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57.2808 What additional Department regula

tions apply to grantees? 57.2809 What other records, audit, and in

spection requirements apply to grantees? 57.2810 Additional conditions.

57.3111 What other audit and inspe

quirements apply to grantees? 57.3112 Additional conditions.

Subpart DD- Financial Assistance for Disadvantaged Health Professions Students

Subpart GG-Payment for Tution of

Other Educational Costs 57.3201 To which programs do these $

tions apply? 57.3202 How will allowable increase ?


57.2901 To what program do these regula

tions apply? 57.2902 Definitions. 57.2903 How to apply for a grant. 57.2904 Eligibility and selection of aid re

cipients. 57.2905 Amount of student award. 57.2906 How is the amount of the grant

award determined? 57.2907 For what purposes may grant funds

be spent? 57.2908 What additional Department regula

tions apply to grants? 57.2909 What other records, audit, and in

spection requirements apply to schools? 57.2910 Additional conditions.

Subpart HH-Programs for the fronte

Expanded Function Dental Auxilios 57.3301 Purpose. 57.3302 Definitions. 57.3303 Requirements.

Subparts Il-L-(Reserved

Subpart EE-Grants for Residency Training

in Preventive Medicine

57.3001 To what programs do these regula

tions apply? 57.3002 Definitions. 57.3003 Who is eligible to apply for a grant? 57.3004 Project requirements. 57.3005 How will applications be evaluated? 57.3006 How long does grant support last? 57.3007 How is the amount of the grant

award determined? 57.3008 For what purposes may grant funds

be spent? 57.3009 What additional Department regula

tions apply to grantees? 57.3010 What other audit and inspection re

quirements apply to grantees? 57.3011 Additional conditions.

Subpart MM-Area Health Educot

Center Program 57.3801 To what programs do thes1

tions apply? 57.3802 Definitions. 57.3803 Who is eligible to apply for 1 ative agreement?

1 57.3804 Project requirements. 57.3805 When do the requirements:

apply? 57.3806 How will applications be era 57.3807 How is the amount of the 25

termined? 57.3808 How long does support under de

erative agreement last? 57.3809 For what purposes may coup

agreement funds be spent? 57.3810 How will the Department para

in a cooperative agreement? 57.3811 What additional Department

tions apply to awardees? 57.3812 What other audit and inspec.

quirements apply? 57.3813 Additional conditions. Subpart NN-Grants for Various har

Professions Projects 57.3901 To what projects do these

tions apply? 57.3902 Definitions. 57.3903 Who is eligible to apply for 3 57.3904 Program requirements. 57.3905 How will applications be evalo 57.3906 How long does grant support 57.3907 For what purposes may gras..

be spent? 57.3908 What additional Department i

tions apply to grantees? 57.3909 What other audit and inspect

quirements apply to grantees? 57.3910 Additional conditions.

Subpart FF-Grants for Residency Training

and Faculty Development in General Internal Medicine and/or General Pediatrics

57.3101 To what projects do these regula

tions apply? 57.3102 Definitions. 57.3103 Who is eligible to apply for a grant? 57.3104 What activities must be addressed in

an application? 57.3105 Project requirements. 57.3106 How will applications be evaluated? 57.3107 How long does grant support last? 57.3108 How is the amount of the grant

award determined? 57.3109 For what purposes may grant funds

be spent? 57.3110 What additional Department regula

tions apply to grantees?

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lic Health Service, HHS

Subpart 00-Grants for Geriatric other health personnel (42 C.S.C. 283 et Education Centers

seq.). 1 To what projects do these regula- 857.102 Definitions. ions apply? 22 Definitions.

As used in this subpart: 13 Who is eligible to apply for a grant? (a) All terms not defined herein sha! 4 Project requirements.

have the same meaning as given them 5 How will applications be evaluated?

in section 724 of the Act. 6 How long does grant support last?

(b) Act means the Public Health Serv. 7 For what purposes may grant funds

ice Act, as amended. spent? 8 What additional Department regula- (C) Secretary means the Secretary of ons apply to grantees?

Health and Human Services and 237 9 What other audit and inspection re- other officer or employee of the De uirements apply to grantees?

partment of Health and Hurran 8417. 0 Additional conditions.

ices to whom the authority invita

has been delegated. art PP-Grants for Faculty Training rojects in Geriatric Medicine and

(d) Council means the National 4.T

sory Council on Health Prote: 523 jentistry

Education (established pursuan: 0 441 | To what projects do these regula- tion 725 of the Act). 3-ions apply?

(e) Construction grant and grant " enie Definitions.

a grant of funds for the constrz:* } Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

an approved project i For what projects may grant funds

under part B of title VII Olze . · requested? 5 Project requirements.

in accordance with these may 26 How will applications be evaluated? (f) Affiliated hospital or a 25

7 How long does grant support last? patient facility means a buena. ** 31 3 What financial support is available patient facility (as define: 1 fellows?

645 of the Act) which, 2014 31, ) Who is eligible for financial assist

owned by such shoi. Ena 3 ***** ice as a fellow?

agreement with a stro! 1 ) What are the requirements for fel

osteopathy or dentistry 4. eta wships and the appointment of fellows? 1 Termination of fellowships.

sistance under the "922. grati 2 For what purposes may grant funds

for effective control y le tue > spent?

the teaching in the 2001 3 What additional Department regula- patient facility. ons apply to grantees?

(g) New school teac a tu What other audit and inspection re

at the time of 1.4 2 EDT uirements apply to grantees?

a construction 7:20, va 3 145 Additional conditions.

part, has not grun,

of an insufficiens Ex Diption Subpart A-(Reserved)

(h) Equipant un ne te

which are 17 Sep 18ther: part B-Grants for Construction of the fast... r . *

Teaching Facilities for respect to N 18 pat . Tel Pro Health Professions Personnel

does not lo me some

ating emas, SIRUTAS HORITY: Sec. 727, Public Health Service

as g122*3* emas no son 17 Stat. 170 (42 U.S.C. 293g).

drugs. Vink RCE: 37 FR 20543, Sept. 30, 1972, unless Dargarnirzas the layah wise noted.

hoose 78 2-01 Applicability.

in the 12 A Vienna won the first 11,

Ant mean training De regulations in this part are ad prona e Orsaivalent de

ble to the award of grants under gros, sining related thereto. ice Act for construction of teachB of title VII of the Public Health Sun andre, may include internshine

ad riderscles, and work toward man facilities for medical, dental, and

ters and Ph. D. degrees.

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(j) Continuing education means train- (d) Except in the case of an er ing for which no degree is awarded and tion with respect to an affiliate in which health professions personnel pital or affiliated outpatient is participate in order to enhance their be accredited by a recognized by skills, and may include refresher bodies approved for such purps courses, seminars, and the like.

the Commissioner of Education, ** (k) Multipurpose facilities means fa- that a new school which (by tetas cilities which are primarily for teach- no, or an insufficient period on ing purposes, but which are also for re- ation) is not, at the time of mars search, or research and related pur- plication for the construction gran poses, in the sciences related to health igible for accreditation by such (within the meaning of part A of title

nized body or bodies shall be de VII of the Act) or for medical library accredited for purposes of recer purposes (within the meaning of part J grant if the Commissioner finds of title III). The Secretary may deter

consultation with the appropria mine “to be primarily for teaching pur

creditation body or bodies, that" poses" any facilities with respect to

is reasonable

assurance that which he determines that the health school, after completion of the is professions teaching portions of such

and at or prior to the time of facilities, including research and 11- tion of the first class to use su brary space essential for teaching pur

ity, will have met the accrets poses, will substantially exceed the

standards of such body or bodia total of the research and library por

vided, That, in the case of an tions which are not essential for teach

tion from a combination of s ing taken together.

each constituent school must te (1) Completion of construction means

requirements of this paragraph: that date on which the Secretary de

(e) In the case of an applicatis termines, on the basis of certification

respect to an affiliated hospita? by the grantee, that the project is com

patient facility, have its app pleted: Provided, however, In the event

approved by the school of medic the grantee occupies the project prior

teopathy, or dentistry with who to the date of such certification, the

hospital or outpatient facility 135 Secretary shall be immediately noti

ated; fied of such occupancy, and “comple

(1) In the case of an applicatic tion of construction” shall be deemed

respect to the construction of to have occurred with respect to the

purpose facilities, provide evident project as of the date of such occu

isfactory to the Secretary that

cilities will be used primar pancy.

teaching purposes, and that such 8 57.103 Eligibility.

ties are otherwise eligible under ?

of title VII of the Act; In order to be eligible for a construc

(g) In the case of a project tion grant under part B of the Act, the

construction of a facility intens. applicant shall:

least in part, for the provis (a) Meet the applicable requirements health services, provide an oppo:?" of section 721(b) of the Act;

for comment with respect (b) Be a public or nonprofit private project to school of medicine, dentistry, osteop- (1) The State agency adminis athy, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, or supervising the administrat.. veterinary medicine, public health, or the State plan approved under se any combination thereof, or an affili- 314(a), and ated hospital or affiliated outpatient (2) The public or nonprofit facility:

agency or organization responsib (c) Be located in a State, the District the plan or plans referred to in s of Columbia, the Commonwealth of 314(b) and covering the area in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the such project is to be located or if Canal Zone, American Samoa, the is no such agency, such other put. Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands nonprofit private agency or orga or Guam;

tion (if any) as performs, as deters


ordance with criteria of the Sec- part may not exceed 70 percent of the xi, similar functions;

necessary cost of construction of a 1r s'n the case of an application with project as determined by the Secest to interim facilities, provide retary, except: zince satisfactory to the Secretary (i) In the case of a project with reAuch facilities are designed to pro- spect to a school of public health, the seaching space on a short-term

amount of such grant may not exceed vihan 10 years) basis while facili

75 percent of the necessary cost of conxf a more permanent nature are

struction; and je planned and constructed;

(ii) In the case of (a) a project with rovide its assessment of the envi

respect to a new school; (6) a project untal impact of the project as

constituting new facilities which will for by section 102(2)(c) of the Na

result in a major expansion of training Environmental Policy Act of

capacity at an existing school in ac2 U.S.C. 4332(c)); 'urnish its evaluation of the proj- section; (c) all or so much of a project

cordance with paragraph (a)(2) of this te in accordance with the terms

constituting a major remodeling or covisions of E.O. 11296, 31 FR 10663

renovation of an existing facility which st 10, 1966) relating to the evalua

is required by a school to meet an inf flood hazards in locating federwned or financed facilities.

crease in student enrollment; or (d)

any other project where the Secretary 4 Priority.

determines that unusual circumstances

require a larger percent of participaPriority in approving applications

tion in order to carry out the intent of nstruction grants shall be deter

part B of title VII of the Act the ! in accordance with the factors

amount of such grant may not exceed ied in section 721(d) of the Act,

80 percent of the necessary cost of conhe following: The relative need for increased en


(2) For purposes of paragraph (a)(1) of Tyent and the availability of stu

this section: The relative effectiveness of the

(i) A major expansion of training ca

pacity at an existing school shall be et in accomplishing the purposes » Act at the least relative cost to

construed to mean that the full-time ederal Government;

first-year enrollment at such school, The relative ability of the appli

upon completion of construction, will to make efficient and productive

exceed the highest full-time first-year

enrollment at such school for any of Rent the facility constructed; and Such other pertinent factors as

the 5 full school years preceding the ecretary may specify;

year in which the application for a conThe Secretary shall give special

struction grant is made by not less deration to grant applications to

than 40 students or 40 percent, whichthe construction of new

ever is greater: Provided, however, That ols of medicine, osteopathy, and

where the Secretary determines with stry, where such applications con- respect to a particular school that such or are reasonably supported by as

increased enrollment cannot be aces that, because of use by such achieved until the second or third full ol of existing facilities (including school year after completion of consal medical or dental facilities), struction, he may determine that the school will be able to accelerate requirements for a major expansion of date on which it will begin its training capacity are met for each of uing program.

the first or second full school years

after completion of construction, if 05 Percentage of participation; during such first or second full school mount of construction grant.

year the increase in first-year enrollPercentage of maximum participa- ment will equal such amount in excess (1) The amount of any construc- of 5 percent or five students, whichever grant made under part B of title is greater, as the Secretary may speciof the Act and pursuant to this sub- fy;

in : ܂

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(ii) A major remodeling or renova- of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Sta tion of a facility shall include only 252, 42 U.S.C. 2000d et seq.), which pro that portion of remodeling or renova- vides that no person in the United tion which is necessary to meet an in- States shall, on the grounds of race crease in student enrollment, which in- color, or national origin, be exclude crease shall be construed to mean that, from participation in, be denied during the first full school year after benefits of, or be subjected to discrie completion of construction and for nation, under any program or activit each of the 9 school years thereafter receiving Federal financial assistanc the first-year enrollment will exceed A regulation implementing such to the highest first-year enrollment at VI, which is applicable to grants maz such school for any of the 5 full school under this part, has been issued by the years preceding the year in which the Secretary with the approval of application is made by not less than President (45 CFR part 80). the mandatory increase as provided for

(c) Discrimination on the basis of te under section 770(1)(1)(A) of the Act; prohibited. Attention is called to them:

(iii) Unusual circumstances may be quirements of section 704 of the Ac determined by the Secretary to exist:

and to 45 CFR part 83 which together (a) Where a school is located in a geo- provide that the Secretary may I graphical area of the United States make a grant, loan guarantee, or inte with a critical shortage of health pro

est subsidy payment under title VI 6 fession manpower (as determined by the Act to, or for the benefit of, " the Secretary with the advice of Coun

school of medicine, osteopathy, de cil);

tistry, veterinary medicine, optomet (6) Where the project is found to be pharmacy, podiatry, or public hez necessary to prevent the curtailment or any training center for allied bin of enrollment at a school;

personnel or to any other entity (c) Where the project is essential to the application for the grant, the securing or maintenance of a

guarantee, or interest subsidy payme school's accreditation; or

contains assurances satisfactory to (d) Where there are other relevant Secretary that the school, trall factors consistent with this subpart

center or other entity will not and the purposes of part B of title VII

criminate on the basis of sex in the of the Act.

mission of individuals to its train (b) Amount of construction grant-less programs. than maximum. In determining the (37 FR 20543, Sept. 30, 1972, as amended s! amount of a construction grant within FR 38112, Sept. 27, 1984) the percentage limitations as set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, the

857.107 Terms and conditions. Secretary shall take into consideration In addition to any other requi the most effective use of available Fed- ments imposed by law or determi eral funds to further the purposes of by the Secretary to be reasonably part B of title VII of the Act, and the essary with respect to partice needs of the applicant.

projects to fulfill the purpose of

grant, each construction grant shall 857.106 Nondiscrimination.

subject to the condition that the app (a) Executive Order 11246. Each con- cant shall furnish and comply with struction contract under this subpart following assurances: is subject to the condition that the ap- (a) Title. That applicant has a plicant shall comply with the require- simple or such other estate or interest ments of Executive Order 11246, 30 FR in the site, including necessary ease 12319 (September 24, 1965), as amended, ments and rights-of-way, sufficient relating to nondiscrimination in con- assure for a period of not less than struction contract employment, and years (or in the case of interim faci the applicable rules, regulations, and ties for the period constituting the procedures prescribed pursuant there- timated useful life of such facilitie to.

undisturbed use and possession for ** (b) Civil Rights Act of 1964. Attention purpose of the construction and on is called to the requirements of title VI ation of the facility;

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