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Volume 5



The Department of the Treasury submitted a detailed and volu minous response which is presented below in the following parts: I. Correspondence and Agency Response to Introductory Ques tions

II. Office of the Secretary

III. Bureau of Accounts

Subpart 1-Recurring Monthly Payment Files
Subpart 2-Miscellaneous Files

IV. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

V. Bureau of Customs

Subpart 1-Treasury Enforcement Communications Sys


Subpart 2-Miscellaneous Files

VI. Bureau of the Mint

VII. Bureau of the Public Debt

VIII. Internal Revenue Service

Subpart 1-Master Files

Subpart 2-Law Enforcement, Intelligence Files
Subpart 3-Office of the Chief Counsel
Subpart 4-Special Service Staff Files

IX. Office of the Treasurer

X. United States Secret Service

Subpart 1-Passholder Files

Subpart 2-Intelligence Files

XI. Personnel Files

Part I contains the Treasury Department's cover letter and general information regarding law enforcement and intelligence-type data banks maintained by the Department. Parts II through X correspond to various bureaus and offices within the Department of the Treasury. The responses regarding the substantially similar personnel files of various Treasury bureaus and offices are collected and analyzed in Part XI. Each of these parts, or their respective subparts, contains a separate subcommittee analysis, together with the agency's response and attachments, for the particular data bank or data banks contained in that part or subpart.


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