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The National Standard Reference Data System was established in 1963 for the purpose of promoting the critical evaluation and dissemination of numerical data of the physical sciences. The program is coordinated by the Office of Standard Reference Data of the National Bureau of Standards but involves the efforts of many groups in universities, government laboratories, and private industry. The primary aim of the program is to provide compilations of critically evaluated physical and chemical property data. These tables are published in the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, in the NSRDS-NBS series of the National Bureau of Standards, and through other appropriate channels.

The task of critical evaluation is carried out in various data centers, each with a well-defined technical scope. A necessary preliminary step to the critical evaluation process is the retrieval from the world scientific literature of all papers falling within the scope of the center. Each center, therefore, builds up a comprehensive well-indexed bibliographical file which forms the base for the evaluation task. Bibliographies derived from these files are published when they appear to be of value to research workers and others interested in the particular technical area.

Further information on NSRDS and the publications which form the primary output of the program may be obtained by writing to the Office of Standard Reference Data, National Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC 20234.

David R. Lide, Jr., Chief
Office of Standard Reference Data



The National Research Council and the National Bureau of Standards

initiated the project on Infrared Bibliography around 1951, but could not

complete it due to various reasons.

The group at the Indian Institute of

Technology Kanpur, India, took up this task in December 1969 under the

Special International Programs of the National Bureau of Standards (Project

G-78). The NRC-NBS group had gathered data from selected journals on key sort

cards with an average cut-off date of 1956. The IIT Kanpur group, however,

decided to make the bibliography as complete as possible up to the end of

1960 although the volume of literature increases very greatly towards the

end of 1950's.

This bibliography, arranged according to the empirical formulae of

compounds, covers both organic and inorganic substances.

In addition to

listing the references on the infrared spectra of compounds, the bibliography

gives information on the nature of study in each reference, the spectral

region covered and the state of the sample.

The preparation of this bibliography has been an enormous task and has

involved the painstaking efforts of several workers in addition to the authors.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. E. Carroll Creitz who was

the secretary of the NRC Committee on Spectral Absorption Data and directed

the early collection of data at the NBS.

I would like to thank Mr. Zafar Jamil,

Dr. H. S. Randhawa, Dr. S. S. Mi sra, Mr. Jawahar Goel, Miss Barbara J. Miley,

Dr. Francis Smith and Mr. James Stewart, for their assistance in collecting the


da ta.

My thanks are also due to Messrs. Vijay Kumar, R. D. Tripathi and Nihal

Ahmad for typing the manu script in final form and the Education Development

Centre of IIT Kanpur for support in the preparation of the manuscript.

Kanpur 208016, India

C. N. R. RAO

January 24, 1974

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