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Howard University Hospital provides both ir.patient and outpatiert services and serves as a facility for training physicians, curses and ocher professional ard cechrical health care personnel. Operations of the Hospital are partially firar.ced by the Federal appropriatior. ard by receipts from medical services rendered hy group and individual hospitalizacior. policies, furds supplied hy the Medicare program, and contractual agreements for pacier.t care services with the niserict of Columbia government ar.d ocher local jurisdictior.s. Howard Uriversity Hospital is current fur.ded.


Howard University Hospital serves as a major acute ard ambulatory care
certer for the inner city of Washirgtor., n.2. It is a 515 bed irpaciere
hospital with emergency facilities, and it operates 74 specialty clinics ir.
its Amhulatory Care Departmer.c. It is a major teachir.g facility that
trains physiciar.s ir. 19 specialcy areas. Ir. additior., the Hospital serves
as a laboratory for numerous r.ursir.g and other paramedical trainees fror
boch Howard riversity and other training institutions. It continues to
provide leadership 18. marry areas, most notably in the fields of radiation.
therapy', orgar. transplant, and renal dialysis. Ir. 1987, the percer.cage of
reverve from patients amounted to approximately 46 percent of Howard's

1989 Budget Proposal

The 1989 budget request of $21.2 million for the Howard University Hospital
is the same as the 1988 appropriation.. The liriversity agreed that the
hospital would become more self-supporting over time, as stated in the
law that transferred Freedmer's Hospital to Howard University. Over the
last few years, the hospital has become less dependent or. Federal support.
As 8 percentage of the operating budget, the Federal appropriation has
declined from 53 percent ir. 1976 to 16 percer.t ir. 1987.


4. Howard Nr.iversity Hospital

1989 (est.)

Howard Ur.iversity

Impact Data






Perceritage of revenue
from Federal
Percentage of rever.ue
from Oche Federal
(Net Medicare revenue).
Percentage of rever.ue
from pacients.








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Page Funds available for more than one fiscal year

1648 Activities requiring new or modified legislation

1652 Budget employment, fiscal years 1988 and 1989

1657 Appropriations and reserves, fiscal year 1988 ......

1658 Fiscal year 1988 obligations, as of December 31, 1987....... 1659 Entertainment fund, authorizations, and expenditures, fiscal years 1987 and 1988

1660, 1661 1989 new programs

1662 Unobligated carryover balances, fiscal years 1988 and 1989 1663 Obligated but unexpected balances, fiscal years 1987-1989. 1665 Fiscal year 1989 legislative program

1668 Appropriation language provisions exceeding authorizing legislation, fiscal year 1989 .....

1674 Federal outlays for education, fiscal years 1987-89

1716 Student aid and training obligations, fiscal year 1989

1718 Department of Education budget authority, fiscal years 1970-89 .....

1720 Department of Education outlays, fiscal years 1970-89

1722 Outlays by 1989 appropriation structure, fiscal years 198789

1724 Authorizations versus appropriations, fiscal years 1987-89. 1727 Total employment, fiscal years 1970–89 ...

1747 Funds lapsed in fiscal year 1987

1748 Travel and transportation, fiscal years 1987-89

1750 Federal appropriations, fiscal years 1969-88

1751 Federal expenditures for elementary, secondary, and vocational education, fiscal years 1969-88

1752 Federal expenditures for higher education, fiscal years 1969–88...

1753 (1647)



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Appropriations for which the Fiscal Year 1989 Budget Requests Funds

to be Available for More Than One Fiscal Year

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