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section 118 of the HMTA, the regula- 45 CFR part 75–Informal grant appeals protions of this part, and program prior


45 CFR part 76, subparts A-F-Government ities.

wide debarment and suspension [55 FR 42568, Oct. 22, 1990; 59 FR 64141, Dec. (nonprocurement) and government-wide re13, 1991)

quirements for drug-free workplace

(grants). $65.6 How long does grant support 45 CFR part 80—Nondiscrimination under last?

programs receiving Federal assistance

through the Department of Health and (a) The notice of grant award speci

Human Services-Effectuation of title VI les how long NIEHS intends to support

of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. he project without requiring the 45 CFR part 81-Practice and procedure for roject to recompete for funds. This pe- hearings under part 80 of this title. tod, called the project period, will usu- 45 CFR part 84-Nondiscrimination on the lly be for 1-5 years.

basis of handicap in programs and activi. (b) Generally, the grant will initially ties receiving or benefiting from Federal

financial aseistance. e for one year and subsequent con

45 CFR part 86-Nondiscrimination on the nuation awards will also be for one

basis of sex in education programs and a ar at a time. A grantee must submit tivities receiving or benefiting from pod. separate application to have the sup- eral financial assistance.

irt continued for each subsequent 45 CFR part 91-Nondiscrimination on the eu lar. Decisions regarding continuation basis of age in Health and Human Services vards and the funding level of such

programs and activities receiving Pederal

nancial assistance. Tards will be made after consider

45 CFR part 82-Uniform Administrative to ion of such factors as the grantee's

quirements for Grants and cooperative ogress and management practices

Agreements to Bra's and local GovertId the availability of funds. In all

ments. ses, continuation awards require a 45 CFR part $ New restrictions on botary. termination by the NIEHS that con- ing. sued funding is in the best interest of - Federal Government.

$63.9 Additional conditions. C) Neither the approval of any appli- The Director may with reaat o tion nor the award of any grant com- any award imyne ansitional 011. ts or obligates the Federal Govern- tions prior to, or at the time , any int in any way to make any addi. award when, in the Dirum juny nal, supplemental, continuation, or ment, such conditions are basemuary jer award with respect to any ap azeure the curry114 095 A e Diry MAN ved application or portion of an ad of the award, the interest A me pilte, wed application.

bealth, or the chara100 "A futnu

awarded 5.7 For what purposes may grant funds be spent?

PART 66-NATIONAL DESADOH ndividuals receiving training stall

SEZVICE AWAVOS entitled only to the stipends and a. rances included in a budget approved

Stores Awwa the Director, taking into wordt cost of living and such otbe 1208 as the needs of the program 108



9. Ms. availability of funds. 5.8 What additional Department

f. 1963" regulations apply to pantas! Several other regulations 20 que Pey* ", rilas is apply to grants optat 3 2 ese include, bat are set om

get* Sach iw111 CFR part 50, sabar DP za Service grant apoi rose CFR part 16 PTSH19 20 mm 270 272, **7* the *** nental Grant Agust CFR partie s ozara 第4Wr"

66.115 Additional conditions.

permanent allegiance to the United

States (8 U.S.C. 1101(a) (22)).
Subpart B-Institutional Grants

(8) Predoctoral training means train66.201 Applicability.

ing at the post-baccalaureate level in a : 66.202 Definitions.

program leading to the award of a doc66.203 Eligibility.

tor of philosophy or science, or equiva66.204 Application.

lent degree. For purposes of Awards 66.205 Requirements.

under the Minority Access to Research is 66.206 Grant awards.

Careers programs of the National Insti66.207 Other HHS regulations and policies tute of General Medical Sciences and that apply.

the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental 66.208 Additional conditions.

Health Administration, predoctoral AUTHORITY: Sec. 215, 58 Stat. 40, as amend- training also means training in a proed (42 U.S.C 216); sec. 472, 88 Stat. SA2 (42 gram leading to the award of a baccaU.S.C. 2892–1).

laureate degree in science or equivaSOURCE: 48 FR 24880, June 3, 1983, unless

lent degree. otherwise noted.

(b) Postdoctoral training means train

ing of individuals holding a doctor d Subpart A-Direct Awards philosophy, science, medicine, den

tistry, osteopathy, optometry, podia $66.101 Applicability.

try, veterinary medicine, engineering The regulations in this subpart apply nursing sciences, public health, to National Research Service Awards

equivalent degree. made by the Secretary to individuals $66.103 Eligibility. for research, and training to undertake research, under section 472aX1XA) of

To be eligible for a National 3: the Public Health Service Act, as search Service Award an individual amended (42 U.S.C. 2892–1(aX1XA)).


(a) Be a citizen, noncitizen nations $ 66.102 Definitions.

of the United States, or lawfully As used in this subpart:

mitted to the United States for perme (a) Act means the Public Health Serv

nent residence at the time of applies ice Act, as amended.

tion; and (b) Secretary means the Secretary of

(6) Propose to engage on a full-time Health and Human Services and any

basis in research, or training to under*** other oficer or employee of the De

take research, in a program specifies partment of Health and Human Serv

in section 472(aXIXA) of the Act. ices to whom the authority involved

$66.104 Application. has been delegated.

(c) Nonprofit institution means a cor- (a) Eligible individuals may apply poration or association in which no an Award using the form and by part of the net earnings inures or may dates the Secretary prescribes. lawfully inure to the benefit of any pri- (b) In addition to any other pertinet vate shareholder or individual.

information that the Secretary mate? (d) Award means a National Research quire, each application shall detail: Service Award under section 472 of the (1) The applicant's educational bece Act (42 C.S.C. 2892–1).

ground and other qualifications and (el Residency means post-graduate perience, including previous academ training for doctors of medicine, oste- and professional degrees; opathy, dentistry, optometry, and po (2) The subject area of the propose diatry. nurses, and other individuals research or training, providing bealth care directly to pas- (3) The proposed period of Award: tents, in which the majority of the (4) If the proposed period of Art time is spent in non-research clinical would provide the individual with training.

gregate support in excess of five ysat in Sonatizem rational of the United st the predoctoral level or three years States means a person who, though not at the postdoctoral level, the justinus a citizen of the United States, owestion for this request; and

(5) The availability of necessary re- section 472(a)(1)(A) of the Act, taking sources facilities at the institution into consideration among other pertiwhere the research or training would nent factors: be conducted.

(1) The scientific, technical, or edu(Approved by the Office of Management and

cational merit of the particular proBudget under control number 0925_0002)


(ii) The availability of resources and 168.105 Requirements.

facilities to carry it out; The Secretary shall make an Award

(iii) The qualifications and experian individual under this subpart

ence of the applicant; and

(iv) The need for personnel in the Enly if:

(a) For any Award made for a period subject area of the proposed research texcess of twelve months, other than

or training.

(b) In making Awards, the Secretary * 1 Award made for research training at e prebaccalaureate level, the individ

shall take account of the Nation's

overall need for biomedical research by I has submitted to the Secretary a sitten assurance in the manner the

giving special consideration to physi

cians who agree to undertake a minicretary may prescribe) that he or

mum of two years of biomedical rewill satisfy the requirements of

search. s-1110;

(c) All Awards shall be in writing. b) If the proposed research or train

Each shall specify: would take place at an institution

(1) The period of the Award; er than one operated by the Public

(2) The total recommended stipends Ith Service agencies listed in sec

and allowances provided for the entire 1 472(a)(1)(A) of the Act, the institu

Award period; has submitted a written assurance (3) The amount awarded for the the manner the Secretary may pre

intitial year of that period (see 366.107); be). The assurance shall indicate


(4) The amount of the payments to The applicant has been accepted

the institution for the cost of services he institution for the purpose of en

provided the awardee by the instituing in the research or training for tion during the initial year of that pebh an Award is being sought;

riod (see $66.108). | The Award will not be used to sup

(d) Neither the approval of any applia residency; and

cation nor any Award shall commit or In the event an Award is made the

obligate the United States in any way itution will make available to the

to make additional, supplemental, conPicant any resources and facilities

tinuation, or other Award with respect ribed in the application as nec

to any approved application or portion ry to carry out the research or

thereof. siing; and

(e) No individual may receive an agThe individual has sunmitted a

gregate of more than five years of sup ten assurance (in the manner the

port at the predoctoral level and three etary may prescribe) that the Crd to individuals will not be used

years at the postdoctoral level unless

the Secretary waives, for good cause lpport a residency.

shown, this limitation for the individoved by the Office of Management and ual. In determining what constitutes et under control number 0925-0002) "good cause,” the Secretary shall take

into account such factors as whether 106 Awards.

the applicant proposes to pursue a Within the limits of funds avail- combined program leading to the de

the Secretary shall make Awards grees of doctor of medicine and doctor 108e applicants:

of philosophy. Who have satisfied the requirets of 866.105; and

866.107 Payments to awardees. Whose proposed research or train- (a) Individuals receiving Awit shall would, in the judgment of the Sec- be entitled to the stipendi ry, best promote the purposes of fees, and allowances the Sec

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ests of the public health, or the conservation of funds awarded.

Subpart B-Institutional Grants

(4) The criteria to be employed in selecting recipients of Awards;

(5) The estimated number of recipients of Awards under the grant;

(6) The proposed project period and a detailed budget and justification for the amount of grant funds requested: and

(7) Proposed methods for monitoring and evaluating the performance of isdividual recipients of Awards, as well as the overall program. (Approved by the Office of Management Budget under control number 0925 0022)

68.201 Applicability.

The regulations in this subpart apply to grants under section 472(a)(1)(B) of the Public Health Service Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2891 -1(a)(1)(B)], to public institutions and to nonprofit private institutions to enable these institutions to make National Research Service Awards to individuals for research, and training to undertake research, in programs specified in section 472(a)(1)(B) of the Act.

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$ 66.202 Definitions.

The definitions in 866.102 of subpart A of this part apply to this subpart. (48 FR 24880, June 3, 1983; 48 FR 33710, July 25, 1983)

866.203 Eligibility.

To be eligible for a grant under this subpart, an applicant must be:

(a) A public or nonprofit private institution; and

(b) Located in a State, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Canal Zone, Guam, American Samoa, or the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

8 66.204 Application.

(a) Application for a grant under this subpart shall be made on a form approved for that purpose by the Secretary. Applicants shall submit completed forms on or before the dates the Secretary may prescribe.

(b) In addition to any other pertinent information that the Secretary may require, each application shall set forth in detail:

(1) The subject area or areas in which the proposed research or training will be conducted;

(2) The resources and facilities available for use by recipients of Awards in carrying out this research or training:

(3) The names, qualifications, and experience of the program director and principal staff members who will be responsible for the proposed program;

8 66.206 Requirements.

(a) No Award shall be made to an in dividual from a grant under this so part unless:

(1) For any Award made for a perid in excess of twelve months, other the an Award made for research training the baccalaureate level, the individere has submitted to the Secretary a ten assurance (in the manner the & retary may prescribe) that he or 23 will satisfy the requirements of $60 of subpart A of this part;

(2) The individual is a citizen or citizen national of the United Stata; has been lawfully admitted to the te ed States for permanent residence the time of application;

(3) The Award includes a provist for termination in the event the reci ent is found by the institution to be materially failed to comply with terms and conditions of the Award to carry out the purpose for which was made; and

(4) The Award is not to be used support a residency.

(b) No Award shall be made to an dividual under such grant which wu provide that individual with aggregat support in excess of five years predoctoral training and three yete for postdoctoral training, unless Secretary for good cause shown as vided in $66.106(d) of subpart A oft part, waives the application of the itation with respect to that individu

(c) The provisions of $566.110 66.111 of subpart A of this part stitute terms and conditions of


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*** ward made from a grant under this a separate application to have the supErbpart.

port continued for each subsequent pproved by the Office of Management and

year. Decisions regarding continuation dget under control number 0925_0022)

awards and the funding level of such ਦੇ ਆ

awards will be made after considerFR 24880, June 3, 1983; 48 FR 33710, July 1983)

ation of such factors as the grantee's

progress and management practices, 206 Grant awards.

and the availability of funds. In all 0 within the limits of funds avail

cases, continuation awards require & the Secretary shall award grants determination by HHS that continued hose applicants:

funding is in the best interest of the ) Whose applications have been re- government. yed and recommended for approval (d) Neither the approval of any applithe appropriate national advisory cation nor the award of any grant comIcil or board;

mits or obligates the United States in Who have satisfied the require- any way to make any additional, supts of 866.105; and

plemental, continuation, or other en 13 Whose proposed programs would, award with respect to any approved ap Le judgment of the Secretary, best

plication or portion of any approved lote the purposes of section

application. Fan X(1)(B) of the Act, taking into coneine spation among other pertinent fac- 8 66.207 Other HHS regulations and

policies that apply. sie im The scientific, technical, or eduDal merit of the proposed pro

Several other regulations and poli

cies apply to grants under this subpart. The adequacy of the resources

These include, but are not limited to: facilities available to the appli

42 CFR part 50, subpart D_Public Health

Service grant appeals procedure
The qualifications and experi- 45 CFR part 16_Procedures of the Depart-

of the program director and prin- mental Grant Appeals Board si od the staff members;

45 CFR part 46—Protection of human sub1522 The degree of the need for per- jects

Demi 1 in the subject area or areas of 45 CFR part 74-Administration of grants aplicarea roposed research or training;

45 CFR part 75-Informal grant appeals proFind The extent to which the appli- cedures of is din making Awards, gives special 45 CFR part 76_Debarment and suspension deration to physicians who agree

from eligibility for financial assistance ed i dertake a minimum of two years

45 CFR part 80—Nondiscrimination under medical research;

programs receiving Federal assistance The administrative and manage

through the Department of Health and Capability of the applicant;

Human Services effectuation of title VI of The reasonableness of the pro

the Civil Rights Act of 1964 budget in relation to the pro

45 CFR part 81—Practice and procedure for program; and

hearings under part 80 of this title The adequacy of the methods

45 CFR part 84 Nondiscrimination on the

basis of handicap in programs and activionitoring and evaluating the per

ties receiving or benefiting from Federal cinditance of individual recipients and financial assistance terall program.

45 CFR part 86_Nondiscrimination on the trains The notice of grant award speci- basis of sex in education programs and acstoral Low long HHS intends to support tivities receiving or benefiting from Fedor gooi sproject without requiring

the eral financial assistance 50.100,01 to recompete for funds. This pe

45 CFR part 91—Nondiscrimination on the

basis of age in HHS programs or activities es the spelled the project period, will usu

receiving Federal financial assistance Ch resperi e for 3-5 years. Generally the grant will initially

48 FR 24556_Guidelines for Research Involv

ing Recombinant DNA Molecules published suoment one year and subsequent conwon awards will also be for one

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by the National Institutes of Health it a time. A grantee must submit (49 FR 38116, Sept. 27, 1984)

rms and

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