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Crimes involving moral turpitude-Con. assault-Continued

New York, 3d degree, Penal Laws, sec. 244, subdiv. 1; vol. I, p. 505

New York, with intent to commit abortion; vol. II, p. 525 Oregon, with dangerous weapon; vol. II, p. 204

police officer upon; vol. II, p. 747 Rhode Island, with intent to mur

der, vol. III, p. 808 simple, with primitive means to inflict punishment; vol. II, p. 747

stone, with a; vol. II, p. 747
striking in a quarrel, with a large
piece of firewood, by; vol. II,
p. 747

Utah, with a deadly weapon;
Rev. 'Stats, sec. 103-7-6; vol.
I, p. 209

Washington, with deadly weapon;
vol. I, p. 743

assault and battery:

with dangerous weapon; vol. II, p. 201, vol. IV, p. 512

mere, vol. I, p. 507, vol. II, p. 734
ravish, with intent to; vol. II, p.

attempt to wreck a train in inter-
state commerce; 18 U. S. C. A. rev.,
sec. 1992, vol. IV, p. 461
attempted arson, Canada; Cr. Code,
sec. 512; vol. III, p. 617

attempted acts of gross indecency,

Canada, vol. II, p. 316

attempted bribery, Germany, sec. 333,

vol. IV, p. 100

attempted escape from reformatory, Mass; vol. IV, p. 512

attempted fraud, Germany, sec. 263; vol. I, p. 47

attempted larceny, Mass.; vol. II, p. 204

attempted suicide, Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 270, vol IV, p. 149 bastardy, vol. I, p. 186 bawdyhouse, keeping, Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 229; vol. II, p. 703, vol. III, p. 231


Canada, vol. II, p. 335

common law, vol. II, p. 328

Massachusetts, vol. I. p. 314

Mexico, vol. I, p. 525, vol. III,

pp. 10, 136

Nevada, vol. II, p. 328

New York, vol. III, p. 569

North Carolina, vol. II, p. 336
Texas, vol. I, p. 229

breaking and entering, Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 461, vol. II, p. 686 breaking and entering, Canada, and theft, Cr. Code, sec. 458 (a), vol. II, p. 887

Crimes involving moral turpitude-Con. buggery, Canada, vol. II, p. 317 burglar's tools, possession; New York, vol. II, p. 723

burglary, California, 2d degree, vol. III, p. 397

burglary, California, 2d degree, enter

ing store with intent to steal, vol. II, p. 213

burglary, common law, vol. II, p. 722 burglary, New York, 3d degree Penal

laws, sec. 404, vol. I, p. 540, vol.
II, p. 721

carnal abuse of minor child; taking
indecent liberties; vol. II, p. 121
carnal knowledge, Canada, female un-
der 16, above 14, vol. III, p. 562
carnal knowledge, Maryland, of 15
year old girl, vol. II, p. 612
check without credit, drawing, Ohio,
vol. IV, p. 297

conspiracy, Canada, defraud of cus-
toms and duties, sec. 444, vol. II,
p. 754

conspiracy, Canada, defraud, with intent to; Cr. Code, secs. 405, 444, 573; vol. III, p. 56

conspiracy, Canada, smuggle dutiable goods, to; Cr. Code, sec. 573; customs Act, sec. 203 (3); vol. II, p. 542

conspiracy, United States, to defraud the; 18 U. S. C. 88, vol. II, pp. 46, 95, 225

conspiracy; United States; to violate Tariff Act, vol. I, p. 571 contributing to delinquency of minor : California, vol. II, pp. 213, 220, vol. III, p. 290, vol. IV, p. 607 Canada, vol. II, p. 795

Illinois, vol. II, p. 610

Michigan, vol. I, p. 662

Washington, vol. II, p. 117

cutting, with intent to wound, Ohio, vol. I, p. 56

damage to property, Canada, vol. II, p. 867

damaging private property, Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 539, vol. II, p. 716, demanding property with menaces, Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 451, vol. III, p. 351

deposit of "slug" in coin box, New York, vol. II, p. 235

desertion from U. S. armed forces, vol. IV, p. 682

determination of turpitude, see Moral


disorderly house, vol. II, pp. 367, 703, vol. III, p. 231

draft evasion, see false statements in Selective Service questionnaire, under present main-line title drawing check without credit, Ohio, vol. IV, p. 297

Crimes involving moral turpitude-Con.
driving automobile without owner's
consent, California, Veh. Code, sec.
503; vol. I, p. 143
driving automobile without owner's
consent, Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 285-
3, vol. II, pp. 686, 886

entering a building, New York, unlaw-
fully, vol. II, p. 724, vol. I. p. 403
extortion with menaces, Canada, Cr.
Code, sec. 451, vol. III, p. 361
failure to prevent commission of crime,
Mexico, State of Guanajuato, vol.
III, p. 350

failure to provide for minor child,

California, sec. 270, vol I, p. 137 failure to supply necessaries for minor children, Canada, sec. 242 (3), vol. I, p. 459

false claim to citizenship, Nat. Act. of 1940, sec. 346 (a) (18), vol. III, p. 71

false money, putting, into circulation, Germany, vol. IV, p. 17

false pretenses, Canada, vol. II, p. 837 false statements, Germany, vol. II, p. 822

false statements, in alien registration application, 8 U. S. C. 457; sec. 36, Al. Reg'n Act of 1940, vol. I, p. 16, vol. II, pp. 353, 820

false statements, in Selective Service questionnaire, vol. I, p. 619, vol. IV, p. 509

false swearing (see also: perjury, under this main-line title), vol. I, p. 17 false swearing in naturalization proceeding (8 U. S. C. 414), vol. IV, p. 373

falsification of commercial document, Philippines, Penal Code of 1911, Arts 300, 301, vol. IV, p. 378 falsifying return with intent to evade payment of tax, Canada, Special War Rev. Act, sec. 112 (3), Rev. Stat., ch. 179; vol. I, p. 436 forgery:

common law, vol. III, p. 126
declaration of intention, 18 U. S.
C. 138, vol. III, p. 126
Mexico, State of Guanajuato, vol.
III, p. 350

passport, application for, not spe-
cified in Federal statutes as a
crime, vol. III, p. 76

reentry permit, 18 U. S. C. 72, Act of 1924, sec. 22 (c), vol. III, p. 126

fraud, United States, vol. I, p. 118 fraudulent check, Indiana, vol. IV, p.


frustrated theft, Cuba, vol. IV, p. 717 gambling, New York, sec. 974, vol. I, p. 59

Crimes involving moral turpitude-Con. grand larceny, New York, vol. III, p. 632

grand theft, California, vol. II, p. 214
gross indecency, Canada, vol. II, p. 316
heavy theft, California, vol. III, p. 571
highway robbery, vol. III, p. 544
housebreaking, Ohio, vol. II, p. 134
housebreaking and larceny, England
and Northern Ireland, vol. III,
p. 772

illegal entry into Canada (Canadian
offense) vol. I, p. 73
impersonating a Federal officer, 18
U. S. C. 76, vol. I, p. 509, vol. III,
p. 270
importation of narcotics, 21 U. S. C.
171-185; vol. I, p. 293

improper use of United States pass-
port with intent to defraud; 18
U. S. C. 80, vol. III, p. 236


Arizona, vol. III, p. 544
common law, vol. II, p. 618
Indiana, vol. III, p. 544
Mexico, vol. I, p. 525
Ohio, vol. III, p. 544
Massachusetts; vol. III, p. 544
Washington; vol. 4 Remington's
Rev. Stats., sec. 2455; vol. II,
p. 617

indecent assault, Canada, vol. II, p.
317, vol. III, pp. 1, 562
indecent exposure, discussion, vol. II,
pp. 117, 533, 610; Michigan, sec.
335, vol. II, p. 633
injuring war material in wartime, 15
U. S. C. 102; vol. II, p. 629
involuntary manslaughter, see Man-

"joy-riding" Canada, sec. 285-3; vol. II, pp. 686, 887

Juvenile delinquency, see Juvenile delinquency

keeping house of ill fame, vol. III, p. 397

keeping house of ill fame, California, for prostitution purposes, sec. 315; vol. III, p. 20

keeping place of prostitution, New
Jersey, vol. III, p. 790

Australia, New South Wales,
Sydney, vol. IV, p. 548
Canada, see Theft, under this
main-line title

Connecticut, vol. II, p. 202
Cuba, "frustrated, theft," vol. IV,
p. 717

England, vol. III, p. 641
Massachusetts, vol. II, p. 530
Michigan, secs. 28.588, 28.592;
vol. IV, p. 252

Northern Ireland, vol. III, p. 772
petty, vol. I, p. 541

lesiones, Mexico, art. 193, vol. II, p. 54

Crimes involving moral turpitude-Con.

lewd, wanton, lascivious person in behavior, Mass., ch. 272, sec. 53; vol. III, p. 168


Massachusetts, vol. II, p. 635 open; New Jersey; vol. III, p. 790

Washington, vol. II, p. 634 Wisconsin, vol. III, p. 792 lewdness and lasciviousness, in behavior, Massachusetts, ch. 272, sec. 16; vol. II, p. 530

lewdness and lasciviousness, in speech

and behavior, Massachusetts, ch. 272, sec. 53; vol. II, p. 530 mail, sending threatening letters, with intent to extort, 18 U. S. C. 338; vol. IV, p. 446

mailing obscene letter, 18 U. S. C. 334; vol. I, p. 190

malicious and wanton injury to property, Oregon; vol. III, p. 272 malicious mischief, vol. II, pp. 469, 630


Arizona, sec. 4586; vol. I, p. 181
California, involuntary, vol. II,
p. 748, sec. 192; vol. IV, p.

Florida, vol. II, p. 480
Minnesota, first degree, secs.

619: 14 (2), 619: 15 (2); vol.
I, p. 519

New Jersey, vol. III, p. 51, vol.
IV, p. 493

New York, vol. II, pp. 141, 479,

Ohio, vol. II, pp. 560, 570, vol. III, p. 53

Texas, voluntary, vol. II, p. 568 Poland, premeditated, vol. IV, p. 108

murder, Ohio, 2d degree, vol. II, p. 560

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

materiality, vol. I, pp. 70, 121; vol. II, p. 206

Michigan, sec. 422; vol. I, p. 669 18 U. S. C. 231; vol. I, p. 581, vol. II, p. 206

1917 Act. sec. 3; vol. II, pp. 285, 819

1917 Act, sec. 16, vol. II, p. 206 1924 Act. sec. 10 (a); vol. I, p. 613

petty larceny, vol. I, p. 541 petty theft, California, vol. II, p. 345, vol. III, p. 571

political offense (Jewish person, Germany), attempted fraud; vol. I, p.

47 political offense, within meaning of 1917 Act. sec. 3, 2d proviso; vol. IV, p. 108 polygamy (see also Bigamy) Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 272, sec. 15, vol. I, p. 314

possession of stolen property, Ger

many, vol. II, p. 90

[blocks in formation]

attempted, vol. II, p. 630

Canada; carnal knowledge considered like, vol. III, p. 562 Illinois, vol. II, p. 612

Nebraska, vol. II, p. 17

North Dakota, vol. III, p. 480 Pennsylvania, vol. II, p. 553 ravishing and carnally knowing a 16 year old girl, vol. II, p. 611 receiving stolen goods, vol. II, p. 237, vol. III, p. 575

retaining stolen property, Canada, vol. II, p. 235

riot, Germany, Cr. Code, sec. 115; vol. IV, p. 301

Crimes involving moral turpitude-Con.


California, 2d degree; vol. II, p.

Canada, with violence, on the per-

son vol. II, p. 716

sending threatening letter through the
mail, 18 U. S. C. 338 (a), (b); vol.
II, p. 196

sexual intercourse contributing to de-
linquency of minor; California, vol.
III, p. 290

sexual intercourse with a feeble-mind-
ed woman, Nebraska, sec. 191; vol.
II, p. 17

sodomy; and solicitation for; vol. III,
p. 575

soliciting prostitution, vol. III, p. 397
statuatory rape (see rape, under this
main-line title)

stealing, see Larceny; Theft
tampering with vessel's power, 18 U.
S. C. 502; vol. IV, p. 409

tax evasion, Germany, Tax Code, secs.
396, 401; vol. IV, p. 176

California, petty, vol. II p. 345

automobile of; vol. II, p. 864
general, in, vol. p. 22

person, from the; vol. II, pp.
517, 686

permanent taking, as factor,

vol. II, p. 686

sec. 347, Cr. Code; vol. II,
p. 795

sec. 355 (1), Cr. Code; vol.
III, p. 726

sec. 386, Cr. Code, vol. II,
p. 517

servant, as a; vol. III, p.

Italy, vol. I, p. 33

mail, stealing from letter boxes in
vestibules, 18 U. S. C. 317, vol.
III, p. 270

mail, taking from authorized mail
depository, 18 U. S. C. 317, vol.
III, p. 66

Texas, by bailee, vol. IV, p. 446
United States passport, improper use;
intent to defraud, 18 U. S. C. 80,
vol. III, p. 236
unlawful carrying on retail liquor
business without paying tax; Rev.
Stat., sec. 3281, vol. I, p. 394
unlawful compulsion, Germany, Cr.
Code, sec. 240, vol. IV, p. 490
unlawful destruction of railway tele-
graph property, Canada, Cr. Code,
sec. 517 (c), vol. II. p. 686
unlawfully entering building,
York, sec. 405, vol. I, p. 403
unlawful sale of liquor to Indian, 25
U. S. C. 241, vol. II, p. 99


Crimes involving moral turpitude-Con.
unlawful sale of opium, Canada, Opi-
um and Narcotic Drug Act, sec. 4
(1) (f), vol. II, p. 600

unnatural and lascivious act, Mass.,
Gen. Laws, ch. 272, sec. 35, vol.
II, p. 533

uttering a forged instrument, Mexico,
State of Quanajuato, vol. III, p. 350
vagrancy, Canada, Cr. Code, sec. 238
(1), vol. II, p. 703

voluntary manslaughter, see man-
slaughter under this main-line title
willfully damaging mail boxes, Can-
ada, Cr. Code, sec. 510 (d) (3),
(5); vol. II, p. 867
Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) dissolution
of marriage, vol. III, p. 851


Damage to mail boxes, Canada, moral tur-
pitude, see Crimes involving moral tur-

Damaging private property, Canada, see
Crimes involving mortal turpitude
Deadly weapon, California, definition, vol.
II, p. 739

Dealer; narcotic ground; meaning; vol. II,
p. 473

Declaration of intention; doubt, citizen-

ship in; native of Puerto Rico; eligibility
to file under 1940 Act, sec. 322; vol. IV,
p. 29

de Coll case (37 Op. Atty. Gen. 90 (1933));
theory of resumption and derivation,
1907 Act, vol. II, p. 537

Defraud, Canadian customs duties, con-
spiracy, vol. II, p. 542, 754

Defraud, the United States; alcohol tax;
vol. I, 395

Defrauding the United States; meaning;
vol. II, p. 227

contributing to, child, Illinois, vol.
II, p. 610

contributing to; dependency; vol. II,
P. 117

juvenile, see Juvenile delinquency
minor, contributing to; California;
vol. II, pp. 213, 220, vol. III, p. 290
Delinquent child, defined; Illinois; vol.
II, p. 611
Delivery bond:

breach; failure to surrender; expul-
sion proceedings; demand served on
surety after alien's departure, vol.
IV, p. 34
breach, failure to surrender, expulsion
proceedings, service of demand to
surrender made impossible by alien,
vol. III, p. 811

breach, failure to surrender; expul-
sion proceedings; untimely sur-
render and invalidity of deporta-
tion order as defenses, vol. III, p.

[blocks in formation]



Procedure Act; effect of Act of Sept. 27, 1950, exempting certain exclusion and deportation proceedings, vol. IV, p. 475

Administrative Procedure Act; hearing de novo, right to; Sung v. McGrath, 339 U. S. 83; vol. III, p. 818

alien registration, information, admissibility, vol. IV, p. 475

appeal; exceptions to hearing officer's order; Board of Immigration Appeals' jurisdiction; vol. IV, p. 680 Canadian Indian; on grounds other than those arising after entry, vol. III, p. 300

Citizenship revoked; warrant of arrest issued before subject's naturalization; validity of warrant; vol. IV, p. 327 Conclusiveness

of final administrative decision; res judicata; policy, vol. III, p. 575

Crime, see Conviction of


Crime; Crime, admission of commission; Crimes involving moral turpitude; Moral turpitude; Pardon; Sentenced to imprisonment de nova hearing; right, under "Sung"

decision (339 U. S. 33, 908) on reopening, where warrant was served prior to Adm. Proc. Act, vol. III, p. 818

deported alien, effect of reinterpre

tation of law; law of case; permission to reapply; vol. III, pp. 83, 605, 818

effect of "Sung" decision, dated Feb.

20, 1950, on hearings held after enactment of Acts of Sept. 23, 1950 (Internal Security Act) and Sept. 27, 1950 (act removing expulsion proceedings from certain requirements of Adm. Proc. Act); vol. IV p. 433

Filipino who entered before May 1, 1934; sentenced more than once

for crimes committed after May 1, 1934; vol. III, p. 396

Filipino who entered before May 1, 1934; when date of entry not necessary element, vol. III, pp. 155, 184, 396; vol. IV, p. 569

grounds, see Deportation grounds


hearing held after enactment of act
of Sept. 23, 1950 (Internal Security
Act), at choice of alien, rather than
earlier when Adm. Proc. Act was in
effect; alien bound by
quences; vol. IV, p. 556


hearing officer; substitution; propriety; vol. IV, p. 596

illicit relations; grant of time to adjust; vol. II, p. 878

lodged charge, under Act of Sept. 23,
1950 (Internal Security Act); effect
when hearing was commenced before
new law became operative; vol. IV,
p. 556

oath, power of immigration officers to
administer; vol. IV, p. 415
pardon, effect of; see Pardon
place to which deportable, see Place
of deportation

preliminary statements; use, in hear-
ing; vol. IV, p. 475

proceedings begun before Sept. 11,

1946, applicability of Adm. Proc. Act; vol. IV, p. 123 prostitution and related charges; timely service of warrant; vol. II, p. 659 recommendation of court against, see Recommending against deportation reopen; authority; discretionary nature of; vol. III, p. 490

reopen, motion; denied by hearing officer; finality, when exceptions not taken; vol. IV, p. 733

warrant of arrest, deficiency; fairness of hearing, vol. IV, p. 415

warrant of arrest; prostitution ground; timely service, vol. III, p. 20

warrant of deportation; period of validity: vol. IV, p. 338

Deportation grounds: (For deportation
ground based upon a cause existing at
time of entry, see
also, Exclusion

admission of commission of crime, see
Crime, admission of commission;
Exclusion grounds; crime, admis-
sion of commission
crime (see also Crime)

displaced person; misrepresentation to

gain admission to U. S.; Act June 25, 1948; vol. IV, pp. 663, 748 entry at other than designated port; city limits of port of entry, as factor; vol. I, p. 617, vol. II, p. 214 entry by false and misleading statements; false claim of U. S. citizenship; vol I, p. 385

entry without inspection :

distinguished from entry at other
than designated port, vol. I, p.

failure to volunteer information,
vol. I, p. 345

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