Hearing on H.R. 3876, H.R. 4792, H.R. 4694, and H.R. 4625: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Hospitals and Health Care of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress, Second Session, March 7, 1984

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Page 84 - A defendant may plead not guilty, guilty or, with the consent of the court, nolo contendere. The court may refuse to accept, a plea of guilty, and shall not accept the plea without first determining that the plea is made voluntarily with understanding of the nature of the charge.
Page 84 - The magistrate shall inform the defendant of the complaint against him and of any affidavit filed therewith, of his right to retain counsel, of his right to request the assignment of counsel if he is unable to obtain counsel, and of the general circumstances under which he may secure pretrial release.
Page 7 - We will be pleased to answer any questions you or the members of the subcommittee might have.
Page 85 - ... that he wishes to plead guilty or nolo contendere, to waive trial in the district in which the indictment or information is...
Page 134 - ... attendant-type care of veterans with severe non-service-connected conditions. I do not believe that the authority proposed by section 2 of the bill for providing contract nursing home care would be justified. Section 3. Payments for nursing home care to State hom-es This section would amend section 641 of title 38, United States Code, to authorize the Veterans
Page 108 - Agency; Any executive department or independent commission, board bureau, office, agency, Government-owned or controlled corporation, or other establishment of the Government, including regulatory commission or board, and also the municipal government of the District of Columbia, but not including agencies of the legislative or judicial branches of the Government.
Page 85 - If the defendant signs a written consent to be tried before the magistrate which specifically waives trial before a judge of the district court and a jury, the magistrate shall take the defendant's plea to the charge set forth in the complaint or information.
Page 85 - Trial The date of trial shall be fixed at such a time as will afford the defendant a reasonable opportunity for preparation and for representation by counsel if desired.
Page 67 - Not later than the forty-fifth day after the enactment of each such law, the Comptroller General shall submit to the appropriate committees of the Congress a report stating the Comptroller General's opinion as to whether the Director of the Office of Management and Budget has complied with the requirements of such subparagraph in providing to the Veterans' Administration such funded personnel ceiling.
Page 99 - ... mutual use of the property by persons generally having joint access or control for most purposes, so that it is reasonable to recognize that any of the co-inhabitants has the right to permit the inspection in his own right and that the others have assumed the risk that one of their number might permit the common area to be searched.

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