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C.R. 8.315 - 8.3203

8.315 Sideline passes shall be limited to uniformed players, authorized press, security officers, and up to

a maximum of 25 others actually associated with the administration and conduct of the game for

each institution. (Adopted, Par. 2137, (6), Feb., 1971) 8.316 Prospective student-athletes shall not be seated on the sidelines at football games of Conference

institutions. (Adopied, Par. 2137, (7), Feb., 1971) 8.317 Provisions for Home Team Sideline Seating. The sideline seating provided the home team players

shall be located on the side of the playing field where the student body of the home institution

normally is seated. (Adopted, Par. 2148, (5), May, 1971) 8.318 Tickets. The minimum ticket price for the public sale to Conference football games shall be $7.00. Any deve

tion from this rule must be approved in advance by the Conference. (Commencing with the 1977 season, the minimum ticket price for the public sale to Conference football games shall be $8.00.) (Revised, Par. 2538,

Jan., 1976) 8.3181 Public season football tickets included as part of a season book shall be accounted for at a

price not less than the individual game price, less tax. 8.3182 It is permissible for an institution to limit to four the number of press-box seats made avail

able to the visiting institution for use of athletic department administrative personnel. 8.319 Sideline and Crowd Control. 8.3191 The assembly of fans on any Conference football playing field to form "tunnels" to escort a

team onto the field shall be prohibited. 8.3192 The following shall prevail relative to crowd control at Conference football games: Confer

ence football teams shall leave the playing field and remain on the sideline in the event debris is thrown on the field or other incidents interfere with the conduct of the game. The public address announcer shall be directed to make the following announcement in such event: "The game officials and the coaches of both teams have been directed by the Big Eight Conference to remain off the field and on the sidelines until such time as order has been

restored." (Minute No. 1876, (1), (a), Dec., 1967) 8.320 Post-Season Football. (See Minute No. 2209, (7), March, 1972) 8.3201 Approved Bowl Games. Member institutions may accepe invitations to compete in any of the

following post-season football games without obtaining approval from the Conference: Astro Bluebonnet Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Gacor Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Orange Bowl, Peach Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Sun Bowl, and Tangerine Bowl. (Revised, Par. 2606, March, 1977) Institutions interested in participating in a post-season game that has not been approved by the Conference may not accept an invitation to such a game without first obtaining approval

of the Conference. 8.3202 Budgetary Arrangements. Big Eight Conference teams participating in pose-season football

games shall be granted a specified expense allowance, plus a predetermined, specific, air-
charter allowance, to cover all expenses of the team, official party, and band. The Conference
will not entertain or consider any requests for supplementary appropriations. It is to be
understood that participating member institutions know in advance the budget constraints
within which the bowl visit must be made. Unused funds from the authorized expense
allowance remain with the participating member university.
The expense allowances for the various approved post-season football games are as follows:
Orange Bowl - $210,000; Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl – $185,000; Gator Bowl – $125,000,
Astro Bluebonnet Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Peach Bowl, Sun Bowl, Tangerine Bowl –
$95,000. The air-travel allowance shall be $37 per direct airline mile, one way, to be figured
and claimed by the participating institution and verified by the Conference office. (Revised,
Par. 2311, (2), May, 1973) (Revised and 0. I., Par. 2407, (11), Oct., 1974) (0.1., Par. 2471, (1),
May, 1975) (Revised, Par. 2570, (1), May, 1976) (Revised, Par. 2588, Dec., 1976) (Revised,

Par. 2606, March, 1977) 8.3203 Reporting. Bowl participants shall submit actual expenditures to the Conference office for

C.R. 8.3203 (Cont.) - 8.402

review purposes and as the basis for planning appropriate allowances for the next year. It will be the intent of the Conference to review these allowances annually and to fix the bowl participation expenses at specific levels during the May meeting of the Conference and prior to the beginning of the football season, before it becomes apparent which teams might be eligible for invitations. (Adopted, Par. 2072, (3), May, 1970) (Revised, Par. 2116, (1), (a), December, 1970) (Revised, Par. 2183, (19), December, 1971)

8.3204 Distribution of Net Receipts. The receipts from participation in post-season football games,

minus the authorized expense allowance as outlined in 8.3202, shall be forwarded to the Conference to be distributed equally among the eight member institutions.

8.3205 Official Conference Party. The official Conference party in attendance at the bɔwl game

involving the Conference champion shall consist of: chief executive officer, faculty representative, director of athletics, and head football coach from each Conference institution and those persons from the Conference office with administrative duties requiring their presence at the site of the game. The Conference will not include any substitutes as part of the official party for expense purposes. An institution that combines the position of athletic director and head football coach may not add another person to its authorized number of representatives.

8.3206 Official Conference Party Expense. The members of the Conference official party attending

the bowl game involving the Conference champion shall be allowed a per diem to be deter-
mined by the Conference and the equivalent of first-class, family plan, air transportation for
two from the official party member's campus to the bowl site and return.
Individuals who are required to secure transportation from a community other than that
where their campus is located shall be reimbursed at the rate of ten cents per mile from the
campus to the airport and air fare from the locale of the airport to the bowl site and return.
There shall be no additional allowance for local transportation costs at the site of the bowl
game or for gratuities (which are the responsibility of each member of the party).
The Conference shall provide tickets to official party members for various functions and
events in connection with the bowl game. Individuals ordering tickets to such events who
subsequently do not use them and/or fail to notify Conference personnel sufficiently in
advance so that such tickets may be returned shall assume financial responsibility for such


Ticket Allocation. The Conference champion shall make available for purchase by the other Conference member institutions a minimum of 100 tickets to the bowl game in which it is competing. Member institutions must advise the Conference champion within a period of ten days if the member desires to purchase the 100 tickets allocated to it. In addition, the Conference champion shall make available for purchase by the Conference office sufficient tickets to satisfy the requirements of the commissioner and official party.

(Starting Time of Games, Par. 772, March, 1957)

8.4 Basketball 8.401 Team Personnel. The traveling squad shall be limited to 12 players. This shall not apply for

non-Conference games. 8.402 Schedules. The maximum number of games which may be scheduled shall not exceed 27, except that one ex

tra game may be played against a club member of the Baskedball Federation of the United States of America or against a foreign basketball team travelling in the United States. (Revised, Par. 392, Feb., 1955) (Revised, Par. 879, (B), Dec., 1997) (Revised, Par. 1378, May, 1962) (Revised, Par. 1422, Oct., 1962) (Revised, Par. 1832, (7), March, 1967) (Revised, Par. 2227, (18), May, 1972) (Revised, Par. 2492, (1), Oct., 1975) (NCAA, Bylaws, Art. 3, Sec. 3 (a))

26-961 0.79.49

C.R. 8.403 - 8.4107

8.403 Starting Time of Practice. Neither varsity nor freshman practice shall start earlier than October

15. Any practice or meeting organized by the coach, whether he is present or not, constitutes a
practice. Equipment may be issued and pictures taken one day prior to starting time of practice
(0.1., Appendix B, (21), Oct., 1973) (NCAA, By-Laws, Art. 3, Sec. 1, (a) and Sec. 4, and 0.1 310

through 313) 8.404 Season Limits. No intercollegiate basketball games shall be played before the last Friday in No

vember except as provided in C.R. 7.1032. No games shall be regularly scheduled after March 15. (Revised, Par. 611, May, 1955) (Revised, Par. 1177, Dec., 1960) (Revised, Pa. 2220, 19).

March, 1972) (NCAA, By-Laws, Art. 3, Sec. 1, (b) and (d)) 8.405 Officials. Officials shall be paid a fee of $135 plus travelling expenses. Expenses shall be paid on the

following basis: For games located less than 200 miles from the official's home, the official shall be paid 15€ per mile and a $35 expense allowance if required to stay overnight. For trips 200 miles or more from the official's home, the official shall receive round-trip, coach air fare, 15€ per mile if required to drive from an airport in another community to he game site, and a $35 expense allowance for overnight lodging and meals. (Revised, Par. 1118, (15), May, 1960) (Revised, Per. 1651, (19), May, 1964) (Revised, Par. 1717, (9), May, 1965) (Revised, Par. 1815, (7), (c), Dec., 1966) (Revised, Par. 2018, (1), Oct., 1969) (Revised, Par. 2137, (8), Feb., 1971) (Revised, Par. 2407, 191,

Oct. 1974) (Revised, Par. 2560, (11), May, 1976) (Revised, Par. 2613, (7), May, 1977) 8.406 Uniforms. The color of uniforms shall be: At home—white pants and white jerseys; Away from

home-school colors pants and jerseys. The numbers shall correspond on both sets. (See. Par. 851,

(4) and (3), Oct., 1957) 8.407 Scouting. Scouting of both Conference and non-Conference teams shall be restricted to one man

once for each opponent. (Revised, Par. 698, May, 1956) (Revised, Par. 1717, (7), May, 1965)

(Revised, Par. 2577, (13), Oct., 1976) (NCAA Bylaws, Art. 12, Sec. 2) 8.408 Junior Varsity Games. Playing of junior varsity games will be permitted under the following

conditions: 8.4081 Playing of junior varsity games shall be optional and not obligatory on any member school 8.4082 No student shall compete in a greater number of games in one season than is permitted

under the rules for the varsity team. 8.4083 Participants shall meet all the requirements as to eligibility. 8.4084 Competition on a junior varsity team shall be counted the same as other competition with

respect to future eligibility. 8.408 Junior varsity games must be played on the campus of one of the two competing institutions. 8.4086 The same regulations shall apply to junior varsity games as apply to varsity games.

A student may compere in a varsity game and a junior varsity game on the same date, bur che
maximum number game appearances auchorized in 8.4082 must be observed. (Rmised,
Par. 2324, (7), (a), Oct., 1973)
In the event a member institution chooses to conduct a junior varsity program in the sport
of basketball, the maximum number of junior varsity games permitted shall be 12. No more
than four of these games may be played away from home. (Adopted, Par. 2295, (30).

March, 1973)

(Revised, Par. 2312, (13), May, 1973) 8.409 Official Ball. The official ball to be used shall be designated by the coaches. 8.410 Tickets. 8.4101 The minimum ticket price for the public sale to Conference basketball games shall be $2.00

(Adopted, Par. 2385, (17), May, 1974) (Revised, Par. 2614, May, 1977) 8.4102 The visiting team shall be given a maximum of 25 complimentary tickets. These tickets should

be located immediately behind the visiting team bench. (Revised, Par. 1467, De., 1962) (Revised, Par. 1995, (6), May, 1969)



C.R. 8.411 - 8.4172

8.411 Game Film. Only the host team shall be permitted to film the game. However, the visiting team in

the first game of an annual home-and-home series may purchase a copy of the film. (Revised, Per.

2324, (7), (b), Oct., 1973) 8.412 Pre-Season Tournament.


No team may bring more than 15 players. 8.4122 Expenses shall be allowed for a total party of 17 on the basis of 10¢ per mile plus $6 per

day per man en route and $15 per day per man at the game site. If the wife of the head basketball coach accompanies the party, expenses shall be allowed for a total party of 18. (Revised, Par. 1603, (6), Dec., 1963) (Revised, Par. 1943, (8), (b), Dec., 1968) (Revised, Par. 2303, (20), May, 1973)

8.4123 There shall be no complimentary tickets.

8.413 Rules and Regulations. NCAA rules and regulations shall be followed.

8.414 Conference Championship. The championship shall be awarded on a percentage basis, computed on the 14.

game regular Conference schedule. No team playing less than 14 Conference games shall be considered for the championship unless circumstances over which the member institution has no control prevent the playing of 14 games. Revised, Par. 1137, Sept., 1960) (See C. R. 6.8 and Par. 2422, (7), Dec., 1974) (Revised, Par.

2484, (16), Oct., 1975) 8.415 Provisions for Visiting Team. The home team shall deliver to the visiting dressing room, prior to

game time, a minimum of fifteen game programs, towels, and water (for bench use). In addition, a carbonated beverage shall be provided at half time and at the end of the game if requested

upon arrival at the gymnasium. (Adopred, Par. 1603, (1), Dec., 1963) 8.416 Interrupted Games. NCAA rules pertaining to interrupted basketball games shall be followed in

the event that a Conference game is interrupted; i.e., such games shall be resumed at the point when competition was temporarily terminated.

8.417 Post-Season Basketball.

(See Minute No. 2309, (3), March, 1972)

8.4171 (TO BE IMPLEMENTED WITH THE 1976-77 SEASON) The Conference representative to the

NCAA tournament shall be determined through a single elimination play off tournament conducted

at the close of the regular season. 8.41711 First-round play off games shall be played on the campus of the first-division teams, with the

semifinals and finals to be played at the site determined by the Conference. If there is a tie at the conclusion of the regular season, the first-round site and/or pairings will be determined by

the commissioner on the basis of regular-season competition between the teams involved. 8.41712 Pairings for the post-season play off are to be made on the basis of standings at the conclusion

of the regular season, with one versus eight, two versus seven, three versus six, and four versus five. Teams one, four, five, and eight shall be in one bracket; teams two, three, six, and seven, in

the other bracket. 8.41713 Net receipts from the Conference's post-season play off shall be divided equally among member


(Adopied, Par. 2484, (17), Oc., 1975)

8.4172 Any Conference participant in National Collegiate Basketball Championship first-round

competition, or the National Invitation Basketball Tournament shall be authorized actual expenses up to a maximum of: (a) Transportation not to exceed coach air fare for a party of 20; (b) Bus fare to and from the airport and while at the tournament site if not travelling by bus; (c) Expense allowance of $30 per person per day for a total party of 20 for each day practicing or competing at the site plus one day each way for travel; (d) Reimbursement for no more than 50 complimentary tickets issued to accompanying staff in excess of the allowance C.R. &.4172 (Cont.) - 8.506 provided by the cournament management (NCAA, and NIT). Included in the allotment shall be che complimentary tickets authorized in Conference Rule 7.402. Any Conference participant in the regionals of the National Collegiate Basketball Championship shall be authorized actual expenses up to a maximum of: (a) Transportation not to exceed coach air fare for a party not to exceed 60; (b) A per diem of $30 per person for 20 members of the party for each day practicing or competing at the site, plus a one day allowance for travel each way; (c) A per diem of $20 per person for the remaining 40 members of the party for a period of three days; (d) Reimburse. ment for 50 complimentary tickets. Any Conference participant in the finals of the National Collegiate Baskedall Championship shall be authorized actual expenses up to a maximum of: (a) Transportation not to exceed coach air fare for a party not to exceed 75; (b) A per diem of $30 per person for 20 members of the party for each day practicing or competing at the site, plus a one day allowance for travel each way: (c) A per diem of $20 per person for the remaining 55 members of the party for a period of three days; (d) Reimburse

ment for 65 complimentary tickets. (Revised, Par. 2407, (11), Oct., 1974) (Revised, Par. 2441, (5), Feb., 1975) (Revised, Par. 2315, (2), Dec., 1973) 8.4173 All money received for participation in any post-season basketball tournament shall be

reported to the Conference office by the participating institucion (Revised, Par. 2433, (2),

Dec., 1974) 8.4174 Receipes, both pro-rata share and expense reimbursement from the sponsoring organization, for par.

ticipation in post-season basketball cournaments, minus the authorized expense allowance as outlined in 8.4172, shall be forwarded to the Conference to be discribuced equally among the eight member in

stitutions. (Revised, Par. 2324, (8), (b), Oct., 1973) (Revised, Par. 2515, (3), Dec., 1975) 8.5 Baseball 8.501 Team Personnel. The traveling squad for regular-season Conference games shall be limited to 21

players. The limitation does not apply to non-Conference trips. (Revised, Par. 756, (6), Dec., 1956) (Revised, Par. 955, (10), Dec., 1958) (0. I., Par. 2148, (10), May, 1971) (Revised, Par. 2183, (5),

Dec., 1971) (Revised, Par. 2584, (3), Dec., 1976) 8.502 Schedules. 8.5621 The maximum number of games which may be scheduled per year shall not exceed 48,

exclusive of post-season tournament competition. (Adopred, Par. 2577, (7), Oct., 1976) 8.5022 If a Conference game (or games) cannot be played because of inclement weather, the game (or

games) shall be rescheduled on the Sunday immediately following. Make-up games shall be allowed through the ensuing Monday, and no game will be made up or completed after the Monday date. No more than two games may be started the same day, and the game (or games) shall not begin before 1:00 P.M. In the event such competition is cancelled on the make-up dates, it may not be rescheduled. (Revised, Par. 696, May, 1956) (Revised, Par. 1057, (10).

Dec., 1959) (Revised, Par. 2136, (3), Feb., 1971) (Revised, Par. 2584, (3), Dec., 1976) 8.5023 The last three Fridays and Saturdays in April will be utilized for Conference competition.

(Adopred, Par. 2584, (3), Dec., 1976) 8.5024 A team must complete seven of its scheduled cwelve Conference games to be eligible to

participate in the Conference tournament. A game which ends in a tie after five innings and which may not be completed will be eliminated from the Conference standings but will count

as a game played for purposes of the seven-game limit. Adopred, Par. 2584, (3), Dec., 1976) 8.503 Starting Time. The visiting team shall be notified of the starting time one week in advance. 8.504 Officials. Umpires shall be selected by the home management. The fee for officials shall be

determined by the home management. (Revised, Par. 955, (6), Dec., 1958) 8.505 Official Ball. Only brands of baseballs approved by the NCAA may be selected and furnished

by the home team for use in Conference games. (Revised, Par. 601, Feb., 1995) 8.506 Grounds. Conference baseball games must be played on the one officially designated diamond

of the home team if declared fit for play by the umpires. If the umpires determine that this

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