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(11) Improving coordination between programs for the education or training of allied health personnel, both within institutions and among cooperating institutions;

(iii) Implementing training programs for specific groups, such as returning veterans, disadvantaged persons, minorities, the handicapped, persons with limited English speaking ability, and persons re-entering an allied health field;

(iv) Expanding enrollment in allied health training programs in fields in which there is a documented need for allied health personnel; or

(v) Establishing allied health training programs in the area served by the institution if there is a documented need for the program or a documented allied health manpower shortage.

(3) Projects to plan, develop, demonstrate, operate, and evaluate programs to establish career ladders or improved programs for practicing allied health personnel which:

(i) Establish a system for career advancement for allied health personnel at the place of employment, such as structured work experiences to enable them to advance their job levels and responsibilities within their fields, or

(ii) Provide college education, on a full or part-time basis, for presently employed allied health personnel which will enable them to advance within their fields.

(b) The following projects are ineligible for funding under this subpart:

(1) Projects which provide inservice training, which is training offered by an entity principally for the employees of that entity, and

(2) Projects which provide continuing education, which is training needed by persons currently employed in a field of allied health to maintain competency at the current entry level. 858.407 Project requirements.

A project supported under this subpart must be conducted in accordance with the following requirements:

(a) Each program must have a program director who is responsible for the conduct of the program and has been approved by the Secretary.

(b) In the case of projects described in $58.406(a)(2) and (3), the grantee

must complete the following development activities Eel year:

(1) The selection and apps key staff;

(2) The development of the In lum and courses, where appie

(3) Acquisition of additiona's other resources necessary 2 ment the program. $58.408 How will applications

uated? The Secretary will decide plications to approve by des among other factors:

(a) The potential effectivene proposed project in carrying purposes of section 796 of the

(b) The degree to which the project adequately provides project requirements set ro $ 58.407;

(c) The administrative and ment ability of the applicant out the proposed project in a com tive manner;

(d) The potential of the pro continue on a self-sustainis after the period of grant support

(e) The adequacy of the staff ulty. The Secretary will award grant the limits of funds available : approved applicants whose prosc best promote the purposes of st 796 of the Act. At least fifty per the funds appropriated for these will be reserved for award to centers for allied health profess defined in $58.402. 858.409 How long does grants

last? (a) The notice of grant awards fies how long the Secretary inte support the project without me the project to recompete for This period, called the project will not exceed three years. length of support, includinx. may not exceed five years.

(b) Generally, the grant w be funded for one year 3" continuation awards w" one year at a time. submit a separate i the support contini quent year. Decis.

e sawards and the funding lev

se awards will be made after rerion of factors such as the

158412 What additional Departmes

regulations apply to granteer?

Several other regulations app = progress and management these crants. They include, bure »

limited to:

the stiavel


cation or

Fi of funds. ses, continuation awards re

grant inued funding is in the best 45 CTB part 16-Department for me

funds of the Federal Government.

cordher the approval of any appli- 5 CFR part 71–Administratie estem

a and r the award of any grant com- * CFR part 80–Nondiscrete

ation, abbligates the Federal Govern

programs receiving Peder

grant wany way to make any addi

through the Departe

$ speciupplemental, continuation or

title VI of the art :

74, and ard with respect to any ap

45 CFR part 81-Pres pplication or portion of an ap

bearings under *

d grant

45 CFR part Non pplication.

18 or for balance of federally obligated

basts of sex in the ads remaining unobligated by

uals to training pre

45 CFR part 84-cermin tee at the end of a budget pe

pport is

basis of handians =
be carried forward to the next
eriod, for use as prescribed by 45 CFR Part 8


the trainetary, provided a continuation

basis of sa made. If at any time during a

accordance period it becomes apparent to 45 CPE DES

of the instietary that the amount of Fed

basis c'm

by the Secds awarded and available to the

ROUTE for that period, including any

ir amount the ated balance carried forward

f; each trainee ior periods, exceeds the grant

ning program, ds for the period, the Secreta

does not exceed Ljust the amounts awarded 7

1 by the Secding the excess. A budge an interval of time (usua

lowances on an

- prior approval 3) into which the project Spied for funding and repo

m the Secretary described in para

ion. For what purposes oma

Health Advanced ds be spent? grantee shall only se

extreme need, the

a trainee an allowsiives under this subpas the approved applica

funds for travel from So, the authorizing

Lence to the training and conditions applicable cost prema

ee may pay a trainee an subpart Q of 45 CEES

n grant funds for travel

ing if the site is beyond a ther regulations. Grantees may

ommuting distance and re

rainee to establish a temau for sectarian

residence. However, the 22 Deligious purpose

ot pay an allowance for 11 What heelte

g from the now place of dents must bez


ng headfor . Tant may be only if tag

nee an


meet Xem P W and appro 7 ADUNUA systems

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So it is of title Tz


$58.501 To what programs do these the benefit of any private share regulations apply?

or individual. These regulations apply to grants to

Secretary means the Secretary

Hie colleges, universities, and other public Department of Health and or private nonprofit entities under sec

Services or any officer or empir tion 797 of the Public Health Service the Department to whom the ar Act (42 U.S.C. 295h-6) to provide funds

involved has been delegated. for traineeships for the advanced train

State means any one of the ing of allied health personnel to:

States, the District of Columbia (a) Teach in allied health training

Commonwealth of Puerto Ric programs, or

Northern Mariana Islands, Goa (b) Serve in administrative or super- Virgin Islands, American Ssena. visory capacities.

the Trust Territory of the Paco

lands. 858.502 Definitions.

Trainee means a student who i Act means the Public Health Service ceiving a traineeship from a p Act.

under these regulations. Allied Health Advanced Traineeship program means a program of advanced

$58.503 Who is eligible to apply training of at least one academic year

grant? in length providing a master's or other (a) Allied Health higher degree which qualifies the train- Traineeship. Any accredited cols ee to serve as a teacher, administrator, university is eligible to apply if it! or supervisor in allied health fields. cated in a State and provides or 4

Allied health personnel means individ- to provide a graduate level 4 uals with at least one academic year of Health Advanced Training progres post-secondary training, including (b) Allied Health Training inc clinical training, in a field which quali- Any public or nonprofit private fies them to:

is eligible to apply for a grant . (a) Support, complement, or supple- located in a state and provides ment physicians, dentists, and other able to provide an Allied Health 1 health professionals in the delivery of ing Institute program. health care to patients, or (b) Assist environmental engineers in

868.504 [Reserved) environmental health control and preventive medicine activities.

$58.506 How will applications bere

uated? Allied Health Training Institute program means a program of advanced The Secretary will decide which training, to improve the capability of plications to approve by considers allied health personnel to serve in

among other factors: teaching, administrative, super

(a) The administrative and mana visory capacities, which is at least two ment ability of the applicant to and one-half days but less than one

out the proposed project in a costa academic year in length.

fective manner; College or university means a public or

(b) The relative need for the program private nonprofit educational institu

and tion which is accredited by a recog

(c) The adequacy of the staff and $ nized body or bodies approved for this

ulty. purpose by the Secretary of Education. The Secretary will award grants wie

National of the United States means: the limits of funds available to the (1) A citizen of the United States or (2) approved applicants whose projects a person who, though not a citizen of

best promote the purposes of secta, the United States, owes permanent al- 797 of the Act. legiance to the United States (as defined in 8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(22), the Immi

$58.506 How long does grant supper

last? gration and Nationality Act).

Nonprofit private entity means an en- (a) The notice of grant award speci tity no part of the net earnings of fies how long the Secretary intends # which inures or may lawfully inure to support the project without requiring


ject to recompete for funds. during the budget period to cover the riod, called the project period, costs of the trainees' tuition, fees, stit exceed three years for an Al- pends, and allowances (including travel ealth Advanced Traineeship and subsistence). nd may not exceed one year for Led Health Training Institute

858.508 For what purposes may grant

funds be spend? For Allied Health Advanced (a) A grantee shall only spend funds ship grants, generally the grant it receives under this subpart accorditially be funded for one year ing to the approved application and bsequent continuation awards budget, the authorizing legislation, 30 be for one year at a time. A terms and conditions of the grant Ce must submit a separate appli- award, applicable cost principles speci

to have the support continued fied in subpart Q of 45 CFR part 74, and h subsequent year. Decisions re- these regulations. 38 continuation awards and the (b) Grantees may not spend grant 8 levels of these awards will be funds for sectarian instructions or for after consideration of factors any religious purpose.

as the grantee's progress and tisement practices, and the avail

868.509 What financial support is of funds. In all cases, continu

available to trainees? awards require a determination (a) The grantee may pay to the traine Secretary that continued fund- ee:

in the best interest of the Fed- (1) Tuition and fees in accordance dovernment.

with the established rates of the instiNeither the approval of any appli- tution, except as limited by the Secn nor the award of any grant com- retary. or obligates the Federal Govern- (2) Stipends, in whatever amount the

in any way to make any addi- grantee determines that each trainee u, supplemental, continuation, or needs to pursue the training program, [ award with respect to any ap as long as that amount does not exceed ed application or portion of an ap- the limits established by the Seced application.

retary. | Any balance of federally obligated (3) Transportation allowances on an it funds remaining unobligated by individual basis when prior approval

grantee at the end of a budget pe- has been obtained from the Secretary 19. may be carried forward to the next in the circumstances described in para

get period, for use as prescribed by graph (b) of this section. Secretary, provided a continuation (b) For Allied Health Advanced urd is made. If at any time during a Traineeship grants: get period it becomes apparent to (1) In cases of extreme need, the

Secretary that the amount of Fed- grantee may pay a trainee an allowl funds awarded and available to the ance from grant funds for travel from .ntee for that period, including any his or her residence to the training obligated balance carried forward site. m prior periods, exceeds the grant- (2) The grantee may pay a trainee an s needs for the period, the Secretary allowance from grant funds for travel uy adjust the amounts awarded by to field training if the site is beyond a thdrawing the excess. A budget pe- reasonable commuting distance and read is an interval of time (usually 12 quires the trainee to establish a temonths) into which the project period porary new residence. However, the

divided for funding and reporting grantee may not pay an allowana irposes.

daily commuting from the new

residence to the field traini 58.507 How is the amount of the quarters. award determined?

(3) The grantee may pay a t The amount of the award to the allowance from grant funds fo rantee will be based on the Sec- tic travel to conduct research etary's estimate of the sum necessary dissertation requirements.

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(c) For Allied Health Training Institute programs:

(1) The grantee may pay stipends from grant funds only to trainees who must temporarily change their place of residence to attend the training program.

(2) The grantee may pay stipends from grant funds only for days of instruction during which the trainee receives a minimum of six hours of formal instruction, except that during the first and last days of the training session the trainee must receive a minimum of three hours during the day.

(3) The grantee may not pay stipends from grant funds to a trainee receiving concurrent support for the same training from another Federal source, except education benefits under the Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act.

Medical Record Administrator
Medical Technologista
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Primary Care Physician Assistant
Radiation Therapy Technologist
Respiratory Therapist
Speech Pathologist/Audiologist
Vision Care Technician

(2) Have a baccalaureate degree;

(3) Not be receiving concurrent sup port for the same training from atother Federal source except education benefits under the Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act;

(4) Not be a full-time Federal em ployee unless on leave without pay.

(c) For the Allied Health Training Institute program:

(1) Be qualified to practice as one or the following: Clinical Psychologist Cytotechnologist Dental Assistant Dental Hygienist Dental Laboratory Technician Dietitians Medical Assistant Medical Laboratory Technician Medical Record Administrator Medical Record Technician Medical Technologist Nuclear Medicine Technologist Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapy Assistant Orthotic

Prosthetic Technician Physical Therapist Physical Therapist Assistant Primary Care Physician Assistant Radiation Therapy Technologist Radiographer Respiratory Therapy Technician Therapist

8 68.310 Who is eligible for financial

assistance as a trainee? (a) To be eligible for a traineeship, an individual must:

(1) Be a national of the United States or a lawful permanent resident of the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam or a permanent resident of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands or the Northern Mariana Islands;

(2) Be accepted for enrollment, or be enrolled, as a full-time student in a training program for which these traineeships are available;

(3) Not be the program director, financial officer, or the official authorized to represent the grantee institution for the grant application;

(4) Not be receiving lecture fees, salary, travel, expenses, or any other form of payment as a member of the grantee training program staff or faculty.

(b) For the Allied Health Advanced Traineeship program:

(1) Be qualified to practice as one of the following: Clinical Psychologist Dental Assistant Dental Hygienist Dental Laboratory Technician Dietitian1 Medical Assistant

2 Limited to persons qualified as medias technologists whether or not employed it specialty area and does not include person qualified only in a clinical laboratory spe cialty.

3 Limited to graduates of baccalaureate level educational programs or to those wbe are State registered sanitarians or posses the professional qualifications necessary for registration under any of the State registrstion acts.

Includes persons prepared as an opthalmk medical assistant, optometric technicias low vision technician, orthoptist, Con Cam lens technician.

S Same as'. & Same asa.

1 Limited to graduates of a coordinated undergraduate program and those persons having completed a clinical dietetic internship or other clinical practicum training acceptable to the Secretary.

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