Tropical Forests of the Guiana Shield: Ancient Forests in a Modern World

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D. S. Hammond
CABI, 2005 - 528 pages
The Guiana Shield is an ancient geological formation located in the northern part of South America, covering an area of one million square kilometres. Despite its hostile environment, it is home to many unusual and highly specialized plants and animals, which constitute a rich area of biodiversity. Chapters in this book include hydrology, nutrient cycling, forest phenology, insect-plant interactions, forest microclimate, plant distributions, forest dynamics and conservation and management of flora and fauna. It provides a comprehensive and detailed review of the ecology, biology and natural history of the forests of the area.

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Ancient Land in a Modern World
Biophysical Features of the Guiana Shield
Ecophysiological Patterns in Guianan Forest Plants
Rainforest Vertebrates and Food Plant Diversity in the Guiana Shield
Folivorous Insects in the Rainforests of the Guianas
Flowervisiting Insects in Guianan Forests Pollinators Thieves Lovers and Their Foes
Guianan Forest Dynamics Geomorphographic Control and Tropical Forest Change Across Diverging Landscapes
Socioeconomic Aspects of Guiana Shield Forest Use
Forest Conservation and Management in the Guiana Shield

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