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Reformed Spelling at Ohio State.


parlor partizan patronize pedagog pedobaptist phenix phenomenon plow practise prenomen pretense preterit pretermit primeval program prolog pur quartet questor quintet rancor


The Ohio State University has lately announced several progressive plans to bring this great institution in closer touch with the citizens of the state. Its latest progressive step is the adoption of reformed or phonetic spelling on a list of 176 words, here appended. This spelling will be ailopted in all University publications.

With the exception of some few words the list does not include any chemical names and it is to be hoped the reform will not be further extended to chemical terms at least until the forthcoming U. S. P. IX is issued and those chemical societies interested in a reformed international nomenclature shall have had time to act. Some years ago the reformed spelling, really phonetic, was undertaken in chemistry but after a few years trial was dropped.

The spelling of some minor chemical terms in the Ohio State list has been accepted generally in the pharmaceutical press for some time, namely, liter, meter, niter, saltpeter, ether, anesthetic.

The list is as follows: Abridgment

humor accouter

idolize acknowledgment

instil adz

judgment altho

abor anapest

legalize anemia





scepter septet sepulcher sextet simitar skilful somber specter splendor subpena succor sulfate sulfur surprize tabor teazel tenor theater tho thoro thorofare thoroly tumor valor vapor vigor vizor wilful woolen

license anesthesia

liter anesthetic

lodgment antipyrin

luster antitoxin

mama apprize arbor

materialize archeology

meager ardor


meter artizan

miter assize


neighbor bans

niter behavior

ocher brazen

odor brazier

offense bun

orthopedic bur

omelet caliber

paleography caliper

paloelithic candor

paleontology catalog






DE of General Interest



Exhibits of Chemical and Pharmacal to be 460.6 degrees, Fahrenheit, below Industries at the Panama-Pacific

The lowest temperature recorded International Exposition.

by Arctic explorers is 72 degrees below zero, though balloon carried ther

meters have registered as low as 100 The exhibits from the chemical and degrees below Zero, by thermometers pharmacal industries of the world will carried to a height of nine miles at which be shown in the splendid Palace of altitude the 100 degrees below zero Liberal Arts at the Panama-Pacific Inter- weather prevailed. national Exposition in 1915, and their Another series of experiments that extent promises to be as inclusive as is calculated to prove as interesting their variety will be instructive and in a popular way as important scieninteresting.

tifically, will be the demonstrations The diversity of these displays is devoted to the exposition of liquid seen in the fact that soaps and perfumes air. These experiments, as prosecuted are scheduled under group 36 of the under the genius of Professor Dewar,

. exposition's book of classification and have been reduced to the terms of are apparatus and processes

popular understanding without rendering the compression and liquefication of negative their scientific value. gas. Pyrotechnics, bombs and signals, The principle upon which Professor together with matches, will find a logical Dewar constructed his apparatus for place in chemical relationship with the liquid air production is elemental. Vapors by-products for pharmacal use obtained and gasses in a state of expansion release from treatment of petroleum and coal- heat and reduce temperature. His suctar derivatives. The evolution of the cessful experiments grew out of the den of an ancient alchemist will be seen extremes to which he carried this princiin model laboratories of the present ple and the marvellous precision of the with complete equipment installed. apparatus employed. The low tem

The extent of the industrial interests perature required for solidifying hydrogen that are embraced in this department

was attained in three progressive stages. is disclosed in the statistical eloquence The liquifier was divided into three of the United States Census bureau, concentric and corresponding parts. The which shows that there are 5,168 estab- low temperature of the first stage became lishments in the United States devoted the high temperature of the second to the production of articles involved and the low temperature of the second in the chemical and pharmacal arts, became the high temperature of the third. with an invested capital of $419,930,000, Step by step, the theoretical, critical employing 109,309 persons earning $73,- temperature has been approached and 491,000 and producing $455,095,000 gas after gas solidified, the element annually.

helium alone resisting all efforts to In connection with this exhibit it

reduce it to a solid state. is expected that there will be carried The Federal government's interest in on a most interesting series of public these experimental processes is sufficiently demonstrations-exhibitions, for instance, indicated by the fact that the United of the research work carried out by the States has installed a complete "low

a “ use of liquid hydrogen and illustrating temperature” plant in Washington and the properties of matter at temperatures is proceeding with important experiapproaching "absolute” zero, should be ments. Germany is another nation deeply of engrossing interest.

interested, the more recent achievements There is, according to scientists, a of that country in the field of synthetic point at which heat is extinguished carbon chemistry being largely responwhere “the molecule ceases to vibrate.” sible for the reputation popularly ascribed This theoretical point is called “absolute to Germany of being in the lead of all zero." It has been scientifically stated nations in individual chemistry--a belief

intimately associated with Germany's a wireless station birds seem to be vaguely recent brilliant achievements in her color disturbed and uneasy, gulls being the chief industries.

sufferers. It is probable that these experiments in And when the line of a pigeon race lies over what until recently was the world's or near a wireless station it has been noticed greatest mystery, next to life itself, that an unusual number of birds fail to find the mystery of heat, will be carried on their way home. The wireless waves in the air at the forthcoming exposition under seem to interfere with their sense of direction. the light of the latest research and The cause has not been definitely settled, knowledge.

but there is no doubt that birds and animals Mr. Theodore Hardee, chief of the both are more sensitive to mysterious vibradepartment of Liberal Arts, says that tions of the air than are human beings. Horses there has been more than gratifying and monkeys in earthquake lands tremble with response made to his invitation to par- fear hours before an earthquake arrives. ticipate, and that all nations will send It has been suggested that animals and birds their representatives and products to have a sixth, or “electric” sense, and are in this most interesting department of touch with the ether, that mysterious fluid human enterprise. From attar of roses which scientists declare to pervade everything brought from Bulgaria—the World's in the universe both on earth and in air. It is by almost single source in the Balkan waves in the ether that wireless travels. mountains, to perfumes from Brazil, So when the wireless waves start interfering herbs from China and medicine chests with the ordinary waves of the ether, such as from France, the American exhibitor those along which light travels, the birds lose is promised much friendly but vigorous their little heads and forget their way. competition to the importance of which

--Our Dumb Animals. he is, says Mr. Hardee, fully alive, his concern arising no less from impulses

German Doctors will Stricke. of patriotism than from motives of

More than 21,000 German physicians from business and the opening of new trade

small towns and country districts in Germany routes and commercial centers due to

have decided to follow the example of their the completion of the Panama Canal

professional brethren in Great Britian and and the consequent opening up of the

declare a "doctor's strike” against sickness Orient and the rich nations on the

and accident insurance associations established western coast of South America.

under the imperial insurance laws. They com3

plain against certain regulations under the

laws, which they say militate against them, A Correction.

particularly one depriving the patient who is a

member of an organization of any say in the In our January number, we reprinted choice of the physician by whom he desires to an article entitled “The Ideal Phar- be treated. They object, too, to the wide dismacist from the Physician's Standpoint," cretion given to the organization in the matter taken from the Bulletin of the Depart- of contracts with physicians. ment of Pharmacy of the University of The decision to declare a strike against these the State of New Jersey, at Jersey City, regulations was reached at a meeting in Berlin but in an effort to shorten this name of more than 800 delegates from all over it seems

we gave credit to another Germany. institution.

More than two-thirds of all the Germans are The Department of Pharmacy of members of insurance organizations, which the University of the State of New have their own contract physicians and the Jersey has recently been reorganized and remaining medical field is over-crowded. The Mr. Otto Raubenheimer, of Brooklyn, number of medical students in Germany has has been made Professor of Pharmaceu- risen from 6,300 in 1905 to 14,000, an increase tical Chemistry and History of Pharmacy. utterly disproportionate to the increase of

population. The result is, according to statis

tics, that half of all the physicians have incomes Birds and the Wireless.

less than $1,500 yearly. Since our coast began to be studded with The doctors of Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg Marconi stations, says an English newspaper, and other large cities did not join in the moveit has been noticed that the birds do not seem ment, owing, it was said, to the desperate comvery happy about it. In the neighborhood of petition among them.-Square Deal.


Association News and Items.



Detroit and the A. Ph. A. Convention. Lakes, gets the benefit of the water

breezes, and is furthermore a city of Plans have been pretty well decided great beauty and charm. Thousands upon now for the Detroit meeting of the of people go to Detroit annually to spend American Pharmaceutical Association. their summer vacations instead of freThe meeting will be held on the week quenting the customary resorts. It is a beginning Monday, August 24th. The city that everybody wants to visit Hotel Pontchartrain will be the head who hasn't already seen it, while the quarters. This hotel is admirably suited man who has seen it is not satisfied to the purpose.

until he can return to it again. It has a convention floor up at the top Many delightful features are planned of the building, with eight or ten rooms for the convention. There will of course of various sizes, thus being well adapted be the customary reception and ball to an organization like the A. Ph. A. on Monday evening. On Wednesday, which is split up into so many sections from 4 to 6, there will be a reception and auxiliaries of one kind and another. for the ladies. The afternoon and eveFurthermore, the convention floor of the ning of Thursday will be devoted to Pontchartrain is so high up that it is a boat-ride tendered by Parke, Davis & away from the dirt and noise of the street Co., and many of the attractive spots on the one hand, and on the other is will be viewed that have helped to make subjected to the cooling breezes from the environs of Detroit so noted. On the river.

Friday there will in all probabllity be an The Detroit meeting, indeed, is going automobile ride to the parks and to the to be delightfully cool and pleasant. famous shore drive around Lake St. Detroit is not at all like the usual Clair. Other contemplated entertainAmerican city-hot and stuffy in the ments are a smoker for the men, and summer. It is located on the Great either a theater party or a ride to Bois

[graphic][subsumed][merged small]


as the

Blanc Island for the ladies. Of course The purpose of this bill is to remedy as smaller entertainments for the ladies far as possible the conditions which make will be sandwiched in all through the it difficult, if not impossible, to secure entire week.

for the Army Hospital Corps the class of Detroit has come to be a great manu- men necessary for the efficient performfacturing center-famous in three par

ance of duties connected with the care ticulars. In the manufacture of drugs, of the sick and with the sanitary science stoves and automobiles, Detroit unques

in general. The bill provides increased tionably leads the world. It may be pay and establishes a higher rank of that some of those in attendance upon

non-commissioned officers thereby affordthe convention will want to visit indus- ing opportunity for promotion such as trial plants in various lines. Thus, for compares in a measure with the other instance, ten or fifteen people may want

staff corps of the army. to go through the Ford or the Cadillac Pharmacists throughout the country are

the Packard automobile factory. urged to write to their senators and repOthers may want to visit the Solvay resentatives asking them to support this Process Works or any one of a hundred worthy measure. Act at once other interesting places in the city.

time is short. Just a few lines asking It is expected that arrangements will

your senators and the congressmen from be made for a number of small trips your district to support House Bill No. 1

1 of this kind if sufficient interest is shown

or Senate Bill No. 929, as the case may by the members. It is up to them.

be, will be sufficient--but do it now. The If you are interested please write now

list of the members of the military comto the local secretary so that he may

mittees who now have the bill at their get an idea of what is wanted. Address disposal is as follows: your letter to Leonard A. Seltzer, 32


James Hay, Virginia; S. Hubert Dent, It may be interesting to state, too, Alabama; William J. Fields, Kentucky; that certain reforms are going to be Kenneth D. McKellar, Tenn.; William inaugurated at the Detroit meeting in

S. Howard, Georgia; Daniel J. Griffin, the conduct of the convention business. New York; Robert H. Gittins, New York; All the sessions will be held in the day Warren Gard, Ohio; Frank T. O'Hair, time, and the evenings will be left Indiana; Frederick S. Deitrick, Mass.; free for rest, recreation and enjoyment. Percy E. Quinn, Vass.; Daniel E. GarThe (Council, only, will meet at that time, rett, Texas; Maurice Conolly, Iowa; and this will give a chance for the William Gordon, Ohio; Julius Kahn, Sections to begin their work in the Cal.; Daniel R. Anthony, Kansas; John morning promptly at 9:30. Mr. Seltzer, C. McKenzie, Illinois; Frank L. Greene, the local secretary, is working out Vermont: John M. Morin, Penna.; Samplan of bulletin boards so that a member uel B. Avis, W. Va.: Willis J. Hulings, who is sitting in one Section may know Penna.; James Wickersham, Alaska. what is going on in the others at the

MILITARY COMMITTEE OF THE SENATE same time, thus making for a maximum of interest. Promptness will be exer

George F. Chamberlain, Oregon; Gilcised all along the line, and there is

bert Hitchcock, Neb.; Luke Lea, Tenn.; every expectation that the Detroit meet

Duncan U. Fletcher, Fla.; Henry L ing will be a hummer!

Meyers, Montana; Charles S. Thomas,
Colorado; James K. Vardaman, Miss.;
James P. Clarke, Ark.; Henry A Dupont,

Del.; Francis E. Warren, Wyoming; To Help Government Pharmacists.

Joseph L. Bristow, Kansas; Thomas B.

Catron, New Mexico; James H. Brady, The American Pharmaceutical Associ- Idaho; William S. Kenyon, Iowa; Nathan ation, with the assistance of the National Goff, W. Va. Association of Retail Druggists and the

We are especially anxious to have National Association of Drug Clerks is

letters from their constituents reach urging the passage of the Hughes-Bacon

these committeemen. Bill (H. B. 1, S. 929) intended to promote

W. B. Day, Chairman, the efficiency of the Hospital Corps of the Committee on Pharmacists in the United States Army.

Government Service.

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