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mercury in the stomach as shown by the the National Association of Retail Drugfollowing formula:

gists—the largest body of the kind in Phosphorous acid (H2PO2) +sodium bi- the world—with about 22,000* members;

carbonate (2NaHCO,) equal sodium phos- the National Association of Wholesale phite (Na2HPO3) water (2H,0)+carbon Druggists; the Conference of Faculties dioxide (2CO2).

of Pharmaceutical Colleges, the Retail Sodium phosphite (Na2HPO3)+mer- Drug Clerk's Association, and the Americurie chloride (2HgCl2)+water (H,0) can Druggists' Syndicate, with 17,000* equals sodium phosphate (Na,HPO )+ members. The delegates from the Synhydrochloric acid (2HCI) + mercurous dicate will charter a steamer and come chloride or calomel (2HgCl).

'to San Francisco through the canal, Acetic acid (CH,COOH) +sodium bi- transacting most of their business on the

) carbonate (NaHCO3) equals sodium ace- way, so as to give their time while here to tate (NaCH,CO)+water (H20) + car- enjoyment of the wonders of the exposi

, bon dioxide (CO2).

tion. The doctor suggested giving sodium "It is expected also that the various phosphite in place of the combination of

State Boards of Pharmacy from the phosphorous acid and sodium bicarbon

states generally also will be present. We ate to avoid the formation of carbon

expect to establish a downtown headdioxide gas in the stomach.

quarters and bureau of information for - Pittsburg Druggist. the benefit of the delegates, and in con

nection with it the manufacturing drug

gists are contemplating installing a fine Seven Pharmaceutical Societies Will

Have Drug Week at the Panama
Pacific International Exposition
In San Francisco In

Olive Oil Importations Into the United 1915.


Over 50,000 druggists will be repre- Imports of edible olive oil into the sented at the Panama-Pacific Interna- United States during the first six months tional Exposition, during “Drug Week” under the new tariff aggregated 3 million —which for good measure is nearly two gallons valued at 4 million dollars, or weeks, being from July 12 to 24, 1915– equal to the value of any year's imports in the conventions of the seven principal down to and including 1908. During the associations of druggists and pharmacists decade 1904-1913, the aggregate imports in America, with a sprinkling from foreign of this article, as shown by official figures lands. Details of the meetings were of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic worked out recently at a meeting of the Commerce, Department of Commerce, California Pharmaceutical Association, amounted to 39 million gallons, valued following an address by James A. Barr, at 42 million dollars, an annual average chief of the Bureau of Conventions of the only slightly in excess of the record made exposition. Speaking of the successful by the last six months. These figures efforts to secure these conventions for the

are exclusive of olive oil fit only for manexposition, K. B. Bowerman, secretary- ufacturing or mechanical purposes, detreasurer of the state association said that natured by the addition of nitrobenzine the drug men very probably would bring or oil of rosemary. Of this oil, obtained with them an elaborate display of exhib- chiefly from Italy and Greece, the imits, and added:

ports range from one million to nearly "This joint convention of all the drug two million gallons annually. men in America is unique in history. It

The high food value of olive oil is a is the first time they have ever got to- subject to which attention has frequently gether on anything like so large a scale. been directed in consular reports and in The bodies which will meet here in 1915

bulletins of the Department of Agriculas the guests of the exposition, and of the California Pharmaceutical Associa

ture, and the cultivation of the olive in

California has already assumed importion are the American Pharmacutical

tant proportions. The domestic proAssociation, with about 12,000* members; duction of olive oil has not, however, We are not able to verify these figures, They cer

been sufficient to meet the demand in tainly are not those used by drug organizations themselves.-ED.

this country, and a large proportion of the consumption is supplied by the im- year's pack unsold.” Prices have now ported article. Italy is the chief source been reduced, No. 21 extra sliced of supply, imports from that country Hawaiian pineapple being offered at ranging from 21 million gallons in 1909 $1.50 per dozen or $3 per case. It is to 32 million in 1913. Of French olive anticipated that "in consequence this oil the imports have ruled slightly under season's pack will be sold with compara1 million gallons annually, last year's tive ease, though profits will be small." total having been 933,000 gallons, com- The Bureau of Foreign and Domestic pared with 350,000 gallons from Spain, Commerce has in course of preparation 227,000 from Greece, and 125,000 gallons a series of special reports on the pinefrom about 16 other countries, including apple-canning industry in Hawaii, ForTurkey, England, Scotland, Canada, mosa, and the Straits Settlements, which Cuba, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Neth- will be published shortly in monograph erlands, Portugal, and Tripoli.

form.-Consular Report. There is now a wide recognition of cottonseed oil as practically equal to olive oil in food value. As a salad oil it

Look Out For Bogus Check Man. is scarcely distinguishable from olive oil in taste and appearance, is easily assim

Henny & Cooper, druggists of Marion, ilable by the digestive system, and is Ohio, report the operations of a bogus much cheaper, selling at wholesale for check-worker, who caught them for about 60 cents a gallon as against over $17.75. $2 a gallon for olive oil. The United

The check is drawn on the Merchants States now produces about 200 million National Bank of Massillon, Ohio, is gallons of cottonseed oil per annum, stamped "The Addison Builders' Supply imports 13 million gallons, and exports Co., "General Contractors, and signed considerable quantities to foreign coun- by J. H. Hilton, Sec'y, and Treas." It tries. While the exports thereof aggre- is made payable to W. H. Stewart, gated nearly 50 million gallons in 1912, who presented it. they declined to 35 million gallons in The Merchants National Bank of 1913. This was due to the fact that by Massillon advise that there never has the new hardening process which Ameri

been such a firm as the Addison Builders' can manufacturers are using in the man- Supply Co. in Massillon, that the man ufacture of lards and cooking fats, a Hilton is a fraud, and that they have much larger share of cotton oil can be had four checks drawn on them exactly used therein; hence it can be used to like the one given Henney & Cooper. better advantage for home consumption The Ohio Bankers Association have been than in the export trade. This comes at notified and will be on the lookout a time when there is a decrease in the for the perpetrators. slaughtering of beef cattle in the United

The check given Henney & Cooper States, which would otherwise have

was at first declined by the clerk, as brought about a big shortage in the sup- he was a new employe, but “Stewart” ply of oleostearin, formerly necessary displayed such a familiarity with the in the manufacture of lard compounds. store and so confidently told the clerk --Government Report. to “charge it to his account,” that the

clerk believed him to be all right.

Since the incident happened on Sunday, Canned Pineapple Output in Hawaii. Henney & Cooper believe druggists will

be especially selected for such bunco The principle pack in Hawaii this games, as their stores are open Sundays season is expected to reach 2,000,000 and evenings when the banks are closed. cases. Canning pineapples was begun only in 1900, and the rapid progress since that year is shown in the record of cases

Oh, Poor Willie packed.

Willie had been absent from school a whole This rapidly increasing output has day, so teacher sent his mother the usual been readily absorbed in the United excuse blank to be filled out. When it was States until the past season, the state- returned to her, it held the following excuse: ment being now made in Honolulu that Dear teecher Willie got wet in the a. m. and "all the packers hold considerable of last sick in the p. m.”

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THE OHIO STATE PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION. The thirty-sixth annual convention of the Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association will be held at Cedar Point, on Lake Erie, Ohio, on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of July, 1914. The Breakers Hotel will be headquarters.

Buy your railroad tickets to Sandusky. The Cedar Point boats leave Sandusky dock for Cedar Point every twenty minutes. The round trip fare on these boats is 25 cents.

The Cedar Point Resort Company announces the following special rates at the Hotel Breakers: $1.00 per day per person, two in a room and $1.50 per day, single. For the best rooms $1.50 per day per person, two in a room, and $2.00 per day, single. Rooms with bath, $3.00 per day, single, and $2.00 per day, per person, two in room. Write for your rooms now. The Company also announces that it has finished the roadway from the mainland to the Point at a considerable cost, so that any one who is contemplating making the trip by motor can go direct to Cedar Point. The toll on this road will be 50 cents for each automobile, regardless of the number of passengers carried. The garage charge will be $1.00 per day.

Judging from the interest shown by members, this coming convention will even be better attended than the one held last year at Columbus. We will expect you there and we want you to bring all your friends.

The entertainment will be in charge of the Traveling Men's Auxiliary, and this promises to be unusually good this year.

An attractive, instructive and interesting exhibit of drugs, toilet preparations and drug appliances will be shown by the manufacturers. These exhibits are in charge of the traveling men and as these men are our members you will please them and our committee by holding orders for them until the annual meeting.

The business sessions will be short and to the point. All the dull spots will be taken out by the Council and only the bright, interesting parts will be allowed to come before you. We want your prompt and continued attendance.

Our fiscal year begins with the first day of July. Send your annual dues to Mr. E. W. Harrington, 6th and Forsythe Ave., Columbus, Ohio. For further particulars write to


3935 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati.


Eight O'clockThe first business session of the 0. S. P. A. will be held at the Convention Hall.

Everybody invited.
Address of Welcome by His Honor, the Mayor of Sandusky.
President Sehl's address.

Appointment of Committee on Resolutions.
Eight Thirty-Reception and card party, Charles Diehl, Chairman,
Ten-Meeting of Council 0. S. P. A.

Eight-Thirty-Second business session of O. S. P. A., Convention Hall.

Report of Council.
Delegates from other associations.
Treasurer's report.
Auditing Committee's report.
Secretary's report.

Report of Committee on Trade Interests, George F. Reiser, Chairman.
Report of Committee on U. S. P. and N. F. Propaganda, Otto Muhlhan, Chairman.
Address by Dr. W. A. T. Andrews of New York, on Propaganda.
Report of Committee on Papers and Queries, W. M. Bowman, Chairman.
Report of Committee on Unofficial Formulae, F. W. Kisker, Chairman.
Report of Committee on Adulterations and Sophistications, Azor Thurston, Chairman.
Report of Committee on Drug Market, Edward Spease, Chairman.
Report of Historian, Joseph Feil.
Report of Committee on Pharmaceutical Education, D. C. Mohler, Chairman.
Appointment of Committees on Nomination, Board of Pharmacy Vacancy and Time and

Place of next Meeting.
Nine-ThirtyLadies' Bowling Contest, J. E. Moreton, Chairman.

One-Thirty— Travelers Bowling Contest, George Schambs, Chairman.
Two-Third business session of O. S. P. A., Convention Hall.

Report Committee on Pharmacy Laws, L. W. Funk, Chairman.
Report of Secretary Board of Pharmacy, M. N. Ford.

(Account of shortness of time, this report will only be given in full at the request of the

Address by Hon. S. E. Strode, of the Agricultural Commission.
Three-Address and stereopticon views on Olive Oil, by Prof. J. G. Haleplaeus.

Papers and Queries, W. M. Bowman in charge.
Address on Stationery by Mr. Fred B. Atchinson.

Address on the "Salesman's Side," by Mr. Charles Barker.
Two-Thirty Lagoon ride for the children to Hermitage Island.
Four-Thirty0. S. P. A. Druggists Bowling Contest, Geo. S. Diehl, Chairman.

Eight-Thirty-Dutch Lunch in the hall above the dining room, E. P. Austin, Chairman.
Nine-Thirty-Grand Carnival Ball, Geo. H. Dikeman, Chairman.

Nine-Fourth business session of O. S. P. A., Convention Hall.

Report of Council.
Report on County Organization, W'. R. Hower.
Report of Ohio Mutual and American Fire Insurance Companies.

(A short report will be rendered by each of these companies, unless otherwise directed

by the convention).
Report of Committee on Board of Pharmacy Vacancy.
Report of Committee on Time and Place of next meeting.
Report of Committee on Nominations.
Election and installation of officers.
Report of Delegates to N. A. R. D. and A. Ph. A. Conventions.

Election of delegates to A. Ph. A. Convention.
Nine-Thirty-Lagoon ride for the ladies, Paul Reichow, Chairman.
One-Boat ride to Put-In-Bay on steamer Put-In-Bay, N. M. Massey, Chairman.

Tickets for the ride will be furnished free.
The boat will return to Cedar Point about eleven P. M.

FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 10. Nine-Extra session of O. S. P. A. convention at call of President.

Unfinished business,

Council meeting.
Nine-Thirty-Tug of War. Druggists vs. Travelers, H. A. Bauman, Chairman.
Ten-Ball throwing contest. Ladies and gentlemen participating.

Swimming races and other contests. See Mark Sturtevant.

Cedar Point on the Lake. inviting and interesting resort on the

shores of Lake Erie, and at which the Its make no particular difference as to association has held so many successful whether or not you are a member of the meetings in the past. Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association, Pack your suit case and make preparathe officers and all the other members tions to take advantage of this four days' extend to druggists all over Ohio a cordial convention.

convention. It will bring you back to invitation to join them in their summer your store on the following Monday meeting to be held at Cedar Point on morning full of energy and feeling enLake Erie Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs- tirely like a new man. Come and get day and Friday, July 7, 8, 9 and 10. acquainted with your fellow druggists. The executive committee has made ar- Shake each others' hand and meet as rangements so that everyone who attends druggists should. If you have a bathing this summer convention will have a time suit you will need that too, because they will not easily forget.

Cedar Point on Lake Erie has the finest

[graphic][merged small]

The program, as now arranged by the officers and members of the executive committee, provides for an interesting list of subjects to come up for consideration and discussion during the four days' session. It is the intention of the gentlemen at the head of the Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association to see to it that everyone in attendance at this summer convention will go home well pleased, and that they will remember the many things which are brought up at the meetings arranged to take place at the commodious and airy convention hall of this

and safest bathing beach in the world, as all druggists know.

This is one of the greatest opportunities that druggists have ever had to enjoy a recreation and business session such as this. Bear in mind it makes no difference whether you are a member of the association or not, you are invited to attend. Perhaps some day, in the near future, you will find it to your advantage to become a member of the association. Remember the place is Cedar Point on Lake Erie and the dates are July 7, 8, 9 and 10. Make the entire week an outing for yourself and members of your family.

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