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Pankowski, Theodore, conservation associate, Izaak Walton League_-
Wise, Harold F., on behalf of the American Institute of Planners.

Prepared statement..

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APRIL 16, 1970
Boggs, Hon. J. Caleb, U.S. Senator from Delaware--
Gregg, R. Frank, chairman, New England River Basins Commission-----

Biographical sketch..
Milliken, Hon. William G., Governor of Michigan, presented by A. Gene

Gazlay, assistant director of the Michigan Department of Natural Re-

Biographical sketch--
Trabant, Dr. E. A., president, University of Delaware; accompanied by

Dr. William A. Gaither, special assistant to the university president;
and Dr. James M. Wakelin, special assistant to the Governor of Dela-
ware on coastal and marine affairs..

Biographical sketch of Dr. Trabant.-
Biographical sketch of Dr. Wakelin..

Inde : Prepared statement of Dr. Trabant--

Prepared statement of Dr. Wakelin----
Tydings, Hon. Joseph D., U.S. Senator from Maryland

Prepared statement

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APRIL 21, 1970

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Dillon, E. I., acting executive secretary, National Council on Marine Re-
sources and Engineering Development-

Prepared statement--
Frosch, Hon. Robert A., Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research and

Development; accompanied by Maj. Gen. Francis P. Koisch, Director of
Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.-

Prepared statement-
Hodes, Dr. Richard, Florida Legislature, and National Legislative Con-

ference, Tallahassee, Fla---
Pell, Hon. Claiborne, U.S. Senator from Rhode Island -
Stewart, Dr. Harris B., Jr., chairman, Florida Commission on Marine

Sciences and Technology; chairman-designate, Interagency Council on
Oceanography, State of Florida..
Wright, James, executive director, Delaware River Basin Commission; ac-

companied by W. Brinton Whitall...

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MAY 4, 1970
Hickel, Hon. Walter J., Secretary of the Interior; accompanied by Howard

H. Eckles, Acting Director, Office of Marine Affairs; David Stang, Office
of the Under-Secretary; William T. Pecora, Director, Geological Sur-
vey; and Frank Bracken, legislative counsel.

Letter of April 30, 1970_.

Questions of the subcommittee and the answers thereto---
Knetsch, Jack L., professor of economics, and director, Natural Resources

Policy Center, George Washington University--
Towle, Dr. Edward L., director, Caribbean Research Institute, College of

the Virgin Island, St. Thomas, V.I.---
Welch, H. Oliver, State planning officer, State planning and programing
bureau, State of Georgia, presented by Byron Kirkpatrick---

Exhibit A---

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ADDITIONAL ARTICLES, LETTERS, AND STATEMENTS American Association of Port Authorities, statement---

1245 Baldwin, Malcolm F., senior legal associate, the Conservation Foundation, article

1268 Barrow, Dr. Thomas D., president, National Oceanographic Association, statement.-

1249 Bellinger, Frederick, trustee, Ocean Science Center of the Atlantic Commission, letter of June 22, 1970---

1242 Biological and physical features of Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, statement-- 1210 Bodovitz, Joseph E., executive director of San Francisco Bay Conserva


Page tion and Development Commission, letter of June 8, 1970--

1213 Browning, David S., of Fulbright, Crooker, Freeman, Bates & Jaworski, Houston, Tex., letter of June 10, 1970.

1278 Burns, Hon. John A., Governor of Hawaii, letter of June 15, 1970, and statement

1201 Carver, John A., Jr., Commissioner, Federal Power Commission, statement

1128 Chace, Burton W., on behalf of the county of Los Angeles, Calif., statement

1224 Cole, Bert L., Commissioner of Public Lands, Olympia, Wash., letter of June 10, 1970.

1226 Copeland, B. J., director, School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, North

Carolina State University at Raleigh, letter of August 3, 1970--- 1258 Dempsey, Hon. John, Governor of Connecticut, letter of June 9, 1970_. 1169 Docking, Robert, Governor of Kansas, letter of June 12, 1970

1162 Dunwoody, Calvin B., chairman of Governor's technical committee on the coastal zone, letter of June 11, 1970---

1163 Establishing a Coastal Zone Council, Defining its Functions, and Making an Appropriation Therefor, Rhode Island act..

1050 Evans, Daniel J., Governor of Washington, letter of June 19, 1970--

1164 Fasi, Frank F., mayor of Honolulu, letter of May 15, 1970.

1206 Fong, Hon. Hiram L., U.S. Senator from Hawaii, letter of May 25, 1970, and statement

1199 Graves, Charles H., Governors' office, State of Virginia, letter of June 24, 1970.

1167 Gunter, Gordon, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, letter of June 10, 1970.- 1222 Gurney, Hon. Edward J., U.S. Senator from Florida, statement.-

1161 Hargis, William J., Jr., chairman, Coastal States Organization, and director, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, letters of : July 14, 1970

1235 August 5, 1970_.

1259 Hedgpeth, Joel W., resident director, Marine Science Center, Oregon State University, letter of July 31, 1970_

1257 Kimball, Thomas L., executive director, National Wildlife Federation, letter of May 6, 1970__

1250 Kirk, Claude R., Jr., Governor of Florida executive order--

1087 Knauss, John A., provost for marine affairs, University of Rhode Island, letter of July 28, 1970-

1257 Knight, H. Gary, assistant professor of law, Louisiana State University

Law School, and member of Committee on Marine Resources, article.- 1281 Krueger, Robert B., chairman of California Advisory Commission on Marine and Coastal Resources, letter of June 15, 1970_

1260 Lagomarsino, Robert J., chairman, California Legislature, Senate Stand

ing Committee on Natural Resources and Wildlife, letter of June 15, 1970.

1223 Leed, Roger M., letter of June 8, 1970__

1226 Licht, Frank, Governor of Rhode Island, letter of June 15, 1970-

1162 Lindbergh, Jon M., Oceanographic Commission of Washington, letter of June 9, 1970---

1225 Local Government Task Force on Coastline Preservation Report to Lt. Gov. Ed Reinecke

876 Mark, Dr. Shelley M., on behalf of Hawaii State Department of Planning and Economic Development, statement-

1203 Martin, Roy B., mayor, city of Norfolk, Va., letter of March 23, 1970----- 855 McCall, Bruce, managing director, County of Hawaii, on behalf of Mayor Shunichi Kimura, letter of July 14, 1970--

1210 McCall, Tom, Governor of Oregon, letter of June 8, 1970_.

1161 McConnell, C. H., for chief engineer, Department of Forests and Waters, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, letter of June 29, 1970_.

1240 Middleton, John T., Commissioner, Consumer Protection and Environ

mental Health Service, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, letter of September 30, 1969.

997 Morrell, Dorothy C., chairman, Seacoast Committee for the Washington Environmental Council, statement---

1229 Nakamura, Howard K., county planning director of Maui, State of Hawaii, statement, on behalf of Mayor Elmer F. Cravalho--


Odum, Eugene P., director, Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia :

Excerpt from testimony in proceedings of Georgia public meeting, Page February 29, 1968_

1255 Letter of July 22, 1970.-

1254 Perry, Rear Adm. A. H., chairman of Governor's Task Force on Oceanography, State of Hawaii, statement.

1212 Reinecke, Ed, Lieutenant Governor of California, letter of June 12, 1970-- 1168 Rockefeller, Nelson A., Governor of New York, letter of June 24, 1970--- 1165 Shafer, Raymond P., Governor of Pennsylvania, letter of June 24, 1970- 1166 Shellfish Institute of North America, report of 62d annual meeting--- 1251 Smith, Preston, Governor of Texas, letter of August 4, 1970--

1198 Soike, Henry E., president, Oceanographic Institute of Washington, letter of June 9, 1970.

1226 Suddath, Thomas H., executive director of Ocean Science Center of the Atlantic Commission, letter of July 9, 1970---

1240 Timmerman, James A., Jr., director, Division of Marine Resources, Wild

life Resources Department, questions concerning coastal zone management hearings---

1238 Train, Russell, Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality, statement

1126 Tydings, Hon. Joseph D., U.S. Senator from Maryland, letter of July 14, 1970.

1252 Vidinha, Antone, Jr., mayor, county of Kauai, State of Hawaii, statement.

1207 Washington Public Ports Association, statement.-

1227 Welch, H. Oliver, State Planning Bureau, Office of the Governor of Georgia, letter of July 7, 1970.

1244 Wenk, Edward, Jr., professor of engineering and public affairs, University of Washington, letter of June 12, 1970.-

1253 "Where Rivers Meet the Sea, League of Women Voters of the United States, Facts and Issues,” February 1970, article--



MONDAY, MARCH 23, 1970


Williamsburg, Va. The subcommittee was convened at 2 p.m., in the auditorium, Conference Center, Williamsburg, Va., Hon. Ernest F. Hollings (chairman of the subcommittee) presiding.

Present: Senators Hollings, Spong, and Baker.


Senator HOLLINGS. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The Subcommittee on Oceanography will please come to order.

I am glad, as the subcommittee's chairman, to open this afternoon our first field hearing in oceanography in the State of Virginia.

We are very much indebted to the leadership of Virginia for one thing, one of our outstanding members, your own Senator, Senator Spong, has initiated the hearings in oceanography and other fields in the Stratton Commission report back in December. He has been quite active and quite interested and very instrumental in helping us put together this hearing this afternoon. We are going to turn the presiding of the subcommittee over to Senator Spong this afternoon.

But first I want to express my gratitude to Senator Baker from Tennessee, who is also a quite active member in this field of marine science and coastal zone problems. The attendance and participation by Senator Baker points out that the coastal zone area and estuarine area of the United States is a natural resource. If people of Tennessee want to go to the beach in large measure they have to come to Virginia or one of the other coastal areas. So the coastal zone really belongs to the people generally of the United States.

We are also indebted to Dr. Hargis of your Virginia Institute of Marine Science. We have had a magnificent morning today, pointing out the leadership that Virginia is giving to the field of marine science. And your own Mr. Kirby of the office of state planning and community affairs has been very helpful.

To me coming back to Virginia is a matter in a sense of nostalgia. It was 18 years ago in the Eastern Defense Command that we started out with the defenses of Portsmouth, Norfolk, Newport News, with the Chesapeake Bay Command under Gen. Sanford Jarman, and I had my headquarters in Ocean View. We were defending at that time from a different enemy entirely. It is like Pogo said today—“We have Staff member assigned to this hearing: H. Crane Miller.

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