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Logistics is the foundation of our combat power. We must, theref to develop and refine joint doctrine that promotes the most efficient, of all available assets. Adherence to that doctrine is the key to our s



of the Joint Chiefs

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Joint Pub 4-0 is the keystone document of the logistic support of joint operations series. It provides fundamental principles and doctrine for logistic support of joint and multinational operations.

2. Purpose

Joint Pub 4-0 is the keystone document of the logistic support of joint operations series. This publication sets forth doctrine to govern the joint activities and performance of the Armed Forces of the United States in joint operations as well as the doctrinal basis for US military involvement in multinational and interagency operations. It provides military guidance for the exercise of authority by combatant commanders and other joint force commanders and prescribes doctrine for joint operations and training. It provides military guidance for use by the Armed Forces in preparing their appropriate plans. It is not the intent of this publication to restrict the authority of the joint force commander (JFC) from organizing the force and executing the mission in a manner the JFC deems most appropriate to ensure unity of effort in the accomplishment of the overall mission.

a. Doctrine and guidance estad in this publication apply to commanders of combatant comm subunified commands, joint task f and subordinate components of commands. These principles

guidance also may apply when signi forces of one Service are attach forces of another Service or significant forces of one Service su forces of another Service.

b. The guidance in this publicat authoritative; as such, this doctrin be followed except when, in the jud of the

the commander, except circumstances dictate otherwis conflicts arise between the contents publication and the contents of S publications, this publication will precedence for the activities of joint unless the Chairman of the Joint of Staff, normally in coordination wi other members of the Joint Chiefs of has provided more current and sp guidance. Commanders of f operating as part of a multinat (alliance or coalition) military com should follow multinational doctrin procedures ratified by the United S For doctrine and procedures not ra by the United States, commanders s evaluate and follow the multina command doctrine and proced where applicable.

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