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C.R. 6.603 - 6.803 6.603 A traveling trophy, to be known as the Reaves E. Peters Trophy, shall be awarded to the winner

of the pre-season basketball tournament. One permanent trophy shall be awarded to each winner of the tournament. (See, Par. 777, Marcb, 1997) (Adopred, Par. 852, Oct., 1957) (Revised, Pa.

1653, (5), (i), May, 1964) 6.604 Conference Sportsmanship Award. Based on an annual review of each institution in the sports

of football and basketball, a Big Eight Conference Sportsmanship Award shall be made each year to the member institution selected by a committee composed of the commissioner and the two supervisors of officials. Basic criteria for the selection shall be the attitude of the coach, team, and students, in addition to the encouragement and support provided the programs and the absence of negative behavior. (Adopted, Par. 2281, Dec., 1972, and Par. 2295, (19), March, 1973. Effective 1973-74 academic year.)

6.7 Conference Medal and Scholarship Awards.


Each member institution may award a Conference Medal Award annually to that student-athlete who has completed his athletic eligibility and who has made the most outstanding record in athletics and scholarship. No student shall be eligible for this award who has not had two years of intercollegiate competition at the institution. (Revised, Par. 2169, (1), Oct., 1971)

6.702 A $1,500.00 postgraduate scholarship shall be awarded annually to the scholar-athlete selected from

the Conference Medal Award winners by a committee of faculty representatives appointed by the chairman. The policy and procedures governing the Big Eight Conference postgraduate scholarship program can be found as Appendix I of this publication. (Adopted, Par. 2137, (3), (c), Feb., 1971) (Revised, Par. 2577, (4), Oct., 1976)

6.703 In addition to the foregoing, the Conference shall sponsor a Conference Honor Roll Program,

which shall recognize all varsity letter winners of a given year who have achieved a 3.0 or better grade-point average. (Adopted, Par. 1694, (1), Oct., 1964) (Revised, Par. 2137, (3), (a), (b), (c), (d), Feb., 1971)

6.8 Championship Ties. In case of a tie in percentage for the Conference championship in any

sport, the institutions tied shall be recognized as co-champions. If it becomes necessary to select a team to represent this Conference, contract provisions pertaining to post-season games shall govern the selection of the team to represent the Conference, but, in the absence of contract provisions, the following rules shall apply:


If two teams are equal on a percentage basis, the eligible team which has defeated the other eligible team in a majority of the games played which determine the Conference championship shall be the Conference representative. (Revised, Par. 1769, (2), (), Feb., 1966)


If a Conference representative cannot be determined under 6.801 above, then the representative shall be chosen by a one-game play off, the time and place to be determined by the commissioner. (Revised. Par. 521, May, 1954) (Revised, Par. 563, Dec., 1954) (Revised, Par. 728, Sept., 1956) (Revised, Par. 964, Feb., 1959) (Revised, Par. 1463, Dec., 1962) (Revised, Par. 1832, (4), (a), March, 1967) (See Par. 2422, (7), Dec., 1974) (See Par. 2441, (10), Feb., 1975) (Revised, Par, 2484, (6), Oct., 1975)



If three or more basketball teams are equal on a percentage basis, the Conference representative in the NCAA
tournament shall be determined through the competitive process, with the time and site of such competi
be determined by the commissioner. Should three teams cie, one ceam would receive a first-round bye, to be
determined through a draw. Should four teams tie, the pairings would be determined through a draw.
(Adopted, Par. 1769, (2), (), Feb., 1966) (Revised, Par. 1832, (4), (6), March, 1967) (Revised, Par. 2407, (6),
Oct., 1974) (See Par. 2422, (7), Dec., 1974)

C.R. 6.9. 7.1024 6.9 Conduct and Administration of Conference Championships. The basic guidelines,

including fee and expense schedules, for the conduct and administration of Conference championships can be found in 7.703 and Appendix III. (Revised, Par. 2324, (4), (d), Oct., 1973) (O.1., Par. 2485, (4), Oct., 1975)

6.10 Officials.

6.1001 Officials, once assigned to a game prior to the season, shall not be removed from a particular game

because of a coach's request. 6.1002 A Conference football or basketball official shall not be required to withdraw from a Conference

officiating assignment because of his son's participation as a member of a Conference athletic team. However, the cominissioner and supervisor of officials shall exercise their best judgment in this

regard. 6.1003 The maximum age limit shall be 56 for Conference football officials and 50 for Conference basketball of

ficials. (Minute No. 1603, (7), (c), Dec., 1963) (Revised, Par. 2379, (16), Feb., 1974) (0.1., Par. 2519, (3), Dec., 1975) (Revised, Par. 2542, (3), Feb., 1976)

6.11 Rental of Facilities. No use of institutionally controlled facilities by any professional sports team or

professional athletic organization shall be permitted after the beginning of the regular season in a sport and until completion of the last scheduled activity in a sport. Regular season shall encompass the permissible playing and practice seasons in the sports of football and basketball and the regularly scheduled competitive seasons in all other sports. (Adopted, Par. 2379, (11), Feb., 1974) (Revised and 0.1., Par. 2448, (4), Feb., 1975)

7. PRACTICE AND COMPETITION 7.1 Schedules. 7.101 Schedule Making. The making of schedules in all sports between members of this Conference

shall be by the persons indicated in these regulations. All schedules shall be submitted to the directors for approval for the recommendation to the faculty representatives. It shall be understood that each institution will come into its schedule meeting with no outside contests previously dated. Dates of contests scheduled between member institutions may be changed provided both participating members agree and the proposed changes are approved by the commissioner. (Revised, Par. 1418, Oct., 1962) (Revised, Par. 2209, (4), March, 1972) (0.1., Appendix C, (3), May,

1973) 7.102 Contests between Members. 7.1021 In football every member shall compete with every other member each year and shall alter

nate contests at home and away. 7.1022 In basketball a double round-robin shall be played, every member playing every other

member both at home and away. Commencing with 1975, a Wednesday-Saturday format shall be utilized for the scheduling of all Conference basketball games. (Revised, Par. 2303,

(9), May, 1973) 7.1023 In baseball, cross-country, gymnastics, golf, indoor track, outdoor track, swimming, tennis, and wres.

tling an annual championship meet may be held. Other contests between members in these sports may be scheduled at the discretion of the respective institutions. (Revised, Par. 1653, (5), (j), May, 1964) (Revised, Par. 2484, (9), Oct., 1975) (O.1., Par. 2484, (13), and Par. 2485, (4), Oct., 1975)


In the event a concest cannot be played as originally scheduled, every effort shall be made to reschedule such a contest at the earliest possible date. The institution desiring to cancel a scheduled contest shall be required to pay the other institution the guarantee specified by Conference rules and any expenses incurred by the other institution; further, it shall be required to formally forfeit the contest involved. Contests may be cancelled by mutual agreement with the approval of the Conference. (Adopred, Par. 1603, (8), (d), Dec., 1963)

C.R. 7.103 - 1.2041

7.103 Season Limits.

7.1031 No football games shall be played before September 1. No games shall be regularly

scheduled after December 5. (See 8.302) (Revised, Par. 2044, (2), Jan., 1970)

7.1032 No basketball games shall be played before the last Friday in November except those

played against a club member of the Basketball Federation of the United States of America or against a foreign team in the United States, which may be played after November 1. No games shall be regularly scheduled after March 15. (0.1., Par. 1805, (3), (d), Oct., 1966) (Revised, Par. 1873, (3), Oct., 1967) (Revised, Par. 2220, (9), March, 1972) (Revised,

Par. 2227, (17), May, 1972) (NCAA, By-Laws, Art. 3, Sec. 2, (b) and (d)) 7.1033 No out-of-season games or contests shall be allowed except post-season football games

and basketball tournaments approved the faculty representatives. (Revised, Par. 1224, May, 1961) (0.1., Par. 1426, Oct., 1962) (Revised, Par. 1516, March, 1963) (Revised, Par. 2256, (12), Sept., 1972) (See, NCAA, By-Laws, Art. 3. Sec. 3)

7.104 Non-Conference Games. Contests shall not be scheduled with institutions which have been

dropped from the accredited list of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools or other similar accrediting associations because of violation of or failure to abide by its athletic standards. Contests shall be scheduled only with institutions of collegiate rank. (01., Pa, 766, Marcb, 1957) (0.1., Appendix A, (6), Sepi., 1972)

Exception: Varsity contests may be scheduled with service teams in all sports, provided the total number

of games does not exceed the present number allowed. Freshman competition is delineated in 7.803. (Revised, Par. 353, Sept., 1954) (Revised, Par. 1610, (8), (c), Dec., 1963) (Revised,

Par. 1745, (12), Oct., 1965) 7.105 Member institutions shall not schedule intercollegiate athletic contests in conjunction with profes

sional sports contests or exhibitions. (Adopted, Par. 1996, (4), May, 1969) (NCAA, Const., Ari. 3, Sec. 8, (a))

7.2 Contracts. 7.201 All agreements for varsity contests between members of the Conference, with the exception of

football, basketball, and baseball, shall be confirmed by written contracts on a standard form approved by the directors, specifying the date, place, and financial terms. (Revised, Par. 1847, (5),

May, 1967) (Revised, Par. 1995, (3), May, 1969) 7.202 The director of the home team shall draw up the contracts in duplicate, sign both, and send them

to the director of the visiting team, who shall sign and return one copy. 7.203 Varsity football guarantees or options shall be paid on or before February 1 following the football

season just completed. (Revised, Par. 955, (11), Dec., 1958) (Revised, Par. 1847, (5), May, 1967) 7.2031 Guarantee. The guarantee shall be $7,000 less one-half of the cost of officials or the option of

50 percent of the gross receipts and one-half the cost of officials. (See C. R. 6.4011) Revised, Par. 1085, (2), Feb., 1960) (Revised, Par. 1749, (6), (b), Dec., 1960) (O. I., Par. 2550, (1), and

Appendix B, (4), Feb., 1976) (Revised, Par. 2614, May, 1977) 7.204 Varsity basketball guarantees or options shall be paid on or before April 15 following the basket

ball season just completed. (Adopted, Par. 1651, (4), May, 1964) (Revised, Par. 1847, (3),

May, 1967) 7.2041 Guarantee. The guarantee shall be $800 less one-half the cost of officials or the option of

50% of the gross receipts less tax and one-half the cost of officials. (See C.R. 6.4011) (Revised, Par. 1085, (3), Feb., 1960)

C.R. 7.205 - 7.5 7.205 Guarantees for freshman football and basketball games shall be determined by mutual agreement

of the competing schools. (Adopted, Par. 1847, (3), May, 1967) (Revised, Par. 1913, (7), (f), (ii), May, 1968)

7.3 Grounds. Except as provided below, member institutions shall schedule and conduct all intercolle

giate contests, where possible, on grounds either owned by or under the immediate control of one of the participating institutions. In those instances when regular-season football or basketball contests are to be played away from the campus of both participating institutions, the site of the proposed competition must be approved in advance by the Conference, it being understood that all such contests shall be conducted under college management. In all other sports except golf, off-campus competition must be approved in advance by the faculty representative of the Conference institutions involved and reported to the Conference office. Golf matches may be scheduled on courses which are normally used by the member institution as its home course, without prior approval of the faculty representatives. Exceptions: Conference events, Federation events, AAU championships, Olympic games and trials, the CCA and National Invitation Basketball Tournaments, and NCAA events in season. (Revised, Par. 679, (IV), March, 1956) (Revised, Par. 1653, (5), (d), May, 1964) (Revised, Par. 1873, (4), Oct., 1967) (Revised, Par. 2227, (15), May, 1972) (See Par. 2560, (1), May, 1976)

7.301 Football games may be played on a field which precedent has established as an alternate home field

for that non-Conference opponent. (Minute No. 679, (IV), March, 1956) 7.302 Basketball games may be played at an arena located in the home city of the non-Conference

opponent. (Minute No. 679, (IV), March, 1956)

7.4 Complimentary Tickets. All complimentary tickets are to be paid for in financial settlements

of games and may be issued as follows: 7.401 If senjority is the basis by which the number of tickets is determined, squad men will receive two

tickecs each plus one for each letter award, not to exceed a total of four, for 55 men in football and 15 men in basketball. Otherwise, a maximum of three tickets may be given to each of 55 men in foorball

and 15 in basketball. (Revised, Par. 2385, (20), May, 1974) 7.402 Complimentary tickets, not to exceed four in total, issued for games away from home shall be

limited to players' immediate families (mother, father, brothers, sisters, and wife) attending the game. Tickets must be signed for in person by the players' immediate families. (Revised, Par. 1705, (7), (a), Feb., 1965) (Revised, Par. 1995, (3), May, 1969) (NCAA, Const., Art. 3, Sec. 1, (8), (3))

7.403 The athletic director of each school is permitted to give two tickets to members of the squad in excess

of the 5s listed in 7.401. (Revised, Par. 1232, May, 1961) (Revised, Par. 2295, (21), Marcb, 1973) (Revised, Par. 2385, (20), May, 1974)

7.404 The handling of complimentary tickets in other than football and basketball shall be left to each


7.405 le shall not be permissible for an institution to repurchase the complimentary tickets awarded its student

athletes. (Adopied, Par. 2078, May, 1970) (NCAA, Const., Art. 3, Sec. 1, (8), (4)) (Adopted, Par. 679, (II), March, 1956) (Graduated Lettermen, Par. 999, (1), May, 1959) (0.1., Appendix A, (5), March, 1973) (0.1., Appendix B, (19), Oct., 1973) (NCAA, Const., Art. 3, Sec. 1, (8), (3))

7.5 Travel Arrangements. Travel arrangements for all sports shall be made in such a manner as to

insure arrival of visiting teams in sufficient time to appear for the contest even if delays in travel are encountered. (Adopred, Par. 633, Sept., 1955)

C.R. 7.6 – 7.802

7.6 Practice Sessions. 7.601 Practice in all sports shall be limited to two hours of organized work daily. Two one-hour practice

sessions in football shall not be allowed to serve the purpose of one two-hour practice session. This includes both field practice and meetings for instruction. This rule does not apply on holidays,

on trips, or during vacations. 7.602 Practice activity of any type, including practice games and scrimmages, shall not be be held with

outside teams nor outside the principal city of the institution, except for pre-game practice activity after a team has left its own campus for a particular contest. This applies to freshman foodall and basketball teams, as well as to varsity teams in all sports. The commissioner shall have the authority to permit exceptions when he believes such requests to be justified. It shall be permissible to hold one off-campus intrasquad game in the sport of basketball per season. (Revised, Par. 1079, Feb., 1960) (Revised, Par. 1419, Oct., 1962) (Revised, Par. 1913, (7), (8), May, 1968) (Revised, Par. 2123,

(4), Dec., 1970) (Revised, Par. 2448, (5), Feb., 1975) (Revised, Par. 2613, (15), May, 1977) (0.1., Appendix B, (21), Oct., 1973) 7.7 Meets and Tournaments. 7.701 The dates and sites for all Conference championship meets and cournaments shall be determined by the

directors at the May meeting. The host institucion will mail entry blanks to member institutions to be completed by the head coach and forwarded as follows: One copy to the head coach of the host institution, ore copy to the Conference office, with one copy being retained. The entry blanks must be received by the Cooference office, host coach, or tournament director at least 14 days prior to the championship event for indoor and outdoor crack and at least 10 days prior to the championship event for all other sporos. (Revised Per. 1085, (4), Feb., 1960) (Revised, Por. 1873, (6), Ocs., 1967) (Revised, Per. 2209, (2), March, 1972) (Revised

Par. 2484, (5), Oct., 1975) 7.702 Expenses to competing ceams shall be allowed as follows: (Revised, Por. 2324, (4), (b), Oct., 1973) 7.7021 Each man is allowed 10 cents per mile traveling expenses. (Revised, Par. 1037, (16), Dec.,

1959) (Revised, Par. 2209, (2), March, 1972) (Revised, Par. 2303, (20), May, 1973) 7.7022 Each man is allowed $7 per night hotel expenses. (Revised, Pær. 488, (d), Dec., 1993)

(Revised, Par. 2209, (2), March, 1972) 7.7023 All other expenses for each team shall be paid by its own institution. 7.703 Authorized institucional expense for the conduct of a Conference championship event shall be as

follows: 7.7031 The authorized fee and expense schedule for Conference championship events shall be us pre

sented in Appendix III, "Policies Related to the Conduct of Conference Events and Champion

ships," (pages 55-57). 7.7032. Expense in excess of the amounts authorized by the Conference shall be absorbed by the host

institution. There shall be no retroactive consideration of expense allowances for the conduce

of Conference meets and tournaments. 7.7033 Host institucions incurring expense in excess of the amounts authorized shall report such

expenditures to the Meets and Tournamenos Committee. The Committee will consider adjust

ments in the expense allowance for future events. (Adopsed, Par. 2324. (4), (c), Oct., 1973) 7.7034 A member institucion serving as host for a Conference Athletic event shall be allowed to retain

five per cent of the net receipts (excluding team travel) or $100, whichever is greater. (Adopted, Par. 2613, (9), May, 1977)

7.8 Freshman Competition. (O.1., Par. 2385, (1), May, 1974) 7.801 Freshman football teams shall be allowed to play five games. Two such games may be played

away from home in any one year, and three games may be played away from home in alternate years. (Revised, Par. 1705, (2), (a), Feb., 1965) (Revised, Par. 2295, (23), March, 1973) (Rr.

vised, Par. 2303, (2), May, 1973) (0.1., Appendix C, (5), May, 1973) 7.802 Freshman basketball teams shall be allowed to play 12 games. No more than four of these games

may be played away from home. (See, Par. 904, (4), Feb., 1958, and Par. 955, (1), Dec., 1958) (Revised, Par. 1129, Sepi., 1960) (Revised, Par. 1342, March, 1962) (Revised, Par. 1375, May, 1962) (Revised, Par. 1465, Dec., 1962) (Revised. Par. 1561, May, 1963) (Revised, Par. 1590,

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