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The Conference of the Parties shall koop undor regular review the implementation of this convention and any other related legal instruments that the Conference of the Parties may adopt, and make, within its mandate, the decisions necessary to promote the effective implementation of the Convention. To this end, it shall:

(a) Periodically examine the obligations of the Parties and the

institutional arrangements under this convention, in light of the
objectivolol of the convention, the experience gained in its

implementation and the evolution of scientific knowledge;
((b) Consider the information submitted in accordance with Article

VII.1. (Raporting) (to us365, inter all, 1 (the Laplanontation
by the Parties o the Convention), the overall environmental,
economic and social effects of the measures takon pursuant to the
Convention and the extent to which the objectivelo) of the

Convention is being achieved, )
(C) Consider the reports submitted by its subsidiary bodies;

(andparform the functions assigned to it under Articles
ivi. 4. )(Advisory Committo on science) (VI.S.) (Advisory

committee on Implementation) (VII.2) (Resolution of questions) li (18) Examine the form of and intervals for submission of the reports

referred to in sub-paragraphs (b) and (c)od
(O) Consider and adopt regular reports on progress in the

Laplementation of the Convention and ensure their publication; (2) (Provide policy direction and establish criteria (including

priorities and selection of projects) for the functioning of the mechanisn's) for financial resources and transfer of

(environmentally satoj tochnology lo Mlternative to (8): (Perform the functions assigned to it under Articl. VI.6. (Financial Mechanisa), (V1.71 (Insuranc.) and (Article ...1 (Joint Implementation) li (9) Parton the functions assigned to it by Article (VII.2.1

esolution of questions) (and Article ivi.s.) (Committee on

Splementation) li
(h) fook, where appropriate, the services and cooperation of, and

utilize the information provided by appropriate international
organizations and intergovernmental and nongovernmentall bodies

(with observer status); (1) Promote the exchange of information on, and the coordination, as

appropriate, of, policia, strategies and measure to address cilmate change, taking into account the difforing circumstances

(respective responsibilities, and capabilities of the Partios; ((3) Seak to mobiliz. (now and additional] financial resources in

accordance with Article (IV.2.2.lil




Promote public awareness of the climate change issue;
consider questions related to research (and development, and
systematic observation; exchange of information; education,
training and public awareness; scientific, (technologicall and
(technical) cooperation;
Consider questions (on cooperation related to transfer of
technology) (and endogenous capacity building, in particular in
developing countriuilis
Establish such subsidiary bodies u are deemed necessary for the
Implementation, loparation) of the convention;

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Agr.. upon and adopt lo by consensus, ) rules of procedure for itself and for any subsidiary bodies that are established by or under the convention;


Agroe upon and adopt l. by consensus, 1 budgets and financial
rules for itselt and for any subsidiary bodies that are
established by or under the Convention;


Consider and adopt, us may be agreed in accordance with the
relevant articles, amendments to this convention, additional
annexos and amendments of annexos to this convention;

Consider and adopt, as may be agreed in accordance with Article (VII.4.1 (Protocols), any (protocoll (other colated legal instruments) to this conventions


Make recommendations on any matters necessary for the

implementation of the Convention, and
(t) Exorciso such other functions us are conferred on it by this

Convention (or as are required for the achievement of its

objectives). The rules of procedures referred to in paragraph 210) shall be adopted a: the first meeting of the conference of the Parties by consensus and shall include decision-making procedure for matters not already covered by decision-making proceduros specified in this convention. Such procedures may include specified majorities required for the adoption of particular docisions.



The first meeting of the contorence of the Parties shall be convened by the interakcretariat established under Article VI.3. not later than one you after etry into force of the Convention. Thereafter, ordinary meetings of the Conference of the Parties shall be held at least every two years uniegs otherwise doelded by the conference. 5. Extraordinary meetings of the Conference of the Parties shall be held a: such other times as may be deemed necessary by the conference, or at the written request of any party, provided that, within six months of the reques: being communicated to the Partio by the secretariat, it is supported by at least one third of the Parties.



16. The United Nations, Ito specialized agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as any state (member or observer of the UN or its specialized agencies) (and permanent observers to the UNI not Party to this Convention, may be roprosented at meetings of the Conference of the Parties as observers. Any body or agency, whether national or international, governmental or non-governmental, qualified in matters covered by the Convention that has informed the secretariat of it. wish to be represented at a meeting of the Conference of the Parties as an observer may be admitted unless at least one-third of the Partie prosent object. The admission and participation of observers shall be subject to the rules of procedure adopted by the conference of the Parties.]


16. The United Nations, its members and observers, specialized agencies, the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as any stato not party to this convention, may be represented at meetings of the conference of the Parties as observers. Othor agencies that have informed the secrotariat of their wish to be represented may be admitted in accordance with the rules of procedures. ]

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To arrange for and service meetings of the Conference of the
Parties and its subsidiary bodies established under the

To compil. and transmit reports submitted to it;
To propari reports on its activities and present them to the
Conference of the Parties;)
* To (cooperatollassist the developing countriel, upon request, in
the compilation of national roportsi)
To ensure the necessary coordination with other relevant
international (and intergovernmentall bodies and, in particular,
to enter into such administrative and contractual arrangement, as
may be required for the offective discharge of its functions; and
To perform the functions specified in this convention or any
other functions us may be determined by the Conference of the






Designation of interi secretariat

3. The secretariat functions will be carried out on an inter in basis by the ad hoc secretariat established under resolution 45/212 of 20 December 1990 c! the General Assembly of the United Nations until the completion of the first ordinary meeting of the conference of the Parties hold pursuant to Article (VI. 1. 1 (contorence of the Parties). At its first ordinary-meeting the Conference of the Parties shall designate a secretariat.





11. An (Implementation Committsol (Executive Council) is horoby established. it will be lopen-ended ] ( composed of fifteen members) roprosenting all the Parties (and elected by the Conference of the Parties by u majority of the Parties prosent and voting). (The Conference of the parties may increase this number without exceeding a quarter of the number of contracting Partios.) The members shall be Government representatives who are experts on matters related to climate change.


The (Implementation Committel (Executive Council) shall in particular: (a) Ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Conference of

the parties, as instructed by the latter, (b) Propar., where appropriate, the dollberations of the Conference

of the Parties,
(C) Oversee the dissemination of information to all parties about

measures taken by other Parties on the basis of (roports)
(exchange of information) subaitted in accordance with Articles

(a) Review the implementation by the parties of their obligations and

the progress made in this respect through an evaluation of thoir national reports submitted in accordance with Articles

(Roporting). The committee shall, inter alle 1. Advise individual parties, at their request, on the ways and means of meeting the soporting requirements set forth in Articles

(Reporting), including the dovolopment of national climate change strategies,

Roviow and consult with individual parties on the (roport submitted by) (Information recoived from those partios in accordance with Articles --- (Reporting, and request, as

necessary, additional Information or clarification thereon; 111. Soak, recoive and consider rolovant information from competont

International and intergovernmental bodies and non

governmental organizations, 4. Consult with, and sook the advice of, the Advisory Committee

on Science, as nocossaryi
(O) tak to establish at each stage of the review process a close

qualogue with the parties concerned and to come to
doarcasual solutions on questions that may wise,


Curry out any other function the contorence of the Parties may confor on iti and

(9) Overice and give additional guidance, within the framework of the

decisions of the Conference of the parties, to other subsidiary organs of the Convention (and especially to the financial

mechanisa of the Convention). The (Implementation Committ.) (Executive Council) shall, with the assistance of the secretariat, prepare an annual roport on the



I implementation] (overall operation of the Convention and propose the measure it deems appropriate to the Conference of the Parties.

This report shall be transmitted to all parties by the secretariat and shall be published. 4. The first meeting of the Committer/Council) shall be convened not more than six months after the firit moet ing of the Conference of the Parties. Unless the Conference of the partie décides otherwise, subsequent meetings shall be convened at least biannually. 5. The Committeo/Councill shall elect from among its members, a chairman and two vice-chairman and i rapportour, each to serve for a term of two years, and who may, subject to co-election, serve additional terms. 6. The Committ./Council) shall agree upon and adopt ito rule of procedure and any amendments thoroto, by consensus. )


(The Conference of the Parties shall, at its first meeting, establish a subsidiary body (or bodies) to assist it in preparing for its work under Articl. vi.Ili parti larly Article VI.112) (b)]. Such body (or bodies) shall operate in an objective and consultative manner. (Possibl. sontence on membership) (Such bodies (or bodies) shall perform the following functions: (la) ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Conference of

the Parties) [(b) propar. the deliberations of the Contorence of the Partio;) ((c) provide assistance to Parties, at their request, on mooting

reporting requirements (from a technical point of view): 1 [(d) consider individual reports (from an essentially technical point

of view), in preparation for the work of the conterence of the Parties under Article VI.1 1210) 1:

(To this end, it shall:


consult, if necessary, with a Party, to give it an opportunity

to make (technicall clarificationsil lii.

determine whether a report has been submitted, and whether the

roport is completes ) (iii. consider whether the estimated (net) greenhouse gas emissions

roductions have been or would be realized as a result of the

identified measuros; I (1v. consider whether methodologies used aro technically valid; ) (v. consider whether, if proposed projects have been identified,

they would be likely to achieve estimated (not) greenhouse gas

emissions reductions; ) (vb. prepare a report of a descriptive nature for the Conference o:

the Parties on the above, which might include suggestions and which shall include ovaluation of overall effects of measures

takon to pursuant to the Convention;)] ((o) seok, receive and consider, as necessary, rolovant information

from compotent international and intergovernmental bodies and
non-governmental organizat ions; )

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