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as authorized by section 474 of (c) Extent of coordination with other (42 U.S.C. 286b_5).

libraries and related facilities, and is subpart also applies to coop (d) Potential for testing or demagreements awarded for this onstration of new or improved tech

In these circumstances, ref- niques in health-sciences informational to "grant(s)" shall include "co- services. sve agreements(s).”

(Approved by the Office of Management and Definitions.

Budget under control number 0925 0276)
ined terms have the same 8 59a.5 Awards.
8 as provided in the Act. As

(a) General. Within the limits of funds this subpart:

available, the Secretary may award leans the Public Health Service

grants to those applicants whose proamended (42 U.S.C. 201 et seq.).

posals for establishments, expansion, ct period—See $59a.5(c).

or improvement will, in the Secretary's ed instrumentality means a public

judgment, best promote the purposes of ate institution, organization, or

section 474 of the Act (42 U.S.C. 286b-5). -, other than a medical library,

(b) Determination of award amount. An primary function is the acquisi

Award may not exceed $1,000,000 or reservation, dissemination, and/

other amount established by law for cessing of information relating

any fiscal year. health sciences.

(1) The scope of medical-library or reitary means the Secretary of

lated services provided by the appliand Human Services and any cant for the population and purposes it official of the Department of serves considering: 1 and Human Services to whom

(1) The number of graduate and unithority involved is delegated. dergraduate students, and physicians

and other practitioners in health-relat} Who is eligible for a grant?

ed sciences making use of the appliept as otherwise prohibited by cant's library resources; iny public or private nonprofit in- (ii) The type and availability of lirion, organization, or agency au- brary support staff; zed or qualified to carry on the (iii) The type, size, and qualifications ions of a medical library, and any of the faculty of any school with which c or private related instrumental- the applicant is affiliated; is eligible for a grant under this (iv) The staff of any hospitals or clinurt.

ics with which the applicant's library

is affiliated; 4 How are grant applications (v) The geographic area served and, valuated?

within that area, the medical-library e Secretary shall evaluate grant or related services otherwise available; ications using the officers and em- and ees, and experts, consultants, or (2) The amount adequate to insure ps engaged by the Secretary for continuing financial support from non

purpose. The Secretary's evalua- Federal sources of the applicant's pro

shall consider the scope of library posed activity during and after the pe15$elated services for the population riod of award. The Secretary shall con

purposes served by the applicant. sider the level of non-Federal support

3 evaluation shall include consider- for the proposed activity for periods on of the following information prior to the fiscal year in which a

Ich must be set forth in the grant grant is made. The Secretary shall relication and such other information quire the applicant's assurance that

Secretary considers pertinent: non-Federal support will not be diminSE34) Evidence of the applicant's effi- ished as a result of the award and that ncy in providing services,

adequate support for this activity will ) Amount of available equipment be continued during and after the pe

i other resources on hand to satisfy riod of Federal assistance. sal needs of the area served by the fa- (c) Project period. (1) the notice of

grant ward specifies how long the Sec

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retary intends to support the project 45 CFR part 75–Informal grant appeas: without requiring the project

cedures recompete for funds. This period, called 45 CFR part 76 subparts A-F-Goverley the project period, will usually be for

wide debarment and one to five years.

(nonprocurement) and requireme

drug-free workplace (grants) (2) Generally, the grant will initially

45 CFR part 80—Nondiscriminatio be for one year at a time and subse

programs receiving Federal quent continuation awards will also be through the Department of Hea for one year at a time. A grantee must Human Services effectuation of submit a separate application to have of the Civil Rights Act of 1984 the support continued for each subse- 45 CFR part 81-Practice and proceder quent year. Decisions regarding con- hearings under part 80 of this title tinuation awards and the funding level

45 CFR part 84-Nondiscrimination ! of these awards will be made after con

basis of handicap in programs soda sideration of such factors as the grant

ties receiving or benefiting free Tech

financial assistance ee's progress and management prac

45 CFR part 86—Nondiscrimination et tices, and the availability of funds. In

basis of sex in education progress all cases, continuation awards require

activities receiving or benefits a determination by the Secretary that Federal financial assistance continued funding is in the best inter- 45 CFR part 91-Nondiscriminatio 3 est of the Federal Government.

basis of age in HHS programs or (3) Neither the approval of any appli

ties receiving Federal financial cation nor the award of any grant commits or obligates the Federal Govern

45 CFR part 92—Uniform administrame ment in any way to make any addi

quirements for grants and coop

agreements to state and local tional, supplemental, continuation, or

ments other award for any approved application or portion of an approved applica

Subpart B-Establishment de tion.

Regional Medical Libraries (56 FR 29189, June 26, 1991, as amended at 59 FR 59168, Nov. 16, 1994)

AUTHORITY: 42 U.S.C. 2866-2, 286b-6. 8 59a.6 How may funds or materials be

$ 59a.11 Programs to which these me used?

lations apply. The grantee shall expend funds or use

(a) This subpart applies to me materials provided by a grant under

made under section 475 of the Ad this subpart solely for the purposes for

U.S.C. 286b-6). Grants are awards which the funds or materials were

medical libraries to enable thes granted, in accordance with the pertinent provisions of the approved appli

serve as regional medical libraria

their geographic areas. The purpos cation and budget, the regulations of this subpart, the terms and conditions

the program is to develop & Date of the award, and the applicable cost

system of regional medical libre principles in subpart Q of 45 CFR part

each of which would have sufficie: 74.

cilities to supplement the service

other medical libraries in its regio. 859a.7 Other HHS regulations that (b) The purpose of the program apply.

also be supported by contracts. Se Several other regulations apply to

the primary purpose of these contra grants under this subpart. These in- is to assist regional libraries and is clude, but are not necessarily limited for the purpose of acquiring supplies to:

services for use of the Federal Gore

ment, the provisions of the Feders 42 CFR part 50, subpart D-Public Health Service grant appeals procedure

quisition Regulation (48 CFR chapte 45 CFR parts 6 and 8/Inventions and patents

do not apply. Any contract awamu 45 CFR part 16_Procedures of the Depart

pursuant to section 475 of the Acts mental Grant Appeals Board

be subject to the applicable provis 45 CFR part 74-Administration of grants of this subpart.

sources to attain the purposes stated in the application;

(c) The size and nature of the population to be served;

(d) The region to be served;

(e) Cooperative arrangements in effect, or proposed, with other qualified organizations; and

(1) The justification for the funds requested. (Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0925_0276)

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,12 Definitions.

derfined terms have the same Fruing as provided in the Act.

used in this subpart:

means the Public Health Service cas amended (42 U.S.C. 201 et seq.). Trinual operating expenses means the Fouge annual operating expenses for dictual years of operation or an esIsted amount based on the expenses

3. braries or institutions of similar **- und function.

**-rd means the Board of Regents of Er National Library of Medicine es

shed by section 466 of the Act (42
3. 286a).
ographic area means an area that

academically and profesully integrated region. Factors

dered are location and extent of genunication facilities and systems,

and distribution of eduanal and medical and health facili

and programs and other activities ish, in the Secretary's opinion, jus

: the establishment and operation of ensional medical library.

odify and increase mean the use of

ral funds or materials to supplebotlust rather than supplant non-Federal 00128 available for library resources

services. 75 Pject period—See 859a.15(b).

Tetary means the Secretary of silth and Human Services and any

r official of the Department of th and Human Services to whom authority involved is delegated.

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8 59a.15 Awards.

(a) General. The Secretary, with the advice of the Board in each case, shall award grants to those applicants whose arrangements and proposed services will, in the Secretary's judgment, have the greatest potential for fulfilling the need for a regional medical library. The Secretary, in determining the priority assigned an applicant, must consider:

(1) The adequacy of the applicant's library in terms of collections, personnel, equipment, and other facilities; and

(2) The size and nature of the population to be served in the applicant's region.

(b) Project period. (1) The notice of grant award specifies how long the Secretary intends to support the project without requiring the project to recompete for funds. This period, called the project period, will usually be for one to five years.

(2) Generally, the gra will initially be for one year and subsequent continuation awards will also be for one year at a time. A grantee must submit a separate application to have the support continued for each subsequent year. Decisions regarding continuation awards and the funding level of these awards will be made after consideration of such factors as the grantee's progress and management practices, and the availability of funds. In all cases, continuation awards require a determination by the Secretary that continued funding is in the best interest of the Federal Government.

(3) Neither the approval of any application nor the award of any grant commits or obligates the Federal Government in any way to make any additional, supplemental, continuation, or

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BEIT. prst.660 er 2 : 30

mi is the HEAL program! 22 23 bose pesce e acesses Witze sa:3:0.7 s Tide wederas.

Support B-The Borrowe of the 25 Ide Secretay

65 Po is an eligible student bet 127 review the grasiee's access pois8126 Woo is an eligible Dons Co assure comparce with this re- rower? quirement.

61 Tbe loan application process

50.8 What are the borrower's *, vorn up the orice of Masagement and and responsibilities? BOLU UTORI Convoi barber 046-0776)

Subpart C—The Loom $692.17 Other HHS regulations that apply.

600 How much can be

of repaym
Beveral other regulations apply to
grants under this subpart. These in-

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he insurance premium.

Subpart A-General Program ther charges to the borrower. ower of attorney.

ecurity and endorsement.

860.1 What is the HEAL program?
onsolidation of HEAL loans.

(a) The Health Education Assistance She Secretary's collection efforts after Loan (HEAL) program is a program of nent of a default claim.

Federal insurance of educational loans efunds.

to graduate students in the fields of part D-The Lender and Holder

medicine, osteopathic medicine, den

tistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, mich organizations are eligible to podiatric medicine, pharmacy, public y to be HEAL lenders and holders? health, chiropractic, health adminishe application to be a HEAL lender tration and clinical psychology. The older.

basic purpose of the program is to enShe HEAL lender or holder insurance

courage lenders to make loans to stutract. laking a HEAL loan.

dents in these fields who desire to borEAL loan account servicing.

row money to pay for their educational EAL loan collection.

costs. In addition, certain nonstudents onsequence of using an agent.

(such as doctors serving as interns or orbearance.

residents) can borrow in order to pay ssignment of a HEAL loan.

the current interest charges accruing "eath and disability claims.

on earlier HEAL loans. By taking a rocedures for filing claims.

HEAL loan, the borrower is obligated Hetermination of amount of loss on to repay the lender or holder the full ms.

amount of the money borrowed, plus Cecords, reports, inspection, and audit

all interest which accrues on the loan. uirements for HEAL lenders and hold

(b) HEAL loans may be made by imitation, suspension, or termi

schools, banks, credit unions, State ion of the eligibility of a HEAL lender

agencies, and other institutions eligiPolder.

ble as lenders under $60.30. HEAL

school eligibility is described in $60.50. Subpart E-The School

(c) The Secretary insures each lender Thich schools are eligible to be HEAL

or holder for the losses of principal and

interest it may incur in the event that he student loan application.

a borrower dies; becomes totally and The student's loan check.

permanently disabled; files for banklotification to lender or holder of ruptcy under chapter 11 or 13 of the nge in enrollment status.

Bankruptcy Act; files for bankruptcy Payment of refunds by schools.

under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Act INC.dministrative and fiscal procedures. and files a compliant to determine the lecords.

dischargeability of the HEAL loan; or leports.

defaults on his or her loan. In these inrederal access to school records. Lecords and federal access after a

stances, if the lender or holder has

complied with all HEAL statutes and Wool is no longer a HEAL school. imitation, suspension,

regulations, and with the lender's or termi

holder's insurance contract, and the Soul-on of the eligibility of a HEAL ool.

Secretary pays the amount of the loss eligible Lesponsibilities of a HEAL school. to the lender or holder, the borrower's ORITY: Sec. 215, of the Public Health

loan is then assigned to the Secretary.

Only at that time, the United States 22 applicaties Act, 58 Stat. 690, as amended, 63 5 (42 U.S.C. 216); secs. 727-739A of the

Government becomes the borrower's diHealth Service Act, 90 Stat. 2243, as

rect creditor and will actively pursue ed, 93 Stat. 582, 99 Stat. 529-532, 102 the borrower for repayment of the 122-3125 (42 U.S.O. 294-2941-1); renum- debt, including reporting the borrowas secs. 701-720. amended by 106 er's default on the loan to consumer

credit porting agencies or to the Inmaat aan de deur 994-2011 (42 U.S.C -292p). ICE: 48 FR 38980 26, 1983, unless ternal venue Service for purposes of

locating ich taxpayer or for income

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