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List of Books Indexed-Continued

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Marot, Helen. American labor unions, by a member. *$1.25 '14 Holt

Martin, Eleanor, and others. Vocations for the trained woman. *$1.50 '14 Longmans

Mathews, Lois Kimball. Dean of women. $1.50 '15 Houghton

Matthews, Ernest Romney. Refuse disposal. $2 '15 Lippincott

Matthews, Nathan. Municipal charters. *$2 '14
Harvard univ. press

Miller, James Collins. Rural schools in Can-
ada. $2 '13 Teachers College, Columbia
univ., N. Y.

Millis, H. A. Japanese problem in the U. S. $1.50 '15 Macmillan

Morgan, Barbara S. Backward child. *$1.25 '14 Putnam

Morman, James B. Principles of rural credits. $1.25 '15 Macmillan

National conference on city planning. Proceedings, May 5-7, 1913. $2.17 '13 National conference on city planning, 19 Congress st., Boston

National conference on housing. Housing problems in America: proceedings of the 3d National conference on housing, Cincinnati, Dec. 3, 4, and 5, 1913. $2 '13 National housing assn., 105 E. 22d st., N. Y. National convention of insurance commissioners. Proceedings, Asheville, N. C., Sept. 1518, 1914, and of adjourned meetings, New York, Dec. 15, 1913, and Chicago, Apr. 15, 1914. '14 F. H. McMaster, sec., Columbia, S. C.

‡National education association of the United States. Journal of proceedings and addresses of the 51st annual meeting held at Salt Lake City, Utah, July 5-11, 1913. $2 '13 D. W. Springer, sec., Ann Arbor, Mich.

Nearing, Scott. Income. *$1:25 '15 Macmillan ‡New York state agricultural society. Proceedings of the 74th annual meeting, 1914. N Y Agric Bul 60:1441-1715 Je '14

Nostrums and quackery. $1.50 '12 Am. medical


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Pine, John B., ed. Seal and flag of the city of New York. *$1 '15 Putnam

Poe, Clarence. How farmers co-operate and double profits. *$1.50 '15 Judd

Powell, George Harold. Cooperation in agriculture. *$1.50 '13 Macmillan

Pray, J. S. and Kimball, Theodora. City planning. $1 '13 Harvard univ. press Prosser, Charles Allen. Teacher and old age.

*60c '13 Houghton

Putnam, Helen C. School janitors, mothers and health. $1 '13 American academy of medicine, 52 N. 4th st., Easton, Pa.

Putnam-Jacobi, Mary. "Common sense" applied to woman suffrage. *$1 '15 Putnam


William Perry. Conservation of the health, teeth, voice, hearing and sight. 15c '12 W: P. Reaves, Greensboro, N. Č. #Reed. Thomas H. Government for the people. *$1.50 '15 Huebsch

Reely, Mary Katharine, comp. Selected articles on immigration. *$1 '15 Wilson

Reeves, Edith. Care and education of crippled children in the United States. $2 '14 Survey associates

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List of Books Indexed-Continued

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Savoy, I. G., and Teck, M. O. A B C of socialism (including the A B C of economics). pa *25c, cl *50c 15 Badger, R: G. Schneider, Herman. Education for industrial workers. 90c '15 World

Schoff, Hannah Kent. Wayward child. *$1.00 '15 Bobbs

Seligman, E. R. A. Income tax. 2d ed. *$3. '14 Macmillan

Shields, Charles H. Single tax exposed. 7th ed '14 C: H. Shields, Seattle, Wash. Shurtleff, Flavel, and Olmsted, Frederick Law, Carrying out the city plan. $2 '14 Survey associates

Sloane, William M. Party government in the United States of America. *$2 '14 Harper Somerndike, J. M. By-products of the rural Sunday school. *60c '14 Westminster press, Philadelphia

Stein, Milton Frederick. Water purification

plants and their operation. $2.50 '15 Wiley Stevens, Frederic B. History of the Savings banks association of the state of New York. $5; autograph ed $10. '15 Doubleday Sturges, Kenneth M. American chambers of commerce. *$2.00 '15 Moffat


Suffern, Arthur E. Conciliation and arbitration
in the coal industry of America. *$2
Sullivan, Joe F. Unheard cry. $1.50 '14 Smith &

Swain, George Fillmore. Conservation of water by storage. $3 '15 Yale univ. press

Taft, William H. Anti-trust act and the Supreme court. *$1.25 '14 Harper

Taylor, Charles Keen. Physical examination and training of children. *$1 '14 Winston Thompson, F. V. Commercial education in public secondary schools. $1.50 '15 World bk. co. Thorpe, Merle, ed. The coming newspaper. *$1.40 '15 Holt

Tipper, Harry. The new business. *$2.00 '14 Doubleday

Toulmin, Harry Aubrey, jr. City manager. *$1.50 '15 Appleton

#Van Kleeck, Mary. Working girls in evening schools. $1.50 '14 Survey associates

Veiller, Lawrence. Model housing law. *$2 '14 Survey associates

Wallin, J. E. Wallace. Mental health of the school child. *$2 '14 Yale univ. press Walsh, Correa Moylan. Political science of John Adams. *$2.25 '15 Putnam

Wardall, Ruth A., and White, Edna Noble. Study of foods. 70c '14 Ginn

Whitin, Ernest Stagg. Caged man. pa $1.50 '13 Acad. of political science, Columbia univ., N. Y.

Wiley, Harvey W. 1001 tests of foods, beverages and toilet accessories. *$1.25 '14 Hearst's international library co., 119 W. 40th st., N. Y.

Williams, Aneurin. Co-partnership and profitsharing. *50c '14 Holt

Wills, Henry T. Scientific tariff making. $1 '13 Blanchard press, 418-426 W. 25th st., N. Y. Women's educational and industrial union, Boston. Dept. of research. Public schools and women in office service. *80c '14 Women's educ. and ind. union

Worcester, Alfred. Nurses for our neighbors. *$1.25 '14 Houghton

#Young, James T. New American government and its work. $2.25 '15 Macmillan ‡Zartman, Lester W., ed. Life insurance. *$2.25 '14 Yale univ. press

‡Zartman, Lester W., ed. Property insurance. $2.25 '14 Yale univ. press

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Public Affairs Information


Annual Cumulation of printed Bulletins issued October, 1914, to October, 1915, together with many of the mimeographed entries issued during the previous year

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Comparative study of the intelligence of delinquent girls. A. F. Bronner. 95p $1 '14 Teachers college, Columbia university Holding the stop watch on crime: Chicago employs a physician to test the mentality of criminals by asking them a series of questions and seeing how long it takes them to answer. St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat (St. Louis, Mo.)

Article describes the results accomplished by the psychopathic laboratory Laboratory in the study and treatment of crime. V. V. Anderson. Boston Medical and Surgical J (W. M. Leonard, pub., 101 Tremont st., Boston) 171:803-8 N 26 '14

Individuals, in whom there is a serious question as to whether they really know the nature and quality of the act which they have committed and for which they have been arraigned, demand, in the name of common justice, that a scientific estimate of their capacity for "free moral action" be made

Mental examination of reformatory cases. F. Kuhlmann. 12p '14 F. Kuhlmann, Minn. school for feeble-minded, Faribault

An address before the American prison assn., St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 1914 -Same. J Crim Law 5:666-74 Ja '15 Mental tests and practical judgments. L. A. Carley. J Crim Law 6:249-59 JI '15 Psychological tests as applied to the criminal women. J. Weidensall. Psychol R 21:370-5 S Psychological work with offenders for the courts. W. Healy. In Nat. conf. of charities and correction. Proceedings, 1914, p 298-306 Review of Meumann on tests of endowment. L. M. Terman. J Psycho-Asthenics 19:75-94 D '14


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Binet-Simon measuring scale for intelligence: an annotated bibliography. S: C. Kohs. 3 pts. J Educ Psychol v 5 Ap-Je '14

Absent voting
Absent voting. W. T. Donaldson and L. H.
Roseberry. Nat Munic R 3:733-7 O '14


Gives concrete information from a personal California-Voting by absent electors. Initiated law. Rejected. Yes 244,855 No 390,337 N '14 Canada-Soldiers' suffrage bill was passed in the last hours of the session of parliament just closed at Ottawa, with a provision making the consent of Lord Kitchener a preliminary to the vote at the front being taken (Ap 20 '15)

Compulsory voting and absent voting, with bibliographies. W. T. Donaldson. Ohio Leg

Ref Dept Bul no 1 35p '14 Michigan-Allowing all qualified electors in army or navy, in any institution of learning or any member of the legislature while in attendance at any session of the legislature or commercial traveler to vote regardless of his absence from the township road or state in which he resides. Constitutional amendment. Adopted. Yes 190,510 No 175,948 N '14 Review of existing legislation providing for voting by absent voters. P. O. Ray. Am Pol Sci R 8:442-5 Ag '14

[Texas-Proposed constitutional amendment for absentee voting to be voted upon July 24, 1915] (H JR 1) Dallas News (Dallas, Texas) p 6 My 9 '15

Governors' messages, 1915 Florida-Gov. Trammell recommends that traveling men, railroad employees, etc. be allowed to vote when absent from home Ohio-Gov. Willis urges system of registering and voting by mail, carefully drawn to prevent fraud; students voting law, disenfranchising students, should be repealed

Accident insurance. See Insurance, Casualty; Insurance, Liability; Workmen's compensation


Chicago. Il-Public safety comm. and coroner's office are waging a safety first campaign and publish a "Public safety bulletin." This succeeds the mimeographed bulletin issued in 1914 as "Coroner's safety bulletin." Chicago and Cook co., Ill. Public safety comm. [Communication in regard to "safety first" released after the overturning of the Eastland]. 2p '15 (Mim)

Maintains that one of the greatest needs is "discipline of the mind" National safety movement. R. W. Campbell, pres. Nat. council for industrial safety. Chicago City Club Bul 7:205-10 Je 15 '14

Address to the City Club, April 17, on the movement which has been launched to cut down the appalling toll of accidents, industrial and non-industrial, of the nation Safety crusade in Brooklyn. Mrs. J. P. McCall. Am City 12:305-8 Ap '15

Safety first society of New York is working to prevent all kinds of accidents. Frederick H. Elliott, sec., N. Y.

Stair and sidewalk hazards. Am, museum of safety. 4p '15 Am. abrasive metals co., N. Y.

Extracts reprinted from the report to the Mayor's safety committee, New York City

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Things you must know for safety. 170p 25c '15 Public safety comm. of Chicago and Cook county, 10 South La Salle st., Chicago, Ill.

See also Accidents; Electricity; Employers liability; Fourth of July; Garages-Safety regulations; Gas-Accidents; Laundries; Mines-Accidents; Motor vehicles-Accidents; Moving picture theaters; Printing

offices; Railroads-Accidents; RailroadsSafety devices; Railroads-Trespass; Social legislation; Street railroads-Safety devices; Workmen's compensation

Accidents, Industrial

Accidents. In N. A. Brisco. Economics of efficiency, p 252-83

Industrial accidents and accident prevention: part 2 of the 13th biennial rept. of the bureau of labor, industries and commerce of the state of Minnesota, 1911-1912. D. D. Lescohier. 69-279 p '12

Industrial accidents in Ohio, January 1 to June 30, 1914. (Dept of investigation and statistics Rept no 4) 324p '15 Ohio industrial comm.

Ohio-In order that information may be available to assist employers and employes in devising means and adopting plans for the prevention of industrial accidents, the Department of investigation and statistics of the Ohio industrial commission will from time to time issue bulletins pertaining to specific localities, specific industries, or specific causes of accidents. It has already issued bulletins on Industrial accidents Montgomery, Franklin, Mahoning and Stark counties Prudential insurance co. has published two charts: one, Fatal industrial accidents, estimate for the U. S. for 1913: the other, Mortality from accidents, Prudential industrial experience, 1904-1913


Social significance of industrial accidents and occupational diseases. T: J. Riley. N Y City Health Dept Bul 5:3-12 Ja '15 Washington-First aid by employer for his workmen injured in extra hazardous employment. Initiated law. Rejected. Yes 143,738 No 154,166 N '14

Wisconsin industrial comm. issues a series of Shop bulletins, each dealing with some form of industrial accidents and diseases and their prevention

See also Employers' liability; Social legislation; Workmen's compensation; names of various industries

Governors' messages, 1915

California-Gov. Johnson discusses work of compensation and safety departments industrial accident commission



Accidents: their causes and prevention. J. B. Douglas. In Am gas institute. Proceedings, 1913, pt 1, p 213-63

American museum of safety. Arthur Williams. 10p '15 Am. museum of safety, 29 W. 39th st., N. Y.

Annual address of the president presented at the annual meeting, Feb. 10, 1915 American museum of safety, 14 W. 24th st., N. Y., has for its object the prevention of accidents, the elimination or lessening of occupational diseases and the promotion of industrial welfare through health, efficiency and cooperation; it conducts investigations and answers inquiries on all subjects relating to accident prevention and health promotion. Plans and suggestions for starting safety work, organizing safety committees or arranging for illustrated lectures may be obtained from it. It issues a set of pamphlets on different subjects, such as Accident prevention, Alcoholism in industry, Yard practice, Foundry practice, etc. Brief submitted by the Hudson and Manhattan railroad company in competition for the Brady medals of the American museum of safety. Safety sup 15p Mr '15

Bureau of labor safety: report of Committee on labor, to which was referred the bill (HR 10735) to create a bureau of labor

safety in the department of labor. (U S 63d Cong 2d sess H rept 167) 14p Ja 16 '14 Employee and accident prevention: a practical manual for the worker. 40p '14 Travelers insurance co., Hartford, Conn.

General orders on safety. Ind Comm of Wisconsin Bul 19p Ag 1 '15 Wis. Industrial comm., Madison


German experience in accident prevention. H. G. Villard and P. T. Sherman. 18p Ja '14 Workmen's comp. pub. bur. How accidents may be prevented. F. C. Henderschott. In Am. electric railway claims assn. Proceedings, 1914, p 87-93 -Same. In Am. electric railway engineering Proceedings, 1914, p 156-62 -Same. In Am. electric railway transportation and traffic assn. Proceedings, 1914, p 182-8 Hygiene and machinery hazards. C. T. Graham-Rogers. In Industrial medicine: papers and discussions presented at the annual meeting of the American academy of medicine, 1914. p 27-30 Massachusetts. Industrial accident board. Invitation to the employers of Massachusetts to organize for safety and an offer of assistance by the Industrial accident board. (Bul no 9) 17p '14

National assn. of corp. schools. Com. on safety, hygiene and cooperation. Report [made at the] 3d annual convention, Worcester, Mass., June 8-11, 1915. 15p Je 10 '15 National assn. of manufacturers. Com. on accident prevention and workmen's compensation. Report presented at the 19th annual meeting, N. Y., May 19-20, 1914. 8p '14

A summary of the committee's special pamphlets and booklets which were published from May 1913, to May 1914, p 5-8 Organization of safety work in industrial plants. 80p '14 Travelers insurance co., Hartford, Conn.

Reaching the men and reducing accidents. R. J. Young. 30p il Nat. council for industrial safety, Chicago

Illustrated address before the Merchants and manufacturers assn., Feb. 16, 1914, Milwaukee Rochester, N. Y.-Junior safety council has been formed to train school boys in safety work. The plan is meeting with favor among employers (Je 25 '15) Rules and regulations in operating plants: carelessness and recklessness. J: B. Lowman. In Industrial medicine: papers and discussions presented at the annual meeting of the American academy of medicine, 1914, p 114-25 Safety first movement in factories, mills and workshops in the state of Washington. 24p '14 Wash. state bur. of labor, Olympia Safety standards of the industrial board. '15. Penn. Dept. of labor and industry


A set of bulletins on power transmission machinery, standard railings, etc. Safety standards of the industrial board pertaining to various subjects are published from time to time in the monthly bulletin of the Pennsylvania dept. of labor industry Securing safety and sanitation by cooperation of employer and employe with state department, by J. D. Beck; Accident prevention: organization, safe-guarding, education, by L. R. Palmer. In Assn. of governmental labor officials of the U. S. and Canada. Proceedings of the first annual convention, 1914, p 105-23

Standard requirements for safety. 84p S 12 U. S. steel corporation, 71 Broadway, N. Y. Third annual council for industrial safety was held in Chicago in Oct. 14. National Compensation Journal, Lansing, Mich., gives a full summary of the meetings in its October, 1914, issue

Wisconsin's movement for industrial safety. Ind Comm of Wisconsin Bul 14p Jl 1 '15. Wis. Industrial comm., Madison

Bulletins Bureau of safety, relief, sanitation and welfare of the United States steel corporation, 71 Broadway, N. Y.. issues bulletins at irregular intervals. The bureau has now


been in operation five years and was installed primarily for the benefit of the subsidiary companies of the corporation. Bul. 4, November, 1913, describes the Bureau Milwaukee-Western fuel co. publishes monthly The Transfer, in the interests of employees. It is devoted to safety; contains recommendations made by the safety committees of each yard, records of all accidents and their causes, and suggestions for the prevention of accidents

National founders' association publishes a monthly bulletin called the N. F. A. safety bulletin. Each number takes up some phase of the safety question. 5c per copy Pennsylvania dept. of labor and industry publishes a monthly bulletin, by means of which it intends to bring before the public different articles and items bearing on all phases of the safety movement. Beginning with the March, 1915, number it is publishing a series of articles dealing with phases of the safety work of several of the companies in the state. Those at the head of safety movements in their respective plants are asked to send in news items concerning the work accomplished or being undertaken along safety, sanitary or welfare lines Safety: monthly bulletin of the American museum of safety, 29 W. 39th st., N. Y. Free to members, 15c a copy

Contains articles, addresses, information relative to museum medals, etc. Travelers' Standard, a monthly pamphlet issued by the Travelers' insurance company, Hartford, Conn., contains articles regarding industrial safety, etc.


First international exposition of safety and sanitation, Dec. 11-20, 1913, in N. Y., under the auspices of the American museum of safety, 29 W. 39th st., N. Y.

Exhibits of accident prevention, hygiene, occupational diseases and industrial poisons, communicable diseases, water supplies, industrial dietetics, first aid to the injured, alcoholism; classes for the blind, deaf and crippled children

United States steel corporation. Bur. of safety, sanitation and welfare. [Reproductions of a part of the bureau's exhibit at the Panama-Pacific exposition] (Bul no 5) 105 p il D '14 U. S. steel corporation, 71 Broadway, N. Y.

Individual industries Accident prevention at docks and wharves. Travelers Standard 3:49-58 Mr '15 Accident prevention in brickmaking. 80p il '15 Travelers insurance co., Hartford, Conn. Accident prevention in building construction. A. E. Davidson. Safety 3:107-11 Ap '15 Accident prevention in paper mills. 36p '14 Travelers insurance co., Hartford, Conn. Accident prevention in weave rooms. il Travelers Standard 2:227-34 N '14 Accident prevention on the farm. 48p '14 Travelers insurance co., Hartford, Conn. Dangerous machines in the metal trades. H. C. Dwight. Child Labor Bul 3 sec 1:66-75

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Starting small gas-engines. il Travelers Standard 2:254-6 D '14

United States safety appliances for all classes of cars and locomotives, pub. for Master car builders' assn. (M. C. B. ed.) 111p '15 Gibson, Pribble & co., Richmond, Va.


Accidents and diseases. Am Labor Leg R 4: 429-47 N '14

Victoria, Australia-An amendment to the factories act, Dec. 1, 1914, provides that no female unless her hair be cut short or confined close to her head, and no male wearing any apron or loose garment shall work among or near moving machinery; also, that if any person operates machinery without the proper guard, both the person using it and the factory occupier are guilty of an offense

Underwriters' laboratories Organization, purpose and methods of underwriters' laboratories. il In Nat. bd. of fire underwriters. Proceedings of the 49th annual meeting, 1915, insert 3-38p

The object of Underwriters' laboratories is to bring to the user the best obtainable opinion on the merits of appliances, devices, machines and materials in respect to life and fire hazards and accident prevention Statistics

Industrial accident statistics.
Statistics Bul no 157 210p '15

U S Bur Labor

Contains general accident problem in the U. S.; occupational accident mortality statistics in the U. S.; industrial accident statistics of N. Y., Mass., Ill., Wis., Great Britain and Norway; industrial accidents in the mineral industries; industrial accident insurance experience of Germany and Austria. The appendix gives official classification of industrial accidents, by causes Statistics of industrial accidents in 1912 and 1913. N Y Labor Bul 68 175p D '14

Uniform reporting

Industrial safety; uniform reporting of industrial accidents. Am Labor Leg R 4:555-66 D '14

Accidents, Traffic National highways protective soc. Report on traffic accidents for the states of New York and New Jersey, for the year 1913. 10p (Mim) E. S. Cornell, sec., 1 W. 34th st., N. Y.

Grade crossing accidents in N. Y. (state) and New Jersey are reported and a comparative number of fatalities due to street traffic in principal cities of New York and New Jersey; also the figures for prominent European cities for 1912

National highways protective society (1 W. 34th st., N. Y.) sends out, thru the press, the first of every month a report of vehicular traffic accidents. It has done this since 1909 (S 17 '15)

Return, showing number of accidents resulting in death or personal injury caused by vehicles in streets, roads or public places, during the year ending Dec. 31, 1913. (British blue books. HC 133) 16p 2d '14 P. S. King & sons, London See also Motor vehicles-Accidents Accidents causing death

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