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veterinary surgeons.

For pay of not exceeding one hundred hospital matrons, twelve thou Hospital matrons, sand dollars; for pay of not exceeding fourteen veterinary surgeons, thirteen thousand dollars; in all, twenty-five thousand dollars.

For pay of not exceeding thirty-five paymasters' clerks at one thousand four hundred dollars each; not exceeding thirty paymasters' messengers, and traveling expenses of paymasters' clerks and expert accountant of the Inspector General's Department, eighty thousand dollars.

For compensation of reporters and witnesses attending upon courtsmartial and courts of inquiry, six thousand one hundred and forty-eight dollars and nine cents.

Paymasters' clerks, messengers, etc.

Courts-martial, etc.

etc., D. C.

For additional pay to officer in charge of public buildings and grounds Public buildings, in Washington, District of Columbia, one thousand dollars.

For expert accountant for the Inspector-General's Department, two thousand five hundred dollars.

For commutation of quarters to commissioned officers on duty without troops, at stations where there are no public quarters, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.

Expert accountant.

Commutation of quarters, officers.

from abroad.

For pay of a clerk attendant on the collection and classification of Military information military information from abroad, one thousand five hundred dollars. For allowance for travel, retained and detained pay, clothing not drawn, and for interest on deposits, payable to enlisted men on discharge, seven hundred and ninety, thousand dollars.

That upon the transfer and conveyance to the United States of a good and sufficient title to not less than one thousand acres of land without cost to the United States, situated at or near the city of Spokane, in the county of Spokane, in the State of Washington, and on or near a railroad, and constituting an eligible and suitable site for an army post, if approved and accepted by the Secretary of War for that purpose, then and thereupon the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to establish and locate on said land a United States army post of such character and capacity as the Secretary of War shall direct and approve.

Allowances, etc., enlisted men.

Spokane, Wash. Military post to be established.

Mileage to officers.


Maximum allow.

For mileage to officers when traveling on duty without troops, when authorized by law, not to exceed one hundred and forty thousand dollars, to be allotted by the Secretary of War to the War Department and to the several military departments, and not more than three-fifths of said amount shall be expended during the first half of the fiscal year and not more than one-half of the remainder during each of the remaining quarters: Provided, That hereafter the maximum sum to be allowed and paid to any officer of the Army shall be four cents per ance. mile, distance to be computed over the shortest usually traveled routes, and in addition thereto the cost of the transportation actually paid by the officer over said route or routes, exclusive of parlor-car or sleepingcar fare and transfers: And provided further, That when any officer so traveling shall travel in whole or in part on any railroad on which the troops and supplies of the United States are entitled to be transported free of charge, or over any of the bond-aided Pacific railroads, he shall be allowed for himself only four cents per mile as a subsistence fund for every mile necessarily traveled over any such railroads: And provided further, That the transportation furnished by the Quartermaster's Transportation by Department to officers traveling without troops shall be limited to trans- Quartermaster's De portation in kind not including sleeping or parlor car accommodations, over free roads, over bond-aided Pacific railroads, and by conveyance belonging to said Department, and the Secretary of War shall so apportion this sum as to prevent a deficiency therein.

On bond-aided, etc., roads.


For traveling expenses and commutation of quarters for civilian Civilian physicians. physicians employed by the Surgeon-General, one thousand dollars. Making in all, for pay and general expenses of the Army, thirteen million two thousand six hundred and eighteen dollars and nine cents.




Subsistence Depart



Army cook book.

Extra-duty pay.

All the money hereinbefore appropriated except the appropriation "for mileage to officers when traveling on duty without troops when authorized by law" shall be disbursed and accounted for by the Pay Department as pay of the Army, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund.


Subsistence of the Army: Purchase of subsistence supplies: For issue, as rations to troops, civil employees when entitled thereto, hospital matrons, military convicts at posts, prisoners of war (including Indians held by the Army as prisoners, but for whose subsistence appropriation is not otherwise made), estimated for the fiscal year on the basis of nine million eight hundred and seventy-one thousand and twenty rations; for sales to officers and enlisted men of the Army; for authorized issues of candles; for matches for lighting public fires and lights at posts and stations and in the field; for salt and vinegar for public animals; for issues to Indians visiting military posts, and to Indians employed with the Army, without pay, as guides and scouts. For payments: For meals for recruiting parties and recruits; for hot coffee, canned beef, and baked beans for troops traveling, when it is impracti cable to cook their rations; for a new edition of the Manual for Army Cooks; for scales, weights, measures, utensils, tools, stationery, blank books and forms, printing, advertising, commercial newspapers, use of telephones, office furniture; for temporary buildings, cellars, and other means of protecting subsistence supplies (when not provided by the Quartermaster's Department); for extra pay to enlisted men employed on extra duty in the Subsistence Department for periods of not less than ten days, at rates fixed by law; for compensation of civilians employed in the Subsistence Department, and for other necessary expenses incident to the purchase, care, preservation, issue, sale, and accounting for subsistence supplies for the Army. For the payment of Commutation of ra- the regulation allowances for commutation in lieu of rations: To enlisted men on furlough, to ordnance sergeants on duty at ungarrisoned posts, to enlisted men stationed at places where rations in kind can not be economically issued, to enlisted men traveling on detached duty when it is impracticable to carry rations of any kind, to enlisted men selected to contest for places or prizes in department and Army rifle competitions while traveling to and from places of contest, for flour used for paste in target practice, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War; in all, one million six hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And not more than one hundred thousand dollars thereof shall be applied Civilian employees. to the payment of civilian employees of the Subsistence Department. Exceptional sup. And hereafter exceptional articles of subsistence stores for officers and plies. enlisted men, which are to be paid for by them, regardless of condition upon arrival at posts, may, under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of War, be obtained by open purchase without advertising. Maintenance and support of the Apache Indian prisoners of war, removed from Mount Vernon Barracks, Alabama, to military reservations in compliance with the provisions of the Army Act, approved August sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four, and for the purposes of the erection of buildings, purchase of draft animals, stock, necessary farming tools, seeds, household utensils, and all other necessary articles absolutely needed for their support and civilization, in addition to the sums herein appropriated, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, ten thousand dollars.



Apache Indian pris-
Support, etc.


Quartermaster's De


Regular supplies.


Regular supplies: Regular supplies of the Quartermaster's Department, consisting of stoves and heating apparatus, and repair and maintenance of the same; for heating offices, hospitals, and barracks and

quarters, including recruiting stations; of ranges and stoves, and appli-
ances for cooking and serving food; of fuel and lights for enlisted men,
including recruits, guards, hospitals, storehouses, and offices, and for
sale to officers; for post bakeries; for the necessary furniture, text-
books, paper, and equipments for the post schools and libraries; for
the tableware and mess furniture for kitchens and mess halls, each and
all for the enlisted men, including recruits; of forage in kind for the Forage, etc.
horses, mules, and oxen of the Quartermaster's Department at the
several posts and stations and with the armies in the field, including
its care and protection, and for the horses of the several regiments of
cavalry, the batteries of artillery, and such companies of infantry and
scouts as may be mounted, and for the authorized number of officers'
horses, including bedding for the animals; of straw for soldiers' bed-
ding, and of stationery, including blank books for the Quartermaster's
Department; certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the
Pay and Quartermaster's Department, and for printing department
orders and reports, two million three hundred thousand dollars: Pro-
vided, That hereafter no part of the appropriations for the Quarter-
master's Department shall be expended on printing unless the same
shall be done by contract, after due notice and competition, except in
such cases as the emergency will not admit of the giving notice for
competition: Provided further, That after advertisement all the supplies Purchases.
for the use of the various departments and posts of the Army and of
all branches of the Army service shall, hereafter, be purchased where
the same can be purchased the cheapest, quality, cost of transportation,
and the interests of the Government considered, except that purchases




may be made in open market, in the manner common among business In open market. men, when the aggregate amount required does not exceed two hundred dollars, but every such purchase shall be immediately reported to the Secretary of War.

Incidental expenses: Postage; cost of telegrams on official business Incidental expenses. received and sent by officers of the Army; extra pay to soldiers employed on extra duty, under the direction of the Quartermaster's Department, in the erection of barracks, quarters, and storehouses, in the construction of roads and other constant labor for periods of not less than ten days, and as clerks for post quartermasters at military posts; for expenses of expresses to and from the frontier posts and armies in the field, of escorts to paymasters and other disbursing officers, and to trains where military escorts can not be furnished; expenses of the interment of officers killed in action or who die when on duty in the field, or at military posts or on the frontiers, or when traveling under orders, and of noncommissioned officers and soldiers; authorized office furniture; hire of laborers in the Quartermaster's Department, including the hire of interpreters, spies, or guides for the Army; compensation of clerks and other employees to the officers of the Quartermaster's Department, and incidental expenses of recruiting; for the apprehension, securing, and delivering of deserters, and the expenses incident to their pursuit, and no greater sum than ten dollars for each deserter shall be paid to any officer or citizen for such services and expenses; and for the following expenditures required for the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of light artillery, and such companies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, the authorized number of officers' horses, and for the trains, to wit, hire of veterinary surgeons, purchase of medicines for horses and mules, picket ropes, blacksmith's tools and materials, horseshoes and blacksmith's tools for the cavalry service, and for the shoeing of horses and mules, and such additional expenditures as are necessary and authorized by law in the movements and operation of the Army, and at military posts, and not expressly assigned to any other department six hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That two hundred thousand dollars of the appropriation for incidental expenses, or so much thereof as shall be neces sary. shall be set aside for the payment of enlisted men on extra duty



Extra-duty pay.

Purchase of horses.



at constant labor of not less than ten days in the Quartermaster's Department; but no such payment shall be made at any greater rate per day than is fixed by law for the class of persons employed at the work done therein.

For the purchase of horses for the cavalry and artillery, and for the Indian scouts, and for such infantry and members of the Hospital Corps in field campaigns as may be required to be mounted, and the expenses incident thereto, eighty thousand dollars: Provided, That the number of horses purchased under this appropriation, added to the number on hand, shall not at any time exceed the number of enlisted men and Indian scouts in the mounted service; and that no part of this appropriation shall be paid out for horses not purchased by contract, after competition duly invited by the Quartermaster's Department, and an inspection by such Departinent, all under the direction and authority of the Secretary of War.


Transportation of the Army, including baggage of the troops when moving either by land or water, and including also the transportation of recruits and recruiting parties heretofore paid from the appropriation for Expenses of recruiting;" of supplies to the militia furnished by the War Department; of the necessary agents and employees; of clothing, camp and garrison equipage, and other quartermaster stores, from army depots or places of purchase or delivery to the several posts and army depots, and from those depots to the troops in the field; of horse equipments and subsistence stores from the places of purchase, and from the places of delivery under contract to such places as the circumstances of the service may require them to be sent; of ordnance, ordnance stores, and small arms from the foundries and armories to the arsenals, fortifications, frontier posts, and army depots; freights, wharfage, tolls, and ferriages; the purchase and hire of draft and pack animals and harness, and the purchase and repair of wagons, carts, and drays, and of ships and other seagoing vessels and boats required for the transportation of supplies and for garrison purposes; for drayage and cartage at the several posts; hire of teamsters and other employees; extra-duty pay of enlisted men driving teams, repairing means of transportation, and employed as train masters, and in opening roads and building wharves; transportation of funds of the Army; the expenses of sailing public transports on the various rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; for procuring water, and introducing the same to buildings, at such posts as from their situation require it to be brought from a distance, and for the disposal of sewage and drainage, and for constructing roads and wharves; for the Payment to land payment of army transportation lawfully due such land-grant railroads as have not received aid in Government bonds (to be adjusted in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Court in cases decided under such land-grant Acts), but in no case shall more than fifty per centum of the full amount of service be paid, two million four hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That such compensation shall be computed upon the basis of the tariff or lower special rates for like transportation performed for the public at large, and shall be accepted as in full for Land-grant roads all demands for such service: Provided further, That in expending the money appropriated by this Act a railroad company which has not received aid in bonds of the United States, and which obtained a grant of public land to aid in the construction of its railroad on condition that such railroad should be a post route and military road subject to the use of the United States for postal, military, naval, and other Government services, and also subject to such regulations as Congress may impose restricting the charge for such Government transportation, having claims against the United States for transportation of troops and munitions of war and military supplies and property over such aided

grant railroads.



not bond aided to receive 50 per cent.

railroads, shall be paid out of the moneys appropriated by the foregoing provision only on the basis of such rate for the transportation of such troops and munitions of war and military supplies and property as the Secretary of War shall deem just and reasonable under the foregoing provision, such rate not to exceed fifty per centum of the compensation for such Government transportation as shall at the time be charged to and paid by private parties to any such company for like and similar transportation; and the amount so fixed to be paid shall be accepted as in full for all demands for such service.

Barracks and quar


Columbus barracks.

Civilian employees.

Barracks and quarters: Barracks and quarters for troops, storehouses for the safekeeping of military stores, for offices, recruiting stations, and for the hire of buildings and grounds for summer cantonments, and for temporary buildings at frontier stations, for the construction of temporary buildings and stables, and for repairing public buildings at established posts, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and one hundred thousand dollars of which sum shall be immediately available for improvements, barracks, officers' quarters, and other buildings at Columbus barracks: Provided, That no more than one million dollars of the sums appropriated by this Act shall be paid out for the services of civilian employees in the Quartermaster's Department, including those heretofore paid out of the funds appropriated for regular supplies, incidental expenses, barracks and quarters, army transportation, clothing, camp and garrison equipage; that no employee paid therefrom shall receive as salary more that one hundred Salaries, etc. and fifty dollars per month, unless the same shall be specially fixed by law; and no part of the moneys so appropriated shall be paid for commutation of fuel and for quarters to officers or enlisted men.

Construction and repairs of hospitals: For construction and repairs Hospitals. of hospitals at military posts already established and occupied, including the extra-duty pay of enlisted men employed on the same, and including also all expenditures for construction and repairs required at the Army and Navy Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas, except quarters for the officers, forty-five thousand dollars.

Quarters for hospi

For construction of quarters for hospital stewards at military posts tal stewards. already established and occupied, including the extra-duty pay of enlisted men employed on same, seven thousand dollars.

For shelter, shooting galleries, ranges for small arms target practice, Shooting ranges, etc. repairs and expenses incident thereto, ten thousand dollars.

Clothing, camp and

Clothing, camp and garrison equipage: For cloth, woolens, material, garrison équipage. and for the manufacture of clothing for the Army; for issue and for sale at cost price, according to the Army Regulations; for altering and fitting clothing and washing and cleaning when necessary; for equipage and for expenses of packing and handling, and similar necessaries, one million one hundred thousand dollars.

For all contingent expenses of the Army not provided for by other Contingentexpenses. estimates, and embracing all branches of the military service, to be expended under the immediate orders of the Secretary of War, fifteen thousand dollars.


Medical and Hospital Department: For the purchase of medical and hospital supplies, including disinfectants for general post sanitation, expenses of medical purveying depots, pay of employees, medical care and treatment of officers and enlisted men of the Army and Signal Corps on duty at posts and stations for which no other provision is made, for the proper care and treatment of cases in the Army suffering from contagious and epidemic diseases, and the supply of the Army and Navy Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas, advertising, and other miscellaneous expenses of the Medical Department, one hundred and sixty thousand dollars; and not over forty thousand dollars of the money appropriated by this paragraph shall be applied to the payment of civilian employees of the Medical Department.

Medical Department.

Supplies, etc.

Hot Springs, Ark.

Civilian employees.

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