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Adams, S., sergt., 4th cav. Record of revolver firing by
Alexander, Robert, 20 lieut., 7th inf. Appointment announced.
Alexander, William L., capt., Subs. Dept. Appointment announced
allen, Andrew H., Dept. of State. Member of board on geographic
Allen, Henry T., lst lieut., 2d cav. Promotion from 2d lieut. announced
Alligood, Charles A., capi., Q. M. Dept. Death of, anuounced
Anderson, E., 2d lieut., 1st cav. Record of revolver firing by
Anderson, Roht. H., Ist lieut., 9th inf. Promotiou from 2d lieut. an-

Andrews, James Madison, jr., additional 2d lieut., 5th cav. Appoint-

meut announced..
Andrews, J. B., sergt., 3d cav. Record of revolver firing by
Andruss, E. Van A., capt., 1st art. The dril arranged by, in connec-

tion with Sergt. McCarty's method of mounting and dis mount-
ing siege gun with gin, described and ordered to be substituted
for the one prescribed in Tidball's Manual..

Cir. 11.
Appleby, J. C., sergt., 4th cav. Record of carbine and revolver firing

Atkins, J., corpl., 7th inf. Announced as sharpshooter.
Babbitt, Edwin B., 1st lieut., Ord. Dept. Appointment announced.

Resignation as 2d lieut. only, announced
Bache, Dallas, lieut. col., Med. Dept. Promotion from major announcod
Baker, Marcus, U. S. Geological Survey. Member of board on geo-

graphic names
Bancroft, Eugene A., capt., 4th art. Retirement announced
Bandholtz, Harry H., 2d lieut., 6th inf. Appointment announced.
Banker, Albert M. Distinguished student in military department of

Union College, Schenectady, N. Y...
Barbour, John L., 1st lieut., 7th inf. Promotion from 2d lieut. an-

Barroll, Morris K., 2d lieut., 4th art. Appointment announced
Barry, M. H., sergt., 1st cav. Record of revolver firing by-
Barstow, George F., capt., 3d art. Retirement announced.
Bartlett, George T., lst lieut., 3d art. Promotion from 2d lieut. an-

Baxter, Jedediah H., brig. gen., Surgeon General. Obituary of_
Beckwith, Amos, col., Subs. Dept. Retirement announced
Belknap, William W. Obituary of
Bell, George, col., Subs. Dept. Promotion from lieut. col. announced..
Benham, Henry H., 1st lieut., 2d inf. Promotion from 2d lieut. an-

Bennett, Charles A., 1st lieut., 3d art. Promotion from 2d lieut, an-

nounced Benyanrd, William H H., lieut. col., Corps of Engineers. Promotion from major announced.


[blocks in formation]
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