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NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS • Lewis M. Branscomb, Director

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A two-day seminar on the Durability of Insulating Glass was attended by some 130 persons on November 14 and 15, 1968. The seminar was held at the Gaithersburg, Maryland, facilities of the National Bureau of Standards and featured fourteen speakers who participated in panel discussions or delivered individual papers. Numerous agencies interested in design, manufacture, specification, purchase, installation or maintenance of windows were represented at the seminar.

Among the topics considered in the panel discussions were: (1) The need for reliability and durability of insulating glass; (2) manufacturers' test methods; (3) proposals for future action. The Canadian experience with an accelerated test method and acceptance program was presented and discussed, as were the Norwegian accelerated test methods and their correlation with field experience. A review of current practices leading to new test methods and standards was also presented, and a “round robin" program that would compare various test methods now employed in the industry was proposed. Affirmative interest in participating in the proposed round robin was expressed by about a score of manufacturers present at the seminar. Key words: Accelerated laboratory tests; double-glazed window units; factory-sealed insulating glass units; field performance tests, correlation with laboratory tests; sealant performance; test methods; standardized testing.

Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 76-605058


The use of factory-sealed double-glass insulating units is increasing in both Government and privately owned buildings. Seal failure on some of the units leads to moisture penetration of the air space, with ultimate fogging and loss of clear vision through the unit. Such failure is of concern to users, fabricators, and specifiers of insulating units.

To provide a first forum for exchange of information and suggestions for assuring improved seals, the National Bureau of Standards jointly with a subcommittee of ASTM Committee E-6, and with the Building Research Institute and the Construction Specifications Institute, Inc., sponsored a Seminar on Durability of Insulating Glass, held November 14 and 15, 1968, at Gaithersburg, Maryland. Registered attendance totaled about 130 persons, including contingents from two other countries.

This publication contains the proceedings of the sessions of the Seminar, and the texts of thirteen papers or panel presentations contributed at the Seminar.


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