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A8371 1973


For detailed information on the Economic Stabilization Regulations see the Federal Register of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 6, available through the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

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This pamphlet contains the final Phase IV price stabilization regulations for manufacturing, service, wholesale, retail and insurance industries. It also contains regulations on disclosure and procedures as well as related forms and instructions.

As the Cost of Living Council set about to plan and implement this new program, we had intensive consultations with representatives of all sectors of the economy. When the proposed regulations for Phase IV were issued, we invited suggestions for changes to the regulations. The Cost of Living Council received nearly 700 comments, most of which were directed at improving the regulations, and which, most certainly, express the interest of all sectors of the public and business community.

The final regulations have, as a result, been altered in many respects, with the twin goals of making them both clearer and more administrable. We appreciate the assistance of those who took time to provide these suggestions. Our common goal of helping to moderate inflation will be more readily reached with a controls program which eschews unneeded administrative complications.

As the President described in his statement of June 13, 1973, (the first item in this publication), the United States has been faced with hard questions about inflation. The Phase IV program -- developed in consultation with the various sectors -- is one of the answers to those questions. Budgetary, monetary and supply policies should bear a decisive role in anti-inflationary programs.

We recognize the burden of controls. The President has made plain his intention that Phase IV will be effective in reducing inflation and move us in the direction of ending economic controls. In the meantime we anticipate the same excellent cooperation with the stabilization program that has characterized past response.

John Dunlop

John T. Dunlop

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