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ept for the last budget period of the the approved project. The amounts othect period) by at least two mem- erwise payable to any grantee shall be

of the same peer group which re- reduced by: fed the proposal in accordance with (a) Amounts equal to the fair market 14. Such group shall review the ap value of any equipment or supplies furition for continuation support and nished to such grantee at their request e recommendations to the Sec- by the Secretary for the purpose of ry concerning the disposition of conducting the approved project; and application based upon its evalua- (b) Amounts equal to the pay, allowof:

ances, traveling expenses, and related The progress of the project in personnel expenses attributable to the ting project objectives,

performance of services by an officer or The appropriateness of the man- employee of the government in connecnent of the project and allocation tion with such approved project, if such sources within the project,

officer or employee was assigned or deThe adequacy and appropriateness tailed by the Secretary at the request le plan for the carrying out of the of the grantee to perform such services. ect during the budget period in ; of the accomplishments during

867.19 Use of project funde. ious budget periods, and

(a) Any funds granted pursuant to The reasonableness of the pro- this subpart shall be expended by the d budget for the subsequent budget grantee solely for carrying out the ap od where the Secretary determines proved project in accordance with the ontinue support, the amount of Act, the regulations of this subpart, it award shall be determined in ac- the terms and conditions of the award, ance with paragraph (b) of this sec- and the applicable cost principles, pre. Where the Secretary determines scribed in subpart Q of 45 CFR part 74. to continue a project for an addi- (b) The grantee may not in whole or al budget period, the grantee will in part delegate or transfer this responiotified in writing before the end of sibility for the use of such funds to any current budget period.

other person, or other legal entity,

without the specific prior written ap.17 Project requirements.

proval of the Secretary. project supported under this sub- (c) Prior approval by the Secretary is t must be conducted in accordance required whenever there is to be a sigh the following requirements:

nificant change in the scope or nature .) The project shall be carried out in of the approved project. ordance with the approved applicaa.

867.20 Termination. 0) The principal investigator shall The termination of any grant under responsible for the conduct of the this subpart will be governed by the ject unless replaced by another indi- relevant provisions of subpart M of 45 ual found by the Secretary to be CFR part 74 and the terms and condialified to carry out such responsibil- tions of the grant award. Where a 88. Where the principal investigator grantee unilaterally terminates a porcomes unable to function in such ca- tion of a grant, the Secretary may tercity, the Secretary shall be notified minate such grant in whole where he Boon as possible.

determines that the remaining portion

of the grant will not accomplish the 17.18 Grant payments.

purposes for which the grant was made. The Secretary will from time to time ake payments to the grantee of all or

867.21 Nondiscrimination. portion of any grant award, either by Recipients of grants under this subay of reimbursement for expenses in- part are advised that in addition to urred in the budget period, or in ad- complying with the terms and condiance for expenses to be incurred, to tions of these regulations, the followhe extent he determines such pay- ing laws and regulations are applicable: nents are

necessary to promote (a) Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of rompt initiation and advancement of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d et seq.) and its im


plementing regulation, 45 CFR part 80 (prohibiting discrimination in Federally assisted programs on the ground of race, color, or national origin).

(b) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 974) and its implementing regulation, 45 CFR part 84 (prohibiting discrimination in Federally assisted programs on the basis of handicap).

(c) Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. 1681 et seq.) and its implementing regulation, 45 CFR part 86 (prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in Federally assisted education programs).

(d) Executive Order 11246, 30 FR 12319 (September 24, 1965), as amended, and with the applicable rules, regulations, and procedures prescribed pursuant thereto.

practicable and in such form as to
make such materials understandable.
$67.24 Confidentiality.

No information obtained by a grantee in the course of its health services to search, evaluation, or demonstration 2 activities may be used for any purpose :3 other than the purpose for which it was supplied (which shall include the disclosure of such information to the Secretary for carrying out his responsibilities under the Health Services Research, Health Statistics, and Medical Libraries Act of 1974, Pub. L. 93-363) unless authorized under regulations of the Secretary. Further, such information may not be published or released in other than statistical form if the person who supplied the information or who is described in it is identiflable arless such person has signed a written consent on such forms and in such manner as the Secretary may pre scribe.

8 67.22 Human subjects and animal

welfare. (a) No award may be made under this subpart unless the applicant has complied with 45 CFR part 46 and other applicable requirements pertaining to the protection of human subjects.

(b) No award may be made under this subpart unless the applicant has complied with chapter 1-43 of the Department of Health and Human Services Grants Administration Manual and any other requirements concerning animal welfare.

$ 67.25 Control of data.

Except as otherwise provided on th terms and conditions of the award asf subject to the confidentiality requirt ments of $ 67.24, all data collected or sembled for the purposes of carryisi out health services research, des onstration, or evaluation projects sup ported under this subpart shall made available to the Secretary upa request.

8 67.23 Publications and copyright.

(a) Copyright. Except as may otherwise be provided under the terms and conditions of the award, the grantee is free to copyright any book or other copyrightable materials developed under the grant, subject to a royaltyfree, nonexclusive and irrevocable license of the Department to reproduce, publish, alter, or otherwise use, and to authorize others to use the work for Government purposes. In any case in which a copyright has been obtained, the Secretary shall be so notified.

(b) Publications. Any reports, papers, statistics, or other materials developed from work supported in whole or in part by an award made under this subpart shall be submitted to the Secretary. The Secretary may make such materials available and disseminate the material on as broad a basis as

8 67.26 Grantee accountability.

(a) Accounting for grant award a ments. All payments made by the Sea retary shall be recorded by the granta in accounting records separate free the records of all other funds, includir funds derived from other grant awan With respect to each approved pruun the grantee shall account for the sa total of all amounts paid by presenti or otherwise making available eviden satisfactory to the Secretary of penditures for direct and indirect code meeting the requirements of this 23 part: Provided, however, That when amount awarded for indirect costs based on

a predetermined fixed-pen centage of estimated direct costs, amount allowed for indirect costs sla be computed on the basis of such pt determined fixed-percentage rates **

plied to the total or a selected element project period or the date of any termiof the reimbursable direct costs in- nation of grant support pursuant to the curred.

applicable provisions of subpart M of 45 (b) Accounting for royalties. Royalties CFR part 74 and the terms and condireceived by grantees from copyrights tions of the grant award. on publications or other works devel- (2) Final settlement. There shall be oped under the grant, or from patents payable to the United States as final or inventions conceived or first actu- settlement with respect to each apally reduced to practice in the course proved project the total sum of (1) any of or under grant shall be accounted for amount not accounted for pursuant to as follows:

paragraph (a) of this section and (11) (1) Royalties received during the pe- any other amounts due pursuant to the riod of grant support as a result of applicable provisions of 45 CFR part 74 copyrights or patents shall be retained and the terms and conditions of the

by the grantee and in accordance with grant award. Such total sum shall con:- the terms and conditions of the grant, stitute a debt owed by the grantee to

be disposed of under either, or a com- the United States and shall be recovbination of the following options:

ered from the granteee or its succes(1) Used by the grantee for any pur- sors or assignees by set-off or other acposes that further the objectives of the tion as provided by law.

legislation under which the grant was - made.

867.27 Applicability of 45 CFR part 74. (11) Deducted from the total project

The provision of 45 CFR part 74, escosts for the purpose of determining

tablishing uniform administrative rethe net costs on which the Federal

quirements and cost principles, shall share of costs will be based.

apply to all grants under this subpart (2) Royalties received after the com

to States and local governments as pletion or termination of grant support

those terms are defined in subpart A of shall be disposed of as follows:

that part 74. The relevant provisions of (1) Patent royalties shall be governed

the following subparts of part 74 shall by agreements between the Assistant

also apply to grants to other grantee Secretary for Health, Department of

organizations under this subpart: lealth and Human Services, and the rantee pursuant to the Department's

45 CFR PART 74 atent regulations (45 CFR parts 6 and

Subpart: (ii) Copyright royalties may be re

A-General. ained by the grantee, unless the terms

B-Cash Depositories. eind conditions of the grant or a spe- C—Bonding and Insurance. lfic agreement negotiated between the

D_Retention and Custodial Requireecretary and the grantee provide oth

ments for Records. twise, except State or local govern- F-Grant-Related Income. lent grantees which receive royalties G-Matching and Cost Sharing. I excess of $200 a year shall return the K–Grant Payment Requirements. ederal share of the excess amount L-Budget Revision Procedures. omputed by applying the percentage M-Grant Closeout, Suspension, and TerFederal participation in the cost of

mination. le grant supported project to the ex

Property. iss amount) to the Federal Govern

Q-Cost Principles. ent, unless specific agreement prodes otherwise.

8 67.28 Additional conditions. (c) Grant closeout-(1) Date of final ac- The Secretary may, with respect to unting. In addition to such other spe- any grant awarded under this subpart, al and periodic accounting as the impose additional conditions prior to cretary may require, a grantee shall or at the time of any award when in his nder with respect to each approved judgment such conditions are oject a full account, as provided essary to assure or protect advancerein, as of the termination of grant ment of the approved project or the pport which shall be at the end of the conservation of grant funds.

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Subpart B-Grants for Health (d) Project period means the total de Services Research Centers riod of time for which support for &

project has been approved as specified AUTHORITT: Sec. 215, 58 Stat. (42 U.S.C. in the grant award document. Such as 216r

. sec. 305d), as amended. ** Stat. 364, (42 proval does not commit or obligate the U.S.C. 2420d))

Federal government to any additional, SOURCE: 41 FR 5225, Feb. 4, 1976, onless oth supplemental or continuation support erwise noted.

beyond the current budget period.

(e) Budget period means the interva) $67.101 Purpose and scope.

of time (usually 12 months) into which (a) The regulations of this subpart the project has been divided for budgare applicable to the award of grants etary and reporting purposes and for under section 305(d) of the Public which the Government has made a flHealth Service Act, as amended, to as- Dancial commitment to find a particusist in meeting the costs of planning, lar project. establishing and operating multidisci- (Center means a Health Services plinary Health Services Research Cen- Research Center supported under this ters by providing support for both per- subpart. manent staff composed of experts from (8) National Special Emphasis Cente different disciplines and the adminis- mean a Center which directs a substantrative costs of carrying out multi- tial portion of its efforts in research disciplinary health services research, training, technical assistance, and evaluations and demonstrations re- other appropriate activities to a par specting:

ticular aspect of health care delivery (1) The accessibility, acceptability, specified by the Secretary and requir planning, organization, distribution, ing a particular kind of scientific extechnology, utilization, quality, and fi- pertise. Such Centers shall include: nancing of health services and systems; (1) A Health Care Technology Center,

(2) The supply and distribution, edu- which shall focus on all forms of techcation and training, quality, utiliza- nology, including computers and eles tion, organization, and cost of health tronic devices, and its applications to manpower; and

health care delivery; (3) The design, construction, utiliza- (2) A Health Care Management Cention, and cost of facilities and equip ter, which shall focus on the improve ment.

ment of administration and organiza(b) Additional support awarded under tion in the health field, the training this subpart, for National Special Em- and retraining of administrators of phasis Centers is intended to support health care enterprises, and the develstaff, research, demonstration, and opment of leaders, planners and policy evaluation projects, training programs, analysts in the health field; and and administrative costs for activities (3) Such other Centers as the Secappropriate to the particular area of retary shall deem appropriate, provided special emphasis.

that formal notification of the com

petition for a grant award and designia$87.102 Definitions.

tion as a National Special Emphasis As used in this subpart:

Center under this subpart shall be (1) Act means the Public Health Sery- made at least ninety (90) days prior to 10o Act, as amended.

the closing date for filing applications (b) Secretary means the Secretary of for Center grants. Health and Human Services and any (b) State means one of the 50 States, other officer or employee of the De- the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, partment of Health and Human Serv- Guam, Virgin Islands, American icon to whom the authority involved Samoa, and the Trust Territory of the has been delegatod.

Pacific Islands. (6) Nonprofit as applied to a private (1) Grantee means the public or DODentity, means that no part of the net profit private entity that receives s

me of much entity inures or may grant under section 305(d) of the Act

inure to the benefit of any and this subpart and assumes legal and Jer or individual.

financial responsibility for the funds

warded and for the performance of the (5) A description of the applicant's rant supported activity.

plan for sharing the knowledge and ex(j) Director means a single individual, pertise of the Center's staff by providesignated by the grantee in the grant ing technical assistance to appropriate pplication and approved by the Sec- organizations and individuals and etary, who is responsible for the sci- through other forms of public and comatific, technical, and administrative munity services; irection of the Center.

(6) A description of the applicant's

plan for disseminating the Center's re87.103 Eligibility.

search findings to appropriate forums; Any public or nonprofit private en- (7) A description of the need of the ity located in a state is eligible to region in which the proposed Center pply for a grant under this subpart; will be located for a Center and a deTovided, That no entity is eligible for scription of the areas of research which ssistance for more than one Center at the applicant expects the Center to adny one time,

dress by virtue of particular problems

and characteristics of the local health 67.104 Application.

care delivery system; (a) An application for a grant under (8) A description of the organizahis subpart shall be submitted to the tional structure of the applicant and ecretary at such time and in such the nature of any relationship with and lanner as the Secretary may pre- access to health care delivery systems cribe. 1

in which research activities can be un(b) The application shall be executed dertaken and research findings tested; y an individual authorized to act for (9) A description of the procedures by he applicant and to assume on behalf which research projects will be sef the applicant the obligations im- lected, including the methodology to osed by the Act, the regulations of be utilized in ensuring that such his subpart and the terms and condi

projects will be selected on the basis of ions of any grant award.

(1) the regional or national importance (c) In addition to such other perti- of the problem to be addressed, (ii) the ient information as the Secretary may unique potential for definitive research equire, an application for a grant on a problem, and (111) opportunities inder this subpart shall contain the

for local application of the research ollowing:

findings; (1) A description of the manner in

(10) A budget which allocates the vhich the applicant intends to plan total support both by type of expendiind establish a Center, including a ture and by the activities identified in imetable for making the proposed

paragraphs (c) (1), (4), (5), (6), and (9) of Center operational;

this section; (2) A description of the staff of the

(11) A description of the resources proposed Center, including their quali

which the applicant plans to make fications, academic training, respon

available to the proposed Center; sibilities and functions;

(12) A description of the proposed (3) A description of the manner in

Center's relationships with other acawhich the staff will be organized and

demic institutions and research organisupervised to carry out the proposed

zations with regard to the impact of activities of the Center;

such relationships on the quality and (4) A description of the applicant's

scope of the Center's research and the plan for providing at the Center edu

responsiveness of its project selection cational opportunities to students,

to local, regional and national priorhealth professionals and other appro

ities; and priate individuals;

(13) Assurances satisfactory to the

Secretary that the Center will meet Applications and instructions are avail

the operational requirements of $67.107 able from the Director, Review and Advisory Services, National Center for Health Serv

when it becomes operational. ices Research, Health Resources Administra

(d) In addition to the material specition, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852,

fied in paragraph (c) of this section, an Room 15-35.

application for a grant with a desig:

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