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Administration of



Policies and recommendations for the
administration of vocational education
programs under the provisions of the
Federal Vocational Education Acts

Vocational Education

Bulletin No. 1

General Series No. 1

Revised 1948

FEDERAL SECURITY AGENCY, Oscar R. Ewing, Administrator
Office of Education, John W. Studebaker, Commissioner

OVER THREE decades have passed since the Commission on National Aid to Vocational Education appointed by President Wilson under an act of Congress approved January 20, 1914, completed its study and presented its report. That report, which resulted eventually in the passage of the Smith-Hughes Act, was based upon the discovered needs for vocational education and the experiences of the States conducting a program of vocational education.

As an aid in administering this act, a "Statement of Policies for the Administration of Vocational Education," Vocational Education Bulletin No. 1, was issued in 1917. New provisions in subsequent Federal legislation as well as social, economic, and technological changes that occurred together with the further experiences obtained in administering the federally aided program of vocational education necessitated several revisions of the policy bulletin.

This bulletin is presented as a statement of policies and recommendations for the administration of vocational education under the provisions of the current Federal Vocational Education Acts and as an aid for promoting the further development of vocational education in the several States and Territories.

Oreas. R. Erwing

Federal Security Administrator


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