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Altmeyer, Arthur J., Chairman, Social Security Board:

How healthy are we?--

Barriers to adequate medical care.

Budgeting for medical costs...

Borrowing to pay for medical care-

Adequacies of medical care, facilities and personnel.

The need for protection against sickness costs..

Voluntary insurance.

Method of doctor remuneration.

Selection of physician.-

Effect of bill on voluntary plans.

Freedom of choice under the bill..

Health insurance in other countries.

Financing the plan..--.

Attitudes of medical associations.

Compulsory insurance.

Voluntary plans are not democratic..

Public-opinion polls on health insurance.

Advantages of a national system..

Title I of S. 1606.

Title II of S. 1606..


Scope of the benefits provided.

Costs and financing-

Administering a health insurance program..

Anderson, Joseph P., executive secretary, American Association of Social


The American Association of Social Workers.

Endorsement of S. 1050.

Barriers to adequate medical care-

Public health services..

Medical care

Butler, Dr. Allan M., associate professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical


Inevitable changes in patterns of medical care.

Importance of group practice-

Present medical care too expensive...

Voluntary medical plans inadequate.

Physician support of the Bill..

Prompt action is imperative..

Independent citizens committee of the arts, sciences, and professions.

The AMA bureaucracy-

Income of the AMA.-

The National Physicians Committee.

Cobb, Dr. W. Montague, the national medical committee of the National

Association for the Advancement of Colored People:

Endorsement of S. 1606.

Health problems of the Negro--

Title I of S. 1606.

Title II of S. 1606

Attitude of the AMA.

Summary ---

Dingell, Hon. John D., representative from Michigan:

Opposition of American Medical Association-

Public opinion polls---

Inadequacies of voluntary health insurance

The plan is not radical.

The plan does not regiment doctors -

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LaGuardia, Fiorello H., former president of the United States Conference

of Mayors:

Appropriations for title I are low.

Health insurance most important legislation ever before Congress..

Hospitals and medical research in New York City..

Financial burden of illness..

National insurance better than local plans.

The bill does not regiment doctors.--

Importance of group practice..

Plan should be put into effect gradually-

Hospital construction...

Gradual introduction of the plan.

Hospital plans in New York..

Medical education...

Professional incentive under health insurance.

Why not leave it to the States?..

Attitude of the American Medical Association..

Freedom of choice of doctor.

Lawless, Dr. Theodore K., Congregational Christian Churches:

Inadequacy of health care-

Weaknesses of voluntary plans..

Inadequate local facilities.

The issue of regimentation

Advantage of the national health bill, S. 1606.

Health is a government responsibility

Linder, Leo J., National Lawyers Guild:

Report on the National Health Act:

The medical care and education program.

Grants to States for health services and for medical care for needy


The need for national health insurance.
Constitutionality of S. 1606.-
Appraisal of American Bar Association Report.
Freedoms under the bill..
Financial needs for medical care.
Voluntary insurance is not adequate.
No freedom of choice today--
Relationship between doctor and patient.
The right of judicial review..
Health insurance is in the American tradition.
The National Lawyers Guild..

Constitutionality of S. 1606..
Martin, William Logan, American Bar Association:

American Bar Association report on S. 1161.
Appraisal of S. 1606.
Political attitude of American Bar Association.

Blue Cross plans.--

McMichael, Rev. Jack R., executive secretary, Methodist Federation for

Social Service:

The Methodist Federation for Social Service..

Comparison to crusade for free education...

Public opinion polls..

Freedom from disease.

The need for medical care

Voluntary plans inadequate.

Private charity cannot do the job.

Health insurance must be national.

Coverage should be extended..

Doctor-patient relationship..

S. 1606 will improve quality of medical care.

Democratic administration of the bill..

Amendments to title I..

McPeek, Rev. Francis W., chairman, legislative committee, council for

social action, Congregational-Christian Churches:

The Congregational-Christian Churches ---

Endorsement of S. 1606.-.

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