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Cumulative for Volumes I, II, III, and IV

annulment of marriage for fraud (N. Y.), effect on nonquota immigrant status, vol. III, pp. 25, 102 cancellation of naturalization, "rela

tion back" doctrine, vol. III, p. 275, vol. IV, pp. 373, 702 Abandonment and nonsupport statutes, historical evolution, vol. II, pp. 134, 554 Abandonment of application for admission; loss of jurisdiction by board of special inquiry, vol. III, p. 178 Abandonment of minor child; moral turpitude; see Crimes involving moral turpitude

Abandonment of United States citizenship,

see Citizenship-loss

Abatement of nuisance, place resorted to for prostitution, Mass., chap. 136, secs. 4, 5; vol. III, p. 168


assult with intent to commit, New York, vol. II, p. 525

drug to produce, Massachusetts, vol. II, p. 203

Absence, expatriative effect of (See also Citizenship-loss); World War I veteran, naturalized, vol. III, p. 668 Absence, temporary (See also Residence) : derivative citizenship, Act May 24, 1934, sec. 2; 5-year residence requirement; effect of temporary absence; vol. IV, p. 692

domicile, effect on; 7th proviso, vol. I, p. 631

literacy requirement on return, vol. I, p. 639

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Accompanying husband/father, determina-
tion of nationality of wife and child
when husband/father excluded under 8
C. F. R. 175; vol. III, p. 613
Acquisition of citizenship (see also Citi-

1940 Act, sec. 201 (g), residential re-
quirements of citizen parent, vol.
II, p. 803

1940 Act, sec. 201 (i), legislative history, vol. II, p. 804

Virgin Islands, 1927 Act, as amended

by 1932 Act; vol. III, p. 870 when acquired by minor, vol. I, p. 330. Act of Dec. 28, 1945 (P. L. 271, 79th Cong.), adopted children; legislative history; vol. III, pp. 41, 131 Addict:

definition, vol. II, p. 474

distinguished from user, vol III p. 620 evidence, where alien sentenced to

narcotic farm or hospital for treatment, vol. II, p. 473

Adjacent island, preexamination (8 C. F. R. 142), Jamaica, B. W. I.; vol. III, p. 704. Adjournment of Congress, finality of action in suspension proceedings; Attorney General's right to withdraw case; vol. II, p. 415

Adjudication of citizenship, court decree as to birthplace, vol. III, p. 237 Adjudication of nationality, not citizenship, issuance of passport or letter of identity, Guam, Samoa, vol III, pp. 589, 729 Administrative decision, whether res judicata, vol. III, p. 577

Administrative decisions, guidance on questions of law by court decisions, vol II, pp. 658, 849 Administrative discretion, see Discretionary relief

Administrative Procedure Act:

hearings in exclusion proceedings, effect on, see Exclusion

hearings in expulsion proceedings, effect on, see Deportation: Administrative Procedure Act

Admissibility under immigration laws (see
also Exclusion):

compliance with laws at time of appli-
cation for admission, vol. II, p. 172
effect, where alien is under indictment,
vol. II, p. 172

Admission, application for, abandonment;
when alien enters while case pending be-
fore board of special inquiry, vol. III, p.

Admission for permanent residence, see Lawful admission to the United States for permanent residence Admission of commission of crime, see Crime, admission of commission Admission to Mainland, Japanese or Korean nationals who entered Hawaii with laborers' passport, vol. III, p. 565 Admission under 1924 Act, sec. 14; child admitted temporarily when under 16 who has United States citizen parent; vol. III, p. 815.

Adopted child:

Chinese, vol. III, p. 134

citizen veteran of World War II, of; Act of December 28, 1945 benefits; vol. III, p. 131

Adoption :

California, vol.III, p. 743

validity of, evidence, vol. III, p. 608 Adulterous relationship, discretionary relief, vol. II, pp. 840, 876, 892, vol. IV, p. 480


admission of commission, without con-
viction, not exclusion or deportation
basis, vol. III, p. 168
moral turpitude, whether crime in-
volving, see Crimes involving moral

Advance exercise of 7th proviso, see Seventh proviso, Act of 1917, sec. 3 Affiliation, subversive ground of exclusion or deportation, see Subversive

Afghan, racial eligibility to citizenship, vol. II, p. 253

Age limitation, expatriation, vol. III, p. 470

Aggravated assault (battery) see Crimes involving moral turpitude Agricultural laborer:

admissibility although previously de

ported and not granted consent to reapply for admission, vol. I, p. 624 suspension of deportation, when

granted, vol. II, p. 751

Air carrier:

applicability of fine under sec. 16, 1924
Act; vol. III, p. 476
regulations by Attorney General re-
lating to immigration laws, 8 C. F.
R. 116; vol. III, p. 260

Air Commerce Act of 1926, secs. 7 (d) (3),
10 (b); vol. III, p. 476
Aircraft, passenger manifest, 1917 Act, sec.
14, 8 C. F. R. 116.8 (b); vol. III, p. 259
Alien contract laborer, excludability see
Exclusion grounds: contract labor

Alien registration:

evidence from alien registration form, admissibility, deportation proceedings, vol. IV, p. 475

false statement, under oath, to U. S. vice consul, vol. I, p. 16 false statements in connection with, 1940 act, sec. 36 (c); vol. II, pp. 353, 820


former naturalized person, "relation back," vol. III, p. 275, vol. IV, pp. 373, 702

proof, vol. III, p. 20 Amendment of record of entry to show admission for permanent residence, see Entry record, amendment or correction, to show admission for permanent residence American Indians born in Canada:

definition, "Canadian Indians," Act
April 2, 1948; vol. I, p. 309, vol. III,
pp. 191, 300
deportability and excludability, vol. I,
p. 600, vol. III, p. 300

deportability on grounds other than
those arising after entry, vol. III,
p. 300

effect of forfeiture of political status as Indians in Canada, by marriage, sec. 14, Canadian Indian Act, vol. III, p. 191

ethnological test under Act of April 2,

1928, vol. III, p. 191, vol. IV, p. 458 half-Indian blood, those of, not en

titled to benefits, Act April 2, 1928; vol. IV, p. 458

syphilis at time of entry, afflicted with, deportability, vol. I, p. 600 American merchant vessel on high seas, birth on, acquisition of citizenship, vol. III, p. 677

American Samoa, Swain's Island, noncitizen nationality, vol. II, p. 778, vol. III, pp. 589, 729

Anarchistic organization, see Subversive
Annulment (See also Marriage):

foreign marriage, by court in United

New York, effect on nonquota
status at time of entry, "Gig-
olo" Act of March 14, 1937;
vol. III, pp. 25, 102

Pennsylvania, vol. II, p. 354
Washington, D. C., ab initio effect

on nonquota status at time of
entry; vol. IV, p. 345

legally separated by, Czechosolvakia ; custody of child in connection with, 1940 Act, sec. 314 (c); vol. III, p. 850

Texas, ab initio, vol. III, p. 528

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hearing officer's findings, from--Con. must be from specific findings of fact and conclusions of law as to deportability, to confer jurisdiction on Board of Immigration Appeals, vol. IV, p. 680 Service's decision, from:

absence of warrant proceeding, in; on motion; Board of Immigration Appeals' jurisdiction (8 C. F. R. 90.3, 142.2); vol. III, p. 704

motion, on; fine matter; extension of time for appeal; vol. III, p. 167, 223

motion to reconsider or reopen; Board of Immigration Appeals' jurisdiction (8 C. F. R. 90.10, 90.9 (b)), vol. III, pp. 167, 223 timeliness (8 C. F. R. 90.0(b)), vol. III, pp. 167, 223

Application for admission to United


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departure to avoid duty; exclusion ground, see Exclusion ground: departure to avoid armed forces duty expatriation for desertion in wartime,

see Citizenship-loss: armed forces deserter in wartime

expatriation for departing from U. S. or remaining out to evade service, see Citizenship-loss: escape armed forces service, departing U. S., or remaining out

Arriving from foreign, 1924 Act, sec. 20, vol. III, p. 876

Arson, moral turpitude, see Crimes involving moral turpitude

Asiatic barred zone, discussed, vol. III, p. 304

Assignation, house of, distinguished from

house of prostitution, vol. III, p. 199 Assault (also assault and battery) see Crimes involving moral turpitude Assisting a prostitute, deportation ground, see Deportation grounds: prostitution Assumed name, obtaining visa under, deportation for, see Deportation ground: visa charge

Attempt to commit crime (see also Crimes involving moral turpitude):

moral turpitude involved where crime attempted so involved, vol. I, p. 506, vol. II, p. 141

Australia, Children's Welfare Act and Children's Court Act, vol. II, p. 368 Austria-Hungary, portion which later be

came Poland, presently under control of U. S. S. R.; place of deportation, vol. III, p. 575 Austrian citizenship, reacquisition, vol. I, p. 432


Bad checks (France); vol. III, p. 278 Barred zone, 1917 Act, sec. 3; vol. I, p 174 Bastardy, vol. I, p. 186, vol. II, p. 138 Bawdyhouse, keeping, Canada, vol. II, p. 703, vol. III, p. 231


elements constituting, see Crimes involving moral turpitude: bigamy moral turpitude, see Crimes involving moral turpitude: bigamy

Birth certificate, upon decree of court, evidentiary value, vol. III, p. 237 Birth in United States, passport as proof, vol. III, p. 680

Board of Immigration Appeals:

appeal, deportation cases, vol. IV, p. 680

appeal from Central Office decision,

fine matter; timeliness, 8 C. F. R. 90.9 (b)) vol. III, p. 223

appeal from Central Office decision, exclusion matter; timeliness, (8 C. F. R. 90.9 (b)) vol. III, p. 167 jurisdiction; question of fact, when case involves; return of case by Attorney General; vol. III, p. 154 jurisdiction re preexamination, in ab

sence of warrant proceedings (8 C. F. R. 90.3, 140.2); vol. III, p. 704 jurisdiction to review decision below, as to citizenship of claimant to U. S. citizenship seeking admission; vol. I, p. 588

motion to reopen, jurisdiction; vol. IV, p. 733

power to pass upon constitutionality of statutes, vol. IV, p. 556 Board of special inquiry, see Exclusion Bona fide seaman, see Seaman Bond, delivery:

expulsion proceedings, breach for fail-
ure to surrender; demand to sur-
render made impossible by alien;
vol. III, p. 811

expulsion proceedings, breach for fail-
ure to surrender; departure of alien
prior to demand to surrender; vol.
IV, p. 34
responsibility of indemnitor of surety,
upon demand for alien's delivery,
1917 Act. sec. 20; vol. III, p. 862

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citizenship, exclusion proceedings, vol. III, pp. 141, 680

deportation proceedings, vol. I, p. 68, vol. III, p. 444

exclusion proceedings, vol. III, pp. 141, 680, 777

proscribed character of organization, vol. III, p. 736

reasonable diligence, fine proceedings, bringing immigrant without visa, vol. III, p. 111

Burglary, moral turpitude, see Crimes involving moral turpitude

Burglary tools, possession, moral turpitude, see Crimes involving moral turpitude

Business, temporary visitor for, see Visit



Canadian citizenship, loss under Canadian Naturalization Act of 1914, vol. I, p.


Canadian Indians, see American Indians born in Canada

Canadian Juveniles, defined, vol. II, pp. 319, 518, vol. III, p. 723

Canadian narcotic statute; criminal, not merely regulatory, vol. II, p. 603 Canadian national, defined, Canadian Nationals Act of 1921 (Rev. Stat., 1927, ch. 21), vol. I, p. 560

Canadian nationality:

British subjects, not necessarily nationals of Canada, vol. II, p. 232

Canadian nationality-Continued

minor, acquisition by, vol. I, pp. 25,

329, 476, 685

involuntary acquisition, vol. I, pp. 476,
496, 685

of loss by residence abroad (Canada Rev. Stat. 1927, ch. 93); vol. I, p. 560

renunciation, vol. I, p. 560

Canadian Officers' Training Corps:

armed forces of foreign state, not:
1940 Act. sec. 401 (c); vol. II, p.

Canadian armed forces, not part; vol.
II, p. 457

Canadian University Air Training Corps, not part of Canadian armed forces, vol. II, p. 456

Cancellation of naturalization, see Citizenship-loss: revocation of naturaliza


Carnal abuse

or carnal knowledge, see Crimes involving moral turpitude Carrier's liability for fine, see Fine Certificate of citizenship:

birth abroad, 1925, citizen mother and alien father; citizenship acquired through mother in 1937 when, at divorce, she acquired custody (de Coll principle); whether this constituted naturalization as contemplated by 1940 Act, sec. 339, vol. III, p. 845

birth Philippines, 1896, Spanish parents born in Puerto Rico; citizenship acquired under Act of March 2, 1917 (Puerto Rican citizenship act) in own right and not as contemplated by 1940 Act, sec. 339; vol. III, p. 286

Certificate of lawful entry; racial eligibility to naturalization, 1940 Act, sec. 328 (b), vol. III, p. 304

Certificate of naturalization; child who acquired citizenship by statuatory declaration (Virgin Islands), vol. III, p. 870 Child:

adopted, validity of adoption, beneficiary of Act Dec. 28, 1945, vol. III, p. 608

birth on high seas on American merchant vessel, not birth in U. S., vol. III, p. 677

born out of wedlock :

acquisition of citizenship, volume III, p. 794

birth in 1917, mother native of Virgin Islands, 1927 Act as amended, vol. III, p. 870 legitimation of (see also Legitimation) State court decree, Tennessee, vol. III, p. 657


acquisition at birth abroad, see Citizenship-acquisition

Child Continued citizenship-Continued

derivation after birth by child born abroad, see Citizenshipderivation

custody, conflict of state laws, vol. III, p. 845

nonquota immigrant (see Nonquota immigrant

under 16, admitted under 1924 act,

sec. 14, vol, III, p. 815

unmarried minor, nonquota status under sec. 4 (a) 1924 Act, effect of marriage before entry, vol. III, p. 528

Chinese :

adopted children, vol. III, pp. 134, 608 quota status, effect of Act of Dec. 17,

1943, upon secs 4 (a) and 6 (a) (1) (A), 1924 Act, vol. IV, p. 552 secondary wife, child of; acquisition of citizenship; burden of proof; vol. III, p. 689

treaty trader; status, sec. 3 (6), 1924 Act; substantial trade requirement; vol. III, p. 517

Citizenship (see also National, noncitizen, of United States):

acquisition see Citizenship-acquisition
burden of proof in exclusion proceed-
ings, vol. III, p. 141

certificate of, sec. 339, 1940 Act, see
Certificate of citizenship
Convention between Great Britain and
United States, vol. 1, p. 129
derivation see Citizenship-derivation
election doctrine; applicability to dual
nationals at birth, vol. IV, p. 756
(see also Dual national: election to
retain U. S. nationality)

evidence of birth in United States:

burden of proof; U. S. passport as evidence, vol. III, p. 680

decree of court as to birthplace, vol. III, p. 237

false or fraudulent claim, vol. III, pp. 71, 623

Hawaii, birth in, prior to annexation by U. S., vol. III, p. 206

high seas, birth on, on American vessel, vol. III, p. 679

ineligibility to, see Ineligibility to citizenship

legitimation of child born out of wedlock (see also Legitimation), retroactive effect, vol. III, p. 225, vol. IV, p. 354

presumption of continuation of origi-
nal, vol. II, p. 382

Philippine Islands, vol. III, p. 404
Puerto Rico, birth in 1895, for whom

alien parents opted for Spanish na-
tionality, vol. IV, p. 29

reacquisition, see Naturalization: repatriation

restoration, see Naturalization: repatriation

Citizenship Continued

retention, see Citizenship-loss; Dual national: election to retain U. S. citizenship

termination of, see Citizenship-loss Virgin Islands, birth in, before acquisition by U. S.; Act of 1927 as amended by Act of 1932; vol. III, p. 719

woman, U. S. citizen; effect of her acquisition of foreign citizenship through marriage, upon her U. S. citizenship; vol. III, p. 107 Citizenship-acquisition at birth, by child born abroad:

birth before May 24, 1934:

father, also, born abroad, but grandfather born in U. S.: R. S. 1993, Vol. I, p. 558, vol. III, page 885

mother, U. S. native who lost citizenship through marriage to subject's alien father, but mother's citizenship restored by Act of June 25, 1936, vol. I, p. 127

out of wedlock; alien mother;
natural father, U. S. citizen;
retroactive effect of legitima-
tion, vol. IV, p. 354

residence in U. S., prior, of citi-
zen parent; permanent char-
acter of residence: vol. I,
p. 40
residence in U. S., prior, of citi
zen parent; birth of child while
parent's application for ad-
mission awaited final adjudica-
tion; vol. III, p. 885

residence in U. S., prior, of citi-
zen parent, presence in Puerto
Rico as "residence," vol. I, p.

birth between May 24, 1934 and January 13, 1941:

citizen at birth, subject to di

vestiture, R. S. 1993, as amended by Act of May 24, 1934, vol. I, p. 464

out of wedlock, effect of sec. 205, 1940 Act, vol. IV, p. 440 retention requirement, see Citizenship-loss retention require


birth between January 13, 1941 and December 23, 1952:

out of wedlock, acquisition through mother; subsequent legitimation; expatriative effect (alien father): vol. III, p. 485, vol. IV, p. 440

out of wedlock, but later legitimated; acquisition only under sec. 205, 1940 Act; effect of secs. 201 (g), (i), 1940 Act; volume III, p. 794

out of wedlock; fact that parents' marriage, lawful in U. S.,

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