Annual Report - National Bureau of Standards

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Page 23 - THE INSTITUTE FOR BASIC STANDARDS provides the central basis within the United States of a complete and consistent system of physical measurement; coordinates that system with measurement systems of other nations; and furnishes essential services leading to accurate and uniform physical measurements throughout the Nation's scientific community, industry, and commerce.
Page 37 - The second is the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium- 133 atom.
Page 150 - Provides quantitative data on the physical and chemical properties of materials, compiled from the world's literature and critically evaluated.
Page 117 - Heat. Temperature Physics. Heat Measurements. Cryogenic Physics. Equation of State. Statistical Physics. Radiation Physics. X-ray. Radioactivity. Radiation Theory. High Energy Radiation. Radiological Equipment.
Page 1 - These include the development and maintenance of the national standards of measurement and the provision of means and methods for making measurements consistent with these standards: the determination of physical constants and properties of materials; the development of methods and instruments for testing materials, devices, and structures; advisory services to government agencies on scientific and technical problems...
Page 151 - Legibility of Alphanumeric Characters and Other Symbols; I. A Permuted Title Index and Bibliography.
Page 6 - reasonably good," it must be superior. It is not sufficient to have fairly good standards of measurement ; fairly good methods of testing materials, mechanisms or structures ; or reasonably good determination of important physical constants. The standards, the measurements, the test procedures must be the very best, the most accurate, the most reliable that can possibly be achieved at any given time, limited only by the state of the art at the time. It is thus more than a play on words to say that...
Page 13 - Subcommittee on Science, Research and Development, House Committee on Science and Astronautics, opened hearings on problems of the Government-Science relationship.
Page 152 - CERC publications are available from the Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific and Technical Information, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Virginia 22151.
Page 79 - Bureau is a principal focal point in the Federal Government for assuring maximum application of the physical and engineering sciences to the advancement of technology in industry and commerce.

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