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Lawful admission to the United States for
permanent residence:

"Barred Zone" native, admitted for
study (1920); subsequent con-
tinuous maintenance of exempt
status; vol. III, p. 304
excludable alien; criminal ground;
admitted (1927) on presentation of
immigration visa; vol. II, p. 178
foreign government official; servant
(1919); vol. III, p. 638

Virgin Islands, entry to, prior to July
1, 1938; vol. I, p. 414
Lawful permanent resident, 8 C. F. R.
176.101 (n); vol. III, p. 519
Lawfully admitted to the United States;

sec. 13 (b), 1924 Act; vol. II, p. 252,
vol. III, p. 160

Legal residence in the United States, see
Lawful residence in the United States
Legal separation:

custody of child; acquisition of citi-
zenship, sec. 314, 1940 Act; vol.
III, p. 850

meaning; sec. 314 (c), 1940 Act; vol.
III, p. 742

Legislative pardon, see Pardon

Legitimation (see also Child):

applicability of sec. 205, 1940 Act;
vol. I, p. 301, vol. III, pp. 226, 794,
vol. IV, p. 440

California; Civil Code, sec. 320; by
natural father; effect on citizenship

Revised statutes 1993, vol. IV, p.

sec. 314 (c), 1940 Act, vol. III,
p. 742

decree of court as to domicile of puta-
tive father, and as to legitimacy of
child; vol. III, p. 657

loss of citizenship acquired through
mother, upon mother's subsequent
marriage to subject's alien father,
vol. III, p. 485

rights, as legitimate child, conferred

as of date of birth, vol. III, p. 225
Lesiones, Mexico. Sonora; moral turpi-
tude, vol. II, p. 54

Lewdness, offenses involving; moral tur-
pitude; sce Crimes involving moral tur-

Likely to become a public charge, see Ex-
clusion grounds: public charge, likely to

Literacy unable to read; see Exclusion
grounds illiterate

Lithuania, acquisition of nationality, vol.
III, p. 701

Lithuania; nationality treaty with U, S.;
1938, vol. IV. p. 321

Loss of citizenship, see Citizenship-loss
Loss of rights of citizenship, distinguished
from loss of citizenship, vol. II, p. 397
Loyalty (see also Discretionary relief) sus-
pension applicant, vol. II, p. 895


Mail, offenses connected with misuse; mor-
al turpitude; see Crimes involving moral

Maintaining a disorderly house; moral tur-
pitude, see Crimes involving moral turpi-
tude: keeping, etc.

Mala prohibita, vol. III, p. 197
Malicious mischief; moral turpitude; see
Crimes involving moral turpitude
Managing a house of prostitution, see De-
portation grounds: prostitution

Manifests; crew and passengers; fines in
connection with; see Fine

Manslaughter; moral turpitude; see Crimes
involving moral turpitude
Marihuana :

Florida; possession; vol. II, p. 130
U. S.; possession; Int. Rev. Code, sec.
2593 (a); vol. I, p. 160, vol. III, p.


annulment (See also Annulment):
deportation basis; "Gigolo Act";
see Deportation grounds: “Gig-
olo Act" of May 14, 1937
New York; foreign marriage; vol.
III, pp. 25, 102

Pennsylvania; marriage in Italy;
vol. II, p. 354

Texas; when ab initio ; vol. III, p.

Washington, D. C.; woman admit-

ted as wife of citizen veteran;
Act of Dec. 28, 1945; deporta-
bility; vol. IV, p. 345

between uncle and niece:

annulment; New York; foreign
marriage; vol. III, pp. 25, 102
Hebrews; Russia; Poland; vol.
II, p. 618

Illinois, intended cohabitation in,

vol. III, p. 645

Italy; dispensation by King; vol.
II, p. 619

Minnesota, intended cohabitation
in, vol. III, p. 466

Pennsylvania, intended cohabita-
tion in, vol. IV, p. 632
Portugal, vol. IV, p. 239
Rhode Island; validity; vol. II, p.
619, vol. IV, p. 632

Rumania; validity; vol. II, p. 619
Washington; voidable at common
law; vol. II, p. 618

Wisconsin, intended cohabitation
in, vol. III, p. 466

citizenship, woman's; based upon; R.
S. 1994, vol. III, p. 870

common law:

conflict of laws, Texas and Mex-

ico; vol. I, p. 301

New York, vol. I, p. 608

expatriative effect; 1907 Act; vol. II,
p. 780

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Marriage Continued

extramarital status, failure to adjust;
discretionary relief, see Discretion-
ary relief


performed by Japanese or Chris-

tian ceremony, registered in ac-
cordance with Japanese law;
citizen spouse not under mili-
tary authority and not in Ja-
pan at time of registration, vol.
IV, p. 622

registered when U. S. citizen

veteran husband was in U. S.,
and wife in Japan; not pre-
ceded by Japanese or Christian
ceremony; registration was fol-
lowed by consummation of mar-
riage; vol. IV, p. 650
registration at time U. S. citizen

veteran husband was in U. S.,
and wife in Japan; registra-
tion not preceded by Japanese
or Christian ceremony, vol. IV,
p. 699

Mexican divorce, following; validity;
vol. II, p. 883, vol. III, pp. 33, 227,
vol. IV, p. 610

Mexico, in; validity; vol. I, p. 301, vol.
III, p. 485, vol. IV, p. 405
Miscegenation; ground of invalidity;
vol. III, p. 480

Missouri; contracted before divorce
(Oklahoma) became final, vol. I, p.

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Medical certificate; in exclusion proceed-
ings; vol. III, p. 47

Member (membership) proscribed organiza-
tion, exclusion and deportation ground,
see Subversive

Menaces, extortion with; moral turpitude;
see Crimes involving moral turpitude:

Mental Hygiene Law, New York, vol. II,
p. 540

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which only Mexican nationals are
eligible; vol. II, p. 363

failure to prevent comission of crime;
State of Guanajuato; moral turpi-
tude; vol. III, p. 350

forgery; State of Guanajuato, vol. III,
p. 350

uttering a forged instrument, State of
Guanajuato, vol. III, p. 350
voting in Mexican election; expatria-
tion ground; see Citizenship-loss
Military prisoner, return to this country
not deemed entry, vol. III, p. 536
Military service:

departure to avoid, see Exclusion
grounds: departure to avoid armed
forces duty

deserter in wartime; expatriation; see

escape, departing U. S. or remaining
out, to; expatriation, see Citizen-

termination of service abroad; volun-
tary; whether return constitutes
entry; vol. III, p. 539

Minister of religion, classification, 1924
Act, sec. 4 (d); vol. I, p. 147, vol. III,
p. 162



California, vol. I, p. 459
Canada, vol. I, p. 459

Missouri, vol. I, p. 459

accompanying parents; nationality,
for quota purposes, when father
was excluded; vol. III, p. 613
capacity to commit crime, vol. I, p. 613
(see also Juvenile delinquency)
competency to expatriate, vol. I, p.
330, vol. III, p. 470

competency to renounce allegiance, vol.
II, p. 397

dual nationals, election to retain U. S.
nationality, see Dual national
expatriation, see Citizenship-loss
failure to provide for, or to supply
necessities; moral turpitude; see
Crimes involving moral turpitude
marriage, effect on nonquota status,
sec. 4 (a), after issuance of visa;
vol. III, p. 613

married child; eligibility for admis-
sion as child of citizen veteran un-
der Act of Dec. 28, 1945; vol. III,
p. 40

oath of allegiance:

confirmation upon reaching ma-
jority, vol. II, p. 789, vol. IV,
p. 22

effect, after 1907; vol. I, p. 331

Miscegenation, vol. III, p. 480

Missionary; eligibility for benefits of sec.
308, Nat. Act of 1940; vol. III, p. 649
Month; construed by Supreme Court; vol.
II, p. 578

Moral turpitude (see also Crimes involv-
ing moral turpitude):

attempt to commit crime; rule for
determining turpitude; vol. II, p.
141, vol. III, p. 56

convicted of lesser crime (New York);
vol. IV, p. 241

crimes involving, list of, see Crimes
involving moral turpitude

criteria adopted by courts, vol. I, pp.
55, 76, 190, 447, 511, vol. II, pp.
121, 140, 145, 164, 227, 236, 334,
357, 361, 479, 544, 556, 566, 611,
634, 726, 744, vol. III, p. 274
definition, Solicitor of Department of
Labor, vol. II, p. 141

drunk, offense committed while; vol.
II, p. 737

foreign crime, vol. II, pp. 320, 519,
869, vol. III, p. 56, vol. IV, p. 17
juvenile delinquency, see Juvenile de-

juvenile, offense committed by, in a

foreign jurisdiction; U. S. Stand-
ards; vol. II, p. 319

list of crimes which may involve, see
Crimes involving moral turpitude
name of offense, as factor; vol. II, p.

22, vol. III, p. 3

obliquity of offense distinguished from
obliquity of individual, vol. II, p.

offenses held to involve; disbarment
proceedings; California; vol. II, p.


probation officer's report; use to de-
termine; vol. I, p. 137

separable statutes, vol. II, pp. 217,
357, vol. IV, p. 490

Moving van helper; contract labor; see
Exclusion grounds: contract labor
Multiple charges, see Deportation grounds:
multiple charges

Murder moral turpitude; see Crimes in-
volving moral turpitude


Naponoch, New York Defective Delinquent
Institution; character of confinement.
vol. III, p. 48


Act of 1909, as amended, 21 U. S. C.
174, conviction; ground of exclu-
sion; vol. III, p. 387

burden of proof of addiction; as to
dealer or peddler, vol. I, p. 161
conviction; deportability under 1917
Act; Harrison Narcotic Act (1914);
vol. I, p. 293, vol. II, p. 603, vol.
III, p. 460


conviction, for concealing and possess-

ing fraudulently obtained opium; 21
U. S. C. 174; deportability under
1931 Act, as amended by 1940 Act,
vol. III, p. 620

conviction; ground of exclusion where
not sentenced, vol. I, p. 293; vol.
III, p. 387

conviction; violation of sec. 2593 (a),
Int. Rev. Code; unlawful possession
marihuana; deportability, vol. I,
p. 160, vol. III, p. 502
deportability; 21 U. S. C. 174; vol.
III, p. 387

deportability, under Act of 1931,
before 1940 amendment; 8 U. S. C.
156 (a); vol. III, p. 387
deportability under Act of 1931, sub-
sequent to amendment, vol. II, p.

deportability upon reentry; 1931 Act
distinguished from 1909 Act, as
amended; vol. II, p. 406

importation; moral turpitude; vol. I,
p. 293

legislative history of 1931 Act; vol.
I, p. 162

mere possession insufficient, vol. I, p.

possession of marihuana, 26 U. S. C.
2593 (a), vol I, p. 160, vol. III, p.

sentenced to a year or more, vol. III,
p. 460

Seventh proviso relief, vol. I, p. 293
transfer of marihuana, vol. I, p. 160,
vol. III, p. 502

user of drug distinguished from addict,
vol. III, p. 620

violation, Canada; moral turpitude;
vol. II, p. 604

violation; Harrison Act; moral turpi-
tude; vol. I p. 395

National, noncitizen of United States:
acquisition and loss of nationality (see
also Citizenship)

blood (race) requirements for acquisi-
tion of nationality, sec. 303, 1940
Act, vol. III, p. 729

Guam, certain persons of; vol. III, p.

loss of nationality by woman; mar-
riage to alien ineligible to citizen-
ship (1929); vol. II, p. 778
Philippine, resident in U. S. since
before May 1, 1934; deportability;
vol. III, pp. 155, 184, 396

Swain's Island, certain persons of, vol.
III, p. 589

Nationality Act of 1940:

sec. 102 (h), to which case is appli-
cable, vol. III, p. 225

sec. 104 definition of residence, vol.
III, p. 655

secs. 104, 201 (g) and (i), vol. IV, p.

sec. 201 (c), vol. IV, p. 418

Nationality Act of 1940 -Continued

sec. 201 (e), vol. IV, p. 575

sec. 201 (g), (i), vol. III, p. 794
sec. 201 (g), "residential prerequi-
site," as to citizen parent, vol. III,
p. 652

sec. 201 (i), "residential prerequi-
site," as to citizen parent, vol. III,
p. 652

sec. 204, not considered retroactive,
vol. III, p. 589
sec, 205:

applicability of, vol. I, p. 301,
vol. III, pp. 226, 794

applicability to persons born after
Jan. 12, 1941, vol. III, p. 794,
vol. IV, p. 440

sec. 303

test of eligibility for United
States citizenship, blood stand-
ard; not test for eligibility for
United States national (but not
citizen), vol. III, p. 729, vol.
III, p. 304

sec. 306, of no aid to alien army de-
serter in wartime, as to excluda-
bility or deportability; distin-
guished from cases in, vol. II, p. 276,
vol. III, p. 265

sec. 307 (b); benefits under, tempo-
rary absence from United States,
vol. IV, p. 196

sec. 308, eligibility for benefits of ;

vol. III, p. 649


sec. 313, vol. IV, p. 22

sec. 314 (c):


custody of child where parents le-
gally separated, vol. III, p. 850
meaning of "legal separation,"
vol. II, p. 742

sec. 322, vol. IV, p. 29

sec. 323, as amended, 401 (c), 404 (b),
Vol. IV, p. 248

sec. 328 (b), vol. III, p. 304
sec. 339, service guide in derivative
citizenship acquisition where resi-
dential prerequisites not acquired
before Jan. 13, 1941, vol. III, p. 648
sec. 347, "savings clause," where citi-
zenship status not acquired before
Jan. 13, 1941, vol. III, p. 645
sec. 401 (a):

not applicable unless parent ex-
patriated by voluntary foreign
naturalization, vol. III, p. 765
timely effort to return here, effect
of, vol. III, p. 690

sec. 401 (c), vol. IV, p. 57
sec. 401 (d), vol. IV, p. 521
sec. 401 (e) :

defense, subject not of legal voting
age (Mexico), vol. III, p. 829
intent as factor, vol. IV, p. 528
Japanese election (1946), vol. III,
p. 893

Nationality Act of 1940-Continued
sec. 401 (g), vol. IV, p. 540

sec. 404, vol. III, p. 253, vol. IV, pp.
45, 321

sec. 404 (a), vol. III, p. 668

sec. 404 (b), (c), no application to
veteran of World War I, vol. III, p.

sec. 404 (b), vol. IV, p. 421

sec. 406 (b), when not operative, vol.

III, p. 253

sec. 406 (c), (e), vol. III, p. 860
sec. 406 (h), vol. III, p. 668

sec. 504, repealing statutes, vol. III,
p. 645

Native-born citizen:

evidence, burden of proof of right to
enter United States, vol. III, p. 680
loss of citizenship, see Citizenship-loss
wife of; afflicted with disease; exemp-
tion under sec. 22, 1917 Act; vol.
II, p. 183

Naturalization (see also Citizenship-deriva-
tion (after birth) by child born abroad):
absence abroad; sec. 308, 1940 Act;
missionary; clergyman, nun; vol.
III, p. 649

acquisition of citizenship, Act of June
25, 1936, as amended; vol. I, p.

barred to certain draft dodgers; vol.
II, p. 393

cancellation of, see Citizenship-loss :
revocation of naturalization

defined, vol. III, p. 676

doubt as to loss of citizenship, to re-
move; vol. II, p. 274

eligibility to file declaration under sec.
322, 1940 Act; person born in Puer-
to Rico, 1895, German father,
Spanish mother; vol. IV, p. 29
foreign, acquisition of foreign nation-
ality through marriage in 1934 not
naturalization under sec. 2, 1907
Act; vol. III, p. 107

foreign, of parents; effect upon citi-
zen child living abroad; necessity
for dual national to return to U. S.;
sec 401 (a), 1940 Act. vol. I, p.
24, vol. III, p. 690 (see also Citi-
zenship-expatriation: dual nation-


foreign, voluntary acceptance; Italy;
vol. III, p. 761

ineligibility to citizenship, see Ineli-
gibility to citizenship

offense in connection with another's
naturalization; seventh proviso re-
lief; vol. III, p. 343

perjury in connection with; when bar
to discretionary relief; vol. I, p.
79, vol. II, pp. 595, 700, 712, 905
race, ineligibility based on; see In-
eligibility to citizenship



under sec. 323, 1940 Act as
amended by Act of Aug. 7,
1946, of former native born
citizen, not deemed, vol. IV. p.

woman native who lost through
marriage, Act June 25, 1936;
vol. I, pp. 127, 283, vol. IV, p.

temporary absence; sec. 308, 1940 Act;
vol. III, p. 649

treaty between Austria-Hungary and

the U. S., vol. I. p. 433

Naturalized citizen, wife; afflicted with
disease; exemption under sec. 22, 1917
Act, vol. II, p. 183.

Naval personnel, foreign, vol. II, p. 293
Neutral alien, claiming exemption from
military service; ineligibility to citizen-
ship; see Ineligibility to citizenship
Nevada, conflict of laws with New York;
divorce; custody of child; vol. III, pp.
228, 848

New York:

annulment of foreign marriage; effect

on persons admitted by virtue of
marital status, vol. III, pp. 25, 102
conflict of laws with Nevada; divorce;
custody of child; vol. III, pp. 228,

Domestic Relations Law, sec. 81, vol.
III, p. 710

guardian, vol. III, p. 710

Ninth proviso, sec. 3, 1917 Act:

criminal offense; railroad employee;
border crosser, vol. II, p. 239
draft dodger, vol. II, p. 423
inadmissible under Act of Oct. 16,
1918; vol. I, p. 298

past member British Communist Party,
vol. II, p. 466

Nolo contendere plea; vol. I, p. 619
Noncitizen national of United States, see
Citizenship; National, noncitizen,
United States



classification, immigrant or nonim-
migrant classification, immigrant

or nonimmigrant

foreign government officials, service;
maintenance of status; deportabil-
ity; admitted on or after July 1,
1924; vol. I, p. 151

treaty trader; substantial trade re-
quirement; sec. 3 (6), 1924 Act;
vol. III, p. 517

visitor, see Visitor

Nonquota immigrant:

child born abroad to accompanying
lawful resident mother; vol. III,
pp. 215, 262

Chinese minor child of citizen veteran
of armed forces; Act of Aug. 19,
1950 permitting the admission of
certain relatives of veterans; vol.
IV, p. 388

Nonquota immigrant-Continued
marriage; annulment; on which non-

quota status was based; deporta-
tion ground; 8ee Deportation
grounds: Gigolo Act

minister or professor, failure to ac-
tively engage as, during previous 2-
year period; vol. I, p. 149; vol. III,
p. 162

minor unmarried child:

marriage entered into after is-
suance of visa but before ar-
rival; sec. 4 (a), 1924 Act.
vol. III, p. 528

under 18, accompanying parent;
vol. II, p. 290

returning residents:

right to recognition as; when, at
time of prior entry, alien was
excludable on criminal ground,
vol. II, p. 178

waiver by Secretary of State
(under sec. 30, Alien Reg. Act
and Ex. Order pursuant to
Passport Act of 1918) and by
Bd. of Imm. App. (under sec.
13 (b), 1924 Act); vol. I, p.
232, vol. III, p. 582

Nonsignatory line, brought to contiguous
territory via; exclusion ground; see
Exclusion grounds: nonsignatory, etc.

children; various jurisdictions, vol.
II, p. 134

New York, vol. II, p. 555

Non vult contendere, plea; vol. III, p.

Northern Ireland; juvenile delinquency,
vol. III, p. 772

citizenship treaty between U. S. and
Norway, vol. III, p. 98

nationality; vol. III, pp. 98, 597, 668
Notice to detain: (see also Fine):

appeal from notice, vol. I, p. 370
delegation of function by officer in
charge; vol. I, pp. 365, 470

duty to detain, absolute character of;
vol. I, pp. 370, 419

form of notice, vol. I, p. 370
medical treatment, seaman landed

for; effect of notice, vol. I, p. 555
validity, where seaman's name not
specified, vol. I, p. 365

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