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Pub. Law 91-375

. 2

August 12, 1970 84 STAT. 720

"() In determining all policies for postal services, the Postal Service shall give the highest consideration to the requirement for the most expeditious collection, transportation, and delivery of inportant letter mail.

“(f) In selecting modes of transportation, the Postal Service shall give highest consideration to the prompt and economical delivery of all mail and shall make a fair and equitable distribution of mail business to carriers providing similar modes of transportation services to the Postal Service. Modern methods of transporting mail by containerization and programis designed to achieve overnight transportation to the destination of important letter mail to all parts of the Sation shall be a primary goal of postal operations.

*(g) In planning and building new postal facilities, the Postal Service shall emphasize the need for facilities and equipment de signed to create desirable working conditions for its officers and employees, it maximum degree of convenience for efficient postal services, proper access to existing and future air and surface transportation facilities, and control of costs to the Postal Servire. "S 102. Definitions " As used in this title

“(1) •Postal Service' means the United States Postal Service established by section 201 of this title:

“(2) •Board of Governors, and Board', unless the context otherwise requires, mean the Board of Governors established under sertion 2012 of this title; and

"(33) Governors' means the 9 members of the Board of Gov. ernors appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, imder sertion 2012 ( a ) of this title.

01. l'vited States l'ostal Service.
***202. Board of Governors,
***203%. Postmaster Gjeneral: Deputy l'ostmaster tieneral
***204. Assistant Postniasters General; lieneral commal: Judicial offerir.
***20.7. l'rowedures of the Board of Governors.
***200. Advisory Council.
***2017. Seal
***208. Reservation of juwers.
“8 201. United States Postal Service

“There is established, is an independent establishment of the ex-
antive branch of the Government of the United States, the l nited
States Postal Service.
"§ 202. Board of Governors

"(a) The exercise of the power of the Postal Service shall be directed by a Board of Governors composed of 11 members appointed in accordance with this sertion. Sine of the members, to be know as Governor's, shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, not more than is of whom may be adherents of the same political party: The Governors shall elect : Chairman from aumong the members of the Board. The Governor's shall be chosen to represent the public interest generally, and shall not be representatives of specific interests using the Postal Service', und may be removed only for ranse. Each Governor shall receive it salary of $10,000 a year plus $300 a day for not more than 30 days of meetings each year and shall be reimbursed for travel and reasonable expenses incurred in attending meetings of the Board. Nothoing in the prereding sentence shall be construed to limit the number of days of meetings each year to :30 days.

August 12, 1970

- 3

Pub. Law 91-375

84 STAT. 721

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“(6) The terms of the 9 Governors shall be 9 years, except that the Term of terms of the 9 Governors first taking office shall expire as designated by office. the President at the time of appointment, 1 at the end of 1 year, 1 at the end of 2 years, 1 at the end of 3 years, 1 at the end of 4 years, 1 at the end of 5 years, 1 at the end of 6 years, 1 at the end of 7 years, 1 at the end of 8 years, and 1 at the end of 9 years, following the appointment of the first of them. Any Governor appointed to fill a vacancy before the expiration of the term for which his predecessor was appointed shall serve for the remainder of such term.

"(c) The Governors shall appoint and shall have the power to Postmaster remove the Postmaster General, who shall be a voting member of the General, appoint

ment, etc. Board. His pay and term of service shall be fixed by the Governors.

"(d) The Governors and the Postmaster General shall appoint and shall have the power to remove the Deputy Postmaster General, who shall be a voting member of the Board. His term of service shall be fixed by the Governors and the Post master General and his pay by the Governors. "g 203. Postmaster General; Deputy Postmaster General

•The chief executive officer of the Postal Service is the Postmaster General appointed under section 202(c) of this title. The alternate chief executive officer of the Postal Service is the Deputy Postmaster General appointed under section 202(d) of this title. "S 204. Assistant Postmasters General; General Counsel; Judicial

Officer There shall be within the Postal Service a General Counsel, such number of Assistant Postmasters General as the Board shall consider appropriate, and a Judicial Officer. The General Counsel, the Assistant Postmasters General, and the Judicial Officer shall be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the Postmaster General. The Judicial Officer shall perform such quasi-judicial duties, not inconsistent with chapter 36 of this title, as the Postmaster General may designate. The Post, p. 758. Judicial Officer shall be the agency for the purposes of the requirements of chapter 5 of title o, to the extent that functions are delegated 80 Stat. 380; to him by the Postmaster General.

81 Stat. 195. “8 205. Procedures of the Board of Governors

et seg. ** (11) The Board shall direct and control the expenditures and re. Policy review. view the practices and policies of the Postal Service, and perform other functions and duties prescribed by this title.

"(b) Vacancies in the Board, as long as there are sufficient members to form a quorum, shall not impair the powers of the Board under this title.

**(c) The Board shall act upon majority vote of those members Majority vote;
who are present, and any 6 members present shall constitute a quorum quorum, ex-
for the transaction of business by the Board, except-

*(1) that in the appointment or removal of the Postmaster Gen-
eral, and in setting the compensation of the Post master General
and Deputy Postmaster General, a favorable rote of an absolute
majority of the Governors in office shall be required;

* (2) that in the appointment or removal of the Deputy Postmaster General, a favorable vote of an absolute majority of the Governors in office and the member serving as Postmaster General shall be required: and

“(3) as otherwise provided in this title. "(c) No officer or employee of the United States may serve concurrently as a Governor. A Governor may bold any other office or employment' not inconsistent or in conflict with his duties, responsibilities, and powers as an officer of the Government of the United States in the Postal Service.

5 USC 500


Pub. Law 91-375 84 STAT. 722

August 12, 1970


B0 Stat, 463; 83 Stat. 864.

“ 206. Advisory Council

*(a) There shall be a Postal Service Advisory Council of which the Post master General shall be the Chairman and the Deputy Postmaster General shall be the Vice Chairman. The Advisory Council shall have 11 additional members appointed by the President. He shall appoint as such members (1) + persons from among persons nominated by those labor organizations recognized as collective-bargaining representatives for employees of the Postal Service in one or more collectire-bargaining units, (2) 4 persons as representatives of major mail users, and (3) 3 persons as representatives of the public at large. All members shall be appointed for terms of 2 years except that, of those first appointed, 2 of the members representative of labor organizations, 2 of the members representative of major postal users, and 1 member representing the public at large shall be appointed for 1 year. Iny member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring before the expiration of the term for which his predecessor was appointed shall serve for the remainder of such term.

“(b) The Postal Service shall consult with and receive the advice of the Advisory Council regarding all aspects of postal operations.

"(c) The members of the Council representative of the public at large shall receive for each meeting of the Council an amount equal to the daily rate applicable to level V of the Executive Schedule under section 5:3 16 of title õ. All members of the Council shall be reimbursed for necessary travel and reasonable expenses incurred in attending meetings of the Council. "g 207. Seal

“The seal of the Postal Service shall be filed by the Board in the Office of the Secretary of State, judicially noticed, affixed to all commissions of officers of the Postal Service, and used to authenticate records of the Postal Service. "g 208. Reservation of powers

“Congress reserves the power to alter, amend, or repeal any or all of the sections of this title, but no such alteration, amendment, or repeal shall impair the obligation of any contract made by the Postal Service under any power conferred by this title.

"101. General powers of the Postal Service.
"402. Delegation of authority.
"403. General duties.
"104. powers.
“105. Printing of illustrations of United States postage stamps.
"406. Postal services at Armed Forces installations.
"407. International postal arrangements.
*408. International money.order exchanges,
"409. Suits by and against the Postal Service.
"410. Application of other law's.
*411. Cooperation with other Government agencies.
"412. Nondisclosure of lists of names and addresses.
"g 401. General powers of the Postal Service
"The Postal Service shall have the following general powers:

"(1) to sue and be sued in its official name;

"(2) to adopt, amend, and repeal such rules and regulations as it deems necessary to accomplish the objectives of this title;

“(3) to enter into and perform contracts, execute instruments, and determine the character of, and necessity for, its expenditures;

“(4) to determine and keep its own system of accounts and the forms and contents of its contracts and other business documents, except as otherwise provided in this title;

August 12, 1970
. 5. Pub. Law 91-375

84 STAT. 723
“(5) to acquire, in any lawful manner, such personal or real
property, or any interest therein, as it deems necessary or con-
venient in the transaction of its business; to hold, maintain, sell,
lease, or otherwise dispose of such property or any interest there-
in; and to provide services in connection therewith and charges

“(6) to construct, operate, lease, and maintain buildings, facilities, equipment, and other improvements on any property owned or controlled by it, including, without limitation, any property or interest therein transferred to it under section 2002 of this

Post, p. 738. title;

"(7) to accept gifts or donations of services or property, real or personal, as it deems, necessary or convenient in the transaction of its business;

“(8) to settle and compromise claims by or against it;

“(9) to exercise, in the name of the United States, the right of eminent domain for the furtherance of its official purposes; and to have the priority of the United States with respect to the payment of debts out of bankrupt, insolvent, and decedents' estates; and

"(10) to have all other powers incidental, necessary, or appropriate to the carrying on of its functions or the exercise of its spe

cific powers. “S 402. Delegation of authority

“Except for those powers, cluties, or obligations specifically vested in the Governors, as distinguished from the Board of Governors, the Board may delegate the authority vested in it to the Postmaster General under such terms, conditions, and limitations, including the power of redelegation, as it deems desirable. The Board may establish such committees of the Board, and delegate such powers to any committee, as the Board determines appropriate to carry out its functions and duties. Delegations to the Post master General or committees shall be consistent with other provisions of this title, shall not relieve the Board of full responsibility for the carrying out of its duties and functions, and shall be revocable by the Governors in their exclusive judgment. “8 403. General duties

** (a) The Postal Service shall plan, develop, promote, and provide adequate and efficient post al services at fair and reasonable rates and fees. Except as provided in the Canal Zone Code, the Postal Service shall receive, transmit, and deliver throughout the United States, its territories and possessions, and, pursuant to arrangements entered into under sections 406 and 411 of this title, throughout the world, written and printed matter, parcels, and like materials and provide such other services incidental thereto as it finds appropriate to its functions and in the public interest. The Postal Service shall serve as nearly as practicable the entire population of the United States. "(b) It shall be the responsibility of the Postal Service

"(1) to maintain an efficient system of collection, sorting, and delivery of the mail nationwide;

“(2) to provide types of nail service to meet the needs of different categories of mail and mail users; and

“(3) to establish and maintain postal facilities of such character and in such locations that postal patrons throughout the Nation will, consistent with reasonable economies of postal operations, have ready access to essential postal services, "(c) In providing services and in establishing classifications, rates, and fees under this title, the Postal Service shall not, except as specifically anthorized in this title, make any undne or imreasonable discrimination among users of the mails, nor shall it grant any undue or nun reasonable preferences to any such user.

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Pub, Law 91-375

- 6.

August 12, 1970 84 STAT. 724

"g 104. Specific powers

Without limitation of the generality of its powers, the Postal Servire shall have the following specific powers, among others:

*(1) to provide for the collection, handling, transportation, delivery, forwarding, returning, iind bolding of mail, and for the disposition of undeliverable mail:

(2) to prescribe, in accordance with this title, the amount of postage and the manner in which it is to be paid;

“ (33) to determine the need for post offices, postal and training facilities and equipment, and to provide such ottices, facilities, and equipment as it determines are needed;

*** (t) to provide and sell postage stamps and other stamped paper, cards, and envelopes and to provide such other evidences of payment of postage and fees as may be necessary or desirable:

"(5) to provide philatelic services:

*(6) to provide, establish, change, or abolish special nonpostal or similar services:

"(7) to investigate postal offenses and civil matters relating to the Postal Service:

*(8) to offer and pay rewards for information and services in connection with violations of the postal laws, and, unless a dif. ferent disposal is expressly prescribed, to pay one-half of all penalties and forfeitaires imposed for violations of law atfectiny the Postal Service, its revenues, or property, to the person informing for the same, and to pay the other one-half into the Postal Service Fund; and

(9) to authorize the issuance of a substitute check for it lost,

stolen, or destroyed check of the Postal Service. "g 405. Printing of illustrations of United States postage stamps

"(a) When requested by the Postal Service, the Public Printer shall print, as a public document for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, illustrations in black and white or in color of postage stamps of the United States, together with such descriptive, historical, and philatelie information with regard to the stamps as the Postal

Service deems suitable.
82 Stat, 1244. (b) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 107 of title tt, stere.

otype or electrotype plates, or duplicates thereof, used in the publica-
tions authorized to be printed by this section may not be sold or other-
wise disposed of.
"g 406. Postal services at Armed Forces installations

**(a) The Postal Service may establish branch post offices as camps. posts, bases, or stations of the Armed Forres and at defense or other strategie installations.

"(b) The Secretaries of Defense and Transportation shall make ar'. rangements with the Postal Service to perform postal services through personnel designaied by them at or through branili post offices estab. lished under subsection (a) of this section. “8 407. International postal arrangements

“(a) The Postal Service, with the consent of the President, may negotiate and conclude postal treaties or conventions, and my establishi the rates of postage or other charges on mail matter conveyed between the United States and other countries. The decisions of the Postal service construing or interpreting the provisions of any treaty or convention which has been or may be negotiated and concluded shall. if approved by the President, be conclusive upon all officers of the (government of the United States.

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