Blue Cross and Other Private Health Insurance for the Elderly, Volumes 1-3

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Page 78 - JF FOLLMANN, JR., Director of Information and Research, Health Insurance Association of America, New York ; AGNES W.
Page 3 - ... aggregate income. The aged received 15 percent of their income from interest, dividends, and rents. Public assistance and veterans' compensation accounted for the smallest proportion (5 percent and 4 percent, respectively). The foregoing findings are the first from the nationwide 1963 Survey of the Aged undertaken by the Social Security Administration, with the Bureau of the Census acting as its agent in collecting and tabulating the data. This survey will provide data on the income of the aged...
Page 71 - I am sorry I was not here to hear the first part of your testimony, but we asked this of all the companies.
Page 147 - A duly licensed dentist is also considered a 'doctor' for purposes of the dental work and oral surgery covered by the Plan, and a duly licensed podiatrist (chiropodist) is considered a 'doctor' for purposes of the foot conditions covered by the Plan. Types of practitioners not specifically mentioned above are not considered 'doctors
Page 150 - ... days after the date of such loss. Failure to furnish such proof within the time required shall not invalidate nor reduce any claim if it was not reasonably possible to give proof within such time, provided such proof is furnished as soon as reasonably possible and in no event, except in the absence of legal capacity, later than one year from the time proof is otherwise required.
Page 118 - ... on property or risks located or resident in this state, including premiums for reinsurance assumed, and also including premiums written, procured or received in this state on business which cannot specifically be allocated or apportioned and reported as taxable premiums on business of any other state or states.
Page 219 - McNamara, and members of the committee. I want to say first of all that I am speaking as an individual.
Page 151 - LEGAL ACTIONS: No action at law or in equity shall be brought to recover on this policy prior to the expiration of sixty days after written proof of loss has been furnished in accordance with the requirements of this policy. No such action shall be brought after the expiration of three years after the time written proof of loss is required to be furnished.
Page 168 - ELDERLY individual has 10 days after receiving his certificate booklet to decide whether he is satisfied with New York 65. When he is not, the certificate booklet may be returned and the premium paid is refunded in full. In such cases, the insurance is considered as never having been issued. Therefore, the total number of different persons who became insured under New York 65 was: Basic 50,658 Major medical 51, 749 Combination 32, 272 All plans. -. 134, 679 Answer 2. (b) Total aged persons insured...
Page 119 - gross direct premiums," as used in this section, shall not include premiums for policies issued pursuant to section two hundred twenty-one-a of this chapter. After determining the amount of total gross premiums, less returns thereon, as hereinbefore provided, there shall be deducted the following items: (a) Such premiums, less return premiums thereon, which have been received by way of reinsurances from corporations or other insurers authorized to transact business in this state ; (b) Dividends on...

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