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Lithuania; voluntariness; vol. III, p.

military and police organizations, on
joining; League of Frontiersmen,
England; Canada; Royal Canadian
Mounted Police; vol. I, p. 674

continuous nature of oath, vol.
II, p. 263

expatriative effect; confirmation
upon reaching majority; vol.
II, pp. 263, 789, vol. IV, p. 22
former practice of State Depart-
ment, vol. II, p. 793

private concern, employment by; not
required by state, vol. I, p. 317
reservations to retain United States
citizenship; vol. I, p. 598

war, while U. S. at; vol. II, pp. 268,

Oath of repatriation; restoration to same
status as prior to loss, sec. 323, 1940
Act, as amended, vol. IV, p. 248

power of immigration officers to ad-
minister, vol. IV, p. 415
seaman's certificate of American citi-
zenship; Customs service; oath re-
quired by law; vol. I, p. 581
Objection to military service; discretion-
ary relief; vol. II, p. 895
Obtaining money or property by false pre-
tenses; moral turpitude; see Crimes in-
volving moral turpitude

Ohio, manslaughter, see Crimes involving
moral turpitude

Opium, concealing fraudulently imported;
21 U. S. C. 174; vol. III, p. 620
Organizations, subversive; exclusion and
deportation grounds related to, see Sub-

Outlying possessions of United States;
Philippines; vol. IV, p. 575

Overthrow of government; exclusion and
deportation grounds, see Subversive


Pandering, distinguished from assisting a
prostitute, vol. III, p. 294

act of grace and mercy, vol. II, p. 590
character; whether absolute or con-
ditional; vol. III, pp. 810, 551
conditional, Vermont, vol. III, p. 551
expungement of conviction record,
California, vol. IV, p. 265
foreign; effect in exclusion proceed-
ings; vol. III, p. 723


legislative; effect of repeal of States
pardon statutes; Pennsylvania; vol.
II, pp. 588, 872, vol. III, p. 575
offenses covered by; Rhode Island;
vol. III, p. 809

restoration of civil rights:

Illinois, vol. III, p. 211

Nebraska, vol. III, p. 209
Wisconsin, vol. IV, p. 73

when effective; delivery to, and ac-
ceptance by, grantee; vol. II, p. 590
when evidence exclusive of conviction
record sustains deportation, pardon
does not prevail, vol. III, p. 469


administrative device of long stand-
ing; extroardinary remedy; vol. III,
p. 45

distinguished from "entry," vol. II, p.

presence in U. S. pursuant to, not
deemed "entry;" vol. III, p. 543
repatriation, former U. S. citizen, for;
vol. I, p. 562

termination; escape of excluded alien

from detention; vol. II, p. 709
Passage paid by a society, alien's; exclu-
sion ground; see Exclusion grounds: as-
sisted alien

Passenger manifest; fines in connection
with; see Fine

Passport Act, application to immigrants,
vol. I, p. 368

Passport, issuance by Governor of Samoa
or Guam, not adjudication of U. S. na-
tionality, vol. III, p. 589
Passport, laborer's limited; Japanese or
Koreans who entered Hawaii with; right
to come to mainland; vol. III, p. 565
Passport, obtained by fraud; Rumania;
moral turpitude; vol. I, p. 73

Passport requirements; nonimmigrants;
Passport Act of 1918, vol. I, p. 365
Pauper; exclusion ground, see Exclusion
grounds: pauper

Pennsylvania, legislative pardon, see Par-
don legislative


admission of commission:

assorted cases, vol. I, pp. 14, 101,
205, vol. II, pp. 206, 285, 486,
831, vol. III, p. 236

commission, proof of, vol. II, p.

conviction of lesser crime not in-
volving moral turpitude, vol.
IV, p. 59

correction of misstatement re-
cantation), vol. III, p. 823
dismissal of criminal proceed-

ings; effect; vol. III, p. 623
violation of 18 U. S. C. 231;
sworn statement required by
law or regulation; vol. I, p.

260397-54- -54


board of special inquiry, before; vol.
I, p. 614

Civil Service Commission, before; vol.
II, p. 210

common law, vol. I, p. 670, vol. II, pp.
210, 359

consul of U. S., before; vol. I, p. 614,
vol. II, p. 596

of misstatement; timeli-
ness; vol. I, p. 359, vol. II, p. 494,
vol. III, p. 823

discretionary relief, bar to; vol. I, p.
79; vol. II, pp. 492, 593, 700, 712,

draft board, before; vol. II, p. 210
false swearing, distinguished from;
vol. I, p. 123

general, vol. I, pp. 14, 101, 123, 204,

217, 359, 422, 450, 584, vol. II,
pp. 206, 285, 360, 498, vol. III, p.

homestead application, in; vol. I, p.
583, vol. II, p. 210

[blocks in formation]

quency Act of June 18, 1938; vol. I,
p. 614, vol. III, p. 69

admissibility to U. S. respecting:

criminal record, vol. III, p. 641
admissibility to U. S., respecting;

marital relationship of accom-
panying woman, vol. I, p. 70
admissibility to U. S., respecting;
marital status; vol. I, p. 217,
vol. II, p. 206

admissibility to U. S., respecting;

past practice of prostitution;
vol. I, p. 376

admissibility to U. S., respecting;
prior residence in U. S., vol. I,
p. 613. vol. II, p. 206
admissibility to U. S., respecting;
whereabouts of husband; vol.
I, p. 121

Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 170; not
essential; vol. I, p. 327; vol.
II, p. 819

determining principles, vol. II, p.

extension of stay; employment;
vol. IV, p. 696

Michigan law, under, vol. I, p.

name and identity, vol. II, p. 638,
vol. III, p. 823

Michigan; statute does not specify,
but judicial interpretations include,
requirement of materiality, vol. I,
p. 669

naturalization proceedings, in; dis-
cretionary relief; vol. I, p. 79, vol.
II, pp. 593, 700. 712, 905
oath :

authority of official administer-
ing; reentry permit; notary;
vol. I, p. 666



required by law; essential factor;

vol. I, p. 422

recantation, vol. II, p. 494, vol. III,

p. 823

reentry permit, application; vol. I, pp.

613, 666

Permanent taking; theft in Canada, see
Crime, admission of commission: theft;
Crimes involving moral turpitude: theft;

Permission to reapply; not obtained; ex-
clusion ground; see Exclusion grounds:
consent to reapply, no

Petty larceny or petty theft; moral tur-
pitude; see Crimes involving moral tur-

Philippine Independence Act of 1934; leg-
islative history; vol. II, p. 341, vol. III,
p. 402

Philippine Islands:

birth in, in 1896, of Spanish parents
born in Puerto Rico; residence in
Puerto Rico since 1898; citizen-
ship; vol. III, p. 286

citizenship laws; vol. III, p. 404
deportation to; vol. III, p. 404
outlying possessions of U. S.; sec. 201
(e) Nat. Act of 1940; vol. IV, p.

persons from, in U. S.; status under
immigration laws, vol. II, p. 340,
vol. III, pp. 155, 184, 396, vol. IV.
p. 569

Place of deportation:

area controlled by U. S. S. R. as re-
sult of World War II boundary re-
visions; absence of showing that
U. S. has recognized revision; vol.
III, p. 575

country of citizenship; citizen of Phil-
ippine Islands; vol. III, p. 404
deportation proceedings; authority of
administrative officer and local field
officer, respectively; sec. 20, 1917
Act, as amended by sec. 23, Int.
Sec. Act of 1950; vol. IV, p. 472
exclusion and deportation proceed-
ings; secs. 18 and 20, 1917 Act,
distinguished, vol. IV, p. 396
place of embarkation, in connection
with last entry, vol. III, p. 270
Plea of guilty; admission of commission
of crime, effect on; see Crime, admis-
sion of commission

Plebiscite, voting in; expatriation, see
Citizenship-loss: voting in foreign elec-
tion or plebiscite

Poland; deportation to; vol. III, p. 575
Polish nationality, vol. II, p. 598
Political election, voting in; expatriation,
see Citizenship-loss; voting in foreign
election or plebiscite

Political offense:

exception to criminal ground of ex-
clusion; 2d proviso, sec. 3, 1917
Act, vol. IV, p. 108

Jewish person in Germany; attempted
fraud; vol. I, p. 47

Polygamy; moral turpitude, see Crimes in-
volving moral turpitude

Possession of narcotics; 26 U. S. C. 2593

(a); vol. I, p. 160, vol. III, p. 502
Possession of stolen property; moral tur-

pitude; see Crimes involving moral tur-
pitude: possession of stolen property
Possessions of United States; noncitizen
national, vol. III, pp. 589, 729
Preexamination (see also Discretionary

adjacent island, defined; 8 C. F. R.
142; vol. III, p. 704

exceptionally meritorious; vol. II, p.
709, vol. III, p. 704

Fascist Party, Italy, former member;
vol. II, p. 587

ineligible to citizenship, alien; vol.
II, p. 549, vol. III, p. 249
internee, alien enemy; vol. II, p. 587
marriage to U. S. citizen subsequent
to deportation order; policy; vol.
IV, p. 589

perjury in naturalization proceeding,
as factor; vol. I, p. 79
quota exhaustion as ground for de-
nial; vol. II, p. 698

seventh proviso relief, in connection

with; vol. I, p. 36, vol. III, p. 784
Prejudicial to U. S. interests; exclusion;
see Subversive

Presumption of continuance of original
citizenship, vol. II, p. 382

Presumption of loss of citizenship (see
also Citizenship-loss) :

effect of continued intention to re-
turn to U. S., vol. I, pp. 398, 563
foreign-born woman who acquired U.
S. citizenship by marriage abroad
in 1911, vol. I, p. 429

method of overcoming, vol. I, pp. 398,

return to U. S. does not necessarily
overcome; vol. I, p. 587

Prevention of Crime Act (England) vol.
III, p. 776

Previous deportation:

agricultural laborers; admissibility
notwithstanding lack of consent to
reapply (8 C. F. R. 115.2); vol.
I, p. 624
exclusion and deportation of aliens
previously deported who lack con-
sent to reapply, see Exclusion
grounds consent to reapply, no
ninth proviso, sec. 3. 1917 Act;

waiver of lack of consent to re-
apply; vol. I, p. 624
sustainability of charge; changes in
interpretation of law, favoring
alien, since his deportation; vol.
III, pp. 83, 605, 818, vol. IV, p. 173

Primary inspection; perjury; vol. II, p.
207, vol. III, p. 823
Printing and publishing proscribed litera-
ture, see Subersive

Prison break; moral turpitude; see Crimes
involving moral turpitude

Professional chorus dancer; contract la-
bor; vol. I, p. 594

Professional singer; contract labor; vol.
I, p. 682

Professor, sec. 4 (d) 1924 Act, vol. I, p.
149; vol. III, p. 162

Proof, see Burden of proof; Evidence
Proscribed literature, printing and pub-
lishing, see Subversive

Commissioner General of Immigration,
reports of; vol. II, p. 666
compulsory, New York; Penal laws,
sec. 2460, vol. I, pp. 217, 505

deportation or exclusion on ground re-
lating to, see Deportation grounds;

Protection; abroad; election doctrine; vol.
I, p. 391

Protection, from abuse of power by execu-
tive officers, vol. I, p. 413
Psychopathic inferiority;
vol. II, p. 129

Public charge:

became, after entry :



ground; see Deportation grounds:
public charge

likely to become; exclusion ground;
see Exclusion grounds: public
charge, likely to become

Puerto Rico:

foreign country, for entry purposes to
mainland; 1917 Act; vol. III, p. 632
native (1895); eligibility to file dec-
laration of intention under sec 322,
Nat. Act of 1940; "alien" parents;
vol. IV, p. 29

Spanish parents born in, child of, born
in Philippines in 1896; citizenship,
vol. III, 286

Purpose in coming to the United States;
contract labor; offer of employment; vol.
III, p. 365

Quota Act of 1921, as amended; exemp-
tion 9; vol. III, p. 815

Quota :

charged in connection with amend-
ment of record of temporary admis-
sion (1923), vol. III, p. 391
child, born abroad, accompanying le-
gally resident mother on first re-
turn; vol. III, pp. 215, 262

Quota nationality:

changes follow presidential proclama-
tions concerning quotas, vol. III, p.

husband/father, accompanying, when
denied admission; wife and child
accompanying; vol. III, p. 613

[blocks in formation]

Race, child born while mother temporarily
abroad, admissible notwithstanding; vol.
III, pp. 215, 262

Racial eligibility to citizenship, see Ineligi-
bility to citizenship

Racial test, not applicable to collective
naturalization through annexation of
territory; vol. III, p. 733

Rape see Crimes involving moral turpi-
tude: rape

Ravish, assault and battery with intent to;
vol. II, p. 630

Ravishing and carnally knowing a 16-year
old girl; vol. II, p. 611

Reacquisition of United States citizenship,
see Naturalization; Repatriation
Readmission of lawfully admitted alien,
see Returning lawful residents
Reasonable diligence; fine proceedings
under sec. 16, 1924 Act, defense in, see
Fine: immigrant's visa, bringing immi-
grant who lacked

Rebuttal of evidence, opportunity to offer;
vol. I, p. 412

Receiving stolen property; moral turpi-
tude, see Crimes involving moral turpi-

Recommending against deportation:

crime for which alien was not con-
victed but which was "part and
parcel of the same pattern;" effect
of recommendation, vol. III, p. 623
evidence exclusive of conviction rec-
ord; sufficiency to sustain when
there is recommendation against
deportation, vol. III, p. 468
exclusion may not be based on crime
for which court previously made
timely recommendation against de-
portation, vol. III, p. 236

record of conviction, see Conviction
of crime: record of conviction
Record of entry, amendment or correction:
chargeable, but not charged, to quota
when temporarily admitted in July
1923; amendment refused when
quota exhausted, vol. III, p. 391

Record of entry-Continued

erroneous admission as U. S. citizen
changed to show admission as alien
for permanent residence, vol. III,
pp. 215, 262

erroneous admission under 1921
quota Act, changed to show admis-
sion as alien for permanent resi-
dence, vol. III, p. 815

Reentry permit:

admission as servant of government
official in 1919; not entitled to, vol.
III, p. 638

evidentiary value in establishing that
absence, from which holder is re-
turning, was temporary, vol. IV,
p. 143

forgery in applictaion for; sec. 22(a),
1924 Act, 18 U. S. C. 138; vol.
III, p. 126

inadvertently issued to alien not

qualified to receive; alien's right to
enter on basis of; vol. IV, p. 189
issuance to alien not domiciled, vol.
III, p. 519

Oath to application; State notarial
officer's authority to administer;
vol. I, p. 666

Refugee of German ethnic origin; sec. 12
Displaced Persons Act, 1948: vol. III, p.

Registry, vol. III, p. 392; good moral
character in; vol. I. p. 1

Regulations of Service; force of law; vol.
I, p. 636, vol. III, pp. 716, 828
Relation back; doctrine of, when applied:
Cancellation of naturalization, vol. III,
p. 275, vol IV, pp. 373, 702
marriage annulment for fraud: New
York, vol. III, pp. 25, 102
Relief, discretionary, see Discretionary re-

Religious marriage, see Marriage
Religious persecution; literacy requirement
exemption; evidence, vol. III, p. 801
Remained longer; deportation charge; see
Deportation grounds: remained longer
Remained outside United States to escape
military service; expatriation; see Citi-
zenship-loss; escape armed forces service
Remission of fine, see Fine
Renunciation of United States citizenship,
see Citizenship-loss

Reopen deportation proceedings, see Depor-
tation reopening

Repatriation by person who lost United
States citizenship, see Naturalization:


absence from U. S., effect upon (see
also Absence, temporary)

abroad, by naturalized citizen, expatri-
ation; see Citizenship-loss resi-
dence abroad by naturalized citizen


abroad, dual national; effect upon retention of U. S. citizenship; see Citizenship-loss: dual national; Dual national: election to retain U. S. nationality

abroad, expatriation through, see Citizen-loss residence abroad

abroad, foreign-born child of U. S. citizen; failure to take up U. S. residence; sec. 201 (g), (h), (i), 1940 Act, see Citizenship-loss: retention requirements

abroad, reacquisition of foreign citi

zenship by parent; expatriation; see Citizenship-loss

distinguished from domicile, as used in

7th proviso, sec. 3, 1917 Act, vol. I, pp. 631, 646, vol. II, p. 170 parent's, in U. S., prior to birth of foreign-born child, requisite to confer citizenship at child's birth, see Citizenship-acquisition at birth by child born abroad

Resident alien's border crossing card; constructive possession; vol. III, p. 136 Resident alien lawfully returning as seaman-workaway; visa exemption, vol. III, p. 887

Res judicata; administrative decisions, vol. III, pp. 577, 866

Restoration of civil rights (see also Pardon) :

Illinois, vol. III, p. 211
Nebraska, vol. III, p. 209
Wisconsin, vol. IV, p. 73

Retaining stolen goods; moral turpitude, see Crimes involving moral turpitude Retention of citizenship, see Citizenshiploss; Dual national: election to retain U. S. citizenship

Retroactive, see Ab initio; Relation back Return to United States, see Entry Returning lawful permanent resident alien:

nonquota immigrant, see Nonquota

reentry permit, see Reentry permit
seaman-workaway, vol. III, p. 887
visa, see Visa

Revocation of naturalization, see Citizen-
ship-loss revocation of naturalization
Rhode Island, pardon; construction; vol.
III, p. 808

Robbery; moral turpitude; see Crimes involving moral turpitude


Samoa, American, see American Samoa
Seaman :

bona fide, not; lack of consent to re-
apply after arrest and deportation;
vol. II, p. 12, vol. III, p. 83
classification, immigrant or nonimmi-
grant, see Immigrant: classification,
immigrant or nonimmigrant


crew list or manifest, offenses in connection with, see Fine: crew list and manifest

criminal ground; exclusion; vol. I, p. 20, vol. II, p. 404

deportation proceedings; board of special inquiry; sec. 34, 1917 Act; vol. I, p. 290, vol. II, p. 404

detention or delivery, failure; fine; see Fine: detention or delivery discretionary relief, vol. I, pp. 259, 278, vol. III, p. 869

entry, determination of whether made;
see Entry into the United States:
whether or not an entry has been

entry, in violation of 1921 Quota Act;
applicability of sec. 34, 1917 Act;
vol. I, p. 21
immigrant; brought without, or with
improper visa, see Fine: immigrant
visa, bringing immigrant who lacked
manifesting seamen not actually em-
ployed on board, applying for ad-
mission as visitors, vol. II, p. 425
nonsignatory line, brought to continu-
uous territory via, see Exclusion
grounds: nonsignatory line, brought

part of vessel, vol. II, p. 623
shore leave; primary inspector's pow-
ers; vol. II, p. 512

special deportation procedure; 8 C. F.
R. 150.11; vol. I, p. 689

Selective Training and Service Laws: false statements to avoid service; moral turpitude; vol. III, p. 249, IV, p. 509

neutral alien claiming exemption; ineligibility to citizenship; see Ineligible to citizenship

Sending threatening letter by mail; moral turpitude; see Crimes involving moral turpitude

Sentenced to imprisonment:

Defective Delinquents Institution, Naponoch, or Woodbourne, N. Y.; Correction Law, sec. 438; vol. III, p. 48 increased penalty on appeal; Canada; vol. II, p. 601

indefinite sentence; indefinite term;
Ohio: vol. II, p. 561

indeterminate; when deemed for one
year or more; Utah; vol. I, pp. 209,
meaning of "sentence;" vol. III, p. 190
more than once:

assorted cases, vol. I, pp. 209,
440, 490, vol. II, p. 578, vol.
III, p. 605

meaning; vol. IV, p. 73 Philippine residnet since before May 1, 1934; for crimes on or after that date; date of entry not an element, vol. III, pp. 184, 396

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