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1/ Reflects proposed legislation and credit reform.

Note: Detail may not add to Subtotals/Totals due to rounding.

For additional information: See Moyer Exhibit E-1: Federal Education
Appropriations, Subfunctions 501, 502, 503.


Budget by Agency and Account, Part 6f, Budget of the U.S. Government,
Fiscal Year 1989.

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1/ The reauthorization of these programs is expected to decrease the setaside for Programs of National Significance from 9 percent to 4 percent, and increase the amount for State Grants by the same amount. Training funds within each program would change; however, the total amount for Science and Math Education training activities would remain the same.

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1/ Reflects total 1989 loan volume generated by Department of Education programs, including institutional capital from revolving funds (Perkins), institutional matching funds (Perkins and Income Contingent Loans), and Guaranteed Student Loan capital.

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Total Department of Education Budget Authority 1/

Fiscal Years 1970-1989

(in thousands of dollars)


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1/ Non-comparable. Table includes Federal funds and trust funds for all Department of Education subfunctions. Amounts reflect deductions for offsetting receipts.

2/ Includes total net budget authority increases of $9,255,697 thousand resulting from proposed legislative action, as follows:


(a) $6,157,715 thousand from proposed legislation proposed for later transmittal. (This amount includes $5,851,885 thousand in Chapter 1, School Improvement, and Bilingual and Immigrant Education programs legislation proposed for later transmittal, pending enactment of new authorizing legislation (H.R. 5).)

(b) $3,094,482 thousand from proposed credit reform legislation affecting the Guaranteed Student Loan program.

(c) $3,500 thousand from proposed program changes requiring additional authorizing legislation (Howard University).

"Budget by Agency and Account," Part 6f, Budget of the U.S.
Government, Fiscal Year 1989.

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