addition to REPORT OF THE COUNCIL ON PHARMACY being used as a substitute or an adulterant AND CHEMISTRY.

for other, more costly, fats and oils. Petroleum has been in use as a medicine Some of the names applied to the product from time immemorial. It was known

are: to Herodotus 400 years before Christ and

Adepsine oil


Olo is mentioned by Plutarch, Dioscorides, Atoleine

Paraffin Oil

Pliny and other early writers. It was


Petralol extensively used by the Arabians and



Petrolax evidently played an important part Glyco


Petronol in the practice of medicine in India,

Gly mol

Petrosio being known to the Bengalese as Muthe Heavy petroleum oil Rock Oil

Liquid Albolene

Russian liquid petrolatum Katel. The raw product was the sub- Liquid Cosmoline

Russian mineral oil
Liquid Fossiline

Russian paraffin oil stance used in earlier times and differed

Liquid Geoline

Russol much in character and composition, as

Liquid Paraffin


Liquid Petrolatum Terraline obtained from different sources.

Liquid Saxoline


As an internal remedy it was early

Liquid Vaseline
Mineral Glycerin

Water-white mineral oil

Mineral Oil employed in chronic pulmonary affec

White paraffin oil. tions, in obstinate skin diseases, in

, A preparation similar to that official rheumatism and for the expelling of in the Pharmacopeia of the United tapeworms. It was extensively used States, as liquid petrolatum has been for these several purposes in France under included in many, if not all, of the the name “Oleum Gabianum” and in foreign pharmacopeias, the official title North America as “Seneka oil.” The under which this preparation is recoginternal use of the refined product may nized, being as follows: be traced to a patent granted to Robert Petrolatum liquidum, U. S. PharmaA. Chesebrough, of New York, in June, copeia; Paraffinum liquidum, pharma1872, for the manufacture of a “new and copeias of Great Britain, Germany, useful product from petroleum, named The Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, vaseline.” This

was originally Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, applied only to a semisolid preparation, Servia, Italy, Hungary and Russia; but later a liquid product known as Oleum Paraffinae, Spanish Pharmacopeia; liquid vaseline was marketed and for a Vasalinum liquidum, French Pharmatime exploited as a cure for coughs, copeia, and Oleum vaselini (as a synocolds, consumption and a number of nym) pharmacopeias of Denmark and other diseases and conditions.



Ph. Brit. IV, 1895...
B. P. C. II, 1911, usually

0.885 to 0.890 at 15.5


at 15

0.875 to 0.890 at 15

at 15

at 15 0.88 to 0.90 at 15


at 15
at 15
at 15


at 15
at 15


The requirements of the several phar- carbons of the methane series, while the macopeias differ somewhat and the Russian oil contains naphthenes or hyspecific gravity as given is as follows: drocarbons of the benzene series, having U.S. P. VIII, 1905..

0.870 to 0.940 at 25

the empirical composition of ethylene,

(CnH2n) which may be considered as

0.875 or lower at 15 Pa. Germ. V, 1910, at least.

hydrogenated aromatic hydrocarbons, Ph. Ross. VI, 1910..

0.880 to 0.885 at 15 Ph. Hung. III, 1909..

though they behave with reagents very

0.88 to 0.89 at 15 Ph. Ital. III, 1909

much in the same way as do the hydroPh. Fr. V, 1908, about.. Ph. Serb. II, 1908, about.

carbons of the methane series. Ph. Svec. IX, 1908. Ph. Helv. IV, 1907.

0.880 to 0.885 at 15

Mineral oils with a naphthene base Ph. Dan. VII, 1907, at least.

are best suited for making white petroPh. Austr. VIII, 1906, at least. 0.880 Ph. Belg. III, 1906, not below.. 0.880

latum, and at the present time the proPh. Japon. III, 1906. .

0.875 to 0.945 at 15 Ph. Ndl. IV, 1905, not below.

duction of the colorless water-white Ph. Hisp. VII, 1905..

liquid petrolatum appears to be confined For pharmaceutical purposes, liquid largely or almost exclusively to the petrolatum may be divided into two

crude product of the Baku district of grades, the lighter or more limpid oil, Russia, though it is asserted that it used extensively as a vehicle for oil is now also made from the Hanover sprays, and the heavier, more viscid (Germany) crude oil and that some is oil, generally recognized in European being produced by “cracking" the white pharmacopeias and used as an ingredient solid paraffin. of ointments and more recently as

It is also said that the American oil remedy in the treatment of intestinal can be made water-white, but that it stasis.

is not being so produced at present Under petrolatum liquidum the U. S.

for economic reasons; the yellowish oil, P. recognizes a mixture of hydrocarbons, free from fluorescence, having a very chiefly of the methane series, which wide sale, both as a lubricant and as a occurrs as a colorless or very slightly substitute for lard oil and other of the yellowish, oily, transparent liquid with- more costly lubricating oils. out odor or taste and having a specific

From a pharmaceutical point of view gravity of about 0.870 to 0.940 at 25 C. it would appear important to note the For the U. S. P. IX, it is proposed physical characteristics of the oil and to change this requirement somewhat to insist on absence of color, absence of so as to have it apply to a transparent odor and taste, absence of acid and of liquid free from flourescence, without

alkali and a specific gravity in harmony odor or taste, and having a specific with the purposes for which the oil is gravity of from 0.845 to 0.940 at 25 C.

to be used. Such' a requirement would include all During the past year or two liquid of the available paraffin oils irrespective petrolatum has attracted considerable of origin. The now commonly available attention as a remedy in the treatment commercial liquid petrolatum, used for

of intestinal stasis or chronic constipapharmaceutical purposes, is practically tion, the practice of using it having been colorless and all of the better grades are developed largely through its recomfree from odor or taste. The specific mendation by Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane gravity varies from 0.855 to 0.895. The

and his associates. This use of liquid lighter oils, having a specific gravity petrolatum and of petrolatum products of from 0.860 to 0.870, are usually generally is by no means novel. N. A. preferred in the making of oil sprays or

Randolph' of Philadelphia, was among solutions of substances to be used as

the first to suggest its use for this purlocal applications. The product having pose in an article published in 1885. a specific gravity above 0.875 evidently Randolph also appears to have been the contains a considerable amount of dis

first to experiment with petrolatum solved solid paraffin which separates out

and to determine its non-absorbability at temperatures at or below O C., but from the intestinal tract. In an article readily dissolves again at temperatures

in 1881, he concludes that "pure petroabove 10 C.

latum while entirely unirritating to There is a considerable difference in the

the digestive tract, is valueless as a chemical composition of the paraffin foodstuff. oils obtained from various sources. The 1. Randolph, N. A.: Therap. Gaz., 1885, ix, 732. American oil consists largely of hydro- phià, 1894, p. 281.

2. Randolph, N. A.: Proc. Acad. Nat. Sc., Philadel


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