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(CORRECTION---Binders will notice that in title page to vol. LVI. the words "March 1838 to Sept. 1838,” should read from March 1839 to Sept. 1839.]





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General directions. For things happening in Great Britain, France, &c. or the several states, see their own proper beads; in congress, see congress, &c.
Bank law, the New York in full

179 | Peel 224, 226; sites for posts 240; Nelson and Cote ac.
Abbott, Dr. tribute of respect to

400 Bapk United States, price of stock 97: see congress: quited ib.; desire of adjustment 241; proclaination of
Abolition, the Alton affair

6 Mr. Jaudon in England 161; receipt of specie 177; not the governor of New York, &c. &c. ib; proclamation
Acts, a list of those passed at the 2d session 25th about to resume 193; judge White's speech on the issue of lord Durnam 242; patriots of Upper Canada again

306 of the notes of 247; act for the sale of bonds of the 344: make a rally 272; arrival of generals Brady and Ma-
Adams, John Q.-see congress: his opinion of punc- see Biddle.

comb 273; conflict at Short Hills 275—see sir Robert
193 Barbacue to Mr. Preston 359; see dinners.

Peel; retreat of the patriots 299; proclamation of gov.
Adjournment of congress, a day fixed for 273, 305

Barbadoes, the decision to set the slaves free con. Arthur 290; items ib.; two rigments of artillery ordered
Admiral La Bretonniare-commander of the ships firmed

239 north 305; revocation by lord Durham of the procla-
of war Dido and Berger, a memoir of
Barney, Mr. letter from to Wm. Lorman, president mation of lord Gosford offering rewards for the

Agricultural wealth of Ohio 22; fair at Kent county of the bank of Baltimore relative to currency, &c. 161 hension of Messrs. Papineau, Brown and others 305;

Baron, Octavius, executed for the murder of Mr. lord Durham's proclamation of general amnesty 349;
Alabama-cotton factory, description of the esta. Lyman, his confession

403 his reception ai Montreal ib.; arrival of general Mc-
blishment 255; elections

401 Beaver, in Virginia, as to the appearance of in Surry Comb, and disturbances quiered 353; trials and convic.
Albany charter election
145 county

389 tions 354; despatchos received, &c. 369; sixteen state
Alexandre, the French ship, confirmation of suspi- Belgium-see French and British affairs: relative to prisoners sentenced to death, &c. 390; the address of
cions of the
335 the integrity of the country, &c.

371 Linus Wilson Miller against the sentence of death ib.;
Allen honorable William, addresses a meeting in Bell, John, correspondence relative to the rencontre captain Davidson's case, his trial under suspicion of be-

337 with Mr. Turney 260; dinner to, at Nashville 406 ing a spy 402; probable that governor Kent will attempt
Alton, attack on the press, &c.

Bermuda, governor appointed

144 to run the line, general nutices relative lo, state prison.
American antiquities–Asiatic origin of the northern Biddle, Nicholas-his letter to honorable John Q. ers, &c. &c.

Indians 339; the head of a pipe, at Wheeling 368; Adams on currency, &c. 98; to the town of Reading, Canals-amount of tolls received on, in New York
three Indian bodies at Sudbury, Massachusetts 400; Pennsylvania 355; letter from, relative to resumption 226 4; the quantity of four brought down the New York
discovery of a skeleton of a mastodon in Ohio

Birds, the scarcity of

416 176; the tonnage and tolls of the Pennsylvania 210;
American gipsies, account of


Black Hawk and his son, account of, at a ball 144; the trade of the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio
American slocks, held abroad
322 his fourth of July oration

382 333; New York tolls 363; commerce of Ohio 359; the
Anniversary celebration of the 4th of July at Phila- Blockade of ihe Mexican ports—see Mexico-see tolls and trade of 395; a ship from Lake Erie to the sea
delphia, by the democrats, and letters and toasts Buenos Ayres.

317 Bodiecoe, Mr. and suite, minister from Russia, arrival

Caroline—the affair of—see congress; correspondence
Antomarchi, doctor, notice of the death of 177 at New York

129 relative to


1, 17, 320

Bollerman, Anton, the consul of Hesse recognised 81 Carter, hon. Timothy J. death of
Appropriation bill, the general, passed

81 Bonaparte, Charles L. publishes a work on orni. Central America--the revolution continued in the in-
Appropriations and officers, a statement from the thology

394 terior of

clerk of the house of representatives as to those created Bond, Mr. of Ohio, speech of

291 Chalmers, Dr. the amount paid him for lectures 363
during the 25th congress

403 Bonds, belonging to the United States—an act to au. Charleston, South Carolinn-great fire at 145, 160,
Arkansas-a bill of indictment found against the horise the sale of 344; sale of, to the United States 239; further artempl to fire 238; the amount of donation
speaker of the house of assembly for murder 193; an bank 353--see congress.

made for sufferers
account of the murder in
253 Book binding, with India rubber

236 Cherokees-general Scott to be sent to 113; sec In-
Army-general orders, promotions, &c. 274, 239, 326, Boundary, northeasiern-Greely liberated 3; daring dians and congress; relative to removal of 129; corres-
404; official regulation 320; official orders 349; force outrage on the steamboat sir Robert Peel 224; arrival pondence of the secretary of war and general Scoti re-
of the British 334; army movements

404sf general Wool and establishment of posts 273; reso- lative to the treaty with 193; violence commit:ed by
Army bill, the act to increase the present military lution relative to the survey of the, passed 323; readiness 15.; debate in the senate 194; emigration of 3:21; the
establishment of the United States, &c.
325 to run the line 389: see Canada.

address of major general Scout to the Cherokees in
Army statistics 22; general orders 97; West Point Bowditch, Nathaniel, notice of the death of 49 reference to their removal 210; correspondence relative
graduates ordered on duty

289 Bradford, Mr. Thomas, notice of the death of and to their treaty 244; ready for removal and numbers 273;
Ashley, general William, of Missouri, death 81 biography

176 the removal of the, compleied and the army orders, &c.
Astor, John Jacob-notice of his presenting ten Branch, governor, letter accepting the nomination 324; report of the sickness of the 369; murders iv.;
thousand dollars to the German society 352, 368 | as candidate for governor

344 general Scott's visit to the north postponed till their emi-
Adantic and Pacific oceans—the fact established of Brazil-consul general of 17; tranquillity restored 43; gration 335; report of sickness of the, contradicted
a communication between the

178 arrival of minister and defeat of troops 337; defeat of 357; report of their having built council house and me-
Atlantic steam navigation, meeting in Philadelphia troops

401 ditating an attack 401; pardon of twelve Cherokees 407
relative to
402 Bretonniere, admiral La, commander of the Dido, Chevalier, Mr. remarks on the currency

Attorney general, the hon. F. Grundy appointed 289 &c. a memoir of

403 Chili, blockade of the ports of Callao, &c. &c. 355
Auction duties in New York, the amount of 389 Bristol, England, resulutions of the merchants of Chippewa, Sioux, Winnebago Indians, notice of a
Austria, official communication from, relative to the relative to steam communication with New York 356 treaty with

sanitary rules

British affairs--see Canada--proceedings in parlia- Chronometer, premium awarded for


ment relative to Lower Canada, &c. 34; relative to Cilley, Mr.-3ee congress; duel with Graves 1; state-
Baily, Josiah, jr. his trial at Baltimore, for contempt parliament, Canadian affairs, slavery, markets, &c. &c. ment of the parties 5; correspondence of J. W.'Webb
of court
357 49; arrival of the packet ship United States; earl of 18; address of Henry A. Wise

Bakely, Mr. Morely, honorably repays the bank at Durham about to leave for Canada; the shipment of Cincinnati and Charleston rail road company, sub.
353 600 Polish women to the Russian camp; stockjobbing scription of Tennessee lo

Baltimore-John. P. Kennedy, elected to congress at Paris; on the state of the banks; small pox; king of Circular from the treasury department, relative tv
trom 129; tornado at 193; four inspections 352 Hanover; money market 162, 163; arrival of the Or. specie circular, &c.

Baltic sea, notice of a buoy in the

177 pheus; parliament; coronation of the queen; Mr. Jau- Clark, Miss Mary, of Medway, heroic act of 333
Bombers—surrender of the 3; will be discharged 17 don and the United States bank-Canadian affairs, &c. Clay, Henry, his speech on the sub treasury bill 67;

Bangs, Edward D. secretary of state of Massachu. &c. 209; arrival of the packet ship Virginia; the riot and Calhoun 196—see congress; invitation of the mee!
setis, death of
81 near Canterbury; Mr. Stevenson's visit to the earl ing in New York 10, and his reply

Banks--of New York 2; commonwealth of Boston Spencer; dinner to sir Francis Head; new ministerial Clerk, to the circuit court in Louisiana, application to
ib.; number, &c. of, in Connecticut ib.; list of the pre- arrangements; her majesty's coronation robes; French restore to office, &c.

239, 373
sent deposite and the amount in them 3; the Virginia news; the arrival of Mr. Muhlenburg; chamber of de. Cleveland, the produce trade of in eleven weeks 333
ib.; banks of Mississippi not able to resume before Au-puties; Belgium and Holland; Hamburg; steamboat Clock work, ingenious invention

gust 23; Franklin, of Boston, indictment against offi.destroyed by fire, &c. 329; arrival of the Royal Wil- Common schools, in Ohio
cers of 23; the Phænix 43; notice of the Louisiana, the liarn; passage; full account of the coronation; the queen
Boston, the Massachusetts 48; the Phænix investiga. 350, 357; arrival of the Great Western; voyage; pas.

tion closed, &c. 49; banks, currency, &c. in New sengers; crops; capital of the Great Western company; Abolition, letter of John Q. Adams 31; resolution of
York, 65; charges against Phenix bank proved, &c. parliamentary news; Canadian affairs; imprisoninent Massachusetts relative 10 236; Absence, resolution time
is.; notice of Laffitic's, in Paris ib.; the Philadelphia tor debt; reviews of the troops; crazy man and the senators should not receive their pay during unneces-
decline sending delegates, &c. 81-see bank convention; queen; the British Queen steam ship; markets, &c. &c. sary, 111, 122; Acts of congress, inquiry as to amend-
the cashier of the Commercial, guilty of perjury 112; 370; French attairs ib.; British army 381; promotions ing the law relative to printing and distributing 31; a
bank law of Maryland 114; notices of 129; the agent in the 337; entertainment at Guildhall 395; interesting list of those passed 306; Adams, John Q. 29, 30, 31;
of the Mississippi Union 121: of West Florida, about to account of the colonies of

396 resolution to send for persons and papers relative to
resume operations 144; number of, in Michigan ib.; ge. Bruyn, judge, notice of the death of

354 petition to arraign him, &c. 31, 32, 46, 47, 63, 64, ib.;
neral statement relative to banks, currency, exchange, Buchanan, James, his letter declining to attend 4th 73, 110, 124, 125, 159, 207, 220, 221, 236, 233, 263, 269,
&c. 145, 145; statement of the condition of the bank of of July dinner at Philadelphia

3-17 271, 233, 284, 236, 235, 301, 304, 312, 314, 315, 317,
England 146; relief bill ib.; various 161; ainount of Buffaloes, the last of the

141319, 329, 331, 332; Adjournment, resolution to tix day
specie and general statement 177; general notices 224; Buenos Ayres-French blockade of 275; special ses- of 31, 123, 123; day fixed 223, 272, 273, 281, 233, 305;
liw point as to having forfeited its charter 240; general sion of congress 351; demands of the French 363; Agriculture, as to the introduction of turcign seeds, &c.
notices 241; resump!ion of, at New Orleans 273; and things assuming a serious aspect

402 31; Alabama, bill to relinquish the two per cent. fund to
general notices ib.; general notice of 289; bank of Mon-


27; relative to pre-emption to settlers !33; Allegany
treal regained the money stolen at the time of burning Calhoun, Mr. of Sou:h Carolina-speech on the college, Pennsylvania, committee on public lands, re-
the sir Robert Peel 239; condition of the Baltimore sub-treasury bill 55; reply to Mr. Webster 115; speech cases from consideration of the memorial of 157; ' Al-
banks-meeting of the banks in Philadelphia 305; the on the sub-treasury bill again 130, 196-sce congress; len, Mr. 187, 201, 303, 319; American sennen in fo-
robber of the bank of the Metropolis apprehended 321; letter from, to the editor of the National Intelligencer reign countries, buil for the relief of 206; Appropriations,
southwestern Rail Road bank of South Carolina, notice relative to a treaty with the Indians–Mr. Dawson's communications from the secretary of war, relative to
of its going into operation ib; general reinarks, go speech, &c. 314; letter from, to the committee of the the want of 207; Appropriat:on bills, notice to take up
vernor Ritner's proclamation approved of-large bank barbacue dinner at Richland

495 13; read and referred 23; taken up 30, 32; for revolu.
about to go into operation in New York-an act to Canada-patriot forces disbanded 1; account of the Lionary pensioners 34; further considered 47, 63, for
modify the deposite act-estimate of American stocks patriots, &c. from Detroit 7; tranquillity restored, &c. Indian hostilities 64; the appropriation bil referred in
held abroad. &c. 322; resumption of the 337; items &c. 17; English notices of troops, &c. ib.; arrival of pa- the house 75, 76, 77, 78; passed ib.; müury appropri-
relative to 353; the amount of deposites in the Boston triot forces-plunder at Elizabethtown-proclamation tion bill 80; the general, passed 81; referred 91; pussel
Savings 363; money affairs in Philadelphia, resumption of governor Marcy, &c. 19; tranquillity, &c. 33; gene. 94, 96; the navy, passed 110; speech of Mr. Insisted ori
in 00, &c. &c. 369; relative to the southern, west: ral Sutherland tried 63; firing on Windsor 80; items the general 167; for the navý ser:ico 201, 215; suv
ern, &r. 335; general notices of

402 fro- 112; executions for high treason 12%; trials 144; Indian hostilities; for light house 233, 221; for the 19-
Bank convention, proceedings of the 97, 113, 114, 337 speech of gov. Head on propugning the legislature of 165; dian departinent and fuitillig treaty with the tribes 310;
Baak of England, statement of the condition of 116, Charles Durand sentenced 19 death 193; relative to sir for forritications passed 311; for military academy at

305 | Francis Head 210; sec boundary; outrage on the sir R. / West Point passed ib.; Architerlural plans, roportion

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