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consult with and seek the advice of other subsidiary bodia, ao
portorm the functions wigned to it under Articl. VII.2
(Resolution of questions);)
perform such other functions as may be usigned to it by the
Conference of the Partio.) )

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(The Conference of the Partia (shall) (may) (at its first meeting, ) establish (a subsidiary body (or bodloo)] lo mechanism under its auspices) to assist it in preparing for iti work (under Articl. VI.1) le particularly Article VI.112)(b)]. Such (body (or bodiell (mechanism shall operato in an (objective andį (consultativoj manner 1. In support of the Conference of the Partia in performing the functions spelled out in Article VI.1.)

(Possible sentence on membership.)

(Such body (or bodia)) (such a mechanin) shall perform the following functions:



ensure (the provisions of adequate, now and additional financial
resources and transfer of technology on proferential and non-
commercial terms for) the implementation of the decisions of the
conference of the Parties (by developing country Partieslo)
prepare the dollbarations of the Conference of the Partiollo if
nocorsary, and as decided by the conference of the Parties by
(providol (onsur, the provision of) assistance to Parties, at
their request, on meeting (reporting) sequirements (tor
information exchange ] (from a technical point of view lil
consider (Individual roporto) (all information received) (the
exchange of informations (froa an essentially technical point of
viow! i, la proparation for the work of the conference of the
Parties under Article VI.1 12(b)li)



(To this end, it shall:


consult, 18 necessary, with (a Party.I l. Partiool (on the
preparation of the work of the conference of the parties, ito
give it an opportunity to mako (tochascall clasifications lil
detonalno whether a (roport) (information) (from all Partia
aso received) (has been submitted, and whether the report is
consider whether the estimated (not) groonhouse gas emissions
roductions (by doveloped countriool (and developing countriel
have been or would be roalized ai rosult of the identified



consider whothor (methodologies used uro technically valid) (tochnical support for the developing countries has been adequatoly renderedlo,


(۷۰ consider whether 1, il proposed projects have been identified,

they would be likely to achieve ist imated (not) greenhouse gas emissions reductions! (opecific commitmonti are made by the

(developed countriesj i and developing countries): 1 (vi. prepare a coport of u descriptive nature for the Conference of

che Partio on the above, which might include suggestions and which shall include evaluation of overall effects of measures takon pursuant to the Convention) (the fulfilment of the specific commitments by developed countries) (and developing

countries)lil ((o) seok, rocolve and consider, us necessary, colevant information

from compotont international and intorgovernmental bodies and

non-governmental organizations ; ) (16) consult with and cook the advice of other subsidiary bodies, as

necessaryol (19) pertorn (only! the functions assigned to it (under Article VII.2.

(Resolution of questions) 1 (under this convention);]
(1h) confirm to the Conference of the Parties that parties have

fulfilled their reporting and other coanitments under this
Convention and that, where appropriate, they are therefore

eligible for funding under the Financial Mochanisa; ) (11) (ensure the adequate protection of intellectual property rights

in all issues rölated to transfer of technology and information) le taking into account the need for due flexibility in the protection of intellectual property rights for the fulfilment of

the objectives of this convention]il and (13) perform such other functions us may be usigned to it by the

Conference of the Partia.ll




1. An (Advisory Committee on Sciencol (and Technology] (science Mechanism ) (under the auspices of the Conference of the Parties) is hereby established 1. in pursuit of the objectives of the Convention). 2.

The (Committee (mechanism) shall provide the conference of the Parties, (and u appropriat. ito other subsidiary bodloo) with timely information (and advico) con scientific aspects of this convention). (including the fields of natural. Itochnologicall physical (and) social (and economic) sciences, rolated to climate change including, lits impacts on ecosystem, and solationship to development). 3. Mternatives

The (Committoo) | Mechanion) shall comprise (x) (persons of recognized competence in relevant fields of expertisej (competont government copresentatives (oitting in their individual capacity! (selected by the Conference of the Parties by nothods to be decided at its first moet ing) con the basis of equitablo/geographical distribution) (soprosentation)]. (The ( Connittoo) (Mechanism) shall be open ended.)

lIts functions shall include (providing to the Conference of the Parties in torms most useful to it) lintar alla):

regular !assessmental (interpretations) of (the state of
scientific knowledge on sciences rolatid to climate change drawn
tron] the roport, of competent (interational, intorgovernmental)
(and non-governmental) scientific (bodloo) (resourch) (rolated to

climate changoli
(b) (updating best available knowledge on sciences related to climate

chango) i (c) suggest priorities for sciontific (programmes and research and

international cooperation, (and make recommandations on ways and
means to support ondogenous capacity building in developing

countrios) (in accordance with Article ...10
(d) analys (the lapects of and responses to! climate change (and

thotë Lapacts) ion ecosystems and) (dovelopment)
(O) (respond to questions raised by the Conference of the Parties in

the fields within its mandate; 1 con scientific aspects of the
(miew from the scientific viewpoint the offects of measures

bakan in the implementaiton of the Convention; )
(9) (identify Innovative, officient and state of the art technologies

and know-how and advice on the ways and means to ensure transfer

of such technology), and (h) (review the adequacy of international cooperation in research and

development and make recommendations to the conference of the

Partios). (1) (The Committee shall perform any other function to be conferred

by the conference of the Parties).)


(The functions, membership and operations of the Committee (Mechanism) shall (may be specified or modified) bo decided by the conference of the Parties (at its first meeting).1 Alternative_c

(for the purposes of the Convention, the Advisory Committee shall take up responsibility for all functions so tus carried out by the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, which, upon the entry into force of this convention, will be invited, by the parties, to integrate the structure of the Convention, under the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee shall, besides incorporating the functions until now undertaken by the Intergovernmental Panel on ci lmate change, provide regular ussessments on questions colated to developmental concerns and Laplications of the now regime for cooperation on climate change, as set forth in this convention. Il





OPTION 1 - Alternative A

(A mechanism for financial resources and the transfor of technology is hereby established. It shall includo climato Pund. (It may also include other modalities for the provisions of financial resources under this Convention. ) The Financial Mechanism/Pund shall operate under the authority of the Conference of the Partia.

The Parties shall wstablish appropriate arrangements for the administration of the financial and the transfer of technology) mechanism/Pund. (The Executive Committee of the Partios/or another body designated by the parties / shall, with the consent of the Conference of the Parties, develop and monitor the Loplementation of the specific operational policias including the selection of projects, ! for the purposes of achieving the objectives of the financial mechanism/Pund. (The Financial Mechanism/Fund_shall be administered us 1 Trust fund by the Global Environmental facility (GEP) of IBRD/UNDP/UNEP. II. OPTION 1 - Alternative 1


11. An (administrative) (independent funding) wechanism for (the administration) of the financial resources and the transfor of (safe and sound) technology, with a democratic and transparent system of governance, (and equitable participation by developed and developing countries) is hereby jestablished) [designated under the auspices of ...1.1 (Possible wtordative Tort

A financial mechanism is hereby established. The financial mechanism shall operate under the authority of the Conference of the Parties who hall docido on its overall policies. The Executive Committee of the Parties shall, with the consent of the Contorence of the Partios, develop and monitor the implementation of the specific operational policies for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the financial mechanism. )

(Possibl. Additional Tort

The financial mechanism shall include a climato fund which shall be administered as a Trust fund by the Global Environment facility of World Bank/UNDP/ONBP. The climate fund shall meet on a grant or concessional basis the agreed Lacremental costs of developing countrie roterred to in Article ..]


12. The (administrativo) mechanism for financial resources and (solo) technology transfer shall:


Be responsible for the administration of funds, including those funds related to the promotion of (proforential and noncommerciall transfer of (sato) technology, provided by the Parties for the fulfilment of the obligations of the convention; ! Bo accountable to the Conference of the Parties for its allocation of the funds and for ensuring that the funding



priorities and criteria established by the Conference of the

Parties are adhered to in its financial activities; (C) Be responsible for receiving assessed and other contributions,

ofthor financial or us otherwise provided by Parties and other bodio, in accordance with criteria set out by the Conference of

the Parties; (d) Establish appropriate accounting procedures to ensure that all

assessments and contributions made to fulfil obligations of the

Convention are properly recordod, credited and accounted for; (O) Be responsible for facilitating the identification and selection

of projects to support the efforts of Parties to (meet |

I implement) their obligations (jointly) under this convontion; reactions related to triestor of technology (() Pursuant to the operational guidelines and policy direction of

the Conference of the Partios, coordinate the appropriate
procedures and take the necessary stops to promote, facilitate

and enable the transfer of tochnologyi )
(19) Provide funding to purchase requisito technologies for the

Laplementation of projects undertaken by developing country
Parties under the mechanism set up by the International climat.

Pund; I
((h) Promote, and finance when necessary, the exchange of and access

to technological information required by the parties. The technological information should include inter all, the environmentally sound and sat. technologies including those that have been neglected or displaced, the tochnological options, trading conditions, implementation costs and technological

(11) coordinate ways and means to develop long-term technological

partnership between the holders of environmentally sound
technologies and potential users in Parties, particularly
doveloping countries, taking into account their national

objectives and policies;)
(13) Organize, when requested by a recipient Party, or group of

recipient Parties and on terms and conditions set out by such
rocipient countries, international competitive bidding to
purchase requisito tochnologies for transfer to the requesting

1(k) provide requested support to a recipient Party or group of

focipient parties to assess the offers presented in internationa: copetitive bidding. to enable the requesting Parties to obtain

most favourable terms and conditions, including inter alia, La termo of price, transfer of know-how, high safety and environmental requirements, training, supply of spare parts, and

maintenancoj) (11) Ensure the development of endogenous capacity building in

developing country Parties, including technologies in the public domain, in accordance with their development plans, objectives and priorities of these countries, through, inter ills, the supply of nocessary equipment, expertise and facilities for

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