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obtained 24 hours a day by calling 202447-9709.

In addition to the public tour, limited numbers of tickets are available from congressional offices for prescheduled, small group, guided tours of the tour gallery. Speakers Speakers may be provided for community and other organized groups in the Washington metropolitan area and, to a limited extent, around the country. Requests should be forwarded in writing to the Director of Engraving and Printing.

Financial Management Service Inquiries on the following subjects should be directed to the specified office, 401 Fourteenth Street SW., Washington, DC 20227.

Contracts Write to the Director, Logistics Management Division, Room 112 LC. Phone, 202-287-0838. Employment Inquiries may be directed to the Personnel Management Division, Room 444 LC. Phone, 202-287-0530.

Internal Revenue Service

Audiovisual Materials IRS films, some of which are available in Spanish, provide information on the American tax system, examination and appeal rights, and the tax responsibilities of running a small business. Films can be obtained by contacting any District Office.

Also available are audio cassette tapes and videocassettes that provide step-bystep instructions for preparing basic individual income tax forms. These tapes are available in many local libraries. Contracts Write to Internal Revenue Service, 1111 Constitution Avenue NW. (PM:S:FM:C), Washington, DC 20224 (phone, 202-535-4804); or Chief, Facilities Management Branch, at any of the Internal Revenue Regional Offices. Educational Programs IRS provides, free of charge, general tax information publications and booklets on specific tax topics. Taxpayer information materials also are distributed to major television networks and many radio and television stations, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, and specialized publications. Special educational materials and films are provided for use in high schools and

colleges. Individuals starting a new business are given specialized materials and information at small business workshops, and community colleges provide classes based on material provided by IRS. The Community Outreach Tax Assistance program provides IRS employees to assist community groups at mutually convenient times and locations.

Through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly program, IRS recruits, trains, and supports volunteers who offer free tax assistance to lowincome, elderly, military, and nonEnglish-speaking taxpayers.

Materials, films, and information on the educational programs can be obtained by contacting any District Office.

Employment Almost every major field of study has some application to the work of IRS. A substantial number of positions are filled by persons whose major educational preparation was accounting, business administration, finance, economics, criminology, and law. There are, however, a great number of positions that are filled by persons whose college major was political science, public administration, education, liberal arts, or other fields not directly related to business or law. Extensive use is made of competitive registers and examinations in selecting IRS employees. Schools interested in participating in the IRS's extensive recruitment program, or anyone considering employment with IRS, may direct inquiries to the Recruitment Coordinator at any of the Regional or District Offices. Problem Resolution Program Each District has a Problem Resolution Officer who attempts to resolve taxpayers' complaints not satisfied through regular channels.

Publications The Annual ReportCommissioner of Internal Revenue (Pub. 55), as well as periodic reports of Statistics of Incomes, which present statistical tabulations concerning various tax returns filed, are available from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,

DC 20402. Audit of Returns, Appeal Rights, and Claims for Refund (Pub. 556), Your Federal Income Tax (Pub. 17), Farmers Tax Guide (Pub. 225), Tax Guide for Small Business (Pub. 334), and other publications are available at Internal Revenue Service offices free of charge.

Reading Rooms Public reading rooms are located in the National Office and in each Regional Office or, in some cases, a District Office located in a Regional Office building.

Speakers Speakers on provisions of the tax law and operations of the Internal Revenue Service for professional and community groups may be obtained by writing to the District Directors or, for national organizations only, to the Public Affairs Division at the IRS national headquarters in Washington, DC. Taxpayer Service The Internal Revenue Service provides year-round tax information and assistance to taxpayers, primarily through its toll-free telephone system. Taxpayers requesting information about the tax system, their rights and obligations under it, and the tax benefits available to them can call the IRS number listed in their local telephone directory and in the tax form packages mailed to them annually. This service allows taxpayers anywhere in the United States to call IRS without paying a longdistance charge. Special toll-free telephone assistance also is available to deaf and hearing-impaired taxpayers who have access to a teletypewriter or television/phone. These special numbers are included in the annual tax form packages and also are available from any IRS office.

Taxpayers may also visit IRS offices for help with their tax problems. IRS provides return preparation assistance to taxpayers by guiding groups of individuals line by line on the preparation of their returns. Individual preparation is available for handicapped or other individuals unable to use the group preparation method.

Foreign language tax assistance also is available at many locations.

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States Mint maintains public exhibit and sales areas at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, the Old San Francisco Mint, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, DC. Information and order forms for proof sets, medals, and other numismatic items may also be obtained by writing to the United States Mint, 10001 Aerospace Road, Lanham, MD 20706. Phone, 301-436-7400. Also, for a 24-hour recording with further information, call 202-447-9916. Publications The Annual Report of the Director of the Mint, Domestic and Foreign Coinage Manufactured by the Mints of the United States 1793-1980, The World's Monetary Stocks of Gold, Silver and Coins, and Medals of the United States Mint, an illustrated catalog, are available from the United States Mint, Washington, DC, and the Superintendent of Documents,

Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. A current price list of medals and a brochure of official coins and medals sold by the United States Mint are available free of charge from the United States Mint, Washington, DC 20220.

Bureau of the Public Debt

Employment General employment inquiries should be addressed to the Bureau of the Public Debt, Division of Personnel Management, Employment Branch, Washington, DC 20239-0001. Phone, 202-447-1410. Savings Bonds Requests for information relating to holdings of all series of savings bonds, savings notes, and retirement plan or individual retirement bonds should be addressed to the Bureau of the Public Debt, Department of the Treasury, 200 Third Street, Parkersburg, WV 26106–1328. Phone, 304-420-6112, extension 6274. Treasury Securities Information inquiries regarding the purchase of

Treasury bills, bonds, and notes should be addressed to your local Federal Reserve Bank or branch, or to the Bureau of the Public Debt, Department F, Washington, DC 20239-1200. Phone, 202-287-4113.

United States Savings Bonds

Savings Bonds Savings bonds are continuously on sale at more than 40,000 issuing agencies and their branches in virtually every locality in the United States. Information about bonds may be provided by such issuing agents.

Free informational materials are available from District Savings Bonds Offices (see page 495) and from the

Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Savings
Bonds Division, Department of the
Treasury, Washington, DC 20226.
Phone, 202-634-5389.

Current rate information is available toll free by calling 1-800-US-BONDS. In the Washington, DC metropolitan area, call USA-8888.

United States Secret Service Information about employment opportunities and publications and general public information may be obtained by contacting the nearest Secret Service field office or the Office of Government Liaison and Public Affairs, 1800 G Street NW., Washington, DC 20223. Phone, 202-535-5708.

For further information concerning the Department of the Treasury, contact the Public Affairs Office, Department of the Treasury, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20220. Phone, 202-5662041.

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ACTION's purpose is to mobilize Americans for voluntary service throughout the United States through programs that help meet basic human needs and support the self-help efforts of low-income individuals and communities.


ACTION administers and coordinates the domestic volunteer programs sponsored by the Federal Government, which are linked by a commitment to a "bottom-up,' locally initiated development process fostering self-reliance and utilizes available human and economic resources to overcome conditions of poverty. Through special demonstration grants and programs, ACTION also tests new ways of bringing volunteer resources to bear on human, social, and economic problems. It identifies and develops the widest possible range of volunteer service opportunities for Americans of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. The agency actively encourages private sector involvement in support of its goals and programs.

ACTION is the principal agency in the Federal Government for administering volunteer service programs. It was created as an independent agency under

the provisions of Reorganization Plan No.
1 of 1971 (5 U.S.C. App.), effective July
1, 1971, and Executive Order 11603 of
June 30, 1971, with legislative authority

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