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Subpart C-Occupational Safety and Health Direct Traineeships

886.30 Nature and purpose of direct

traineeships. A direct traineeship is an award of funds directly from the Federal Government to an individual (herein called the "trainee") for his subsistence and other expenses during a period in which he is acquiring training (a) in the occupational safety and health professions, (b) for research relating to occupational safety and health, or (c) for teaching in occupational safety and health.

may be made under this subpa said institution has complied w

(a) 45 CFR part 46 pertainin protection of human subjects; a

(b) Chapter 1-43 of the Dep Grants Administration Ma concerning animal welfare. 886.34 Evaluation and award

traineeships. Within the limits of funds a for such purpose and subject to 1 ulations of this part, the Se may award direct traineeships t qualified applicants who are judgment best able to carry O purpose of the traineeships taki, consideration the need for train the area of study specified in the cation.

886.31 Eligibility; minimum require

ments. In order to be eligible for an award under this subpart an applicant must:

(a) Have been accepted by a public or private institution for the purpose of the activity for which the traineeship is sought.

(b) Be a U.S. citizen, an alien lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence or a permanent resident of Guam, American Samoa, or the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

886.35 Payments.

(a) Individuals receiving awards be entitled to such stipends and a ances as the Secretary may desig taking into account such factors & needs of the program, the cost o ing, and the availability of funds.

(NOTE: These are prescribed in chapt 140 of the Department Grants Admini tion Manual”).

(b) Payments of stipends and al ances will, at the discretion of the retary, be made directly to the trai or to the sponsoring institution payment directly to the trainee.

[blocks in formation]

$ 86.36 Duration and continuation.

Direct traineeship awards may made for varying periods not in exc of 2 years. The Secretary may ma one or more continuation awards for additional period if he finds that sat factory progress is being made towe accomplishment of the purpose of t initial traineeship award. Additior support may be provided on appr priate justification after expiration the period of support in the previo award.

886.33 Human subjects; animal wel.

fare. Where the application is for training at a non-Federal institution, no award

886.37 Terms and conditions.

All direct traineeship awards shall b subject to the following terms and COI ditions:

1 Applications and instructions may be obtained from the Procurement and Grants Office, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA 30333

2 See footnote 2 to 986.19.


Isining must be carried out at AUTHORITY: Sec. 8(8), 84 Stat. 1600 (29 ution found by the Secretary U.S.C. 657(6)), sec. 508, 83 Stat. 803 (30 U.S.C. idea well-rounded course of in

957). in the particular area of SOURCE: 46 FR 58676, Dec. 3, 1981, unless for which the traineeship is otherwise noted. direct traineeship may be uti- $87.1 To which programs does this

regulation apply? compensate any trainee for services or employment on be- This regulation applies to research the United States or any person. and demonstration project grants

under: Accountability,

(a) Section 20(a)(1) of the Occupastability for payments will be tional Safety and Health Act of 1970 (29

to such requirements as may be U.S.C. 669(a)(1)) for the support of studby the Secretary.

ies related to occupational safety and

health, and Termination of direct

(b) Section 501 of the Federal Mine aineeship

Safety and Health Act of 1977 (30 U.S.C. The Secretary may terminate a

951) for the support of health research traineeship at any time upon re- in mining. These grants are awarded of the trainee.

and administered by the National InAfter reasonable notice to the

stitute for Occupational Safety and es and an opportunity for the

Health, Centers for Disease Control, of tation of the trainee's views and

the Public Health Service. ut evidence, the Secretary may

nate any direct traineeship prior 887.2 Definitions. date it would otherwise expire a determination that the train

As used in this regulation: performance is unsatisfactory,

Demonstration project grant means an the trainee is no longer attending award of funds to an eligible applicant sponsoring institution, or that he to assist in meeting the cost of conhe is unfit or unable to carry out ducting a demonstration, either on a vzpose of the traineeship.

pilot or full-scale basis, of the techThe views and evidence of the nical or economic feasibility or applise shall be presented in writing cation of a new or improved procedure, La the Secretary determines that method, technique, or approach that apresentation is desirable.

will further the research purposes de

scribed in 887.4.
ALT 87-NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR Principal investigator for a research
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND project, or project director for a dem-
HEALTH RESEARCH AND DEM- onstration project, means a single indi-

vidual who is responsible for the sci-
entific and technical direction of the

To which programs does this regulation Research project grant means an award

of funds to an eligible applicant to as

sist in meeting the costs of conducting Who is eligible to apply for a grant an identified research activity or proFor what purposes may grants be

gram, study, or experiment that will

further the research purposes described What information must be included in in $87.4. the grant application?

Secretary means the Secretary of How will grant applications be evalu- Health and Human Services and any ated and the grants awarded?

other officer or employee of the Depor what period of time will grants be partment of Health and Human Serv08 How may a grantee use grant funds?

ices to whom the authority involved m.) Which other HHS regulations apply?

has been delegated.

1813 Who is eligible to apply for a 1875 What information 2006 mant under this part?

etuded in the front applica Any public or private agency or insti- The application must contai tution is eligible to apply for a grant plete description of the objecti under this part, except Federal agen- project and the plan for carr, cles or institutions not specifically ad- the research or demonstrat thorized by law to receive such a grant. name and qualifications of t

cipal investigator or project 1874 Por what purposes may grants and principal staff members, t be awarded?

resources and facilities that (a) The Occupational Safety and available, and a justification Health Act authorizes grants for re- amount of grant funds requeste search, experiments, and demonstrations relating to occupational safety $87.6 How will grant applicat and health, including studies of the

evaluated and the grants av Deychological factors involved. This (a) The Secretary may award authority includes projects to develop to those applicants whose a Innovative methods, techniques, and projects will best promote the p approaches for dealing with occupa- of either the Occupational Safe tional safety and health problems. Health Act or the Federal Mine

(b) The Federal Mine Safety and and Health Act on the basis of a Health Act authorizes grants for re- uation conducted by experts search projects designed to:

sultants engaged for this purpose (1) Improve working conditions and (b) This evaluation will take i practices affecting health in coal or count the scientific merit and . other mines and to prevent occupa- cance of the project, the compete tional diseases originating in the min- the proposed staff in relation ing industry.

type of research or demonstrati (2) Develop epidemiological informa- volved, the feasibility of the pi tion to (1) identify and define positive the likelihood of its producing factors involved in occupational dis- ingful results, the proposed proje eases of miners, (11) provide informa- riod, the adequacy of the appli tion on the incidence and prevalence of resources available for the projec pneumoconiosis and other respiratory amount of grant funds necessar allments of miners, and (iii) improve completion, and for mining gran health standards.

plications, the recommendations c (3) Develop techniques for the preven- Mine Health Research Advisory tion and control of occupational dis- mittee. eases of miners, including tests for (c) The Secretary may evaluate hypersusceptibility and early detec- approve two or more concurrent a tion.

cations, each dealing with one or (4) Evaluate the effect on bodily im- specified aspects of the project, pairment and occupational disability make two or more concurrent & of miners afflicted with an occupa- awards for the project. This ma tional disease.

necessary when a project involv (6) Study the relationship between number of different but related coal or other mine environments and lems, activities, or disciplines w occupational diseases of miners.

would require evaluation by diffe (6) Study matters involving the pro- groups, or when support for a pro tection of life and the prevention of could be more effectively administ diseases in connection with persons by separate handling of various asp who, although not miners, work with of the project. or around the products of coal or other mines in areas outside of such mines 8 87.7 For what period of time and under conditions which may ad

grants be awarded? versely affect the health and well-being (a) The notice of grant award sp of such persons.

fies how long the Secretary intends (7) Develop effective respiratory support the project without requir. equipment.

the project to recompete for fun



PART 90-ADMINISTRATIVE FUNC- stances and Disease Registry


ATSDR meass the Agency 1
Substances and Disease Regis
Be Fealth Service, U.S. Depar
Health and Human Services.

CERCLA means the Compr Environmental Response,


tion and Liability Act of 14 Contents of aquesta Soe best S.C. 601 et seq., Pab. L. 96

ameaded by the Superfund sous Notificance of seterminatide so de Pad L 90-490)

ments and Reauthorization Act dizet a healtà assessment is response to s

SPA means the U.S. Enviroi Set Decision to contact health recta

Protection Agency. study.

Factibity is defined in 42 U.S.C. was conduct of health sessments sad Hazardous substance is define

C.S.C. 960104). In addition, th 99 Poble health advisory.

inciades ans pollutant or conta 1.10 Notice and comment period

which the Administrator determ ali Reporting of results of health assess

appropriate for the purposes of mente ad bealth effecta stadies $0.12 Confidentiality of informatice

ing out his or her responsibilities 50.13 Recordieeping requirements

CERCLA. 59.14 Documentation and cost recovery.

Health assessment means the e AUTEORITT: 2 U.S.C. $85 9tSC lease of hazardous substances int

tion of data and information on ti esesalc).

environment in order to assess ani SOUZCE: 56 FR 5138. Feb. 13. 1990, snless rent or future impact on public he otherwise noted

develop health advisories or other 190.1 Purpose and applicability.

ommendations, and identify studi

actions needed to evaluate and The provisions of this part set forth gate or prevent human health effed the policies and procedures of the Health effects study means reset Agency for Toxic Substances and Dis- investigation, or study performe ease Registry (ATSDR) with respect to ATSDR or other parties pursuant t its conduct of health assessments and agreement with ATSDR to eval health effects studies under section the health effects of exposure to 10441) of Comprehensive Environmental ardous substances at specific s Response, Compensation, and Liability This term includes, but is not lim Act, as amended by the Superfund to, epidemiological studies, expo Amendments and Reauthorization Act and disease registries, and health of 1986, and section 3019 of the Resource veillance programs. This term does Conservation and Recovery Act. These include health assessments. provisions apply to ATSDR, as well as

Oroner operator is defined in its contractors, agents, and those car- U.S.C. 9601(20). rying out health assessments and Peer review means review for health effects studies pursuant to entific quality by a panel consisting agreements with ATSDR, such as other no less than three nor more than ser Federal agencies and States.

members, who shall be disinterest

scientific experts selected by the 4 $90.2 Definitions.

ministrator of ATSDR on the basis Administrator means the Adminis- their reputation for scientific object) trator of the Agency for Toxic Sub- ity and the lack of institutional til

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