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13. Type of Report & Period Covered

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Library of Congress Catalog Number: 79-600126
Document describes a computer program; SF-185, FIPS Software Summary, is attached.
16. ABSTRACT (A 200-word or less factual summary of most significant information. It document includes a significant bibliography or
literaturo survey, montion it here.)

This publication is a formal report of the second Conference on
Measurements and Standards for Recycled Oil, held at the National
Bureau of Standards on November 29 and 30, 1977. There were seven
sessions on specific subject areas, with a total of 32 presentations
The subject areas were as follows: (1) The Existing Situation,
(II) Environmental Considerations, (III) Nonlubricating End Uses,
(IV) Legislation and Studies, (V) Evaluation of Re-refined Engine
Oils, (VI) Additional Recycled Oil Activities, and (VII) A panel
discussion on the topic: "What Data Base is Required to Establish
the 'Substantial Equivalency' on Re-refined Motor Oils to Virgin
Motor Oils." Included in this report are invited talks given and a
summary of the discussion following session VII.

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17. KEY WORDS (six to twelve entries; alphabetical order; capitalizo only the first letter of the firat key word unle.. e proper name; separated by semicolons)

Engine oil; fuel oil; hydraulic oil; industrial oil; lubricating oil; oil specifications; petroleum standards; petroleum test

methods; recycled oil; re-refined oil; used oil; waste oil. 18. AVAILABILITY Unlimited




212 For Official Distribution. Do Not Release to NTIS


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