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auxiliary services, cable TV microwave radio relay and registration of new cable TV systems. The Bureau issues construction permits, operating licenses, and renewals or transfers of such broadcast licenses; and processes registrations, notifications, and petitions for cable TV systems. The Bureau also oversees compliance by broadcasters and cable TV system operators with statutes and Commission policies, and is responsible for maintaining relations with State and local authorities who share responsibility for the regulation of cable TV systems.

For further information, contact the Mass Media Bureau. Phone, 202-632-6460.

Common Carrier Communications
The Common Carrier Bureau administers
the regulatory program for interstate and
international common carrier
communications by telephone, telegraph,
radio, and satellite. Common carriers
include companies, organizations, or
individuals providing communications
services to the public for hire, who must
serve all who wish to use them at
established rates. In providing interstate
and foreign communications services,
common carriers may employ landline
wire or electrical or optical cable
facilities, point-to-point microwave radio
(signals relayed by stations spaced at
given intervals), land mobile radio (two-
way telephone or one-way signaling
communications between base and
mobile units), cellular systems, or satellite
systems. Communications services
between the United States and overseas
points by common carriers are provided
by ocean cable, high frequency radio,
and satellite communications.

For further information, contact the Common
Carrier Bureau. Phone, 202-632-6910.

Private Radio Communications The Private Radio Bureau regulates the use of the radio spectrum to fulfill the communications needs of businesses, State and local governments, aircraft, ships, and individuals. Over 2.5 million

licensees use radio to promote safety of life and property, to increase

productivity, and to advance the science of telecommunications. The Private Radio Bureau regulates and licenses two broad groups of radio services: the private land mobile and microwave radio services and the special radio services. Private land mobile and microwave radio services are used by public safety entities (police, fire, local government), industrial entities (businesses of all types, including public utilities), and land transportation entities (buses, railroads, taxicabs). Special radio services include the aviation service, the marine service, the Alaska fixed service, and the personal radio services (amateur and general mobile). While two personal radio services, citizens (CB) and radio control (R/C), are regulated, licenses are not required. The Bureau also implements the compulsory provisions of laws and treaties covering the use of radio for the safety of life and property at sea and in the air.

For further information, contact the Private Radio Bureau. Phone, 202-632-6940.

Enforcement Much of the investigative and enforcement work of the Commission is carried out by its field staff. The Field Operations Bureau has 6 regional offices, and 36 field offices. It also operates a nationwide fleet of mobile monitoring vehicles for technical enforcement purposes. The field staff, in effect, are the Commission's "eyes and ears" in detecting radio violations and enforcing rules and regulations. Continuous surveillance of the radio spectrum is maintained to detect unlicensed operation and activities or nonconforming transmissions, and to furnish radio bearings on ships and planes in distress.

Radio Operators The commercial radio operator program is administered by the Field Operations Bureau. The Private Radio Bureau administers the amateur operator program.

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Allegan, MI..
Anchorage, AK.
Atlanta, GA.
Baltimore, MD
Belfast, ME.
Bellevue, WA.

Buffalo, NY

Cerritos, CA

Dallas, TX.

Denver, CO.
Douglas, AZ...
Farmington Hills, MI

Ferndale, WA
Grand Island, NE.

Hato Rey, PR.

Houston, TX.

Kansas City, MO.

Kingsville, TX...

Langhorne, PA
Laurel, MD.
Livermore, CA
Miami, FL.

New Orleans, LA
New York, NY
Park Ridge, IL.
Portland, OR..
Powder Springs, GA.
Quincy, MA.
San Diego, CA.

San Francisco, CA..
St. Paul, MN.

Tampa, FL

Vero Beach, FL..
Virginia Beach, VA..
Waipahu, HI.

New York, NY

P.O. Box 89, 49010....


6721 W. Raspberry Rd., 99502.

Rm. 440, 1365 Peachtree St. NE., 30309.
Rm. 1017, 31 Hopkins Plaza, 21201.
P.O. Box 470, 04915..

Rm. 414, 3605 132d Ave. SE., 98006
Rm. 1307, 111 W. Huron St., 14202..
Rm. 600, 18000 Studebaker Rd., 90701
Rm. 1170, 9330 LBJ Freeway, 75243..
12477 W. Cedar Dr., 80228.
P.O. Box 6, 85608..

24897 Hathaway St., 48331-1398.
1330 Loomis Trail Rd., 98248.
P.O. Box 1588, 66802.

Rm. 747, San Juan Field Office, 00918.
Rm. 900, 1225 N. Loop West, 77008
Rm. 320, 8800 E. 63d St., 64133.
P.O. Box 632, 78363-0632.

Rm. 404, 2300 E. Lincoln Hwy., 19047.
P.O. Box 250, 21045

P.O. Box 311, 94550

8675 NW. 53d St., 33166.

Rm. 505, 800 W. Commerce St., 70123.
201 Varick St., 10014..

Rm. 306, 1550 Northwest Hwy., 60068.
Rm. 1782, 1220 SW. 3d Ave., 97204
P.O. Box 85, 30073...

NFPA Bldg., Batterymarch Park, 02109.
Rm. 370, 4542 Ruttner St., 92111-2216..
Rm. 424, 555 Battery St., 94111

Rm. 691, 316 N. Robert St., 55101.
Rm. 1215, 2203 N. Lois Ave., 33607.
P.O. Box 1730, 32961-1730..

1200 Communications Circle, 23455-3725
P.O. Box 1030, Honolulu Office, 96797.

Common Carrier Bureau

Rm. 1309X, 90 Church St., 10007..

Sources of Information

Inquiries for information on the special subjects listed in the following paragraphs and those concerning licensing/grant requirements in the various services may be directed to the person or office specified or to the Chief of the Bureau or Office listed below as having responsibility for the service, Federal Communications Commission, 1919 M Street NW., Washington, DC 20554.

Engineer in Charge

Melvin H. Hyman

Loyd P. Perry
Angelo R. Ditty, Jr.
Robert M. Mroz
Barry A. Bohac
Gary P. Soulsby
David A. Viglione
Lawrence D. Guy
James D. Wells
Dennis P. Carlton
Stephen Y. Tsuya
Irby C. Tallant
Jack W. Bazhaw
James H. Berrie, Jr.
William C. Berry

Daniel A. Cantrell
James A. Dailey
Oliver K. Long

Ennis C. Coleman, Jr.
Robert J. Douchis
Thomas N. Van Stavern
John L. Theimer
James C. Hawkins
Alexander J. Zimny
Phillip Bradford
Charles W. Craig
Donald E. Taylor
Vincent F. Kajunski
William H. Grigsby

Serge Marti-Volkoff
Albert S. Jarratt, Jr.
Ralph M. Barlow
Robert C. McKinney
J. Jerry Freeman
Jack Shedletsky

Beatrice Shapiro, Chief

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Advisory Committee Management
Direct inquiries to the Chief,
Management Planning and Program
Evaluation Office. Phone, 202-632-

Consumer Assistance Inquiries concerning general information on how the Commission works and how the public can participate in the decisionmaking process should be addressed to the Consumer Assistance and Small Business Division, Room 254, 1919 M Street NW., Washington, DC 20554. Phone, 202-632-7000. Contracts and Procurement Direct inquiries to the Chief, Procurement Branch. Phone, 202-634-1528. Employment and Recruitment The Commission's programs require attorneys; electronics engineers; economists; accountants; administrative management and computer specialists; and clerical personnel. Requests for employment information should be directed to the Chief, Personnel Operations Branch. Phone, 202-6327106. Schools interested in participating in the college recruitment programs of the Commission should direct their inquiries to the Associate Managing

Director, Human Resources
Management. Phone, 202-632-7120.
Equal Employment Practices by

Industry Direct inquiries to the Chief,
Consumer Assistance and Small Business
Division. Phone, 202-632-7000 or 632-

Ex-Parte Presentations Information concerning ex-parte presentations should be directed to the Commission's Managing Director. Phone, 202-6326390.

Fee Collection Inquiries concerning the Commission's Fee Collection Program should be addressed to the Consumer Assistance and Small Business Division, Room 254, 1919 M Street NW., Washington, DC 20554. Phone, 202632-FEES.

Information Available for Public Inspection At the Commission's headquarters office in Washington, DC, dockets concerning rulemaking and adjudicatory matters, copies of applications for licenses and grants, and reports required to be filed by licensees and cable system operators are maintained in the public reference rooms-some reports are by law held confidential. In addition to the information available at the Commission, each broadcasting station makes available for public reference certain information pertaining to the operation of the station, a current copy of the application filed for license, and nonconfidential reports filed with the Commission. Special requests for inspection of records at the

Commission's offices should be directed to the Managing Director. Phone, 202632-6390. The Library has on file Commission rules and regulations. Phone, 202-632-7100. The News Media Division distributes publications, public notices, and press releases. Phone, 202632-5050.

For further information, contact the Office of Public Affairs, Consumer Assistance and Small Business Division, Federal Communications Commission, 1919 M Street NW., Washington, DC 20554. Phone, 202-632-7000.


550 Seventeenth Street NW, Washington, DC 20429

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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was established to promote and preserve public confidence in banks and to protect the money supply through provision of insurance coverage for bank deposits and periodic examinations of insured State-chartered banks that are not members of the Federal Reserve System.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent agency of the Government. Management is vested in a Board of Directors consisting of three members, one of whom is the Comptroller of the Currency, and two of whom are appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. Appointive members serve 6-year terms, and one is elected by the members of the Board as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The headquarters office is located in Washington, DC, and there are Division of Liquidation and Division of Bank Supervision regional offices in the field with directors in charge of each. Most FDIC field employees are bank examiners or liquidators.

FDIC does not operate on funds appropriated by Congress. Its income is derived from assessments on deposits held by insured banks and from interest on the required investment of its surplus funds in Government securities. FDIC also has authority to borrow from the Treasury up to $3 billion for insurance purposes, although it has never used that authority.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was organized under authority of section 12B of the Federal Reserve Act (12 U.S.C. 264), approved June 16, 1933. On September 21, 1950, section 12B of the Federal Reserve Act, as amended (12 U.S.C. 1811-1831), was withdrawn as part of the Federal Reserve

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