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New Jersey; vol. II, p. 579
probation, where verdict of guilty
may later be set aside; California;
vol. I, p. 343

reformatory for Women; Massachu-
setts; vol. II, p. 530

retrial after long term in prison was
served, followed by sentence to pro-
bation, vol. III, p. 187

suspended, wholly; effect as to crime
prior to entry, vol. III, p. 569
suspended, wholly; narcotic case; vol.
III, p. 388

Youth Authority and Vocational In-
stitution; California; vol. IV, p. 136
Servant of foreign government official; re-
entry permit, eligibility; see Reentry


foreign armed forces. expatriation

ground; see Citizenship-loss: serv-
ice in foreign armed forces
neutral alien claiming exemption from
armed forces; ineligibility to citi-
zenship, see Ineligibility to citizen-

notice to detain, and notice of lia-
bility, in connection with fine pro-
ceeding, see Fine

Seventh proviso, sec. 3, 1917 Act:

advance, in; of application for ad-
mission; vol. I, p. 79, vol. IV, p.

barred from relief under sec. 19 (d),
1917 Act, nevertheless may be grant-
ed 7th proviso relief, and thus be-
come eligible for sec, 19 (c) relief
(voluntary departure and preexam-
ination); vol. I, p. 204, vol. II, pp.
459, 698

bigamy, vol. I, p. 525

conditional grant, vol. II, p. 486, vol.
III, p. 571

crime; evidence outside conviction
record, consideration of; vol. I, p. 8
criminal cases, elements to be con-
sidered; vol. III, p. 767

documents, to waive; vol. IV, p. 463

Seventh proviso, sec. 3, 1917 Act-Con.
domicile :

absence from U. S. of 23 years,

Vol. IV, p. 226

deportation does not necessarily
terminate; vol. I, p. 646. vol.
II. p. 168

eked 7 years, while in U. S. in
unlawful status, vol. IV, p. 1
illegal entry, based on; vol. I, p.
166, vol. II, pp. 168, 460
interruption of seven years' domi-
cile by deportation or exclu-
sion, vol. I, p. 376, vol. IV, p.

minor, of; follows that of person
from whom domicile of origin
was taken; vol. II, p. 87
temporary absence of at least
eight months of 7 years' pe-
riod; vol. I, p. 631

good moral character, vol. IV. p. 211
illiteracy, vol. II, pp. 168, 620, vol.
III, p. 807

immigration laws, crime committed in

scheme to defeat; vol. I, p. 525, vol.
II, pp. 486, 606

indecent exposure, vol. II, p. 633
insanity, prior; vol. II, p. 87
narcotic conviction not specifically
within sec. 3, 1917 Act. although
reached by it, applicability of re-
lief to; vol. I, p. 293

naturalization, misconduct in connec-
tion with; vol. I, p. 79, vol. II, pp.
593, 700, 712, 905, vol. III, p. 343
neutral alien claiming exemption from
U. S. military service; vol. II, p.
858, vol. IV, p. 180

nunc pro tunc grant; vol. I, p. 1
policy, vol. III, pp. 571, 767, 804
rape, vol. III, p. 480

restitution of money to Government
as condition of grant; vol. II, p.

subversive ground, vol. III, pp. 784,
787, vol. IV, p. 260

war, alien brought to U. S. by reasons
arising out of, vol. IV, p. 1
Sexual intercourse; moral turpitude; see
Crimes involving moral turpitude
Skilled agriculturalist; quota preference;
sec. 6 (a) (1) (B), 1924 Act; vol. III, p.

Smuggling aliens:

1940 Act violation:

court recommendation against
deportation; vol. III, p. 468
meaning of "for gain;" vol. II,
p. 758

Soviet Union; recognition by U. S., vol.
II, p. 247

Spouse of veterans; deportability under
"Gigolo Act," see Deportation grounds:
"Gigolo Act"

State Department:

power to waive immigrant visa re-
quirement for returning resident;
vol. III, p. 582


change to employee of officer of desig-
nated international organization,
notwithstanding prior unlawful
presence; sec. 3 (7), 1924 Act, vol.
II, p. 773

failure to maintain; deportation
ground; see Deportation ground:
status, failure to maintain

Statutory construction:

aid as to intent of legislator, not limi-

tation; vol. I, p. 420

administrative construction; statute
ambiguous, vol. II, p. 271

expatriation laws strictly construed,
vol. II, pp. 309, 433

guidance from congressional history,
vol. II, p. 280

omissions in statutes, vol. II, pp. 189,

penal statute, vol. II, p. 444

statutes in derogation of common law,
vol. II, p. 399

strict literal interpretation leading to
unjust result, vol. I, p. 420
substantive rights affected, when; vol.
II, p. 399

words of common usage, vol. II, p.

Statutory rape, see Rape

Stealing; moral turpitude, see Crimes in-
volving moral turpitude

Stealing, the fact of, as evidence of in-
tent; vol II, p. 203

Stipulation of fact, see Evidence

Student, status; effect of induction into
armed forces upon immigration; vol.
IV, p. 630

Subversive :

armed forces, foreign, service in any,
including Russian, as exclusion
ground, vol. IV, pp. 336, 363
Communist Party:

Canada, vol. IV, p. 745
Germany, affiliation with Com-
munist International, vol. III,
p. 784

U. S. A., vol. III, pp. 411, 736,
vol. IV, p. 475

constitutionality of statutes, vol. III,
pp. 411, 736

destruction of free enterprise, ad-
herent of principles directed toward
(D. P. Act of June 25, 1948, as

physician in Russian dispensary,
vol. IV, p. 370

school teacher and supervisor in
Russia, vol. IV. p. 368

entry, date, as factor; 1918 Act, as
amended; vol. IV. p. 596


force and violence (1918 Act, as

Communist Party, U. S. A.,
1925-1939; vol. III, p. 411

proof no longer required, vol. IV,
pp. 167, 475, 745

International Workers' Order, vol. I,
p. 450, vol. III, p. 411, vol. IV, p.
killing, assaulting, officers of organ-
ized government, belief; 1918 Act,
as amended; motive, as factor; vol.
IV, p. 108

Labor Progressive Party of Canada,
vol. III, p. 777

literature, proscribed, Vol. III, p. 440

evidence; statements in alien
registration form; vol. IV, p.


past; coexistence of alienage and
membership as factor in depor-
tation proceeding; 1918 Act, as
amended, vol. IV, p. 569

past; date of entry as factor in
deportation proceeding; 1918
Act, as amended; vol. IV, p.

past; in proscribed organization,
as deportation ground, vol. III,
p. 411, vol. IV, p. 596

past; within purview of 1918 Act
as amended, vol. III, p. 736
voluntariness; automatic char-
acter of membership in Italian
Fascist Party; city hall em-
ployee; vol. IV, p. 517
voluntariness; consciousness of
organization's subversive char-
acter, vol. IV, pp. 314, 341,
504, 675, 752

voluntariness; weight of alien's
uncontradicted testimony, vol.
IV, pp. 334, 365

news organ, mere subscription to offi-
cial; as deportation ground; vol.
IV, p. 450

ninth proviso relief, ex-member Brit-
ish Communist Party, vol. II, p. 466
prejudicial to interests of U. S.,
entry; temporary exclusion; vol.
III, p. 777

proscribed organization, evidence of
its nature; proof of alien's knowl-
edge of doctrines; burden of proof;
vol. III, p. 736

Russia, trade union in; proscribed
character; vol. IV, pp. 334, 365
Seventh proviso relief:

former member Communist
Party, Germany, vol. III, p.

former member Communist
Party, United States, vol. III,
p. 787


Stipulation as to membership, made
prior to change in law; vol. IV, p.


Workers' Party (U. S.); proscribed
character; vol. IV, p. 341

Young Communist League of U. S.,
affiliation with Communist Party,
U. S. A.; vol. IV, p. 596

Sudetenland; marriage and divorce laws;
vol. III, p. 851

Suspension of deportation:

availability of other relief, as factor,

vol. IV, p. 412

discretion need not be exercised not-
withstanding good moral character
during statutory period, vol. I, p.

economic detriment:

child, deportation of; detriment
to parents; child supported by
parents; child reached major-
ity after applying for suspen-
sion; vol. III, p. 745
family group, large (7); alien
parents; history of immigation
violations; vol. IV, p. 715
family group, large (7); wife/
mother and two children na-
tives of U. S.; remainder of
family citizens of Mexico; vol.
IV, p. 711

family group, large (6); four na-
tives and citizens of Canada
residing near border; brief
U. S. residence; vol. IV, p. 707
family group, large (5); wife/
mother U. S. citizen who re-
sided most of life in Mexico;
husband/father, and one

daughter, natives and citizens
of Mexico; two U. S.-born

minor children, vol. IV, p. 729
family group, large (4; hus-
band/father, citizen of U. S.;
applicants entered for specific
purpose of applying for suspen-
sion; vol. IV, p. 713.

family group, large (4); parents
natives and citizens of Mexico;
brief U. S. residence, vol. IV,
p. 709

husband/father, deportation of;
detriment to citizen wife and
citizen child; joint earnings;
vol. II, 627
husband/father, deportation of;
detriment to citizen wife; cou-
ple living apart through circum-
stances beyond their control;
vol. II, p. 775
husband, deportation of; detri-
ment to citizen wife; latter's
employment and couple's low
income, as factors; vol. III, p.

Suspension of deportation-Continued
economic detriment-Continued

husband, deportation of; detrl-
ment to lawful permanent resi-
dent wife; latter's assets in
U. S. about $1,500,000; vol.
IV, p. 437

legal obligation to support, vol.
III, p. 711

marriage, after institution of de-
portation proceedings; vol. III,
p. 490, vol. IV, p. 589
marriage, validity of; see Mar-

measured on assumption alien is
to be deported-not in consid-
eration of alternative forms of
relief, vol. II, p. 679
mother, deportation of; detriment
to citizen child; latter's need of
unbroken home, and joint par-
ental care, as factors; vol. III,
p. 707
mother/wife, deportation of; det-
riment to citizen minor child
and lawful permanent resident
husband; vol. III, p. 707
enemy alien, vol. III, p. 532
evidence outside the record, vol. III,
p. 714

excluded alien, paroled into U. S.;
eligibility; vol. III, p. 541

false statements as to U. S. citizen-
ship, vol. I, p. 543, vol. III, p. 180
good moral character:

adulterous relations, prior; vol.
III, p. 478

extra-marital relations, not nec-
essarily a bar; vol. II, p. 892
extra-marital status, failure to
adjust; vol. III, pp. 478, 567
misconduct during statutory pe-

riod, vol. I, pp. 158, 611, vol.
II, pp. 492, 830, 892, vol. III,
pp. 180, 833

standards, vol. II, p. 731, vol. III,
p. 833
immigration violations, history of;
wife, and two dependent children,
citizens of U. S.; vol. IV, p. 704
ineligibility to citizenship, vol. III, p.
249 (see also Ineligibility to citizen-

loyalty doubt; vol. II, pp. 838, 895,
vol. III, p. 532

Mexican agricultural laborer (1943
Act); vol. II, pp. 692, 751

neutral alien claiming exemption from
military service, vol. II, p. 899,
vol. III, p. 249

nonresident of U. S.; eligibility; ex-
cluded alien; vol. III, p. 541
nonsupport of children, vol. III, p. 393
recent arrival; Cuban woman having
dependent U. S.-born child but with
Cuban husband residing in Cuba;
vol. IV, p. 654

Suspension of deportation-Continued

refusal to testify, vol. I, p. 543


deserter of allied vessel in war-
time; residence requirements
barely met; single; no depend-
ents in U. S.; no close rela-
tives in U. S.; vol. IV, p. 705
recently arrived; policy; vol. III,
p. 490, vol. IV, p. 223
student; effect on student status; vol.
III, p. 386

visitors; recent entry; two children

born during visit; vol. IV, p. 731
withdrawal of case from Congress aft-
er adjournment; vol. II, p. 411
Swain's Island; annexation by U. S.; non-
citizen nationality; vol. III, pp. 589, 729
Sweden and Norway; nationality treaty
with U. S.; vol. III, p. 668


Taking mail from depository, see Crimes
involving moral turpitude: mail
Telegraph operator, Canadian, coming to
fill relief job; immigrant status; vol.
III, p. 857

Temporary absences, see Absence, tem-

Temporary exclusion; entry prejudicial;

vol. III, p. 777

Territory subject to jurisdiction of U. S.;
Supreme Court definition; vol. III,

p. 679


admission of commission, see Crime,
admission of commission

moral turpitude, see Crimes involving
moral turpitude

Trader, see Treaty merchant; Treaty

Treaty between United States, Germany
and Great Britain by which American
Samoa acquired by United States, vol.
III, p. 729

Treaty merchant; continuance of exempt
status determined by treaty; vol. I,
p. 201

Treay of Ghent; American Indians born in
Canada; vol. I, p. 601; vol. III p. 191
Treaty trader:

amendment of record to show admis-
sion as returning resident, vol. II,
p. 834

substantial trade requirement; sec. 3
(6), 1924 Act; vol. III, p. 517
Treaty with Norway and Sweden; na-
tionality; vol. III, p. 668

Treaty with Switzerland; basis for claim
of exemption from military service; vol.
II, pp. 860, 915


Uncle and niece, marriage, validity; see

United Nations, employee; adjustment of
status to; alien under deportation pro-
ceedings, vol. II, p. 773

United States and territory subject to
jurisdiction thereof; Supreme Court
definition; vol. III, p. 679

United States citizen; alien erroneously
recorded, at time of entry, as; amend-
ment of record; see Record of entry:
amendment or correction

United States citizen veteran; married
minor child of; benefits of act of Dec. 28,
1945, vol. III, p. 40

United States citizenship, acquisition and
loss of, see Citizenship, and subordinate
titles thereunder

United States citizenship, claimed falsely
on entry; deportability; see Deportation
grounds: entry by false and misleading

United States citizenship; right to judicial
determination of claim; vol. I, p. 587
United States, definition; vol. III, p. 678
United States Government, liability for
fines and torts; vol. II, p. 576

United States mainland from Hawaii and
Guam; applicability of immigration
laws; vol. III, p. 159

United States mainland from Puerto Rico;
applicability of immigration laws; vol.
III, p. 161

United States, noncitizen nationals of, see
National, noncitizen, of United States
United States passport:

evidence of citizenship, vol. III, p. 680
illegal use; 22 U. S. C. 220; vol. III,
p. 623

Uttering a forged instrument, see Crimes
involving moral turpitude


Vagrancy; moral turpitude, see Crimes in-
volving moral turpitude


duty to detain alien seaman for in-
spection; vol. III, p. 876

fines, administrative, in connection
with, see Fine

Veteran :

adopted child may benefit under Act
of Dec. 28, 1945; vol. III, pp. 131,
discharge; honorableness; effect of
dishonorable discharge following
honorable discharge, vol. IV, p. 622
married minor child may benefit un-
der Act of Dec. 28, 1945; vol. III, p.

wife, alleged; admitted under Act of
Dec. 28, 1945; deportability under
"Gigolo" Act of May 14, 1937; vol.
III, p. 73

World War I; naturalized; expatria-
tive effect of return to Norwary;
vol.III, p. 668

[blocks in formation]

exclusion for lack of, or improper, see
Exclusion grounds: visa charge
materiality of statements in applica-
tion for; vol. II, p. 654

nationality for quota purposes, see

nonquota, see Nonquota immigrant
petition for :

Chinese beneficiary; eligibility,
as child of veteran, Act of Aug.
19, 1950, vol. IV, p. 388
Chinese spouses or parents of
U. S. citizen; quota preference
status under secs. 4 (a) and
6 (a) (1) (A), 1924 Act, vol.
IV. p. 552

denial by consul on grounds un-
related to statements in;
effect; revocation; vol. III, p.
draft dodger, necessity to deter-
mine admissibility, vol. III, p.

East Indian; husband bene-
ficiary; right to preference,
vol. IV, p. 187
wife/niece beneficiary; state,
where parties will cohabit,
would not prosecute; vol. IV.
p. 239

wife/niece beneficiary; marriage
valid in Rhode Island; vol. IV.
p. 632

procured by fraud or misrepresenta-
tion; deportation; see Deportation
grounds visa charge

quota preference, see Quota preference


returning lawful permanent resident,
see Nonquota immigrant


another's name and identity, use

of, vol. II, p. 638

criminal record, failure to reveal,
vol. III, p. 20

marriage, see Marriage

Visitor (see also Nonimmigrant):
business; commercial character; tem-
porary character, vol. II, p. 241
contract labor, see Contract labor
daily crosser to collect scrap to be
sold in Mexico, vol. IV. p. 217
determination of whether bona fide
visitor or immigrant, see also Im-
migrant classification, immigrant
or nonimmigrant
domestic servant :

coming to join former employer, vol.
IV. p. 287

Voluntary departure (see also Discretion-
ary relief):

alien's right to receive explanation in
simple language and to apply; vol.
I, p. 546

extension of time to depart :

failure to take steps to depart
within prescribed period, vol.
IV, p. 667

reasonable time, usually 30 days;

when extension merited; vol.
IV, p. 626

good moral character, see Good moral
character; Suspension of deporta-
tion: good moral character
ineligible to citizenship (neutral who
filed D. S. S. Form 301); vol. IV, p.
180 (see also Ineligible to citizen-

need not be granted though alien of
good moral character during statu-
tory period, vol. I, p. 543, vol. IV, p.

need not be granted though eligible
under sec. 19 (c), 1917 Act; ulti-
mate decision predicated on case's
merits; vol. IV, p. 626
recently arrived alien:

marriage after institution of de-
portation proceedings, vol. III,
p. 490

without family ties in U. S.; vol.
IV, p. 626

return, illegally, after voluntary de-
parture; necessity for strong exten-
uating circumstances; vol. IV, p.

saboteur, crew member removed from
vessel and interned; Italian Fas-
cist; vol. II, p. 582

seaman, coming to remain in violation
of law, vol. IV. p. 589

time to effectuate; not less than
thirty days, usually, should be ac-
corded; vol. IV, p. 667

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