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Key to Periodical References-Continued Chicago City Club Bul. City Club Bulletin. I B A of A Bul, Investment Bankers Associa

Single numbers 10c. City Club of Chicago, 315 tion of America Bulletin. Investment bankers Plymouth court, Chicago

assn. of America, 111 W. Monroe st., Chicago Chicago City Council J. Journal of the Proceed- Iowa J Hist and Pol. Iowa Journal of His

ings of the City Council of the City of Chi- tory and Politics. $2; single numbers 50c. cago, Illinois. City clerk, Chicago, Ill.

Iowa State Historical Society, Iowa City Child Labor Bul. The Child Labor Bulletin. $2. JH U Studies. Johns Hopkins University Stud

National Child Labor Committee, 105 E. 22d ies in Historical and Political Science. $3. St., N. Y.

Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, Md. Cleveland City Record (weekly). 50c per year. J Account-Journal of Accountancy. $3; single Clerk of the council, 304 City Hall

numbers 30c. The Ronald Press Co., CoopersColumbia Law R. Columbia Law Review. $2.50; town, N. Y.

single numbers 35c. Columbia Law Review, J Am Bankers Assn. Journal of the American Columbia Univ., N. Y.

Bankers Assn. (including Bulletin of

the Econ J. Economic Journal: the quarterly journal

A. I. B.) $1 American Bankers Assn., 5 of the Royal Economic Society. single num

Nassau st., N. Y. bers 5s net. Macmillan & Co., Ltd., St. Mar- J Crim Law. Journal of the American Institute tin's St., London, W. C.

of Criminal Law and Criminology. $3; single Annual subscription, together with any numbers 600. American Institute of Criminal other occasional publications of the Society, Law and Criminology, 31 West Lake can be obtained direct from the Secretary, 9 Chicago, III. Adelphi Terrace, London, W. C., at an in- J Educ Psychol. Journal of Educational Psyclusive charge of $5; to libraries, $4.50

chology. $2.50; single numbers 30c. Journal Econ R. Economic Review. 10s; single numbers of Educational Psychology, Warwick & York, 3s. Rivingtons, 34 King St., Covent Garden,

Inc., Baltimore, Md. London, W. C. (Publication temporarily sus- J Geog. Journal of Geography. $1; single numpended.)

bers 15c. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Educa. Education. $3; single numbers


Wis. Palmer Co., 120 Boylston St., Boston

J Home Econ. Journal of Home Economics. $2; Educ R. Educational Review. $3; single num

single numbers 50c. American Home Econombers 35c. Educational Review Pub. Co., Co

ics Assn., Roland Park Branch, Baltimore, Md. lumbia University, N. Y.

J Pol Econ. Journal of Political Economy. $3; Elec Ry J. Electric Railway Journal. $3; sin

single numbers 35c. University Chicago Press, gle numbers 10c. McGraw Pub. Co., 239 W. 39th

Chicago, Ill. St., N. Y.

J Psycho-Asthenics. Journal of Psycho-AsthenEng & Contr. Engineering and contracting. $2

ics. $1; single numbers 30c. Am. assn. for the Myron C. Clark Pub Co., 608 S Dearborn St.,

study of the feeble-minded, Dr. A. C. Rogers, Chicago

Faribault, Minn. Eng N. Engineering News. $5; single numbers

Kan Munic. Kansas Municipalities. $2; single 150. Hill Pub. Co., 505 Pearl St., N. Y.

numbers 25c. Official organ, of the League

of Kansas Municipalities, Fraser Hall, LawEng Rec. Engineering Record. $3; single num

rence, Kansas bers 100 McGraw Pub. Co., 239 W. 39th St., N. Y.

Kansas Univ Bul. Bulletin of the University English R. English Review, 12s. 6d.; single num

of Kansas, Lawrence bers is net. 17-21 Tavistock St., Covent Gar

Law Lib J. Index to Legal Periodicals and Law den, London, W. C.

Library Journal. $5. H. W. Wilson Co., White

Plains, N. Y. Farmers' Bul. United States Department of

Agriculture. Farmers' bulletins. gratis. Sec- L R A. Lawyers' Reports, Annotated. $24. Lawretary of agriculture

yers' Cooperative Pub. Co., Rochester, N. Y. ter N Y. Greater New York. Merchants'

Legal Aid R. Legal Aid Review, Legal Aid iation, New York

Society, 239 Broadway, N. Y. 1 M. Harvard Graduates' Magazine.

Maine Agric Pi waine. Department of Agri

culture Bulletin. Maine. numbers 85c. 99 State St., Boston

Dept. of Agric.,

Harvard Law Review. $2.54,



Train. Manual Training and Vocational Education. $2; single numbers 35c. The

Manual Arts Press, Peoria, Ill.
of Business Research Bul.
erre Bureau of Business Research,

Mass Labor Bul. Massachusetts Bureau of Statuate School of Business Administration,

tistics. Labor Bulletin. Boston, Mass. Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Mass Pub Health Bul. Public Health Bulletin, Horseless Age. Horseless Age. $2; single num

issued monthly. State department of health,

Boston bers 10c. Horseless Age Co., 250 W. 54th St., N. Y.

Mellon Inst Smoke Investigation Bul. Smoke Immigrants in Am R. Immigrants in America

Investigation Bulletin. Mellon Institute of InReview. $2; single numbers 50c. Committee

dustrial Research and School of Specific Infor immigrants in America, 95 Madison Ave.,

dustries, University of Pittsburgh, Pa. N. Y. city.

Mich Univ Bul. University of Michigan. UniIndiana Bul Char and Correc. Indiana Bulletin versity Bulletin, Ann Arbor, Mich.

of Charities and Correction. Published quar- Minn Bd of Control Quar. Quarterly representing terly. Board of State Charities of Indiana, the Minnesota Educational, Philanthropic, Room 93, State house, Indianapolis


and Penal Institutions under Indiana Univ Bul Exten Div. Indiana Univer- the State Board of Control, St. Paul. State sity Bulletin, Extension Division, Blooming

Bd. of Control, St. Paul ton. Ind.

Minn Univ Agric Exp Sta Bul. University of Information Quar. Information Quarterly: a di

Minnesota. Agricultural Experiment Station, gest of current events. $2; with Information, Bulletin. University Farm, St. Paul monthly, $4. R. R. Bowker co., 241 W. 37th

Minn Univ Cur Prob. University of Minnesota. st., N. Y.

Current Problems. Apply to Librarian, Univ. Inst Q. Institution Quarterly: an Official Organ of Minnesota

of the Public Charity Service of Illinois. A. L. Bowen, Springfield, Ill.

Monthly R. Monthly Review of the U. S. Bureau

of Labor Statistics, Washington, D. C. Int J Ethics. International Journal of Ethics.

$2.50; single numbers 65c. 1324 Spruce St., Moody. Moody's Magazine. $3; single numbers Philadelphia

25c. 35 Nassau St., New York

Key to Periodical References-Continued
Motordom. Motordom. $1; single copies 10c. Pol Sci Q. Political Science Quarterly. $3. Ginn

Motordom Pub. Co., 110 State St., Albany, & Co., 70 5th av. N. Y.
N. Y.

Power. Power. $2; single numbers 50. Hill Pub. Munic Eng—Municipal Engineering. $2; single Co., 10th Av. at 36th St., N. Y.

numbers 25c. Engineering Pub. Co., Indian- Proc Acad Pol Sci. Proceedings of the Academy apolis Ind.

of Political Science. Quarterly. Dues $5. Munic J. Municipal Journal. $3; single numbers Academy of Political Science, Kent Hall, Co100. Municipal Journal and Engineer, Inc., 50

lumbia University, N. Y. Union Square, N. Y.

Pub Health (Mich.). Public Health. Michigan Munic Research. Municipal Research. $5. Issued

State Board of Health, Lansing monthly by the Bureau of Municipal Re- Public Service. Public Service Magazine. $2; search, 261 Broadway, N. Y.

single numbers 20c. H. J. Gonden, 122 S.

Michigan Av., Chicago Nat League on Urban Conditions among Negroes

Bul. Bulletin of National League on Urban Q J Econ. Quarterly Journal of Economics. $3. Conditions among Negroes, 2303 7th Av., N. Y. Harvard univ. press, 2 University Hall, Cam

bridge, Mass. Nat Munic R. National Municipal Review. $5; single numbers $1.25. National Municipal

Quar J Univ N Dak. The Quarterly Journal of League, North American Bldg., Philadelphia

the University of North Dakota. Univ. of

North Dakota, University Nat Real Estate J. National Real Estate Journal. $1; single numbers 10c. St. Paul, Minn.

Ry Age. Railway Age Gazette. $5; single num

bers 150 Simmons-Boardman Pub Co., WoolNation's Business. $1; single numbers 10c. worth Bldg., N. Y.

Chamber of commerce of the U. S. A., Riggs R of Rs. Review of Reviews. $3; single numbldg., Washington, D. C.

bers 25c. Review of Reviews Co., 30 Irving Nature. Nature. £1 10s 60; single numbers 6d. place, N. Y.

Macmillan & Co., Ltd., St. Martin's St., Lon- Rough Notes. $2; single numbers 10c. Rough don, W. C.

Notes Co., Indianapolis, Ind. Neb Legis Ref Bur Bul. Nebraska Legislative

Safety: monthly bulletin issued by the AmeriReference Bureau Bulletin, Lincoln, Neb.

can Museum of Safety, 14-18 West 24th St., New Republic. The New Republic. $4: single

N. Y., 15c a copy; free to members numbers 10c. Republic Publishing Co., 421 School and Soc. School and Society. $3, Science W 21st St., N. Y.

Press, Chicago NY Agric Bul. New York Department of Agri- School R. School Review. $1.50; single numbers

culture Bulletin. N. Y. Dept. of Agric., Albany 20c. University of Chicago press N Y Agric Circ. New York. Department of Agri- School Sci and Math. School Science and Mathe

culture. Circular. N. Y. Dept. of Agric, Al- matics. $2; single numbers 25c. 2059 E. 720 bany

Place, Chicago
N Y City Health Dept Bul. Monthly Bulletin of Sewanee R. Sewanee Review. $2; single num-

the Department of Health of the City of New bers 500. Sewanee, Tennessee
York. Department of Health, 149 Centre st.,
N. Y.

Social Hygiene. $2; single numbers 50c. Ameri

can Social Hygiene Assn., 105 W. 40th st., N Y City Rec. City Record: official journal of N. Y.

the city of New York. $9.30; single copies 3c. Board of city record, supervisor's office, Mu

Soc Leg Bul. Bulletin of Social Legislation on nicipal bldg., 8th floor, N. Y.

the Henry Bergh Foundation for the Promo

tion of Humane Education. Single number N Y Highway News. New York Highway News. $1. Columbia Univ. press, Columbia Univ.,

gratis. New York State Highway Commission N. Y. N Y Labor Bul. New York State Department Southern Workman. $1; single numbers 10c. of Labor Bulletin, Albany

Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, No Am. North American Review. $4; single

Hampton, Va. numbers 350. North American Review Pub. Special Libraries. $2; single numbers 25c. SpeCo., Franklin Square, N. Y.

cial Libraries Association, 93 Broad st., Boston North Carolina High School Bul. North Caro- Survey. Survey. $3; single numbers 10c. Survey

lina High School Bulletin. 50c University of Associates, 105 E 220 St., N. Y. North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C.

Teach Col Rec. Teachers College Record. $1; Ohio Bul Char & Correc. Ohio Bulletin of single numbers 30c. 525 W. 120th St., N. Y. Charities and Correction. Subscription free.

Texas Munic. H. H. Shirer, ed., 1010 Hartman bldg., Co

Texas Municipalities. League of lumbus, O.

Texas Municipalities, Herman G. James, sec.

treas., Bureau of Municipal Research, UniOhio Pub Health J. Ohio Public Health Journal.

versity of Texas, Austin Ohio. State Board of Health, Columbus, Ohio

Tex Univ Exten Bul. University of Texas BulOkla Univ Exten Bul. Bulletin of the Univer- letin. Extension series. Austin, Texas

sity of Oklahoma, University extension series. University of Oklahoma, Norman

Travelers Standard. Travelers Insurance Co.,

Hartford, Conn. Outlook. Outlook. $3; single numbers 10c. Out

U S Bur Animal Industry Circ. United States look Co. 287 4th av., New York

Bureau of Animal Industry Circular, WashPacific Munic. Pacific Municipalities, Official

ington, D. C. organ of the League of the Pacific Northwest U S Bur Census Bul. United States Bureau of

Municipalities. Pacific bldg., San Francisco the Census Bulletin, Washington, D. C. Pennsylvania Dept Labor and Industry Bul. U S Bur Educ Bul. United States Bureau of

Monthly Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Depart- Education Bulletin, Washington, D. C. ment of Labor and Industry. Dept. of Labor

US Bur For & Dom Com. United States Bureau and Industry, Harrisburg

of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, WashingPhil Pub Ledger. Philadelphia Public Ledger. ton, D. C.

wkly $3 Sunday $2.50. Independence Square, U S Bur Labor Statistics Bul. United States Philadelphia

Bureau of Labor Statistics Bulletin, WashingPlayground. Playground. $2; single numbers 25c.

ton, D. C. Playground and Recreation Association of U S Bur Mines Bul. United States Bureau of America, 1 Madison Av., New York

Mines Bulletin, Washington, D. C.

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Key to Periodical References --Continued US Bur of Stand Circ. Circular of the Bureau Wash Univ Extension J. University Extension

of Standards, Dept. of Commerce, Washington Journal, Extension Division, University of UŞ Commerce Repts. Commerce Reports. U. S.

Washington, Seattle Dept. of Commerce, Washington, D. C. Wisconsin Munic. Wisconsin Municipality. $1; U S Daily Consular and Trade Repts. Daily

single numbers 150 League of Wisconsin Consular and Trade Reports. U S Dept. of

Municipalities, Madison, Wis. Commerce, Washington, D. C.

Wyoming Univ Bul. University of Wyoming US Dept Agric Bul. United States. Department

Bulletin. Issued bi-monthly. University of of Agriculture Bulletin, Washington, D. C.

Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming U S Pub Health Repts. United States Public

Yale L J. Yale Law Journal. $2.50; single Health Service. Public Health Report, Wash- numbers 25c. Frank Kenna, New Haven, Conn. ington, D. C.

Yale R n s. Yale Review, new series. $2.50; Wash Univ Bul. University of Washington Bul- single numbers 75c. Yale Pub. Association, 135 letin. University of Washington, Seattle

Elm St., New Haven, Conn.

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Directory of Publishers

Alexander Hamilton inst., Research dept. Alex

ander Hamilton Institute, Research Depart

ment, 13 Astor Place, New York Am. assn. for labor legislation. American Asso

ciation for Labor Legislation, 131 E. 23d St.,

N. Y. Am. assn. on unemployment. American Associ

ation on Unemployment (American section of the International Association) 131 E. 230

St., N. Y. Am. bk. American Book Co., 100 Washington

Square, N. Y.; 1104 S. Wabash Av., Chicago Am. medical assn. American Medical Associa

tion, 535 N. Dearborn St., Chicago Am. soc. hygiene assn. American Social Hygiene Association, 105 W. 40th st., N. Y.; Walter Clarke, 332 S. Michigan av., Chicago; T: D.

Eliot, Phelan bldg., San Francisco Am. soc. of munic. improvements. American $o

ciety of Municipal Improvements. Chas. C. Brown, sec., 702 Wulsin bldg., Indianapolis,

Ind. Am. tel. & tel. co. American Telephone and

Telegraph Co., 15 Dey St., N. Y. Appleton. Daniel Appleton & Co., 29-35 W. 320

St., N. Y.; 533 S. Wabash Av., Chicago. Assn. of life insurance presidents. Association

of Life Insurance Presidents, 1 Madison Av.,

New York Assn. press. Association Press, 124 E. 28th St.,

N. Y. Badger, R: G. Richard G. Badger. (The Gorham

Press), 194-200 Boylston st., Boston, Mass. Bender-Moss co., 11 City Hall Av., San Fran

cisco, Cal. Bobbs. Bobbs-Merrill Co., 9 and 11 W. Washing

ton St., Indianapolis, Ind. Boston bk. Boston Book Co., 83-91 Francis St.,

Boston. Bur. of railway econ. Bureau of railway eco

nomics, 429 Homer bldg., Washington, D. C. California. Commission of Immigration and

Housing, Underwood Bldg., 525 Market St.,

San Francisco Century. Century Co., 353 4th Av., N. Y. Chicago munic. ref. lib. Chicago Municipal

Reference Library, 1005 City Hall, Chicago City club of Chicago, 315 Plymouth court, Chi

cago Civil service chronicle, 33 Park Row, N. Y. Columbia univ. press, Columbia university, N. Y. Commissioners on uniform state laws. Charles

Thaddeus Terry, pres., 100 Broadway, N. Y. Commonwealth club of Cal., Room 402, 153

Kearny St., San Francisco Crowell. T. Y. Crowell Co., 426-428 West Broad

way, N. Y.

Dayton Bur Munic Research. Bureau of Muni

cipal Research, 2d Floor, U. B. Bldg., Dayton,

Ohio Dodd. Dodd, Mead & Co., 4th Av., & 30th St.,

N. Y. Doubleday. Doubleday, Page & Co., Garden

City, N. Y. Dutton. E. P. Dutton & Co., 681 5th Av., N. Y. Eng. Mag. Engineering Magazine, 140-142 Nas

sau st., N. Y. General educ. bd. General education board, 61

Broadway, N. Y. Ginn. Ginn & Co., 29 Beacon St., Boston; 2301

2311 Prairie Av., Chicago; 70 5th Ay., N. Y. Hampton normal and agric., inst. Hampton

Normal and Agricultural Institute, Hamp

ton, Virginia Harper. Harper & Brothers, Franklin Square,

N. Y. Harvard univ. press. Harvard University Press,

2 University Hall, Cambridge, Mass. Hearst's int. lib. Hearst's International Library

Co., 119 W. 40th St., N. Y. Holt. Henry Holt & Co., 34 W. 33d St., N. Y. Houghton. Houghton, Mifflin Co., 4 Park St.,

Boston; 16 E. 40th St., N. Y.; 623 S. Wabash

AV., Chicago Huebsch. B. W. Huebsch, New York Insurance field co., Louisville, Ky. Joint bd. of sanitary control. Joint board of

sanitary control in the cloak, suit and skirt, and the dress and waist industries. Dr. Henry

Moskowitz, sec., 31 Union sq., N. Y. Judd. Orange Judd Co., 315 4th av. N. Y. Lawyers' co-op. Lawyers' Co-operative Pub. Co.,

Rochester, N. Y.; 505 Lakeside Bldg., Chicago. Lemcke. Lemcke & Buechner, 30-32 W. 27th St.,

N. Y. Life extension inst. Life Extension Institute,

Inc., Jas. D. Lennehan, sec., 25 W. 45th St.,

N. Y. Lippincott. J. B. Lippincott Co., East Wash

ington Square, Philadelphia Little. Little, Brown & Co., 34 Beacon st.,

Boston Longmans. Longmans, Green & Co., 443-449 4th

Av., Cor. 30th St., N. Y. McClurg. A. C. McClurg & Co., 330-352 E. Ohio

St., Chicago. Macmillan. The Macmillan Co., 66 5th Av., N. Y. Mass. Industrial accident bd. Massachusetts.

Industrial Accident Board, New Albion Bldg.,

1 Beacon St., Boston. Mass. Supt. of docs. Massachusetts. Superin

tendent of documents, Boston Moffat. Moffat, Yard & Co., 116-120 W. 32d st.,

N. Y.

asion - af


Directory of Publishers-Continued Munic. ownership pub. co. Municipal Owner- Princeton univ. press. Princeton, N. J. ship Publishing Co., 17 E. 38th st., N. Y.

Putnam. G. P. Putnam's Sons, Putnam Bldg., Nat. Am. woman suffrage assn. National Amer- 2-6 W. 45th St., N. Y. ican woman suffrage association, 505 5th av.,

Rev. pub. co. Review Publishing Co., 225 S. 3d N. Y.

st., Minneapolis, Minn. Nat. assn. for the study and prevention of tuber

Russell Sage found. Russell Sage Foundation, culosis. National Association for the Study

130 E 220 St., N. Y.
and Prevention of Tuberculosis, 105 E. 22d
St., N. Y.

St. Louis Munic. ref. branch. St. Louis Public
Nat. assn. of corp. schools. National Associa-

Library, Municipal Reference Branch, 206 City

tion of Corporation Schools, Irving Place and
15th st., N. Y, city

Scribner. Charles Scribner's Sons, 597 5th Av.,

N. Y.
Nat. civic fed. National Civic Federation, 33d
floor, Metropolitan Tower, N. Y.

Small. Small, Maynard & Co. Boston, Mass.
Nat. conf. of charities and correction. National Smith & Lamar, Nashville, Tenn.
Conference of Charities and Correction, W. T.

Survey associates, inc., 105 E. 22d St., N. Y.
Cross, gen. sec., 315 Plymouth ct., Chicago

(Formerly Charities Pub. Com.)
Nat. munic. league. National Municipal League,
703 North American Bldg., Philadelphia

Teachers college. Teachers College, Columbia

University, N. Y.
Nat. short ballot org

National short ballot
organization, 383 4th Av., N. Y.

U. S. Supt. of doc. Superintendent of Docu

ments, Union Building, Washington, D. C. Nat. soc. for promotion of industrial educ. Na

tional Society for the Promotion of Industrial Univ. of Chicago press, 58th St. and Ellis Av., Education, 140 W. 42d St., N. Y.

Nat. wholesale liquor dealers assn., 301 United Wiley. John Wiley & Sons, 432 4th av., N. Y.
bank bldg., Cincinnati, O.

Wilson. The H. W. Wilson Co., White Plains,
Neale, Neale Publishing Co., Union Square, N. Y. N. Y.
N. Y. assn. for improving the condition of the Winston. John C. Winston Co., 1006-1016 Arch

poor. New York association for improving the St., Phil.
condition of the poor, 105 E. 22d st., N. Y.

Women's educ. and ind. union. Women's edu-
N. Y. bur. of munic, research. Bureau of muni-

cational and industrial union, 264 Boylston cipal research, 261 Broadway, N. Y.

st., Boston N. Y. short ballot org. New York short ballot

Workmen's comp. pub. bur. Workmen's comorganization, 381 4th Av., N. Y.

pensation publicity bureau, 80 Maiden Lane, N. Y. state bur. of munic. information. N. Y.

N. Y.
state bureau of municipal information of the
New York state conference of mayors and

World bk. co. World Book Co., Park Hill, other city officials, Wm. P. Capes, sec., 25

Yonkers-on-Hudson, N. Y.; 104 S. Michigan
Washington av., Albany, N. Y.

Av., Chicago
Pitman, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 2-6 W. 45th Yale univ. press.

Yale University Press, 135
St., N. Y.

Elm St., New Haven, Conn.

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List of Books Indexed

Adler, Felix. Marriage and divorce. *750 '15

American federation of labor. Report of pro-

ceedings of the 34th annual convention, held
at Philadelphia, Nov. 9-21, 1914. 250 '14 Am.
federation of labor, F. Morrison, sec., 801-

809 G st. N. W., Washington, D. C.
American gas institute. Proceedings, 1913. 2

pts $15 (to librarians and members $7.50)

'14 Am. gas institute, 29 W. 39th St., N. Y.
Anderson, Frederick Irving. Electricity for the

farm. $1.25 '15 Macmillan
Arndt, Walter Tallmadge. Emancipation of

the American city. *$1.25 '15 Duffield
Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin. Montessori children.

* $1.25 '15 Holt
Bainbridge, William S. Cancer problem. *$4 '14

Ballou, Frank W. High school organization: a

constructive study applied to New York
city. $1.50 '14 World book co., Yonkers-on-

Hudson, N. Y.
Bashore, Harvey Brown. Overcrowding and de-

fective housing in the rural districts. $1 '15

Bateson, William and others. Municipal office

organization and management. $8 '15 imp

Beard, Mary Ritter. Woman's work in muni-

cipalities. *$1.50 '15 Appleton
Beman, Lamar T., comp. Compulsory arbitra-

tion of industrial disputes. * *$1 '15 Wilson
Bennett, Helen Christine. American women in

civic work. *$1.25 '15 Dodd

Best, Harry. The deaf. * $2 '14 Crowell
#Betts, George Herbert, and Hall, Otis Earle.

Better rural schools. 70c '14 Bobbs
Bizzell, William Bennett, Judicial interpreta-

tion of political theory. *$1.50 '14 Putnam Blackford, Katherine M. and Newcomb, Arthur.

Job, the man, the boss. *$1.50 '14 Doubleday Blakemore, Arthur W., and Bancroft, Hugh. In

heritance tax law; with supplement, Inheritance taxes in 1912 and 1913. lea *$9; sup

lement separate, *$1 '14 Boston bk. Bosanquet, Helen. Social work in London (1869

1912). $3 '14 Dutton Bowen, Louise de Koven. Safeguards for city

youth at work and at play. *$1.50 '14 Mac

millan Boyhood and lawlessness; with The neglected

girl, by Ruth S. True. (West side studies)

$2 '14 Russell Sage found. Brinton, Willard Cope. Graphic methods for

presenting facts. '$4 '14 Eng. Mag. Brisco, Norris A. Economics of efficiency. *$1.50

'14 Macmillan Bronner, Augusta F. Comparative study of the

intelligence of delinquent girls. $1 '14

Teachers college, Columbia university Brown, Harry G. International trade and ex

change. *$1.50 '14 Macmillan Brown, Rome G. Minimum wage. $1; pa 500

'14 Review pub. co. Minneapolis, Minn. Bullock, Edna D., comp. Agricultural credit. $1

'15 Wilson


Books have been analyzed.


List of Books Indexed-Continued Bullock, Edna D., comp. Selected articles on Flexner, Abraham. Prostitution in Europe. mothers' pensions. * $1 '15 Wilson

*$1.30 '14 Century Bullock, Edna D., comp. Short ballot. *$1 '15 Wilson

Flexner, Bernard, and Baldwin, R. N. Juvenile

courts and probation. *$1.25. '14. Century Bullock, Edna D., comp.

Single tax. $1 '15 Wilson

Fosdick, Raymond B. European police systems.

*$1.50 '14 Century Burgerstein, Leo. School hygiene. *$1 '15 Fred

Game protection and propaganda in America. erick A, Stokes co., New York

*$1.25 '13 Lippincott Burgess, William. World's social evil. $1.50 '14

General education board: an account Saul bro. 626 S. Federal st., Chicago

of its

activities, 1902-1914. '15 General educ. bd., Cahalane, Cornelius F. Police practice and pro

61 Broadway, N. Y. cedure. * $1.50 '14 Dutton

Georgia, Ada E. Manual of weeds. *$2 '14 MacCannon, Ida M. Social work in hospitals. $1.50 millan '13 Survey associates

Gephart, W. F. Insurance and the state. *$1.25 Carrington, Thomas Spees. Fresh air and how '13 Macmillan to use it. 2d ed $i '15 Nat. Assn. for the

Gettell, Raymond Garfield. Problems in political study and prevention of tuberculosis

evolution. $2 '14 Ginn Cartwright, Otho G. The middle west side; Gillin, John L. History of poor relief legislaMothers who must earn, by Katharine An

tion in Iowa. * $2 '14 Iowa State hist. soc., thony. (West side studies) $2 '14 Russell Iowa City Sage found

Goddard, Henry H. Feeble-mindedness: its Chadwick, French E. American navy. *60c '15

causes and consequences. *$4 '14 Macmillan Doubleday Clark, Walter E. Cost of living. *50c '15 McClurg

Goddard, Henry H. School training of defective

children. 90c '14 World bk. co., Yonkers-onConant, Charles A. History of modern banks of Hudson, N. Y. issue. $3.50 '15 Putnam

Goldman, Samuel P. Handbook of stock exConway, Thomas, jr., and Patterson, Ernest M. change laws. *$1.50 '14 Doubleday Operation of the new bank act. *$2 '14 Lip

Guyot, Yves. Where and why public ownership pincott

has failed. *$1.50 '14 Macmillan Corwin, Edward S. Doctrine of judicial review.

Hadley, Arthur Twining. Undercurrents in Am*$1.50 Princeton univ. press, Princeton, N. J.

erican politics. *$1.35 '15 Yale univ press Croly, Herbert. Progressive democracy.

Haines, Charles Grove, American doctrine of '14 Macmillan

judicial supremacy. *$2 '14 Macmillan Crothers, Samuel M. Meditations on votes for

Harris, Ralph Scott. Practical banking, *$1.75 women. *$1 '14 Houghton

'15 Houghton Crowell, John Franklin, Trusts and competition.

Hawes, John B., jr. Consumption: what it is *50c '15 McClurg

and what to do about it. *50c '15 Small Cubberley, Ellwood P. Rural life and education.

#Haworth, Paul Leland, America in ferment. *$1.50"'14 Houghton

*$1.50 '15 Bobbs Cubberley, Ellwood P. State and county educa- Healy, William. Individual delinquent. *$5 '15 tional reorganization. *$1.25 '14 Macmillan

Little Curtis, Henry S. Education through play. *$1.50 Hedges, Gilbert L. Where the people rule. *$2.50 '15 Macmillan

14 Bender-Moss co. Darling, Joseph R. On trusts. *$1.50 '15 Neale Henderson, Charles R. Cause and cure of crime. Davis, Horace A. Judicial veto. *$1 '14 Houghton

50c '14 McClurg Davis, Philip, ed. Field of social service. *$1.50

Herrick, Clay '15 Small

Trust companies. $4 '13 Bankers pub. co., 253 Davis, Philip. Street-land. *$1.35 '15 Small

Broadway, N. Y.
Herrick, Myron

and Dealey, James Quayle. Growth of American state

Ingalls, R. Rural constitutions. *$1.40 '15 Ginn

credits: land and coöperative. *$2 '14 Apple

ton Dearle, N. B. Industrial training. (Studies in economics and political science no 39, Lon

Hichborn, Franklin. Story of the session of the don school of economics). $2.80 '14 Civic

California legislature


of 1913. $1.50 press., 87 Nassau st., N. Y.

Franklin Hichborn, Santa Clara, Cal. Delano, Frederick A. and others. Railway ter

Hichborn, Franklin. “The system" as uncovminal problem of Chicago.

*60c '15 City

ered by the San Francisco graft prosecution. club of Chicago, 315 Plymouth court, Chi

$1.50 '15 Franklin Hichborn, Santa Clara, cago

Cal. De Witt, Benjamin Parke. Progressive move

Hillquit, Morris, and Ryan, John A. Socialism. ment. *$1.50 '15 Macmillan

*$1.25 '14 Macmillan Dodd William E. Riverside history of the #Hoag, Ernest Bryant, and Terman, Lewis M. U. S. 4v maps charts *$1.75 ea '15 Hough

Health work in the schools. * $1.60 '14 Houghton

ton Donald, W. J. A. Canadian iron and steel in- Hochfelder, Julius. Attendance officer, examinadustry *$2 '15 Houghton

tion instruction, truant officer; 450 questions Dunbar, Donald Earl. Tin-plate industry. *$1

and answers. $2 '14 Civil service chronicle, '15

N. Y. Houghton 1 Eliot, Thomas D. Juvenile court and the com

Hollander, Jacob H. Abolition of poverty. *750 munity. *$1.25 '14 Macmillan

'14 Houghton

Holt, Lucius Hudson. Introduction to Elliott, Edward C. City school supervision. $1.50

the '14 World bk. co.

study of government. *$2 '15 Macmillan

Holtzclaw, William H. Black man's burden. Ellwood, Charles A. Social problem. $1.25 '15 Macmillan

*$1.50 '15 Neale Ely, Richard T. Property and contract in their

Hooker, George E. Through routes for Chicago's


steam railroads. relations to the distribution of wealth. 2v

'15 City club of Chi

cago, 315 Plymouth court, Chicago *$4 '14 Macmillan Fillebrown, c. B. Taxation. *50c '14 McClurg

Hooper, William E. Railroad accounting. *$2 '15

Appleton Fiske, Amos K. Honest business. *$1.25 '14 Putnam

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