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American Historical Association, report of..
Alabama, memorial of, praying the speedy completion of the Nicara-

gua Canal.
Anacostia Railroad, report of, relative to the number of stock holders

of record, and with a statement of receipts and expenditures Appropriations, new offices, etc. Statement showing ..

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Back Creek route, resolution calling for certain information relating to.
Bankrupt bill, memorial favoring.
Barber, John S. Eulogies...
Blackburn, Mr., memorial of Commonwealth of Kentucky for the re-
peal of the Federal election law, presented by


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Call, Mr., resolution relative to certain land approvals submitted by
Carey, memorial favoring the Torrey bankrupt bill
Carpenters and Joiners, Brotherhood of America, for restriction of im-

migration ..
Census, relative to charges of misconduct against officials employed in,

Chandler, Mr.-

Resolution relative to the annexation of Hawaii submitted by
Memorial of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of

America for the restriction of immigration presented by
Cherokee Outlet, citizens of Guthrie, Okla., praying the opening up

of, for settlement.. Civil service, positions in, reply of Civil Service Commission to Senate

resolution Cleaves, Thomas P. Compilation of appropriation laws by Cockrell, Mr., memorial of Caroline F. Corbin, praying for hearing be

fore Congress, presented by... Commerce, Committee on, authorized to sit during the adjournment of


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Cockrell, Mr., resolutions by a meeting of citizens of Guthrie, Okla., for the opening up to settlement the Cherokee Outlet ...

43 Congressional Directory, Fifty-second Congress, second session.


Part 2 Corbin, Caroline F., for remonstrants against woman suffrage, praying a hearing before Congress.

28 Cowdon, John. Memorial of, pertaining to the improvement of the Mississippi River....

38 Cullom, Mr. Order to withdraw memorial of Maria Helena America Vespucci from the files of the Senate submitted by.






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District of Columbia Suburban Railway Company. Report of ..
District of Columbia Communication from the Commissioners of, rela-

tive to the report of C. B. Hunt, engineer
District of Columbia. lelative to places where permits have been

granted to erect stands for seats on inauguration day Dolph, Mr. Authorizing the Committee on Commerce to sit during

adjournment of Congress submitted by. Dolph, Mr. Memorial of the State of Oregon for payment of war

claims presented by.. Dolph, Mr. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior relative to the

claims of the Kaweah Colony presented by
Dubois, Mr. Resolution to investigate the mining troubles in Idaho
submitted by

Election cases, U. S. Senate...
Engineers, Chief of. Letter relating to the building for the Library

of Congress...

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Farmers' National Congress. Memorial relative to the productive in

dustries of the country Farquhar, Capt. Norman H. Communication from the Fourth Auditor

relative to the claim of.. Federal election law. Memorial for repeal of Felton, Mr. Resolutions of the Chamber of Commerce of San Fran

cisco, Cal., relative to the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands presented by

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Gallinger, Mr. Memorial of citizens of Washington, D. C., relative

to the Washington and Georgetown railroad presented by Georgetown Barge, Dock, Elevator and Railway Company. Annual

report of.
Good roads. Memorial for the publication of consular reports relative

Government Printing Office. Report of Acting Supervising Architect

relative to site for Government Printing Office....

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Hale, Mr. Resolution relative to permits for stands for seats to be

used on inauguration day submitted by...
Hawaiian Islands. Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco, Cal., fa-

voring annexation of...
Hawaii. Relative to the annexation of..
Hearst, George. Eulogies upon the life of.
Higgins, Mr. Resolution calling for information relative to Back

Creek Route submitted by

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Hill, Mr. Resolution relative to a bill for the suspension of immigra

tion for one year submitted by
Hill, Mr. Memorial of bankers and business men of New York City

relating to a bridge across the Hudson River presented by
Hiscock, Mr. Memorial of bankers and business men of New York

City, supplemental to the memorial heretofore presented (see Mis.

Doc. 10)
Hoar, Mr. Resolution providing for the reading of Washington's fare-

well address before the Senate on the 22d of February submitted by.
Hoar, Mr. Senate Precedents..
Hudson River. Memorial relating to bridge across (see Mis. Doc. 10).
Hudson River. Memorial of bankers and business men of New York

City praying the construction of a bridge across the Hudson River .
Hunt, c. B. Report of, relative to bridges of the District of Columbia.
Hunton, Mr. Resolutions of the Virginia organization to promote the

Nicaragua Canal submitted by

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Idaho. Resolution looking to investigation of mining troubles in
Immigration. Resolution relative to the bill for the suspension of.
Immigration. Memorial of the Brotherhood of the Carpenters and

Joiners of America for the restriction of...
Inanguration day. Resolution calling for information concerning

permits to erect stands for seats to be used on
Interior, Secretary of. Resolution calling for information relative to

funds held in trust for Indian tribes.. Interstate Commerce Commission. Sixth Annual Report of. Indians. Relative to funds held in trust for, by the Government of

the United States.... Indians. Relative to treaty negotiated by Joel Palmer with various

tribes of... Indians. Papers relating to the bill for the Stockbridge and Munsee

tribes of...

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Jackson, Sheldon. Report on introduction of domestic reindeer into

Jones, Mr. Papers relating to the bill for the relief of the Stockbridge

and Munseo tribes of Indians presented by


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Kaweah Colony, of Tulare County, Cal. Relative to claims of..
Kenna, John E. Eulogies upon the life of .
Kentucky. Memorial of the legislature of, for the repeal of the Fed.

eral election law......

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Lands, public. Resolution to inquire into certain approvals of, by the

Secretary of the Interior.
Library of Congress. Letter of the Chief of Engineers, relative to

building material for
Lynch, John R., Fourth Auditor. Communication from, relative to the
claim of Capt. Norman H. Farquhar

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McCook, Anson G. Annual report of, showing receipts and expendi

tures McCook, Anson G. Report of property belonging to the United States

in his possession McPherson, Mr. Memorial praying the repeal of the duty on pig tin

presented by.

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