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7.2623. asi conducting courses, s 2, Tu reci 238 23 e sass and workshops to provide sh Zumi teeme cecieJscuor so ad cocringing education tra Apesa a esostriei cace for a couses for physicians, nurses, Extile umut. 2o8 siersepsi genists, safety engine in agissai selery 280 tea: asd other occupational safety a training bosta otersee ze geseca bea :professionals. paraprofessions Gerasis of tbe educational resource and secesicians, including personnel an yarar. and scal, to tze ereat bor-Taragement health and safe waarbie, direcis perticipate in train- committees, in the geographical regte 1r4 atitities.

in which the educational resource cel (3) A duasription of the fail-time pro- ter is located. The content and orients Isaat oral sail representing various dis- tion of the curriculum/courses sha ciplines and quaiifications relevant to taše into consideration and addref 2 cusational safety and health and ca- problems relevant to the geographic Table of planning, establishing, and gion served. The goal shall be that th.. carrying out or administering training training be made available each yea. projects undertaken by the educational to a minimum of 200-250 trainees repa resource center.

resenting all of the above categories o (4) A destiption of the training and personnel with priority given to pro reurarch expertise, appropriate facili- viding occupational safety and health tira and ongoing training and research training to physicians in family pracactivities in occupational safety and tice, as well as in industrial practice, health areas.

and industrial nurses. These courses (5) A description of its program for shall be structured so that educational conducting education and training of institutions, public health and safety occupational health physicians, occu- agencies, professional societies or pational health nurses, industrial hy- other appropriate agencies can utilize gieniate/engineers and safety personnel. them to provide training at the local There shall be full-time students in level to occupational safety and health each of these core disciplines, with a personnel working in the workplace. goal of a minimum total of 30 full-time Further, the educational resource censtudents. Training may also be con- ter shall have a specific plan and demducted in other occupational safety onstrated capability for implementing and health career categories, e.g., in- such training directly and through

institutions or agencies in the re- (4) The reasonableness of the budget iscinding cooperative efforts with in relation to the proposed project; mions and industry trade asso- (5) The success of previous offerings where appropriate.

of this course, or related courses; Nuis, July 10, 1975, as amended at 42

(6) Evidence of ability to recruit 1. Sept. 30, 19TT)

trainees and the estimated number to

be enrolled during each course offering; 1 Evaluation and grant award.

and in the limits of funds available (7) The degree to which the proposed such purpose the Secretary may project adequately provides for the reed grants to assist in the establish- quirements set forth in 886.13(b).

and operation of those projects (c) In the case of educational re

will in his judgment best pro- source center grants: the purposes of section 21(a)(1) of (1) The criteria set forth in paraAct, taking into account:

graphs (a) and (b) of this section. In the case of long-term training

(2) The degree to which the proposed 08:

project adequately provides for the reThe need for training in the area

quirements set forth in 8 86.13(c). rreas of study outlined in the appli

(d) The amount of any award shall be The degree to which the proposal

determined by the Secretary on the apresents a strengthening or expan

basis of his estimate of the sum necan of the applicant's program in such

essary for all or a designated portion of

direct project costs plus an additional The record of the applicant's ef

amount for indirect costs, if any, which tiveness in training in these or re

will be calculated by the Secretary eified areas as indicated, among other

ther (1) on the basis of his estimate of ines, by the placement of its grad

the actual indirect costs reasonably re

lated to the project, or (2) on the basis The competence of the project of a percentage, not to exceed 8 perHar in relation to the service to be cent, of all, or a portion of, the estirovided;

mated direct costs of the project when 3 The reasonableness of the budget there are reasonable assurances that slation to the proposed project; the use of such percentage will not exThe applicant's resources, includ- ceed the approximate actual indirect * quipment, facilities, and funds, costs. Such award may include an estiilable for the project;

mated provisional amount for indirect 0 The current and potential avail- costs or for designated direct costs bility of students in the area of study (such as travel or supply costs) subject to be offered and their prospective em- to upward (within the limits of availplayability as a result of the proposed able funds) as well as downward adjust

ments to actual costs when the amount (6) The extent to which the applicant

properly expended by the grantee for dupects to absorb faculty positions ini

provisional items has been determined Bated as a result of the grant; and

by the Secretary. (9) The degree to which the project

(e) All grant awards shall be in writadequately provides for the requirements set forth in 8 86.13(a).

ing, shall set forth the amount of funds (b) la the case of short-term training:

granted and the period for which sup (1) The relationship of the contents

port is recommended. of the course to the current and emer

(1) Neither the approval of any projrency training needs to carry out the

ect nor any grant award shall commit purposes of the Act;

or obligate the United States in any (2) The qualifications of the instruc- way to make any additional, supple

mental, continuation, or other award (3) The speed with which the training

with respect to any approved project or can be put to use by the persons pro

portion thereof. For continuation supDosed to be trained;

port, grantees must make separate ap


tional staff;

stase zamy & suci TAS ERE I Gast funds used for altest such for a tine Sensatz; SET ES sa renovations shall be subject 972XL 1 75. = smentet es pot the requirements of Ezer

common that the grantee shala 73 342. Segr

Order 1124, as amended, and wis JSE 15 Pet

abcable regulations prescribed Suat thereto.

1811 Noodiscrimination or a portada o 225 g Erzieher

(2) Attention is called to the recüone meets of title VI of the Civil pe

Act of 1964 (T8 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C.anized the persones ace of the propers sas) end is particular section ku the be entees be deteresses such par- sock Act which provides that no patos Desta secessary to prot roept the Csited States shall OO SUITE initiation 208 ziTEDDEDt of the an

goods of race, color, or nationa sa proved project

dia be excladed from participation sec 186.16 Use of project funds

be denied the benefits of, or beata

jected to discrimination under:03, (2) Any fands grastes persoast to program or activity receiving Fetable this subpers as well as other feads to financial assistance. A regulation 'mis, De be used in performance of the approved plementing such title VI, which ap maat project scall be expended solely for to gants made under this subparts sectio Carrying out the approved project in been issued by the Secretary of He Cooper accordance with section Zla) of the and Human Services with the apprze sev Act, the regulations of this sabpart of the President (45 CFR part 80). imbia, the terms and conditions of the acari (0) Attention is called to the requestion and the applicable cost principles pas ments of title % of the Educat

SEUT 0 scribed by subpart Q of 45 CFB part 74 Amendments of 1972 (86 Stat. 373, lui does

(0) Prior written approval by the Sec- U.S.C. 1881 et seq.) and in particular of the retary of revision of the budget and section 901 of such Act which provita State project plan is required whenever there that no person in the United Sta at se de is to be a significant change in the shall, on the basis of sex, be exclucrarn all In scope or nature of project activities, from participation in, be denied the fe which in the case of short term train- benefits of, or be subjected to discriz ing grants, includes any change in the nation under any education program wat (1) Dcourse dates or training sites.

activity receiving Federal financial i pate shall (c) Grant funds are available for sistance. trainee stipends and for tuition, includ- (c) Attention is called to the requir ing fees and instructional materials, ments of section 504 of the Rehabilit for travel costs related to training al- tion Act of 1973, as amended, whic lowances. Stipends and allowances may provides that no otherwise qualifie not be increased or be paid beyond the handicapped individual in the Unite term of the stipend on account of vaca- States shall, solely by reason of b tion an individual might have been en- handicap, be excluded from participer with a titled to but did not take.

tion in, be denied the benefits of, or (d) Stipends may only be paid to a subjected to discrimination under an trainee who is a citizen of the United program or activity receiving Federa States, an alien lawfully admitted to financial assistance. the United States for permanent residence, or a permanent resident of $86.18 Grantee accountability. Guam, American Samoa, or the Trust (a) Accounting for grant award payTerritory of the Pacific Islands.

ments. All payments made by the Secret amou (e) In the case of short term training retary shall be recorded by the grantee M, and grants, stipends may not be paid to in accounting records separate from persons receiving lecture fees, salary, the records of all other grant funds, in travel expenses, or payment in any cluding funds derived from other grant form as members of the course instruc- awards. With respect to each approved tional staff.

project the grantee shall account for


zation of may req e account

a Federal

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ndits for i paragraph

rim shall


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a total of all amounts paid by assignees by setoff or other action as

ering or otherwise making avail- provided by law. evidence satisfactory to the Secof expenditures for direct and $86.19 Human subjects; animal wel. e costs meeting the require

fare. of this part: Provided, however,

No grant award may be made under when the amount awarded for incosts was based on a predeter- complied with:

this subpart unless the applicant has fixed-percentage of estimated dicosts, the amount allowed for indi

(a) 45 CFR part 46 pertaining to the costs shall be computed on the

protection of human subjects; and s of such predetermined fixed-per

(b) Chapter 1-43 of the Department top rates applied to the total, or a

Grants Administration Manual? conetad element thereof, of the reim

cerning animal welfare. the direct costs incurred. Accounting for interest earned on

8 86.20 Additional conditions. t funds. Pursuant to section 203 of The Secretary may with respect to

Intergovernmental Cooperation any grant award impose additional of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 4213), a State will conditions prior to or at the time of be held accountable for interest any award when in his judgment such med on grant funds, pending their conditions are necessary to assure or ursement for grant purposes. A protect advancement of the approved ik, as defined in section 102 of the project, the interests of public health, zagovernmental Cooperation Act,

or the conservation of grant funds. is any one of the several States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, 86.21 Applicability of 45 CFR part 74. territory or possession of the Unit

The provisions of 45 CFR part 74, esStates, or any agency or instrumenety of a State, but does not include

tablishing uniform administrative regovernments of the political

quirements and cost principles, shall Rörisions of the State. All grantees

apply to all grants under this part to ther than a State, as defined in this

States and local governments as those stion, must return all interest earned

terms are defined in subpart A of that igrant funds to the Federal Govern

part 74. The relevant provisions of the

following subparts of part 74 shall also Grant closeout(1) Date of final ac

apply to grants to all grantee organizating. A grantee shall render, with

tions under this part: espect to each approved project, a full

45 CFR PART 74 kternt, as provided herein, as of the date of termination of grant support.

Subpart and Subject The Secretary may require other spe

A General. cial and periodic accounting.

B Cash depositories. 2) Pinal settlement. There shall be C Bonding and insurance. yable to the Federal Government as

D Retention and custodial requirements for Stal settlement with respect to each

records. kpproved project the total sum of:

F Grant-related income. ) Any amount not accounted for

G Matching and cost sharing. pusuant to paragraph (a) of this sec

K Grant payment requirements.

L Budget revision procedures. (11) Any credits for earned interest

M Grant closeout: Suspension, and termi

nation, pursuant to paragraph (b) of this sec

O Property.

Q Cost principles. fil) any other amounts due pursuant to subparts F, M, and 0 of 45 CFR part

The Department Grants Administration Such total sum shall constitute a debt

Manual is available for inspection at the

Public Information Office of the several Deowed by the grantee to the Federal

partment Regional Offices and available for Government and shall be recovered

purchase at the Government Printing Office, from the grantee or its successors or GPO Document No. 894-523.

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Subpart C-Occupational Safety and Health Direct Traineeships

886.30 Nature and purpose of direct

traineeships. A direct traineeship is an award of funds directly from the Federal Government to an individual (herein called the "trainee") for his subsistence and other expenses during a period in which he is acquiring training (a) in the occupational safety and health professions, (b) for research relating to occupational safety and health, or (c) for teaching in occupational safety and health.

may be made under this subpar said institution has complied w.

(a) 45 CFR part 46 pertainine protection of human subjects; aj

(b) Chapter 1-43 of the Depe Grants Administration Mar concerning animal welfare. 986.34 Evaluation and award o.

traineeships. Within the limits of funds av for such purpose and subject to t ulations of this part, the Sec may award direct traineeships to qualified applicants who are judgment best able to carry 01 purpose of the traineeships takin consideration the need for train the area of study specified in the cation.

886.31 Eligibility; minimum require

ments. In order to be eligible for an award under this subpart an applicant must:

(a) Have been accepted by a public or private institution for the purpose of the activity for which the traineeship is sought.

(b) Be a U.S. citizen, an alien lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence or a permanent resident of Guam, American Samoa, or the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

886.35 Payments.

(a) Individuals receiving awards be entitled to such stipends and a ances as the Secretary may desig taking into account such factors a needs of the program, the cost of ing, and the availability of funds.

(NOTE: These are prescribed in cbapti 140 of the Department Grants Adminis tion Manual?).

(b) Payments of stipends and all ances will, at the discretion of the retary, be made directly to the trai or to the sponsoring institution payment directly to the trainee.

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886.36 Duration and continuation.

Direct traineeship awards may made for varying periods not in exo of 2 years. The Secretary may ma one or more continuation awards for additional period if he finds that sat factory progress is being made towa accomplishment of the purpose of the initial traineeship award. Addition support may be provided on appri priate justification after expiration the period of support in the previou award.

886.33 Human subjects; animal wel.

fare. Where the application is for training at a non-Federal institution, no award

886.37 Terms and conditions.

All direct traineeship awards shall be subject to the following terms and Codul ditions:

1 Applications and instructions may be ob tained from the Procurement and Grants Office, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA 30333.

2 See footnote 2 to $86.19.

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