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907.15 Reports and records.
907.16 Advisory Council.
907.17 Approved settings.
907.18 Eligibility of foster grandparents,
907.19 Stipends for foster grandparents.
907.20 Physical examinations.
907.21 Safety standards.
907.22 Accident insurance.
907.23 Appeal procedure.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 907 issued under scc. 101 et seq., 79 Stat. 218–226, 81 Stat. 106-108, 82 Stat. 1101, 83 Stat. 108– 115; 42 U.S.C. 3001 et seq.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 907 apear at 35 F.R. 12523, Aug. 5, 1970, unless otherwise noted.

PURPOSE $ 907.1 Purpose.

The purpose of the Foster Grandparent Program is to provide part-time opportunities with pay for low-income persons, age 60 or over, to render supportive person-to-person services in health, education, welfare and related settings to children having special needs. Foster grandparents may serve children receiving care in hospitals, homes for dependent and neglected children or other establishments providing care for children with special needs.

GRANTS AND CONTRACTS 8 907.2 Eligibility.

The Secretary is authorized to make grants to or contracts with (nonFederal) public or nonprofit private agencies and organizations to pay not more than 90 percent of the cost of development and operation of foster grandparent projects designed to carry out the purpose of this part. Projects may be supported on a continuing basis if the activity is satisfactorily carried out and Federal funds are available. $ 907.3 Application.

(a) Any eligible agency or organization under $ 907.2 may file application for the award of a grant or contract with the Administration on Aging on such forms and in such detail as the Secretary may prescribe.

(b) The application shall set forth a budget in appropriate categories such as staff salaries and fringe benefits; foster grandparent stipends and fringe benefits; staff travel; foster grandparent transportation, meals, physical examinations, uniforms or smocks and laundering thereof; supplies; orientation and in-service instruction; equipment; space; and other expenses. Up to 90 percent of the approved budget will be paid from Federal funds. Ten percent or more of the approved budget will be paid from non-Federal sources. Consultative services, other than for orientation and inservice instruction, and space, other than space for project staff and space reserved exclusively for foster grandparent use, cannot be approved in the budget.

(c) The application shall adequately identify the location, objectives and plan of the project and include a budget explanation as well as a budget, copies of agreements or contracts involving the project, staff position descriptions, qualifications of principal staff members, and such other pertinent information as the Secretary may require.

(d) The application shall be executed by a person authorized to act for the applicant to assume on behalf of the applicant the obligations imposed by the terms and conditions of any award, including the regulations in this part.

(e) Projects to serve an area limited to one community:

(1) A reasonable opportunity shall be given to a community action agency (established under title II, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964) to apply for and receive a grant or contract to administer or supervise the administration of a project to be undertaken entirely in the community served by this agency. It is the preferred applicant for such award.

(2) When the applicant is other than a community action agency, the application must:

(i) Include a document from the community action agency, if such agency exists in the community, giving assurance that it has had, but not availed itself of, the opportunity to apply for and receive such award.

(ii) Contain satisfactory assurance that the project has been developed and will to the extent appropriate be conducted in consultation with, or with the participation of, the community action

agency, if such agency exists in the (b) Payments received and expendicommunity.

tures made shall be fully recorded by (3) Not less than 45 days shall be or for the grantee or contractor in acallowed for the State agency to review counting records separate from all other and make recommendations on a copy fund accounts, including funds derived of the application.

from other grant or contract awards. (f) Projects to serve an area larger

§ 907.7 Audits. than one community. (1) Preference is given to the State

All fiscal transactions relating to an agency as applicant for a grant or con- award under this part by a grantee, contract to administer or supervise the ad- tractor, or any other agency administerministration of a multiple community or ing a project are subject to audit by the Statewide project by allowing a reason

Department to determine whether or not able opportunity for the State agency to

expenditures have been made in accordapply for and receive such award.

ance with the Act, the conditions of the (2) When the applicant is other than award and this part. the State agency, that is, a public or

$ 907.8 Termination. private nonprofit agency, the application must:

A grant or contract may be terminated (i) Include a document from the

in whole or in part at any time at the State agency giving assurance that it has

discretion of the Secretary. Noncancelhad, but not availed itself of, the oppor

lable obligations properly incurred prior tunity to apply for and receive such

to the receipt of the notice of terminaaward;

tion will be honored. The holder of an (ii) Contain satisfactory assurance

award shall be promptly notified of such that the project has been developed and

termination in writing and given the will, to the extent appropriate, be con

reasons therefor. ducted in consultation with, or with the

PROGRAM OPERATION participation of, the State agency. (3) Not less than 45 days shall be al

§ 907.15 Reports and records. lowed for the State agency to review and The grantee, contractor, or any other make recommendations on a copy of the agency administering a project shall application.

make such reports to the Secretary in 8 907.4 Awards.

such form and containing such infor(a) Within the limits of funds available

mation as may be necessary to enable for the Foster Grandparent Program,

him to perform his functions under this the Secretary will award a grant or con

part and shall keep such records and tract to those applicants whose proposals

afford such access thereto as the Secwill in his judgment best serve the pur- retary may find necessary to assure poses of the Act and this part. All awards the correctness and verification of such shall be in writing, shall set forth the reports. amount of funds granted, and shall constitute for such amounts the encum

8 907.16 Advisory Council. brance of Federal funds available for A Foster Grandparent Program Adsuch purpose on the date of the award. visory Council shall be established for

(b) Recipients of a grant or contract each project. Membership of the Adunder this part shall contribute at least visory Council shall consist of repre10 percent of the approved budget.

sentatives from major private and pub$ 907.5 Payments.

lic agencies and organizations concerned Payments under this part pursuant with the best interests of older persons. to a grant or contract may be made At least one third of the Advisory Coun(after necessary adjustment, in the

cil membership shall be or represent case of grants, due to previously made

older, low-income persons. overpayments or underpayments) in advance or by way of reimbursement, in

$ 907.17 Approved settings. such installments and on such conditions Foster grandparents may be placed in as the Secretary may determine.

settings where children are served only 8 907.6 Expenditures.

if the agency, institution or other set(a) All expenditures are to be made

ting has been licensed or otherwise cerin accordance with this part and with

tified by the State to render such & the budget approved for the project. service.

$ 907.18 Eligibility of foster grandpar- AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part ents.

908 issued under secs. 101–705, 81 Stat. 106–

108, 82 Stat. 1101, 83 Stat. 108–115; 42 U.S.C. (a) A foster grandparent must be 60

3001 et seq. years of age or over.

(b) To receive a stipend as a foster SOURCE: The provisions of this part 908 grandparent, the applicant's annual in- appear at 35 F.R. 12524, Aug. 5, 1970, unless

otherwise noted. come, other than that received as a foster grandparent, may not exceed the

$ 908.1 Advisory Committee on Older applicable poverty guideline.

Americans. (c) The income level causing separation from service as a foster grandpar

(a) Appointment and composition.

The Advisory Committee on Older Amerent shall be determined by the local

icans shall consist of the Commissioner, Foster Grandparent Program Advisory

who shall be Chairman, and 15 persons Council, but the income may not exceed

not otherwise regular full-time employthe applicable poverty guideline by more

ees of the United States, appointed by than 20 percent. Requests for exceptions

the Secretary without regard to the civil above 20 percent must be documented for consideration by the Secretary.

service laws. Members shall be selected

from among persons who are experienced $ 907.19 Stipends for foster grandpar

in or have demonstrated particular inents.

terest in special problems of aging. The stipend for foster grandparents (b) Term of office. Each member of allowed in project budgets will be deter

the Advisory Committee shall hold ofmined by the Secretary with reference to fice for a term of 3 years, except that any the Federal minimum wage and the member appointed to fill a vacancy ocfunding capabilities of the Foster Grand

curring prior to the expiration of the parent Program. Local projects may offer term for which his predecessor was apa higher stipend, but may not include the

pointed shall be appointed for the reexcess payments in their project budget. mainder of such term. 8 907.20 Physical examinations.

(c) Duties. The Advisory Committee Each new foster grandparent shall

on Older Americans will advise the Sechave an adequate physical examination

retary on matters bearing on his reto assure that he is physically able to

sponsibilities under the Act and related serve without detriment to himself or to

activities of his Department. the children served.

8 908.2 Technical advisory committees. $ 907.21 Safety standards.

The Secretary is authorized to appoint, Adequate standards of safety to pro- without regard to the civil service laws, tect older persons serving as foster such technical advisory committees as he grandparents shall be established and

deems appropriate for advising him in administered by each Foster Grand

carrying out his functions under this Act. parent project.

8 908.3 Per diem payments. $ 907.22 Accident insurance. All foster grandparents shall be cov

Members of the Advisory Committee ered by Workmen's Compensation or

on Older Americans, or of any technical similar accident insurance.

advisory committee appointed under

§ 908.2 who are not regular full-time $ 907.23 Appeal procedure.

employees of the United States, shall, Any foster grandparent who feels

while attending meetings or conferences aggrieved by an action or a decision by

of such committee or otherwise engaged grantee or contractor or project staff

on business of such committee, be enmay appeal for reconsideration by the Foster Grandparent Program Advisory

titled to receive compensation at a rate Council and, finally, by the governing

fixed by the Secretary but not exceeding board of the grantee or contractor. $100 per diem, including travel time,

and while so serving away from their PART 908-ADVISORY COMMITTEES

homes or regular places of business, they

may be allowed travel expenses, includSec. 908.1 Advisory Committee on Older Amer

ing per diem in lieu of subsistence, as auicans.

thorized by section 5703 of title 5 United 908.2 Technical advisory committees.

States Code for persons in the Govern908.8 Per diem payments.

ment service employed intermittently,


Part 1005 Inspection and copying of records; rules for compliance with Public Infor

mation Act. 1010 Nondiscrimination in Federally-assisted programs of the Office of Economic

Opportunity—effectuation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 1012 General administration and management committees. 1013 General administration and management laws and legal matters. 1015 Standards of conduct for employees. 1026 Contracts and administration. 1042 Assignment, placement, transfer, and supervision of Vista Volunteers. 1050 Vista programs and project management. 1060 General characteristics of Community Action Programs. 1061 Character and scope of specific Community Action Programs. 1067 Funding of Community Action Programs. 1068 Community Action Program grantee financial management. 1069 Community Action Program grantee personnel management. 1070 Community Action Program grantee operations. 1075 State economic opportunity offices and research and pilot programs. 1078 Community Action Program policy and evaluation.


1005.16 Form and records of denial. ING OF RECORDS; RULES FOR

1005.17 Administrative review of denials. COMPLIANCE WITH PUBLIC IN

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part FORMATION ACT

1005 issued under 5 U.S.C. 2243. Sec.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 1005 1005.1 Purpose.

appear at 32 F.R. 9685, July 4, 1967, unless 1005.2 Definitions.

otherwise noted. 1005.3

Central records room. 1005.4 Regional rooms and facilities.

$ 1005.1 Purpose. Use of records rooms.

The purpose of this part is to prescribe 1005.7 Identification of records by persons rules for the inspection and copying of

requesting them. 1005.8

opinions, policy statements, staff manSecuring copies of records by mail. 1005.9

uals, instructions and other records of Statutory exemptions. 1005.12 Records of other agencies.

the Office of Economic Opportunity pur1006.18 Fees.

suant to 5 U.S.C. 552(a) (2) and (3). 1005.16 Officials authorized to grant or deny

$ 1005.2 Definitions.
requests for records or copies of

As used in this part,


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