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JAMES M. LANDIS, Chairman Oswald RYAN, Vice Chairman

Josh LEE, Member HARLLEE BRANCH, Member

CLARENCE M. Young, Member M. C. MULLIGAN, Secretary

8 C. A. B.


For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office

Washington 25, D. C.

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Page 298 348

Acquisition Air Carrier Property, United-Western.
Aerovias Brasil, S. A., Air Carrier Permit....
Air carrier permits-

Bahamas Airways..
British Overseas Airways.
British S. A. Air Corp--
China National..
Compania Panamena de Aviacion.
Linea Aero. Venezolana.
Peruvian International Air.
Philippine A. L.-
Scandinavian Air. System.
TACA, S. A..

Trans-Canada A. L...
Air Commuting, Inc., New York City Area.
Air Freight Forwarder Assn., et al., Motions..
Air Freight Tariffs, Suspension and Investigation.
Airlines Negotiating Conference-
Air Mail Service for Hawaii..
Alaska Air., Mail Rates.
Alaska Coastal Airlines (Juneau Mail Routes)
All American Aviation, Inc. (Airlines Negotiating Conference) -

Combination Service..
du Pont, Interlocking Relationship-
(Great Lakes Area Case).

Mail Rates
American Airlines, Inc. (Airlines Negotiating Conference)..

(Cincinnati-New York Additional Service) -
(North Central Case-Twin Cities).
(Route Consolidations)..

(West Coast Case) ---
American Overseas Airlines, Inc. (Airlines Negotiating Conference)-

Mail Rates
Bahamas Airways, Air Carrier Permit.
Braniff Airways, Inc. (Airlines Negotiating Conference)

(Kansas City-Memphis-Florida Case) -
Latin American Mail Rates..

(Mississippi Valley Case) --
British Overseas Airways, Amendment of Permit.
British S. A. Air Corp., Air Carrier Permit.
Bristol Bay Air Service (Consolidation)
Burwash Landing-Tanacross (Pan Am. Airways)
Challenger Airlines, Mail Rates...
Chicago and Sou. Air Lines, Inc. (Airlines Negotiating Conference)

(Great Lakes Area Case) -
(Kansas City-Memphis-Florida Case).
Mail Rates.

(Mississippi Valley Case).
Chicago-Seattle Area Case
China National, Air Carrier Permit..
Cincinnati-New York Additional Service..
Colonial Airlines, Inc. (Detroit-Washington Case)

121 930 923 457

44 225 939 229 101 676 626

464 138, 169

1 469 621 354

10 979 127 354 241 672 360 805 354 152 477 28 14 354 974 121 354 554 971 726 930 923 110 852 948 354 360 554 945 726 647

457 152, 603


(Latin American Air Service). Montreal-Ottawa.

65 143

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