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Stape seass one of the 50 Sus 3.39, 121, 1. sezca. 285gmensa, o de District of Columbia Puerto 1001 272:2 a Socessters . Gesz, the Virgin Islands, Amers Te zi. 5612ase iza scoate o Samoaer sbe Trust Territory 3 nel 11, add azt a perscczei 3 Pacise Islands 771961 in the graz: 2CTiny are avare lei Nongrofit private entity ses na with such od igasios. private entity no part of the se

ings of which inures, or may la (447R , Jona 3, 1990. Bedestgated and

inure, to the benefit of any prior amaton at FRM, DM, Feb. 2. 1968)

shareholder or individual. KITAL WITE: PR provisions of 159.16 (d) Secretary means the Secretary wmen have tman waxpended, see tbe Edi

Health and Human Services and ser TOTAL MITE following the SOURCE of Sub

other officer or employee of the De art A

partment of Health and

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whom the authority involved formation as the Secretary may rea delegated.

quire. -raining means job-specific skill (b) The application shall be executed - ment, the purpose of which is to by an individual authorized to act for e and improve the delivery of the applicant and to assume for the applanning services.

plicant the obligations imposed by the

regulations of this subpart and any adEligibility.

ditional conditions of the grant. ligible applicants. Any public or (Sec. 6(c), Public Health Service Act, 84 Stat. fit private entity located in a 1506 and 1507 (42 U.S.C. 300, 3000-1, and 300ais eligible to apply for a grant 4)) his subpart.

(37 FR 7093, Apr. 8, 1972, as amended at 49 FR ·ligible projects. Grants pursuant 38116, Sept. 27, 1984) ion 1003 of the Act and this subnay be made to eligible appli- 8 59.205 Project requirements. for the purpose of providing pro- An approvable application must con, not to exceed three months in tain each of the following unless the on, for training family planning Secretary determines that the appliier health services delivery per- cant has established good cause for its i in the skills, knowledge, and at- omission: 8 necessary for the effective de

(a) Assurances that: of family planning services: Pro

(1) No portion of the Federal funds That the Secretary may in par- will be used to train personnel for pror cases approve support of a pro- grams where abortion is a method of whose duration is longer than family planning. months where he determines (1) (2) No portion of the Federal funds such program is consistent with will be used to provide professional purposes of this subpart and (2)

training to any student as part of his the program's objectives cannot education in pursuit of an academic decomplished within three months

gree. ise of the unusually complex or

(3) No project personnel or trainees alized nature of the training to be shall on the grounds of sex, religion, or rtaken.

creed be excluded from participation

in, be denied the benefits of, or be sub3 7093, Apr. 8, 1972, as amended at 40 FR Apr. 24, 1975)

jected to discrimination under the

project. 204 Application for a grant.

(b) Provision of a methodology to as

sess the particular training (e.g., skills, An application for a grant under

attitudes, or knowledge) that prospecsubpart shall be submitted to the

tive trainees in the area to be served etary at such time and in such

need to improve their delivery of fam1 and manner as the Secretary may

ily planning services. scribe. The application shall con

(c) Provision of a methodology to deita full and adequate description of

fine the objectives of the training proproject and of the manner in which applicant intends to conduct the

gram in light of the particular needs of ject and carry out the requirements

trainees defined pursuant to paragraph his subpart, and a budget and jus

(b) of this section. cation of the amount of grant funds

(d) Provision of a method for develop uested, and such other pertinent in

ment of the training curriculum and any attendant training materials and

resources. Applications and instructions may be ob(ned from the Program Director, Family

(e) Provision of a method for implenning Services, at the Regional Office of

mentation of the needed training. Department of Health and Human Serv

(1) Provision of an evaluation meths for the region in which the project is to

odology, including the manner in conducted, or the Office of Family Plan- which such methodology will be em18. Office of the Assistant Secretary for ployed, to measure the achievement of alth, Washington, DC 20201.

objectives of the ning program.



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te perference of the pro 5. The seance I e rect se na: de determines such 2. in 2220 de serTLes se de reca zecessary to promote

2 288 irancement of "B, e se c web e ces prored reject plan ater.22. prot.des see he requirements 20", "ric 26.

5.8 ise of project fuads 190, The at 0.05 of 247 2 zard stali be SHTETT Test by the Secretary on the

4 funds granted purses Immix of nis estimate of the sum nec

is s part as well as other fun mary to all of a deaignated portion of

be used in performance of the apps

project scall be expended solely dirnet project conta pius an additional mrhorint for indirect costs, if any, which

carrying out the approved promet will be calculated by the Secretary ei

accordance with the statute, the many w What: (1) On the basis of his estimate of conditions of the award, and, Arce

lations of this subpart, the terms of the wetual indirect conta reasonably re- may otherwise be provided in this De

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applicable cost principles pre- eries shall be maintained for such periby subpart Q of 45 CFR part 74. ods, and filed with or otherwise made or approval by the Secretary of available to the Secretary, or those he

of the budget and project plan may designate at such times and in red whenever there is to be a such manner, as he may determine necint change in the scope or na- essary to carry out such Department project activities.

regulations. he Secretary may approve the t of grant funds to trainees for: 859.211 Publications and copyright. eturn travel to the trainee's

Except as may otherwise be provided origin.

under the terms and conditions of the ir diem during the training pro- award, the grantee may copyright and during travel to and from without prior approval any publicagram, at the prevailing institu

tions, films or similar materials develor governmental rate, whichever

oped or resulting from a project sup

ported by a grant under this part, sub093, Apr. 8, 1972, as amended at 38 FR

ject, however, to royalty-free, opt. 19, 1973]

nonexclusive, and irrevocable license

or right in the Government to repro3 Civil rights.

duce, translate, publish, use, dissemintion is called to the require- nate, and dispose of such materials and

of Title VI of the Civil Rights to authorize others to do so. · 1964 (78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. 20000 ) and in particular section 601 of

$59.212 Grantee accountability. Act which provides that no person (a) Accounting for grant award paye United States shall, on the ments. All payments made by the Secds of race, color, or national ori- retary shall be recorded by the grantee e excluded from participation in, in accounting records separate from nied the benefits of, or be sub- the records of all other grant funds, inI to discrimination under any pro- cluding funds derived from other grant

or activity receiving Federal fi- awards. With respect to each approved .al assistance. A regulation project the grantee shall account for "Imenting such title VI, which ap- the sum total of all amounts paid by

to grants made under this part, presenting or otherwise making availbeen issued by the Secretary of able evidence satisfactory to the Secth and Human Services with the retary of expenditures for direct and : oval of the President (45 CFR part indirect costs meeting the require

ments of this part: Provided, however,

That when the amount awarded for in210 Inventions or discoveries.

direct costs was based on a predeterly grant award pursuant to $59.206 mined fixed-percentage of estimated diibject to the regulations of the De- rect costs, the amount allowed for indiiment of Health and Human Serv- rect costs shall be computed on the as set forth in 45 CFR parts 6 and basis of such predetermined fixed-per8 amended. Such regulations shall centage rates applied to the total, or a ly to any activity for which grant selected element thereof, of the reimds are in fact used whether within bursable direct costs incurred.

scope of the project as approved or (b) [Reserved) .erwise. Appropriate measures shall (c) Accounting for grant-related intaken by the grantee and by the come-(1) Interest. Pursuant to section retary to assure that no contracts, 203 of the Intergovernmental Cooperasignments or other arrangements in- tion Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 4213), a State asistent with the grant obligation will not be held accountable for interse continued or entered into and that est earned on grant funds, pending

personnel involved in the supported their disbursement for grant purposes. tivity are aware of and comply with A State, as defined in section 102 of the ch obligations. Laboratory notes, re- Intergovernmental Cooperation Act,

ted technical data, and information means any one of the several States, She and ortaining to inventions and discov- the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico,

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SUBS #FR SN Jone X. 29 DERH3 SETESDEs of tide azçrored 7447, ze izterests of pbbe beat eta narration of Czas tros Subpat A-Grants for Establish

Expanding and Impron 49.215 Applicability of 45 CYR part Basic Resources

The provisions of 4 CFR part 74, es AUTSORITT. QU.S.C. 2380-2, 2005 tablishing uniform a ministrative re quirements and cost principles, shall

$5921 Programs to which these apply to all grants under this subpert

lations apply. to state and local governments as (a) The regulations of this thone terms are defined in subpart A of apply to grants of funds, matar that part 74. The relevant provisions of both, from

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