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Page 7 - These are the calorie levels if you choose low-fat, lean foods from the 5 major food groups and use foods from the fats, oils, and sweets group sparingly. ** Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, teenagers, and young adults to age 24 need 3 servings.
Page 1 - SERVINGS Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, & Nuts Group 2-3 SERVINGS Fruit Group 2-4 SERVINGS Bread, Cereal, Rice, & Pasta Group 6-11 SERVINGS SOURCE: US Department of Agriculture/US. Department of Health and Human Services Use the Food Guide Pyramid to help you eat better every day.
Page 2 - Use the Food Guide Pyramid to help you eat better every day. ..the Dietary Guidelines way. Start with plenty of Breads, Cereals, Rice, and Pasta; Vegetables; and Fruits. Add two to three servings from the Milk group and two to three servings from the Meat group. Each of these food groups provides some, but not all, of the nutrients you need. No one food group is more important than another - for good health you need them all. Go easy on the fats, oils, and sweets, the foods in the small tip of the...
Page 4 - Some fat or sugar symbols are shown in the other food groups. That's to remind you that some foods in these groups can also be high in fat and added sugars, such as cheese or ice cream from the milk group, or french fries from the vegetable group.
Page 3 - A Closer Look at Fat and Added Sugars The small tip of the Pyramid shows fats, oils, and sweets. These are foods such as salad dressings, cream, butter, margarine, sugars, soft drinks, candies, and sweet desserts. Alcoholic beverages are also part of this group. These foods provide calories but few vitamins and minerals. Most people should go easy on foods from this group.
Page 9 - Group • 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables • 1/2 cup of other vegetables— cooked or chopped raw • 3/4 cup of vegetable juice Fruit...
Page 21 - ... selection tips: *" Choose lean meat, poultry without skin, fish, and dry beans and peas often. They are the choices lowest in fat. •" Prepare meats in lowfat ways: — Trim away all the fat you can see. — Broil, roast, or boil these foods, instead of frying them.

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